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Cosmology Note
July 10, 2014

A Primer on New Energy, Part 1


Gregory Hodowanec, B.S.

Rhysmonic Cosmology was conceived in 1969 when I purchased a paper-bound book from Daver Publications entitled, The Theory of Heat Radiation, by Max Planck. Buried in the book was an aside, only a couple of paragraphs long, in which Max Planck expounded on a set of Natural Units which were basic, true under all conditions, and fundamental. To me at that time, they were defining the structure of an Aether which I firmly believed in! I decided at that time to further investigate those units and Rhysmonic Cosmology was born! While only sporadic effort was done for about 10 years, the basic principles were established and I released a short Monograph (Treatise), Rhysmonic Cosmology, around July 1985, containing some details on this new theory. This work has been continued ever since with many releases of data to some amateur scientists/experimenters who were interested, as well as to some esoteric publications.

This has now culminated in this release! Here, I will summarize some more recent work. Good luck to you in your own studies and experiments.

While I wrote primarily for open-minded amateur scientists and experimenters, I had actually earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics (1950). I shied away from Nuclear Physics, as I thought that area was dangerous and there were other areas for New Energy sources! So I stayed with more conventional technologies. I first worked for two larger (well known) companies in Research and Development, and two lesser known companies (also in R&D) until retirement. I contributed much to the future in all jobs!! My purpose in dedicating my Cosmology efforts to the amateurs was that most were open minded and willing to look at new works!

During sometime in 2011, I learned of a new construction (really, very old!) called the Flower of Life, which apparently had been known for a very long time in ancient civilizations all around the world. This surprised me since I came up with it as a result of explaining Max Planck’s Natural Units from a scientific standpoint! In the Monograph, I called it a Matrix Structure for lack of a better name, since it enclosed a basic cell structure which joined others in a repeating structure of any size, but typically as a sphere (to conserve energy?). This structure contained much information, not only on life processes, but also in Science and Technology! This is because existence, or the All, could be explained with only a few dimensions: The presently known three dimensions of Descartes, the dimensional forces of Euclid, plus the additional dimension of the circle! The circle could be considered as containing a “particle” of high mass and kinetic energy, the rhysmon. Kinetic energy is normally found expressible as
K.E. = ½ mv2. At the quantum level, this becomes E=mc2, where the ½ term drops out, thus is constant and v=c! Therefore, E=mc2! Thus, Rhysmonic Cosmology is really a form of early “string” theory where energy is in the form of thin one dimensional strings of energy (L), but bi-directional in the matrix structure (see Monograph). Since the rhysmon contains high mass and energy (it is really a tiny black hole), it explains where the “missing” high mass and energy is in conventional cosmology!!

During the earlier years on Earth, energy use was limited to that found on the surface of the planet; i.e. fire and active water. It is speculated that early space travellers (more advanced civilizations) visited earth and perhaps tried to colonize earth. Maybe that is why today we see many diverse races and huge stone monuments which could have been built only with the help of advanced races!? Perhaps the stories of the past are true? We know that the Earth went through periods of tropical heat and glacial periods!!

Since the so-called Industrial Period (18th-19th century), there has been some radical advancement on Earth. Perhaps this may have reached a peak during the turn of the last century with Nikola Tesla being a significant factor in this change. Much of what I will reflect on was known (at least to some pioneers)! These bits of knowledge will be covered in Part 2 of this Final C-Note!

By the way, I, Gregory Hodowanec Sr., am alive and well at this writing. It is my son, Gregory Hodowanec Jr., who passed away a few years ago. Someone left out the Junior reference in the obituaries!!!

Part 2, mainly on free energy sources, will follow in a few weeks. The attached Figures A and B are from early work and are attached to refresh your memories on the speed of light and speed of gravity. While light (EM waves) are limited to the value of c, the speed of gravitational effects, while still c, is the value of c for any distance, one foot, one mile, a million miles!!! See the Monograph and Figure B

Cosmology Note

A Primer on New Energy, Part II


Gregory Hodowanec, B.S.

It was known since the turn of the century that Space Energy was possibly interacting with electrical components and circuitry. Series resonant circuits were especially known to be “voltage” generators, while parallel resonant circuits were considered to be “current” generators. The efficiency of these circuits was related to the Q of the circuitry components. I verified those relations in my early Mini Magnetic Resonance Amplifiers (MRA). My early work showed that all the frequencies I found available were Rhysmonic f  ’s, or within experimental error of those frequencies (see Table of Resonances). Therefore, I started to investigate those circuits and also to look into other more relevant circuitry.

Nikola Tesla took advantage of this effect and developed table-top versions of this “generator” effect. He later scaled up this “generator” effect, improving it on a huge scale to produce millions of volts and amperes of current. However, how this effect occurred has only more recently been determined!

This section of the Cosmology Note will briefly note some effects from the viewpoint of Rhysmonics. Only a few tests will be presented at this time as there were too many possible tests involved. If more interest is seen, perhaps a follow-up Cosmology Note can be made.

Rhysmonic Resonant Frequencies

f* = 1 / T * ~ = 1 / 5.3906 x 10-44 
~ = 1.855 x 1043 Hz 

Table of Resonances 
1.855 Hz ---> x 1 
3.71 Hz ---> x 2 
5.565 Hz ---> x 3 
7.42 Hz ---> x 4 
9.275 Hz ---> x 5 
11.13 Hz ---> x 6 
12.985 Hz ---> x 7 
14.84 Hz ---> x 8 
16.695 Hz ---> x 9 
18.55 Hz ---> x 10 
20.405 Hz ---> x 11 
22.26 Hz ---> x 12 
24.115 Hz ---> x 13 
25.97 Hz ---> x 14 
27.825 Hz ---> x 15 
29.68 Hz ---> x 16 
31.535 Hz ---> x 17 
33.39 Hz ---> x 18 
35.245 Hz ---> x 19 
37.1 Hz ---> x 20 
38.955 Hz ---> x 21 
40.81 Hz ---> x 22 
42.665 Hz ---> x 23 
44.52 Hz ---> x 24 
46.375 Hz ---> x 25 
48.23 Hz ---> x 26 
50.085 Hz ---> x 27 
51.94 Hz ---> x 28 
53.795 Hz ---> x 29 
55.65 Hz ---> x 30 
57.505 Hz ---> x 31 
59.36 Hz ---> x 32 
61.215 Hz ---> x 33 
63.07 Hz ---> x 34 
64.925 Hz ---> x 35 
66.78 Hz ---> x 36 
68.635 Hz ---> x 37 
70.49 Hz ---> x 38 
72.345 Hz ---> x 39 
74.2 Hz ---> x 40 ( HAARP, Alaska ! ) 
76.055 Hz ---> x 41 
77.91 Hz ---> x 42 
79.55 Hz ---> x 43 
81.62 Hz ---> x 44 
83.475 Hz ---> x 45 
85.33 Hz ---> x 46 
87.185 Hz ---> x 47 
89.04 Hz ---> x 48 
90.895 Hz ---> x 49 
92.75 Hz ---> x 50 
94.605 Hz ---> x 51 
96.46 Hz ---> x 52 
98.315 Hz ---> x 53 
100.17 Hz ---> x 54 
102.025 Hz ---> x 55 
103.88 Hz ---> x 56 
105.74 Hz ---> x 57 
107.6 Hz ---> x 58 
109.45 Hz ---> x 59 
111.3 Hz ---> 60 
f* less than 1 Hz 
1.855 Hz ---> x 1 
0.9275 Hz ---> x 1/2 
0.46375 Hz ---> x 1/4 
0.231875 Hz ---> x 1/8 
0.1159375 Hz ---> x 1/16 
0.0579687 Hz ---> x 1/32

Cosmology Note

A Primer on New Energy, Part III


Gregory Hodowanec, B.S.

It has been observed in scientific research that when performing tests at the right time with the right equipment, unexpected information can be “serendipitously” obtained. It happened to me when I was making gravitational wave (GW) “scans” of the Milky Way Galaxy Center. I was gathering data to demonstrate the validity of using these waves to observe our Universe to a 300 member EM Wave group of Amateur Radio Astronomers (S.A.R.A.). I was in contact with the founder and director of this group, who was highly interested in the simplicity of the method. Unfortunately, he passed away before the group could move forward on it.

As you may recall, it was noted that our Galaxy Center (Black Hole) imploded/exploded on or around December 6, 1986. It was serendipitously caught on an ancient strip chart recorder running GW scans at the time. A Press Release was made a short time later (see  In this document, I reported the event and my impressions/predictions of the future impact on the jet stream and climate for the planet. This Press Release was essentially ignored. Now, the predicted climate change and troubled weather is clearly apparent and will continue.

It is over 27 years since the December 6, 1986 observed event at the Milky Way Galaxy Center, and I have now reached 93 years of age. If I may, I will take the liberty of making some comments. With our Galaxy upset from its core, it stands to reason that the result will be a disturbed Solar System. This translates into an altered jet stream on our planet, and we may be heading toward a more tropical Earth. Relax; it may take eons to get there!

Since the Solar System has been highly disturbed, there is another cause of concern regarding large meteors and asteroids that may have changed their orbits. Hopefully, none will crash to Earth, but there have been many more reports of meteors and fireballs in recent years. In the past, the Earth was likely peppered with largely still forming masses. Look at the craters on the moon today to get an idea. It is speculated that such a mass may have struck the Earth in the Gulf of Mexico area, creating the Gulf and some volcanic islands, now vacation destinations. As a result of a large impact, a huge cloud of dust may have been produced in the atmosphere persisting for hundreds of years, dooming much of the plant and animal life such as dinosaurs. The oil deposits in the area lend to this theory. If any humans existed, then they would also have perished. While this may be speculation, it is not “idle” speculation. With the disrupted orbits of some space bodies, they can seemingly come out of nowhere and it is best to be prepared.

Bill Ramsay, a colleague and good friend, is an electronics experimenter who was attracted to Rhysmonics. He would wonder, “what if I connected a function generator to a Rustrak recorder, or a GW unit...what would happen”? In both cases, Bill was pleasantly surprised! He serendipitously learned that a generator frequency (in a triangular waveform?) developed intricate scanned forms, which were later found to be solar system “communications” with each other on Rhysmonic frequencies below 1 Hz!! Bill later did the same thing with a GW Detector connected to the Rustrak Chart Recorder and “serendipitously” founded Rhysmonic Astronomy!! We need more like Bill (and they are out there). I had contact with many others through the years who looked at new effects with an open mind. I extend my sincere thanks to Bill Ramsay and the other amateur experimenters.

Final Note

Rhysmonics began development in about 1969. I never had much support for this effort for various reasons. Therefore, my research has been on what I call a “nickel and dime” level. I very much doubt I spent as much as $4000 in 45 years of sporadic effort. Figure it out; it comes to less than $1 per day! However, the efficiency is much more than the billions that are being spent on colliders to arrive at essentially the same conclusions.