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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Some Thoughts on GW-Type Communications and Energy Extraction Systems

( 7-31-06 )

I. Some Thoughts on GW-Type Communications and Energy Extraction Systems

A. Background

It appears that a very large corporation was interested in GW communications (as reported on the Internet). Since I have never released too much material on this, this Note will indicate that I am well aware of the potentials of this mode of communication! I will not give details but only mention some of the prospects.

B. Some Basics

The gravitational ‘waves’, GW (G-fields) used in Rhysmonics are the infinitely long ‘instantaneous’ impulses due to the Rhysmonic structure of our Universe (as described and defined in many releases of my work). Some fundamental ‘constants’ in this cosmology are repeated here:

L*: the ‘quantum’ of Length
T*: the ‘quantum’ of Time
M*: the ‘quantum’ of Mass
C*: the ‘quantum’ of Velocity ( L* / T* )
E*: the ‘quantum’ of Energy (E* = M*C*2 )
f*: the basic Rhysmonic frequency ( 1 / T* )
fo*: a selected Rhysmonic Sub-Frequency (channel)
G: Rhysmonic Flux (Newton’s G)
G: Gravity Flux near Earth

While some of the above ‘constants’ may also be involved in Relativity Theory, Rhysmonic Theory is not, in general, concerned with many of Einstein’s views, but is much more basic. Propagation of gravitation in Relativity is given at the speed of light (C*), for example, while in Rhysmonic Theory it is given as at a fixed time (T*), for any distance! Thus, it is essentially ‘instantaneous’ universe-wide! Without going into detail, some advantages of GW communication are now cited.

C. GW Communication Advantages

1. Greater than 1040 theoretical resonant frequency channels (fo*) are possible.
2. Voice, video, and other pulse-type operations possible using digital techniques.
3. Instantaneous communication
4. Universe-wide communication
5. Pulse code operation, i.e., Morse Code.
6. Security code adaptable
7. Mechanical and/or electronic modulation techniques usable.
8. No EM radiation involved.
9. Very low power operation
10. Many system designs possible
11. No cross-talk between channels?
12. Mind-operable systems are possible (ESP?)

These are only a few of the many possible advantages of using GW communications.

II. Some Disadvantages (?)

1. Some channels might be ‘swamped’ by strong naturally occurring signals, and also possibly by strong man-made signals?

2. Communications may be more useful at the lower resonant frequency channels (fo*), but the energy extraction channels (fo*) may be more effective at higher frequencies?

III. Conclusions

1. The Rhysmonic approach to the structure of our Universe will eventually enable an almost unlimited number of ‘instantaneous’ communication channels, as well as almost unlimited GW-energy extraction channels.

2. The means for all this can be developed by knowledgeable experimenters (at low cost) since the systems are essentially very low power. It could be there for you if you will enter this research. This would be like the early days of radio, when the amateur experimenters helped to develop radio. Otherwise, the money-rich corporations will try to monopolize the research and thus the benefits to mankind!

Go for it!