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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Some Reflections on Rhysmonic Cosmology

( 8-14-2006 )

A. Background

Recently I started reading Maxwell’s Theory of Quaternions. IN his introductory remarks on the units of mechanics, i.e., mass, length and time (MLT), he came up with an interesting remark on mass. That was before Planck’s time, so he was unaware of Planck’s natural Units. But he did remark that a unit of mass, for reasons he gave, would be related to the expression L^3 / T^2 . Of course, Maxwell was aware of Newton’s G constant, but it immediately struck me that the relation was to G itself! G contains that expression as well as grams, which is the unit of mass! While Maxwell was only familiar with the arbitrary units of mass, length, of time, I used the Rhysmonic (Planck) units for length and time. Thus:

M* = L* / T*2  = 2.17 x 105 grams.

This is the same as determined in the Planck Relations! Thus, if Maxwell had known of Natural Units he would have arrived at ‘quantumized’ constants?

B. Remarks

Planck had ‘quantumized’ initially M*, L*, T*, and temperature, K* (?). I have included force, F*, and momentum, P*, but there may be others. Planck initially considered all this an interesting ‘aside’!! More research is needed here.

C. Conclusions

Rhysmonic Cosmology may be developing into that long sought ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE)? I have much unrelated material yet, and I invite open-minded researchers to join in this development. Even you amateur experimenter researchers can help as you did in the early days of radio. Go for it!