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Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Gravity Wave Detection

( 4-29-1985 )

A. Shielded rotor of toy motor:

B. Conclusions:

(1) Best results as shown above:

a. Rotor sweeps most of capacitor in this plane; when rotor is turned around 90 degrees, sweep is essentially across center of capacitor only, and output drops substantially.

b. If field magnets are turned around so as to lie between rotor and capacitor, output also drops, probably due to extra mass in shielding, and possibly a reduced magnetic fringe field.

c. When located in best orientation, the placement of additional mass between rotor and capacitor also affects output:

Aluminum (1/32): some attenuation

Magnetic alloy (1/64): more attenuation

Steel (1/32): most attenuations

(2) Overall Conclusion:

This test demonstrates the effects of accelerating masses, i.e., GW signals as detected by the GW detector. The signals appear to fall off as the square of the distance.