Hodowanec Index

Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Microwave Background Radiation (MBR) Data

( 5-10-1985 )

A. Measured Lambda ~ = 0.25 cm (numerous tests)

B. Remarks:

(1) Effect of perturbation is isotropic, largely.

(2) Perturbations are independent of size or volume.

(3) Lambda is measured as distance between two adjacent peaks or two adjacent nulls in the GW signal response (modulation effect)

(4) That effects is gravitational is seen in:

a. Response is present no matter how much ‘electrical shielding’ is used.

b. The mechanical motion of the heart, which is shielded within the body, also modulates the GW signals.

(5) Effect is present in all GW detectors, but most prominently noticed in l/f types. The QND mode response ‘swamps’ out the effect in most cases (still rpesent in background however).

(6) Perturbations do not seem to be affected by laboratory distances: some apparently at 2” and 50’

C. Mechanism of Perturbations:

(1) Gravitation is given by Newton:

F =  G m1 m2 / r2


a. Force is proportional to masses.

b. Force is inversely proportional to radius squared.

c. Force is proportional to constant G.

(2) GW radiation is sum total of rhysmonic flux die to all perturbations in the universe. Since GW effects propagate any distance in Planck Time, these are essentially ‘instantaneous’ effects. Also, since the universe is a perfect black body, all radiation would be black body radiation. However, there is a big distinction between EM waves and GW waves.
a. EM waves have a constant increase with wavelength and thus would essentially dissipate within the universe to very long wavelengths of low energy (micropulsations?).

b. GW signals do not have this ‘increase effect’ and thus would have a ‘mechanical’ black body effect, the present ‘effect wavelength’ being about 0.25-0.30 cm the measured MBR.

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