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Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Microwave Background Radiation (MBR) Effects

( 5-11-85 )

A. 0.25 cm wavelength ‘effect’

(1) At ‘high noise’ levels, there seems to be an increased high frequency component (just about at the edge of audibility (this is in the ear itself! )

(2) At the ‘null’ position, this high frequency component is either highly reduced or missing. Apparently, GW modulation can take place in the ear itself!

B. Rapid Movements (0.25 cm effect)

(1) Rapid movements appear to emphasize the high frequency components (always high level).

(2) Slow movements will follow the wavelength spacing of about 0.12 cm.

C. Auriga Area of Galaxy

(1) When this galaxy region appears on the meridian, the so-called musical sounds of space are emphasized. With heart beat modulation, it sounds very much orchestrated, like an accordion band.

(2) Listening to (1) above on head phones, the sounds are less orchestrated, but occasionally one can hear short guttural sounds which remind one of an oral language. There is still a fair chance that these signals are from intelligent life in our galaxy.

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