Hodowanec Index 

Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Experiments in GW Background Excitation

( 5-22-1985 )

A. Tests made with shielded l/f detector # 15

(1) The GW signal background can be modulated at a certain rate; modulation then is ceased physically, but modulation in detector will continue until over-ridden by another modulation (which is usually the heartbeat!)

(2) Rates between 0.05 cm to at least 10 cm were observed to be established as oscillations in this background. However, rates near 0.25 cm in wavelength appeared to be related to a strong fixed wavelength in space in which perturbations at this length appeared to be more stable. That is, movements at 0.25 cm either peaked or nulled the radiation, and had reduced tendency to oscillate.

(3) That this oscillation may have been a charge oscillation in the detector circuit was considered, but rejected for:

a. It does not appear to be related to any natural LRC frequency.

b. Oscillation frequencies of 0.5 per second to 5 per second are readily established, except when wavelengths are in the order of 0.25 cm.

c. The above seems to be related to the 2.7 K black body radiation, or a thermal radiation, which is, in effect, a ‘particle’ radiation effect.

B. Conclusions:
(1) Modulation of the GW background radiation appears to be a modulation of the ‘vacuum’ energy, very much like EM wave propagation or inertial energy propagation.

(2) This was the GW wave of the so-called quadrature-type considered in rhysmonics? The disturbance created in vacuum by this mass movement is now propagated as ‘waves’ at the speed of light. These waves are detectable in the laboratory because of the inverse square relation. At several hundred feet distance, these ‘effects’ may not be noticeable (perhaps the superimposed ‘noise’ on GW signals may partially be this.

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