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Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Original GW Circuit Experiments

( 9-16-1985 )

A. Basic Circuit

Note: The capacitor is connected to the input of the IC with 10” long twisted leads.
M = 50uA-o-50 uA (tuning meter)

B. Remarks

(1) This is still essentially the original ‘exploratory’ circuit of 1975.

(2) The circuit responds to gravitational impulses, electric impulses, magnetic impulses, as well as ordinary EM wave impulses.

(3) Response to magnetic impulses, due to its strength and ability to enter electrically-shielded enclosures is most pronounced.

(4) Electric fields are ‘short-circuited’ by the capacitor can, and thus are only very weakly seen.

(5) Gravitational impulses can penetrate the capacitor can and thus are effectively measured.