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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Eclipse of 10-3-1986

( 10-3-1986 )

Time: 2:00 p, to 4:30 pm DST

A. Response (Circuit # 105 on x-y recorder)


B. Conclusions:

(1) While ‘shadow’ of moon-sun alignment shows up, the low-level of the eclipse makes this dip less pronounced than the previous eclipse monitored.

(2) The response was more ‘vivid’ on the C-mos detector with a meter output, probably since a longer time constant dampened much of te smaller GW variations.

(3) The GW maximum again appeared about 8 or 9 minutes [ later ? -- apparently missing a word here – ed.] than the predicted optical shadow maximum.

(4) For some reason, more GW structure followed the eclipse than before!