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Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Observation of the Sun Gravity Waves

( 12-21-1986 )


(1) The transit time of 2 minutes is correspondable to the time necessary for the approx. 30’ diameter of the sun to pass the observer’s position on earth as a function of the earth’s rotation.

(2) There is a net flux of rhysmonic ‘material’ flowing out from the core regions of the sun to sustain an apparent increase in the g-fields on earth as shown for the body regions above. This region is gravitationally ‘translucent’ and thus allows many other cosmic events to ‘pass through’.

(3) The nuclear region of the sun (the core) appears to be a very dense spherical ‘shell’ region which has about an 18,000 mile outer diameter and a shell thickness of about 6,000 miles (as determined from the 5-6 second transit time for this core).

(4) The transit of the sun with respect to the earth-sun center line appears to agree with solar time, i.e., normal noon time.