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Gregory Hodowanec

Rhysmonic Cosmology

Fundamental Constants

( 8-25-1986 )

A. Matrix Structure

L* = Planck Length

T* = Planck Time

C* = L*/T* = Planck Velocity

h  = h / 2 pi = E* = (h strikethrough) / T* = Rhysmon (Planck) energy

E* = M*C*2

M* = Planck Mass = Mass rhysmon (free space)

G = Gravitational constant (free space)

B. Planck Constants (Premises)
(1) All derive from Matrix Structure as above

(2) All constants are related to the size of the Universe.

(3) Therefore, the constants are related to G, and G determines the constants.

(4) The only definitive constant is probably M*, the ‘mass’ of the rhysmon. All other ‘constants’ are related to Gn, the number of rhysmons which make up the Universe.

(5) Conclusion I: The ‘fundamental constants’ are a function of Gn, and thus the size of the Universe. If the Universe can gain or lose rhysmons, Gn will change, and thus the fundamental constants will change.

(6) Conclusion II: The local ‘space-time’ configuration of the Universe is related to ‘local’ effects. For example, it should be able to, say, ‘alter’ time locally, but any such ‘perturbations’ will be temporary, and the normal ‘time’ will eventually be restored.

F. Pipkin, R. Ritter: Science 219 (#4587), 25 Feb. 1983: “Precision Measurements and Fundamental Constants”.