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Rhysmonic Cosmology


( 6-30-1987 )

A. Experiment with Transformer Windings:

( 12.6 V @ 1.2 A; no core used )

B. Observations:

(1) When powered by Polaroid 600 battery:

Vin ~ 4.6 V
Iin ~ 2.2 A
Pin ~ 10 W

(2) When primary coil circuit is in same direction for flux in coil as the g-fields, a more pronounced output which decays more slowly than the reverse conditions is see!

(3) A 100 mA current meter across the output indicates a condition in the output coil which follows the primary coil response.

B. Conclusion:

(1) There is a definite interaction between the H-field flux and the g-field flux!

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