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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Notes on G-Wave Detection

( 9-3-1987 )

A. Meridian Effect

(1) Any GW disturbance is most effective when it is located on the detector’s meridian location. This is believed to be because scalar signal are least affects by the earth’s motion in the ‘aether’, which creates a new gravity component in the direction of this motion. Since the Earth’s rotation s essentially constant, this has no noticeable effect on the normal g-fields, but is affecting gravity signal detection apparatus.

(2) The above effect is the long-sought for ‘aether wind’, and it is mainly responsible for the high-directivity of GW detectors, i.e., meridian detection, mainly.

(3) The GW ‘telescope’ is, therefore, a practicality for directivity primarily on various latitudes on the meridian.

(4) Another prediction: Extraction of energy from scalar fields in the universe will be most effective with conversion apparatus directed toward the meridian.

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