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Rhysmonic Cosmology

C-MOS GW Detector
( Circuit # 110-A )

( 10-26-1989 )

A. Circuit (# 110, modified with l/f and oscillator modes added):

Note: Ckt. #110 originally made 8-6-1986

B. Remarks:

1. This is basic QND GW detector with:

a. l/f noise mode added by adding in shunt capacitor, C1, (by closing red push button switch, SW1) to cancel out the ‘burst’ pulse signals.

b. Oscillator mode is activated by closing black push button switch, SW2, to place capacitor, C2, across detector output.

2. ICL 7621 is a C-MOS op-amp device which works well at 1.5 volts supply and which can have output voltages run rail-to-rail.

3. The 10K gain control, R1, is an internal trim-pot generally set near its mid-point or slightly higher.

4. The 1.5 volt power supply are AAA cells contained… [last line missing in photocopy]

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