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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Some Thoughts on the Rustrak ‘Scan Sectors’

( 12-2-1991 )

I. Estimates of the Rustrak ‘Scan Sector’ for 2200 uF Capacitor

II. Conclusions:

1. Use similar math for distances further out in the universe.

2. While the ‘active’ section of the 2200 uF capacitor may be somewhat larger than the assume 0.25”, the sectors scanned in these experiments are very narrow! This would explain why the daily scans are so much different! The Earth’s movement in the cosmos would result in monitoring different sections of the universe on a daily basis, and only the very dense structures may repeat daily. Most structures ‘seen’ are very deep in space. There is room for much research here in terms of detector geometry and sampling techniques!

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