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Rhysmonic Cosmology

A Simple Differential-Amplifier Type GW Detector

Prototype Circuit # 10,000-B
(Tested 10-28-93)

( 12-27-1993 )

Note 1 --- Input device must be current generator. Will coils work here? Evaluated with capacitors over range 0.1 uF to 3000 uF works okay here.

Note 2 --- L.P. Filter is now raised to a cut-off of about 100 Hz.


1. Circuit #10,000-B is constructed within an aluminum box but the detector device input is brought out in pin jacks to facilitate test of other devices.

2. Use matched 10K resistors in the buffer stage (best CMMR).

3. Ckt swings +/- around 0 volts; set control was added to enable use with positive input chart recorders.

4. Ckt is basic instrumentation amplifier (IA).

5. Ckt is very sensitive (large inputs).

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