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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Rhysmonic Reflections on Global Warming

( 6-24-05 )


The methods of Rhysmonic Cosmology have resulted in the development of some gravitational ‘wave’ detectors which have proven to be useful in a number of applications. Many such uses have been released to you over the years. A most useful application was in the detection of passive and active events occurring in the Universe in real time! One such detected event occurred at our Galaxy Center (along with others there since) which appear to have affected the Earth’s weather patterns! The strong scalar-type fields, (i.e., the gravity ‘winds’) may have primarily affected out jetstream patterns? Another event may be the HAARP experiments going on in Alaska now, which might also be affecting weather conditions on Earth? These two events could be as important (or even more so) in causing global warming on Earth (noticed primarily in the last decade of the 20th century) as is the release of greenhouse gases into the upper atmosphere  (which is presently considered the prime suspect in the cause of global warming). Global warming is apparently real and has been verified in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly, e.g., as in the gradual disappearance of the Arctic Ocean ice packs! Therefore, it behooves us to look at other possible causes more closely. Here, further consideration will be given to the scalar-type fields (i.e., gravity winds), which were discovered by rhysmonic detection techniques, as possible cause of global warming!

Galaxy Center Events

While gravitational signal astronomy methods were developed long before the release of my Monograph, they were emphasized after the release of my Monograph. Some amateur radio astronomers became interested in this method and I was developing the observational techniques for our Galaxy Center (since they were quite repeatable) as a guide for the. It was during these tests that I observed a most remarkable event there in early December 1986! There was a supernova-type event there on about 12-6-86 which resulted in a new and very deep Black Hole there as well as very strong gravity winds. I issued a C. Note (12-10-86) to a very few colleagues to document this discovery and I predicted then that the event would most likely affect weather conditions (climate) on Earth for many years to come!

I had also kept informing the National Science Foundation shortly thereafter, but was probably being ignored since I never heard back from them! I also made a general Press Release on 3-12-87 trying to publicize the significance of this event but that evidently was also ignored! On 6-4-91, I observed the event that the new black hole at the Galaxy Center had suddenly disappeared (actually, I may have caught it in the act!), again causing strong gravity winds which were possibly affecting the Earth’s weather patterns (climate). These events also seemed to precede other Earth effect, such as increased earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other strange weather patterns world-wide! All these actions were reported to you in paper, article and C. Notes (6-23-91 and 7-29-91 for example). To summarize briefly, I was convinced that these events were changing our climate, but I was reporting them to you mainly! But when I tried to report them to our nation (and thus the world), it was not heeded! However, the reports now speak for themselves; the global warming accelerated since about December 1986!

HAARP Testing

Another event which had the potential to alter our weather patterns were the HAARP tests (which were also started in that same time period of the last decade of the 20th century?) The use of large-area scalar-type fields (which the HAARP tests at low frequencies would really be) would also generate similar gravity wind effects and thus could also affect the Earth’s weather patterns (primarily by affecting the jet stream patters!). Moreover, those tests could be weather manipulations?? Whether of not HAARP was doing this, I could not determine. However, I strongly suspect that the scalar-type fields arriving here in the general vicinity of New York City area (now at about 74.2 Kc, a rhysmonic frequency) are being focused here by the HAARP program, since they are times to the work-week hours of Alaska! These signals may also be picked up by any AM radio (in this area) when they are being sent by HAARP. Their purpose here is unknown, but such testing (?) over a large population group (as in this area) might have questionable ends? Especially, when such transmittions also blot out some local radio stations!


1. Much more on these topics are covered directly (or indirectly) in my many releases to you. Some releases may bow be found on the Internet. I have not been actively monitoring the Universe in recent years mainly due to the lack of chart paper for my vintage chart recorder), and some other circumstances of change that have developed here. So I really don’t know what has been going on into the Universe in recent times. Perhaps, some other radically new events had occurred, but we will never know unless monitoring has been continuous! We need many new observers here.

2. While the HAARP tests could certainly affect (control) weather patterns and thus climate, it may only be a secondary effect compared to the role played by our Universe itself, especially by our Galaxy Center with its effect on unstable nearby stars. Perhaps, the star Betelgeuse may have gone supernova with event of 12-6-86 !

3. The real problem here is that we may have some control over the greenhouse gases and also the HAARP experiments, but there is no way we control massive events in the Universe, such as nearby Novae and Supernovae, or the massive events which were detected at our Galaxy Center.

4. Again, this material has been quickly handwritten and is not very well organized. It is for your interest and possible concerns. In any event, global warming (at this time) is for real!! Thus, the Earth residents must also be concerned. We tried here to offer some alternate explanations for the cause and you consideration.