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Galaxy Center Black Hole


Dear Colleague:

This may be of interest to you.

Gravitational signal astronomy techniques have been described by the writer in the April 1986 issue of Radio-Electronics and the January 1989 issue of R-E's Electronic Experimenter Handbook, as well as in some other publications. Some unpublished material was made available through Rex Research Archives. This material provides for an exciting new "window" to our Universe and is of significant importance since the gravity signals are essentially "instantaneous" signals and thus arrive in real time, i.e., the signals display activity in the Universe which is occurring now! In particular, catastrophic events in our own Milky Way galaxy, if of sufficient magnitude, could have an effect on the earth's weather patterns and geological structures. This is believed to be due to "gravity winds" which are generated by such events and such winds could alter the normal gravity of the earth.

The writer has ascertained (using these techniques) that on about December 6, 1986, a relatively minor "black-hole-type" structure noted at the Milky way center had "cannibalized" another close-by structure there to become a new much more massive black hole and accretion ring structure there. It was immediately reported to the National Science Foundation and some local media that the strong "turbulent gravity winds" noticed at this time could possibly have an effect on the earth's weather patterns and geological structures, as well as on the solar system and the galaxy in general. It is believed that the winds "spawned" at the same time, a local supernova, possibly the star Betelgeuse in Orion, leaving a black hole structure there which is seen to the present day! One does not need to be reminded of the strange weather patterns seen since that time or the increase in earthquakes!

The new black hole and ring structure in the galaxy center has been relatively stable since its creation in December 1986. It was still observed to be stable in a "scan" made on September 11, 1990. However, a scan made on May 16, 1991 had indicated that the center "hole" may have become somewhat unstable, showing evidence of two (possibly three) minor explosions since the last observation of September 11, 1990. Moreover, a scan made on June 4, 1991, showed a violent explosion occurring there at the time of this scan. Talk about serendipity! The l/f noise detectors revealed a tremendous increase in turbulent winds at this time! The intense winds could affect the earth much more than the event of December 1986! A scan of the Center was made the next day and it appeared to show that the massive black hole and some other structures at the center had disappeared leaving what appeared to be debris there. The scans were repeated for the next few days, and sporadically for the next two weeks --- all confirmed that the new black hole and ring structure as well as some other long-standing structure there had really disappeared from the center!

A number of earth "events" occurring since June 4th may be related to the new strong gravity winds caused by this latest catastrophe at the center. For on this same day, a violent volcano erupted in Japan, with some evidence that others appeared to have increased activity also. A few days later, a long dormant volcano in the Philippines erupted, and also some others were showing possible increased activity. The sun also showed major sunspot activity after June 4th! Again, a number of earthquakes were reported soon after June 4th. World-wide weather was most unusual, with increased wet and dry spells, higher than normal temperatures here in the eastern USA, and increased tornados and monsoons. The writer expects the earth will be in for a spate of unusual weather and increased volcano and earthquake activity for some time yet.

Best regards,

Greg Hodowanec