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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Galaxy Center Response (7-10-91)


I.  Galaxy Center Response (7-10-91):

II. Remarks:

The G.C. was scanned about 10:22:25 AM EST on 7-10-91 using Circuit 75 but with a 10 Hz LP filter. A rather higher level gain was used as well as a heavily "inked" Flair pen in the recorder unit; this was done to eliminate as much as possible other responses on this meridian.

III. Conclusions:

1. This response appears to show a remaining mass a the G.C. which may be the re-collection" of debris there. Also seen are what could be a new shockwave ring at A and B, and also possibly (?), the original shock wave rings at C and D.

2. Monthly scans of this region will verify if these conclusions are real!