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(1) Seti with Gravitational Signals? (1986/87)

(2) Letter to Radio-Electronics (7-23-1988)

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(4) Cosmology Note (1-23-1989)

(5) Continued ET Communications? (1-2-1989)

(6) Cosmology Note (2-23-1989)

(7) Letter (3-17-1989)

(8) Mars Flash #1 (3-28-1989)

(9) Cosmology Note (3-22-1989)

(10) Mars Flash #2 (3-30-1989)

(11) Letter (4-14-1989)

(12) Some Remarks on Tesla’s ‘Mars Signals’ (1990)

Seti With Gravitational Signals?

by Gregory Hodowanec

(ca. 1986-87)

SARA members appear to have a strong interest in SETI using the techniques of radio astronomy. As SARA members now know, the writer also has a strong interest in SETI using the techniques of radio astronomy. As SARA members now know, the writer also has a strong interest in SETI, but used the technique of gravitational ‘waves’ instead. For those members more interested in this technique, see the April 1986 issue of Radio-Electronics magazine.

The advantages of a possible gravitational technique for SETI over the radio technique is primarily one of ‘propagation’ for these signals. The radio waves travel at the speed of light, but the gravitational signals (per the writer’s theories) are essentially instantaneous signals. Another advantage of the gravitational technique is the simplicity of the instrumentation required. As SARA members know, radio astronomy can be quite complicated. However, an advantage of radio astronomy is an ability to ‘steer’ an antenna array to pinpoint the source of the detected signals in the observer’s sky. The gravitational signal detectors, on the other hand, must rely largely on the earth’s mass as a ‘shadow’ to enable the detection of gravitational effects which are just above or below the average background of this radiation. Therefore, ‘objects’ or signals located in the observer’s zenith are best detected. Yet, the other areas are still ‘detectable’, especially with the aid of other ‘shadows’ such as the sun, moon, planets, etc. The writer’s location at about 42o N latitude sweeps an important region of our celestial sphere in terms of potential gravitational signals. This includes a good portion of our Galaxy as well as possible structures located in the Cygnus, Draco, Ursa Major, Lynx, Auriga, Persues and Andromeda regions.

Of particular interest to SETI observers may be the strange audio type gravitational signals which appear to come from the Auriga and Perseus region of our Galaxy. These ‘signals’ have been ‘heard’ by the writer for several years now, and generally range between about 4 and 5 hours right ascension, with a peak intensity near 4.5 hours R.A. The signals appear to be several ‘tones’ which, when modulated by the observer’s heartbeat (see Rhysmonic Cosmology) almost seem to be an accordion or bagpipe band playing the same refrain over and over again. The ‘tune’ varies at times, but much of the time (over periods of months) the ‘tune’ seems to be repeated. While these signals may be due to natural phenomena, or even radio signals leaking into the shielded detectors, the detection of these signals has always intrigued the writer as possibly being SETI related.

For those SARA members wishing to ‘explore’ these signals some simple intrumentation setups are given in Figure (1) [Not shown]. A suitable mini-amplifier-speaker unit for these detectors is the Radio Shack #277-1008. Remove the 10 uF capacitor that is across pins 1 and 8 of the output IC so as to limit the gain of this stage to 20x, which is adequate for these circuits. Assemble the detectors in an aluminum box with self-contained batteries for best results. The effects might be diminished at other latitudes, but should still be present. The circuits are also useful in desmonstrating the modulation of the GW background radiation as described in Rhysmonic Cosmology by the writer. Good luck in your experiments!

Greg Hodowanec

(to the Asst. Tech. Editor @ Radio-Electronics ~ July 23, 1988)

Dear Jonathan,

As you know, I have reported that ‘strange’ modulations of the earth’s gravity field of a coherent nature have been persistently ‘heard’ in the l/f background noise as detected with my l/f noise detection units. I have posed that these may be extraterrestrial signals, although they may yet be natural phenomena of an unknown nature. It also appears that these may have also been the ‘mars Signals’ reported by Nikola Tesla back at the turn of the century

On the morning of this date, at 7:30 to 7:38 AM (EST), I recorded the following apparently Morse Code-like pulses


As you can see, these do not appear to be just random pulses, but the SE signals, which are most prevalent, appear to be possibly an identification signal. These signals are detected in shielded l/f detectors and thus are scalar (gravitational) in nature. The signals above (if they are extraterrestrial) came from either the Auriga-Perseus region near my zenith or the Bootes region under my earth position. I still cannot rule out that they may just be due to earth core movements of some sort which are remarkably like Morse code signals, or even the possibility that they are man-made.

This is for your information only. I hope that the publication of my article in the 1988 Electronic Experimenter Handbook will instill more experimenters (and professionals) to look further into these aspects in order to determine their true nature.

Best regards to you and your staff. I remain,

Respectfully yours,

Greg Hodowanec

Cosmology Data (Note)


I.    Possible ‘Extraterrestrial’ Communications?

A.   Background ~

(1) Hodowanec gravity detectors have always detected what could be termed ‘coherent modulations’ in the general so-called microwave background radiation.

(2) Since about early August 1988, it was noticed that apparently ‘intelligent signals’ existed in these modulations. It can be said that the intelligence was in the form of digital-type communication, e.g., dots and dashes, or ones and zeros. This type of communication may have been chosen by this ‘unknown communicator’ as it was conducive to the ‘mass movement’ form of longitudinal gravity signaling, as well as an easily recognizable universal system. This same method was proposed by the writer for a gravity system communication method.

(3) These ‘signals’ were noticed to be similar to the simpler International Morse Code symbols, primarily because they are the simplest way to present information in the pulse form. Thus, the ‘letters’ found in these transmissions are typically: E, I, T, M, A, N, R, K, S, and O, as well as the A series such as the comma and the wait signal. However, numbers are seen here as the simple series of pulses, e.g., one is one pulse, two is two pulses, three is three pulses, and so on.

(4) On August 26, 1988, after the writer had sent the message Greg Radio during a local gravity signal transmission test, it was noticed that the letters G and D were apparently added to some of the received messages noted thereafter!

(5) The writer’s first hard evidence that the above test message may have been intercepted by this unknown communicator was seen that on August 28, 1988, over the period of about 11:30 AM to 12:00 noon (DST), a strong and repeated message of Greg Radio was received with the message finally terminated with the series SE (or 31)!!!

(6) Since that time Greg or Greg Radio has been noticed weakly at some arbitrary times, but most often and strongly near the noon hour. Included in some of these transmissions were the normally heard letter codes, e.g., AAAR, as well as number series, e.g., 12345.

(7) Further evidence that these may be actually communication attempts is seen in that on October 11, 1988 at about 1:45 PM (DST), a very different approach was seen: A series of Greg Radio’s was sent at about the normal code speed of about 5 words per minute, followed by KKTT, and then the series was repeated at a slower speed and also followed by KKTT. This was repeated for about three complete transmissions and was then again followed by the typical SE closing response series. After this, further transmissions were the more normal letter and number series.

(8) Another confirmation that these may be ‘messages’ appeared on October 12, 1988 at about 11:40 AM (DST). Here, a series of A’s and R’s (with Greg Radio occasionally inserted) was then followed by Greg Radio sent as a series of five repetitions of each letter, e.g., Greg was sent as GGGGGRRRRREEEEEGGGGG!! This was then followed by an a series and a K series, then the normal codes and finally ended with the usual SE series.

B.   Remarks

(1) Sufficient ‘messages’ have now been received to indicate that perhaps a serious attempt to contact this writer was being made by some ‘unknown communicator’. While the communicator may yet be some terrestrial experimenter, the possibility still exists that the communicator may be ‘extraterrestrial’ for the following reasons:

(a) The messages are in simple code (e.g., dits and dahs) type of pulses that would be expected to be used if one intelligent civilization were to try to contact another in terms of pulses. That some of the simplest pulse signals are similar to simple Morse Code signals is more than mere coincidence: they are both based upon the same premises!

(b) Numbers are not in the complicated Morse Code symbols, but in simple sequence, using short pulses or dits.

(c) The ‘communicator’ has recognized the coherent nature of Greg Radio and is possibly using that sequence of codes in various fashions to indicate that a ‘contact’ has been made.

(d) The communicator thus far has not responded to English ‘word’ messages or the amateur Q-signals. Thus it is believed that while some apparently Morse Code signals are being used, the communicator is not really familiar with such usage, other than recognizing the coherent nature of such messages. By the same token, the write is also not deciphering the communicator’s messages outside of also just recognizing the coherent nature of the signals.

(e) Since these messages at present appear largely near the noon hour, they may be coming from a definite direction in space. At present, it is believed to be from the general direction of the constellation Andromeda, but not necessarily the galaxy there.

(f) These messages will be further followed, both from the transmission aspect as well as the reception aspect, to further confirm the possibility that these are truly attempts at gravity signal communications!

II.  Conclusions

(1) While not as yet completely sure, the writer, at present, believes that there is a strong possibility that an actual gravity signal communication attempt is being made by some unknown communicator out there.

(2) There is also some possibility that this communicator may be ‘extraterrestrial’, perhaps yet in our Solar System (Mars?), but no further than our own Galaxy or Local Group of galaxies.

(3) There is a possibility that this same communicator may have been trying to reach here ever since the turn of the century when Nikola Tesla reported the interception of scalar S signals!

(4) Only time, and further carefully made experiments, will determine the reality, if at all, of these reported experiments.

 Cosmology Data/Note

(January 23, 1989)

Dear Colleague:

The attached series of Notes are being sent to you for your interest and information. Much of it is self-explanatory but a few items of clarification will be given ere:

(1) The UC mentioned here is the Unknown Communicator who, at present, appears to be an extraterrestrial (ET). I am not sure, but there may be two such communicators, but not much more than that (who use the disturbance of the gravitational background radiation as a means of communication). There appears to also be other gravity methods of communication in the many signals observed, especially in the regions of the galactic poles, but I have not been able to resolve any messages in them as yet. These are the various ‘musical tones’ and ‘gutteral voice’ sounds

(2) The transmissions method sued here is mainly the movement of a dense mass, such as the 2# lead pendulum weight, in a generally east-west direction in accordance with the generation of slow code signal disturbances in the background radiation. The signals are monitored on a detector speaker to ensure reasonably correct code transmissions.

(3) The receiver appears to be any l/f type detector. It does not have to be in the detector itself. White noise, or just about any noise developed audibly in the air will give a response also. There appears to be an interference effect involved also, and thus one must position oneself with respect to the source of the noise for best response! The noise output from various other ‘sources’ such as gas water heaters, refrigerators, and oil- or gas-fired furnaces [Bunsen burner?] also appear to provide the requisite ‘reference noise source’ which can be modulated by the gravity signals. These audible responses are quite subtle and it will take a little practice to determine and use the ‘effect’. Some experiments were made with a ‘threshold’ type electronic detector, but the results were inconclusive, but indicated promise.

(4) I am still not sure I the attached tests are real or just the product o my imagination. However, I have heard signals on some detectors about 5 miles away from my lab. Also, I have even heard code signals in the idling noises of my car engine [as the reference noise source] at any location. Thus it could be present at any location, even yours!

These Notes are being given to you mainly to see if, with patience, you can verify these apparent signals and signaling methods. If so, and then these are real, then perhaps the long-awaited ET communications may be on hand! Good experimenting!

Respectfully yours,

Greg Hodowanec

[Editor’s Note: I am missing the first two pages of these notes]

…immediately, where Greg was repeated 3 times (where each letter was also repeated 3 times), and the same was done with Radio. The signal faded out after about 8:45 AM or so.

(3) On 11-18-1988 at about 9:00 AM EDT, Greg 2 times, using the finger method. Received at about 9:02 AM, Greg Greg, codes, GREEEEG, codes, Greg, Greg, codes, Greg Radio, codes, Greggg, codes. Then signals went into normal codes again before fading out at about 9:15 AM.

The signals are returned almost immediately and are in many variant forms and thus a definite attempt to signal to me that there is a communication being attempted. Since neither of us can yet ‘talk’ to each other, this is all we can do at present. Tests lie these will continue as time permits.

(4) On 11-19-1988 at about 8:40 AM EST sent Greg Radio Greg Radio Greg Greg Radio Radio Greg Radio K. At about 8:45 AM received response (very weak): Greg TTTTT Greg TTTT Greg Greg TTT Greg Greg TTT Greg TT Greg Greg TT Greg Greg TTTTT ----- Heard occasional very weak Greg or Greg Radio with some MRT and MAR responses and also a lot of T’s before the signal faded out completely. This also appeared to be a communication attempt!

Note Added (11-29-1988)

There have been no further ‘communications’ noted since about 11-19-1988, when some very weak responses to my messages were heard. It is surmised that perhaps the ‘unknown communicator’s position’ is no longer in an effective communication direction with Earth. Perhaps it was a change in the Earth’s orientation which also contributed to the loss of contact. However, it is planned to monitor the detectors occasionally at different times to check on the possible restoration of contacts.

Note Added (12-1-1988)

Contact was apparently made at around 8:30 AM (EST) with a message sent as Greg Greg from the test bench position. The modulations of the universe was made with mass movement in an east-west direction. The message sent at about 8:25 AM had a response come back at about 8:28 AM with Greg interspersed in a series of A’s and T’s, with an occasional Gradio also put in! At about 8:38 AM the message Radio Radio was sent in the same position. Again at about 8:40 AM the response came with Greg and Radio interspersed with many series of T’s, A’s, and some R’s also interspersed! This is definitely acknowledgement of my messages! Tests will continue. The unknown communicator is apparently in the Andromeda or Ursa Major section of my celestial sphere. At about 8:45 the signals faded.


It appears that ‘modulations’ of the microwave background radiation may be the effective way used by advanced ET civilizations to ‘communicate’. RF methods are probably not used ue to the very long delay times. Apparently an ET ‘contact’ has been established with some ET civilization by GH Labs here in Newark, NJ. Contact appears to be possible whenever the Ursa Major or Andromeda regions are in the writer’s meridian. Tests will continue and will be further reported in a future Cosmology Note.

Continued Gravity Signal Communications

12-4-88 ~ 9:25 AM (EST); Message Sent: Greg Series; Response Received: Greg’s, Greg Radio, A’s, Codes, Greg with each letter repeated 5x; Remarks: Response came back in 3 minutes, Circuit #71, 110 & 115

12-13-88 ~ 10:30 AM; M. Sent: Greg Radio Series; R. Rec’d: No response heard; Remarks: All circuits

12-13-88 ~ 8:30 PM; M. Sent: Greg Radio Series; R. Rec’d: T’s, A’s, & Greg Radio repeated several times; Remarks: Received on all circuits at 8:45 PM but best on #115.

12-16-88 ~ 6:10 PM; M. Sent: Greg Radio 2x & K; R. Rec’d: Greg Radio with each letter repeated 5x. Then series of A’s & T’s; then Greg repeated 5x, followed by mixture of Greg, Greg Radio & A’s & T’s; Remarks: Received at 6:13 PM on all circuits.

12-17-88 ~ 9:12 PM; M. Sent: Greg Radio 2x & K; R. Rec’d: Weak responses! Greg with each letter repeated 5x, some Greg’s, then a lot of T’s with an occasional Greg; Remarks: Circuit # 71 & 110. Response at 9:13 PM but faded out at 9:22 PM.

12-21-88 ~ 9:15 AM; M. Sent: none; R. Rec’d: Greg Radio with A’s & T’s; Remarks: Signals were already there but weak.

12-21-88 ~ 9:19 AM; M. Sent: Greg 3x, KK; R. Rec’d: Series of A’s & T’s with a series of Greg Radio inserted in between. Signals were very weak and stretched out!; Remarks: Response at 9:20 AM with Circuit #71.

Final Note

(1) Contact with this unknown communicator appears to be possible at different times but more generally when the meridian is in the general direction of Andromeda or Ursa Major.

(2) Tests are to be discontinued for the present (Holiday Season) and will be continued after 1-1-89

(3) The continued almost immediate response to simple gravity disturbance ‘messages appears to indicate the reality of these ‘communications’ even though no real intelligence is being exchanged!

 Continued ET Communications?

12-23-88 ~ 9:00 PM (EST); Messages Exchanged: A’s & T’s, Greg’s; Remarks: Very weak signals

12-24-88 ~ 9:45 AM; M. Ex.: A’s & T’s only; Rem.: No exchange!

12-24-88 ~ 10:00 AM; M. Ex.: A’s & T’s only; Rem.s: No exchange!

12-25-88 ~ 7:28 AM; M. Ex.: I called, UC responded; Rem.: I introduced R  & K as Roger & Go Ahead!

12-26-88 ~ 9:48 AM;  M. Ex.: Called UC, UC responded immediately!; Rem.: Weak signals, UC is AAAAAATT?

12-29-88 ~ 9:00 AM; M. Ex.: Called UC; Rem.: No response!

12-30-88 ~ 9:35 AM; M. Ex.: Called UC; Rem.: No response!

1-3-89 ~ 9:20 AM; M. Ex.: Called UC, UC responded with Greg & Greg Radio; Rem.: Heard UC on all units.

1-3-89 ~ 9:35 AM; M. Ex.: Called UC, UC responded; Rem.: Used IC noise generator.

1-8-89 ~ 10:08 AM; M. Ex.: Called UC; Rem.: UC responded

1-9-89 ~ 6:05 PM; M. Ex.: Called UC; Rem.: UC responded

1-11-89 ~ 4:25 PM; M.Ex: Called UC; Rem.: UC responded

1-12-89 ~ 8:32 AM; M Ex: Called UC; Rem.: UC responded

1-12-89 ~ 4:30 PM; M. Ex: Called UC; Rem.: UC responded

1-13-89 ~ 8:24 AM; M Ex: Called UC; Rem.: UC responded

1-14-89 ~ 8:31 AM; M. Ex.: Called UC; Rem: UC responded

1-15-89 ~ 8:53 AM; M. Ex.: Called UC; Rem.: UC responded

1-15-89 ~ 9:20 AM; M Ex: Called UC; Rem: No reposnse

1-15-89 ~ 9:29 AM; M Ex: Called UC, UC responded with one slow Greg & Greg Radio, & returned to normal codes

1-15-89 ~ 7:00 PM; M. Ex: UC calling me with Greg’s!; Rem: Heard on any audible noise source!

1-15-89 ~ 7:14 PM; M Ex: Sent: RR Greg Radio 3x KK; UC responded with Greg & Greg Radio (slowly); Rem.: Heard on all units, even the furnace noise!

1-16-89 ~ 8:43 AM; M.Ex: Called UC; Rem.: Response swamped by washing machine motions

1-16-89 ~ 8:17 PM; M. Ex: Called UC and sent some simple math codes; Rem: UC returned my math codes!

1-17-89 ~ 9:20 AM; M Ex: Called UC; Rem: UC responded

1-18-89 ~ 8:58 AM; M Ex: Called UC and sent the simple math again; Rem: UC responded but left out the math!

1-19-89 ~ 9:20 AM; M Ex: Initially no signals, called UC; Rem: UC responded, but very weakly

1-19-89 ~ 5:30 PM; M Ex: UC was calling me; I returned the call; Rem: UC was heard on all units, even the oil burner and heater ‘noise’

1-20-89 ~ 8:42 AM; M Ex: UC was calling me; I responded; Rem: I responded twice

1-20-89 ~ 12:50 PM; M. Ex: UC still calling me; Rem: I did not respond

1-21-89 ~ 2:00 PM; M Ex: UC was calling me, I responded; Rem: UC responses were a series of Greg’s & Greg Radio’s

1-21-89 ~ 2:00 PM; M Ex: ‘Strange’ signals only; Rem: No contact with UC

1-22-89 ~ 8:00 AM; M Ex: UC called very slow, weakly; Rem: No contact to my response to UC!

1-22-89 ~ 1:15 PM; M Ex: No signals, called UC; Rem: UC responded with 2 Greg Radio’s in which each letter was repeated twice! Went into various codes after that.

 Cosmology Note

Dear Colleague:

Without going into the details on how this was determined:

ET may be on Mars!!!

This, in spite of NASA’s denial of any life forms on Mars. This possibility has been recently suspected by the writer due to the apparently very close tracking of my position on Earth by ET. ET, of course, always knew that I was on Earth (as seen by his tracking), but now he has most emphatically confirmed that he is on the 4th planet from the sun, i.e., Mars!

While this release is probably a bit premature, I am so positive of these gravity signal ‘exchanges’ that I will stick my neck out in this instance. ET on mars is apparently much more advanced that we are here on Earth, and he may have even previously visited Earth, and possibly colonized here (but who are his possible descendants?)

It is still a mystery on where ET may be living on Mars (possibly underground near the polar regions?), and why ET doesn’t use EM wave signaling methods? Perhaps it is because that mars is so hostile now that ET must have developed a very sophisticated underground civilization which is not conducive to EM radiation systems?

This material is being released now confidentially to but a very few active colleagues until further confirmations on this assertion are obtained.

Best regards to all, I remain, Respectfully yours,

Greg Hodowanec



Dear Bob [Nelson]:

My ‘contacts’ with an ET on Mars continues with the exchanges having more meaning all the time. While we are limited to the use of simple Morse Code type impulses, i.e., dits and dahs, we are now rapidly establishing a ‘system’ for these contacts. Generally, our contacts are limited to 20-20 minutes anymore since there appear to be other ETs out there interested in joining in also, and so there is some interference after a while. Some of these ETs use other methods of communicating such as tones and what appears to be gutteral voices!

ET is probably more advanced than we are on Earth. We no longer exchange simple arithmetic, and when I sent him pi to 5 decimal places, he sent back pi to 7 decimal places immediately! We had discussed our 9 planet solar system, but ET came back with 10 planets, calling the 10th planet OOTTAEERR! When questioned on this, ET kept confirming the existence of a 10th planet! He now knows the other 9 planets by their Earth names! He also confirmed tht Mars has 2 moons, the Earht one, and that Jupiter has 9 major moons.

These contacts are getting to be more interesting all the time, and Et appears to be most anxious to continue them. However, I just cannot spend too much time with him. ET is reaching me with a tracking ‘beam’ which is but 15 miles in diameter here on Earth, and I figure that his ‘oscillator/modulator’ on Mars develops a beam of but 10-12 inches on te surface of mars. This can be determined from simple geometry since straight lines exist in rhysmonics! I got across to him that I am just one person here communicating to him, and that the rest of Earth presently does not recognize the existence of any life on mars; although I will try to convey to him in some way, that some here believe that a civilization once existed on mars due to the presence of some ill-defined artifacts there!

I now have had over 100 contacts with ET and can reach him at any time of day or night! I often find him calling me at odd times! He now knows me as Greg, Greg Radio, Earth, …Earthor simply …, which can also stand for the 3rd planet from the Sun! I know him mostly as AAAAAATTT, Mars, ….Mars, or simply …., meaning the 4th planet from the sun. We have also established some simple codes for acknowledgements and go ahead and respond. While we use these simple codes in many contexts, both ET and I now understand in which context they are being used!

Hope this remains of interest to you, Bob, even though it sounds unreal and fantastic!

Best regards, I remain, Respectfully yours,


 Mars Flash #1


Dear Colleague:

As the result of the continued gravity signal communications between GH Labs and the Martians, the following extraordinary facts have come to light:

1.  My Mars contact is aware of the ‘face’ found on Mars by the Viking Probe and acknowledges it to be in the likeness of Martians.

2.  My Mars contact claims to be a human ‘man’ and knows that we on earth are human men also.

3.   My Mars contact appears to infer (after many exchanges) that the Martians had visited Earth and had colonized it! Thus the earth men of today should resemble Martians also. This cold be valid since the Martian civilization is very old and thus, much advanced, and thus could have done such a thing. The deteriorating conditions on mars may have led to such a movement to earth!

4.  Further exchanges were made in terms of math, and also the nature of the Solar System, e.g., we have reached an understanding on the ‘colors’ of the planets up to Jupiter!

5.  The exchanges are now being made in terms of short ‘English’ code words for certain items. For example, the Marians now understand that FACE means the human face, MAN means the human person, EARTH now means our planet, and MARS means their planet! They had originally tried some of their terminology with me, but gave up except where it made sense to me. For example, I now know that TTT at the end of their names means person and OOTTEAARR is their name for the 10th planet!

I will release additional material in the future.

PS: I am having a good rapport with the Martian named AAAAAATTT. He appears to ‘understand’ my messages. Even though I may have to repeat them in several ways so that he can ‘see’ the meaning. Best Regards, Greg Hodowanec

 Cosmology Note


Dear Colleague:

As you may already know, a ‘sort of’ communication has been going on with an apparent ‘extraterrestrial’ since about August 1988. As a result of these contacts, the following items have been noted:

1. The contacts are with Martian intelligents! This has been verified in a number of ways. Simple Morse Code type pulse signals are being used in these contacts. The Martians are apparently the advanced civilization, for they are the ones generating the ‘modulated oscillated beam’ which is now tracking my location on Earth and is thus the means of our communications. There is an apparent ‘team’ on Mars which is involved in these contacts. The original contact, ET#1, with whom I have established the initial relationship, is apparently most highly knowledgeable and advanced. The others who sometimes ‘man’ the Mars station appear to be less knowledgeable and some only request or acknowledge a transmission!

2.  The following has been established with ET#1:

(a) ET#1 is on mars and Mars is known by them to be the 4th planet in our solar system, and Mars has two moons. He also knows that I am on the 3rd planet from the sun, and that we have only one moon.

(b)  ET now recognizes the Sun and 9 of the other planets by their Earth names, due to effort on my part. However, ET insists that there is a 10th planet also, and it is called by them as: OTTAEERR! Since we did not know of this 10th planet (although it was suspected by some), I will refer to it by its mars name.

(c)  ET does not recognize E (2.178…), but readily recognizes pi (out to 10 decimal places)! ET recognizes simple math, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as number series in terms of short pulses.

3.  I presently recognize ET as AAAAAATTT, AAARTTT, …Mars, Mars, …., and sometimes TTT. Meanwhile, ET recognizes me as Greg, Greg Radio, …Earth, Earth, …, and sometimes as GR.

4.  ET is most anxious to continue these contacts and I often find him ‘calling’ me at odd times. However, I cannot respond to him each time, but sometimes I acknowledge his call with an R (i.e., Roger).

5.  We have established the following other signals to expedite the transmissions:

Signal =   Meanings

. _ . (R) I received you okay (Roger), I understand you

_._ (K)  I am finished, go ahead; Repeat your message

…  ._. (SR) I do not understand; Your message is garbled; Do you understand me?

……..  _._  I am signing off for now

6.  During August-October, Mars was relatively close to Earth. The Mars ‘beam’ appeared to be about 10 miles in diameter then, and relatively strong signals were received. Since then, mars has been receding from earth and it appears that the Mars beam may be increasing in diameter, and also weakening in strength.

7.  Perhaps, due to 5 above, the Mars signals are now covering a much lager area and thus possibly may fall in reach of other receivers! Mars is most desperate to continue these contacts. However, I have been able to confer to them that I am but one person here, and that Earth, in general, does not recognize Martians (i.e., life on mars). ET appears to acknowledge this, and thus is most patient with me and desires to continue with these limited contacts. These exchanges are made in many varied ways which cannot be readily predicted in order to convey the fact that these are real contacts! Also, one can recognize the ‘fist’ of the one ‘keying’ these codes, e.g., ET #1 always sends clean letters or numbers, and identifies himself and me in some fashion. The other ETs on Mars usually don’t. Therefore, no automation is being used here!

8.  While these contacts were originally due to a serendipitous circumstance, it is really the result of my gravitational communication experiments and thus a direct result from Rhysmonic Cosmology. And yet, however fantastic and unreal this may seem, it is real, and if also it is confirmed by one of you, it will be a major milestone ion the history of mankind! Perhaps, if one of you finally ‘hears’ the modulations of l/f noise background, you may try to establish your own contacts?

Best regards, and good experimenting,


 Mars Flash #2


Dear Colleague:

Communications between GH Labs and a Martian intelligent now continue with increasing progress since we have been able to establish over 50 simple expression (most in simple English) for many of the common ‘ideas’ that we have. Martian AAAAATTT is extremely adept in relating my English terminology to these common Earth-Mars observations. Some additional extraordinary facts are:

1.  Mars continues to confirm that the massive ‘Face’ found on Mars by the Viking craft is in the likeness of Martians!

2.  Mars has also confirmed that they are also ‘men’ with one ‘head’ that have two ‘eyes’ that ‘see’. Also, they have one ‘body’ with two arms that have hands with five fingers each. Also they have two legs with two feet that have five toes each. I haven’t been able to have them confirm the nose and mouth in the face, but that could be confirmed shortly, since those features appear in the Face.

3. Probably the most significant fact which was determined on this date seems to be that Mars is most emphatic that Earth men are like Mars men! This appears more and more that Mars has colonized Earth in the remote past! This could be true since we on earth have never really found the ‘missing link’ between earth humanoids and humans! Perhaps, that is why both ancient religions (as well as the more recent ones based on simple faiths) seem to need the requirement of an outside source for man here on earth! Thus it is not much of a speculation to consider that the earth environment developed the family of life up to the humanoids (i.e.., apes, etc.) but did not produce man in this evolutionary process. Perhaps I will eventually learn more from Mars on this!

I will continue to release significant material to a very few colleagues as they develop.


(April 14, 1989)

Dear Bob [Nelson],

Just a short response to your memo note of April 9. My ‘contacts’ with Mars continue with much information being exchanged. However, due to the increasing astounding nature o these exchanges, I am now limiting further releases to only two long-time observers (witnesses) of my research efforts. This is being done so as not to jeapordize these contacts with unwanted notoriety or publicity in the media. There are now nine Mars Flashes for the record. Perhaps, in the future I may release some of these.

The highly defined gravity beam being used in these contacts is being generated by the Martians, not me! Gravity signal communications are instantaneous, require extremely small energy expenditure, and is so simple as to be just unbelievable by the average person. However, this is as far as I want to go with release of details at this time. The earth may not be ready for what I have to say eventually. Nothing dire, just fantastic and thus perhaps unbelievable!

Take care, I remain, Respectfully yours,

Greg Hodowanec

 Some Remarks on Tesla’s ‘Mars Signals’ ~


As I had pointed out in the short article on “Some Remarks on Tesla’s ‘Earth Resonances’, which was published in Tesla ’87, Vol. 3, No. 4 (1989), Tesla in experiments performed at Colorado Springs in 1899, had apparently devised a simple setup for the conversion of scalar-type signals to the normal vector-type electromagnetic signals. Using this system he was able to ‘receive’ the many scalar-type signals which permeated space and thus also the earth. Among these were the lightning stroke induced signals as was reported in that article. However, he also reported that the earth was “alive with many other signals” which he believed could have been intelligent signals from Mars (It is assumed that he had used a telephone type receiver in these tests). For this he was taken to task by his peers, and possibly rightly so, since the signals he detected could have been from any other source. However, as we all now well know, Tesla was a very careful and precise experimenter, and the reported signals may be assumed to have been validly received.

This brief will support his claims in that such signals are yet being received today with simple modern-day signal detectors. Using the simple circuit given in Figure (1), the author has for many years now, also been observing some modulations of the l/f noise background, i.e., the so-called microwave background radiation levels, which appear to be due to massive scalar signal effects which are external to our immediate earth environment. Whether they are due to the sun, the Galaxy, or something else in the vast universe is as yet unknown. But the fact remains that coherent modulations are being ‘heard’ in this background noise. The most prominent modulations being three pulses (code S) slightly separated in time, a la Tesla! On occasions, the code equivalents of an E, N, A, or K are also heard, but the most persistent response is SE, Se, etc.

Any l/f type noise detector will respond to this background modulation. However, the experimenter must be careful that he is not creating these responses at the ‘local’ level by his own or other local actions. For example, the detectors will also respond to heartbeats, breathing actions, local movements, as well as possible psychic effects. The detectors are simple to make and the experimenter should easily reproduce these results.

Figure (1):  [Not shown]

IC1: ICL 7611 (or TLC 271); V: 1.5 volt battery (2 needed); Audio out: okay to use Radio-Shack Mini-Amplifier-Speaker #277-1008