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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Resonant Frequency of the Aether

(Sept. 8, 1996)

New Energy News 6 (8): 21-22 (March 1999)



The fundamental frequency in the Universe is the Ryhsmonic (aetheric) frequency f* which is equal to 1/T* or 1/5.391 x 10-44 sec. which is about 1.855 x 1043 Hz.

Interaction with this fundamental frequency under resonance conditions should result in an exchange of energy, i.e., energy extraction. Some possible resonances are now considered, with remarks on possible confirmation: without reference to powers (fundamental to operating frequency ratios) the basic frequencies are now listed:

Frequency  Remarks

1)  1.855  Hz      This is a Schuman resonance and is also seen in Rysmonic
                          GW resonance ( 2 Hz).

2)  3.710  Hz      This is also seen in Schuman.

3)  7.42   Hz      This is also seen in Schuman as a more pronounced

4)  3.710 KHz      These frequencies were seen in the coil tests (Cosmology Note 3/16/96)
    9.275 KHz
   18.550 KHz      Also, many of these frequencies were seen in
   24.115 KHz      MRA tests, especially in Mini-MRA tests.
   33.390 KHz
   46.375 KHz       Note: All the frequencies listed here cannot be just
   68.635 KHz            mere coincidence!
   77.910 KHz
   89.040 KHz       Note: The ratios of these nos. to 3.71 are 2.5, 5, 6.5,
                             9, 12.5, 18.5, 21, 24, 35
  124.850 KHz


These tests appear to indicate that sub-harmonic resonances with the fundamental rhysmonic frequency of 1.855 x 10 43 Hz do result in the extraction of some energy from the intrinsic energy of this Universe!