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Robert A. Nelson

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Acknowledgements: Hal Robins ~ William van Doren ~ Hans Nintzl ~ Manly P. Hall ~ Adam McLean

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Frontispiece:  "Alchemia" (Harry S. Robins, 1994) ~ The Great Work begins with the Revelation of the Lost Word (John 1:1), and is consummated by the dedicated Hermetic Artist, who accomplishes a synthesis of the Philosophers' Stone by the Grace of God and masterful manipulation of Arsenic, &c. [Not included in the online edition].

Part I
Ars Magna

Chapter 1 ~ The Philosophers' Stone

Anonymous ~ The Secret Fire of the Philosophers
Anon. ~ Light Out of Chaos
Anon. ~ Tractatus de Lapide
Anon./K. Bohemia ~ Arcana Divina
P. Bonus ~ The New Pearl of Great Price
Cyliani ~ Hermes Unveiled
Fulcanelli ~ The Dwellings of the Philosophers
Geber ~ The Sum of Perfection
J. Grashof ~ The Greater & Lesser Edifyer
R. Ingalese ~ They Made the Philosophers' Stone
J. Juran ~ Hyle & Coahyl
H. Lintaut ~ Friend of the Dawn
T. Paracelsus ~ The Tincture of the Philosophers
T. Paracelsus ~ Concerning the Spirits of the Planets
T. Paracelsus ~ The Fifth Book of Archidoxies
E. Philalethes ~ An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King
E. Philalethes ~ Ripley Revived
M. Sendivogius ~ Epistles to the Rosicrucian Society
I. Hollandus ~ Opuscula Alchymica

Chapter 2 ~ The Short Dry Path

P. Allen ~ A Christian Rosenkreutz Anthology
Anonymous ~ The Allegory of Merlin
Anon. ~ On the Philosophers' Stone
Anon. ~ Rosarium Philosophorum
Anon. ~ Untitled
S. Bacstrom ~ The Work of Pontanus, According to Mr. F.
D. Beuther ~ The Transmutation of Base Metals...
P. Bonus ~ The New Pearl of Great Price
Cyliani ~ Hermes Unveiled
A. Eleazar ~ The Book of Abraham the Jew
B. Figulus ~ A Golden and Blessed Casket of Nature's Marvels
Fulcanelli ~ La Mystere Des Cathedrales
Fulcanelli ~ The Dwelling of the Philosophers
J. Grashof ~ The Greater & Lesser Edifyer
C. Grummet ~ Sanguis Naturae
J. Helvetius ~ The Golden Calf
J. I. Hollandus ~ De Lapide Philosophorum
J. I. Hollandus ~ Vegetable Work
K. Jnana ~ Dictionary of Hermetic Philosophy
N. LeFebre ~ Secret of Secrets
R. Lully ~ Letter or Epitome to King Rupert
J. Muller ~ Hyle and Coahyl
Myriam Prophetessa ~ Her Conversation with Aros, King of  Egypt
Paracelsus ~ The Philosophical Canons
Eir. Philalethes ~ Ripley Revived
Eir. Philalethes ~ An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King
Eugenius Philalethes ~ A Short Enquiry Concerning the Hermetic Art
G. Ripley ~ Medulla Alchemiae
M. Rulandus ~ A Lexicon of Alchemy
S. Salztal ~ Fountain of Philosophical Salts
Theophrastus ~ The Sacred Art
Arnold de Villanova ~ Rosarium Philosophorum

Chapter 3 ~ Arsenic

Anon. ~ Hydropyrographum Hermeticum
Anon. ~ A Magnificent & Select Tract on Philosophical Water
Anon. ~ The Book of the Science of Bkrtnth
Anon. ~ An Anonymous Treatise on the Philosophers' Stone
Anon. ~ The Crowning of Nature
Anon. ~ Rosarium Philosophorum
Aristeus ~ Turba Philosophorum
R. Bacon ~ The Mirror of Alchemy
R. Bacon ~ The Root of the World
S. Bacstrom ~ Lapis de Tribus
M. Berthelot ~ Collection des Anciens Alchimistes Grecs
A. Besant & C. Leadbeater ~ Occult Chemistry
D. Beuther ~ Universal & Detailed Account
W. Bloomfield ~ Bloomfield’s Blossoms
P. Bonus ~ The New Pearl of Great Price
A. Coudert: Alchemy ~ The Philosophers’ Stone
R. Councell ~ Apologia Alchymiae
J. Cremer ~ The Testament of Cremer
M. Crosland ~ Historical Studies in the Language of Chemistry
Cyliani ~ Hermes Unveiled
J. Dee ~ Rosicrucian Secrets
G. Della Porta ~ Hermetic Treatise
J. Duchesnes ~ Treatise on Metallic Medicine
A. Eleazar ~ Aesch Mezareph
J. Espagnet ~ Arcanum, or the Grand Secret of Hermetics
H. Fictuld ~ Aureum Vellus
B. Figulus ~ A Golden & Blessed Casket of Nature’s Marvels
Fulcanelli ~ The Mystery of the Cathedrals
Fulcanelli ~ The Dwellings of the Philosophers
Geber ~ Of the Sum of Perfection
Geber ~ Of the Invention of Verity, or Perfection
J. Grashof ~ The Greater &  Lesser Edifyer
C. Grummet ~ Sanguis Naturae
J. van Helmont ~ Arca Arcani Artificiosissimi Apertae
Hermes ~ Tractatus Aureus de Lapidus Physici Secreto
E. Hitchcock ~ Alchemy & the Alchemists
J. Hollandus ~ A Work of Saturn
J. Hollandus ~ Opuscula Alchymica
J. Hollandus ~ The Cabala
J. Hollandus ~ De Lapide Philosophorum
R. Ingalese ~ They Made the Philosophers Stone
F. Jollivet-Castelot ~ The Chemical Manufacture of Gold
C. Jung ~ Mysterium Coniunctionis
J. Juran ~ Hyle and Coahyl
A. Kirchweger ~ The Golden Chain of Homer
G. Lacinius ~ The New Pearl of Great Price
F. Libavius ~ Commentariosum Alchemiaem
R. Lully ~ Apertorium
R. Lully ~ Testament
A. Magnus ~ Compound of Compounds
A. Magnus ~ Libellus de Alchemia
P. de Mirandola ~ On Gold
B. Mookerjee ~ Rasa-Jala-Nidhi
Morienus ~ A Testament of Alchemy
J. Needham ~ The Theoretical Background of Elixir Alchemy
R, Nelson ~ Arsenic Pentoxide from Orpiment
I. Newton ~ Verses at the end of B. Valentine's Mystery of the Microcosm

H. Nollius ~ The Chemist’s Key
E. Nowell ~ Certain Chemical Works with True Practice
Olympiodorus of Alexandria
Ostanes ~ The Book of Ostanes
T. Paracelsus ~ Aurora of the Philosophers
T. Paracelsus ~ The Revelation of Hermes
T. Paracelsus ~ The Economy of Minerals
R. Patai ~ The Jewish Alchemists
Pearce the Black Monk ~ Upon the Elixir
A.-J. Pernety ~ Treatise on the Great Art
A.-J. Pernety ~ Dictionaire Mytho-Hermétique
E. Philalethes ~ Preparation of the Sophic Mercury
E. Philalethes ~ Ripley Revived
E. Philalethes ~ An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King
E. Philalethes ~ A Short Manuduction to the Celestial Ruby
P. Ray ~ History of Chemistry in Ancient & Medieval India
Rhasis ~ The Light of Lights
G. Ripley ~ The Epistle unto Edward IV
G. Ripley ~ Medulla Alchimae
C. v. Rosenroth ~ Kabala Denudata
M. Rulandus ~ A Lexicon of Alchemy
S. Saltzal ~ Fountain of Philosophical Salts
W. v. Schroeder ~ Instructions Regarding the Art of Transmutation
L. de St-Didier (A. Toussaint) ~ Hermetic Triumph
B. Trevisan ~ Verbum Dismissum
Urbigeris ~ Aphorisma Urbigeris
B. Valentine ~ Triumphal Chariot of Antimony
T. Vaughan ~ Aqua Vitae: Non Vitis
A. de Villa Nova ~ Lucidary
A. de Villa Nova ~ Rosarius
A. Waite ~ Paracelsian Lexicon
J. Webster ~ Metallographia: Or, An History of Metals
Zosimos ~ On the Evaporation of the Divine Water

Part II
Modern Transmutations

Chapter 1 ~ Transmutation of Silver

T. Tiffereau
R. Hunter
A. Waite
M. Rulandus
F. Jollivet-Castelot
S. Emmens
C. Lea
J. Champion

Chapter 2 ~ Transmutation of Ores

T. Moray
A. Klobasa
D. Hudson
J. Champion

Chapter 3 ~ Transmutation of Carbon

G. Ohsawa & M. Kushi
M. Jovitschitsch
M. De Boismenu
J. Hannay
S. Brown

Chapter 4 ~ Decomposition of Tungsten

G. Wendt & C. Irion

Chapter 5 ~ Transmutation of Lead

A. Smits & A. Karssen

Chapter 6 ~ Transmutation of Hydrogen

W. Ramsay , et al.

Chapter 7 ~ Transmutation of Mercury

H. Nagaoka, et al.
F. Tausend
R. Caro & Kamala-Jnana

Chapter 8 ~ Biological Transmutation

Early Experimenters
L. Kervran, et al.
Other Modern Researchers

Chapter 9 ~ Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Transmutations
Nuclear Waste Remediation

Chapter 10 ~ Esoterica

Quabbalah & Magic



I. 3. 1 ~ Arsenic according to Besant/Leadbeater
II. 3. 1-3 ~ Ohsawa & Kushi's Experiments
II. 4. 1-2 ~ Wendt & Irion's Experiment
II. 5. 1 ~ Smits & Karssen's Experiment
II. 7. 1 ~ German Patent #234,670
II. 8. 1-3 ~ Atoms according to Kervran

ÆTZI ~ The "Lost Word" (John 1:1, &c.), the "Secret Name of GOD" (Also, variously: Aetzi, Atzi; cf., Atziluth):


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