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Arcana Divina

( The Divine Secret )

Published by Dr. G. A. Fuchs in Collected Volumes 1885-1916 of the Provincial Library (Vol. 8, History of Literature, p. 417), and in the Annual Report of the Communal College of Komotau (Bohemia).\ from a Manuscript from the Ossegg Foundation.

[ Produced by Restoration of Alchemical Manuscripts Society, 1989 ]


The Arcana Divina, as published in manuscript form, in what is to follow, originally came from the Ossegg Cistercian Foundation of Bohemia. The manuscripts consists of sheets fastened together in folio format. Since the information given by the authors, as well as their of publication, has not been strictly verified, it cannot therefore be accurately determined whether an original manuscript or merely a copy is under consideration here. The entire nature of the manuscript report, which cannot yet be ascribed to the organized written effort of individual people, or even to an actual stage of development, while other words, appended subsequently, probably appear in the manuscript due to additions in the 17th century. In order for the alchemical literature to make a contribution, the manuscript is translated freely enough that an inquiry from the Biographical Institute of Berlin involving a subsequent publication of the Arcana Divina would not be required. Critical remarks about subject matter and text of this publication will be the subject of a later investigation.

Arcana Divina

From the providence of God, on an actual basis: The source and fabric of wisdom, the Rock of Ages, from whom no secrets are hidden and at the same time, from all three Persons a universal work will be accomplished, which we will reveal, openly to you through God’s love in our subsequent writings; which we carried out even as we were commanded to do.

The first man, Adam, was a universal man made in the image of God, from whom his son Seth afterwards derived children and descendants, which had knowledge of all this. So two columns were provided --- one of water, the other of fire --- both with rejoicing.

Since afterwards the flood of sins came from the Assyrians and the Chaldeans, and after Abraham’s time, from the Egyptians, and finally fro Greece, such columns were destroyed in the abomination of desolation. See! In those times there was distress and there were lamentation; indeed so, but nevertheless everything will be revealed so that no longer will anything remain hidden, as though exposed by the brilliant light of the sun, with its golden rays, but those who are still able to rejoice at that very moment because of the unmerited mercy of God, will be made whole.

Oh, Almighty God, Oh Wonderful Creator, Oh Light of Unfathomable Eternity, enlighten us and send us your Holy Spirit, by the help of whom we will be able to fulfill our calling completely in Thy Holy Will and to Thine Honor and Glory, given to us in that great Mystery for the races of men who are to follow us and leave behind us, as much as it is possible, a useful record and thereby show our love for the Eternal God and to honor His Holy Name and to praise Him.

Will you then, oh man, consider that you, who should consider this, our writing, and come to realize that it is of very great value, since it will cause you to marvel at the Majesty of God and the miracles he performs daily. Moreover, where the Majesty of God is not thwarted, so that (even as in Joshua’s time) the sun can be made to stand still in its daily course for a period of 24 hours and entire mountains can be consumed in flames of fire, while such shadows still surround us that we must trust God for everything. One day, however, we will soon come to understand our true worth and, submitting to God’s sovereignty, we shall make a proper beginning with Jehovah and give to Him the highest Glory He merits. Thus we will write to you herewith in the certain assurance on the basis of all three realms of Nature, each in itself alone being made manifest from Universal Knowledge. In you ultimately will come to reside these highest and greatest treasures which are possible, and in which lie the basis for all wisdom and knowledge. The Creator and Maintainer of all who are in need, especially making whole all who are sick in spirit, the Liberator and Saviour of all those who are in prison, and the Overcome of all obstacles in the whole world, and the Possessor of that wisdom that comes from the Most High God, which He has had throughout all eternity and which remains in Him unchangeable through all eternity and always will, until revealed by Him.

Many, indeed almost all, of the great philosophers strive with great zeal to find a universal solution for all problems and devote considerable amounts of time, effort and expense, but as yet, in our times, they have not been able to provide such assurance as is suitable for this effort and this has resulted only in deceptive boasts from those who have attempted such things and has limited the materialistically inclined and cooled the ardor of those who saw the impossibility of demonstrating the results hoped for by the use of mercury in demonstrations using various kinds of wood, coal and lamp oil. So drastic were these results that such materials must always be treated with caution. Finally, by penetrating this chaotic mass of information, from which it was originally taken, the results indicated here were those arrived at.

For this reason we report to you and tell you that it should be understood from the beginning, under circumstances where you will be considered an expert in this matter, that even a learned philosopher or practitioner on the subject of fire, will find that working with combustible material is quite dangerous and, even more, during the preparation of such materials in the natural course of events of such things, the danger is added to and even compounded. It could be demonstrated to you just where we might want to discontinue such precautions in an effort to save time, such error will now be pointed out to you as inadvisable.

Just as the familiar mercury involves the correct method of using our apparatus and the passion for Natural Philosophy (i.e., Science) is the primary object for our art and the body of knowledge about life is of necessity to be sought after, so there must be a universal solvent which can be prepared according to our standards of measurement.

Let it now here be correctly understood (and trust that Nature will be on our side and help us) that taking the familiar mercury and putting it in a sealed receptacle in front of our apparatus, as noted in out first tabulation (index) and in several ways in our first experiments indicated at the end of our work, such as the separation of the mercury through our "magical Natural Fire" in the form of a cloud which rises to the top of the receptacle, leading to the receiver, without the passing over of the heavy material (introduced) as a continuous flow of liquid, while the active spirit (reactive gases) evolving therefrom still remains confined to an area in which further measurements can be made. This can be made now not only on metals and minerals but also upon vegetables and animal matter in aqueous solution, as well as the original material in water in which the living spirit (active principle) is retained without being distorted at all along with its entire power to grow; and also that henceforth no more can be brought, in the future, as had been obtained previously, and then it will be a matter solely of operating with our same magic and our passion for Science and can readily from time to time, within the span of three hours, produce an entirely new material, and far better than would seem probable by its creation therefrom. We will now report on our study of this process and instruct you further about its character. Here is how you should make a quantity of such a universal solvent.

Here we will demonstrate the true philosophical purpose (using the Philosophers’ Stone, by the help of a permissive God and our magical knowledge of Nature). Fire must be used, but nothing else is required that is necessary for life. Astral spirits, from which all  of the elements arise, are created by God and through Him is everything created that has been created, even to the end of the world, and it will be under His control, for without Him there is nothing at all, except death. Therefore, it falls to us, through the Holy Orders of God to us who dwell here below, in all the Kingdoms of the World, which produce, maintain, and even cause the increase in everything that life has here. Where, however, planting is the earthly realm, you see, it represents the plan of creation, which is no other than a purposeful idea. Thus Nitrum (crude sodium carbonate) when mixed intimately with common salt, even though impure, can be a beautiful thing, but the impurities can bring, in this instance, a heavenly appearance through our magical natural philosophy ("natural fire"). The same now gives up its effectiveness and becomes a splendid magnet with which we continue our evaluation, which subsequently will follow with more than one example, which will suffice for the present. We shall now bring out the pertinent points about mercurial properties.

How splendid and strong this love of nature is portrayed and tests the general idea of a world spirit, which is the true philosophic subject, and the only one of all of them, through which the most discerning thoughts are fulfilled, is to be seen as true by them, since a pound of mercury in pure form is placed in an open glass dish specifically selected for this purpose and for our magical passion for science (i.e., the "natural fire") as well: That the focus might not be too strongly affected and even, little by little, might tolerate a little Nitrum thereupon, so that it will then be see how sodium carbonate behaves like the universal spirit of a magnet of the world, toward the mercury which is present in the liquid state and serves as a universal standard. Some, and to a certain extent the most part, may be selected. Philosophical concepts will result only when these processes will be able to make gold and other noble metals, but not including minerals.

Three is a prima material which is considered to be the first (original) material from which the Philosophers’ Stone or the Universal Tincture can be produced. This is very likely an impossibility since, as is widely but mistakenly believed, by reducing it to such a state, no other use can be obtained from it. Still, as has been previously indicated, it may even remain for a long time in a higher state, by exerting greater care in an ordinary fire. Yet it is still possible that nothing of universal value may result, but only an empty idea, the particulars of which are not worth mentioning here, that the transmutation of metals has been known to take place. When, however, such an occurrence does take place, it is of a magical nature known only to us and involves heating of the salt on our apparatus, which salt must be nitrified to a strong degree by the process of ethereal calcinations followed by treatment with nitric acid, whereby it is quite possible to obtain a thousand times greater yield than from previous methods. This volatile mercury vapor, then, can be dissolved in vitriol (sulfuric acid) with vigorous action, resulting in the transmutation of all imperfect metallic materials into large amounts of gold and silver, each of the finest quality. But know you from the outset that this vitriol (from which you will recover the gold, will be the same ferment as that from which you will recover the silver) requires that you have to have a particularly rich (i.e., concentrated) tincture, that is, there is no universal material, of long standing which will apparently be useful to you, even to a very limited extent, for without the ferment there will be no progress toward transmutation at all. So we will now examine this, very briefly, and report to you further about this.

How and in what way control of all types of medicinal materials and mineral (both pure and impure), regardless of the dosage, will be brought about will become a completely fixed standard.

We will now describe to you substances that can be both wild and domestic medicinal agents and minerals, noting thereon the weight and registering them under such crude designations as given them by the mountainous areas where they were obtained and then further classifying them to the extent that it is possible, so that it happens that when the crude earth is dried and then mixed with a little natural soda (i.e., sodium carbonate) on a clean, flat piece of tile and subsequently exposed to the magical Philosophers’ Stone and then afterwards calcined and stirred with a small stirrer, while heat was applied evenly, so that when the product was finished and the calcined materials weighed, a miracle was observed. That is to say, there was a significant increase --- nay, even a large increase --- in the gross weight found, as though this magical preparation were able to capture and concentrate the Spirit of the World and be blessed by the resulting increase in its value as well. Both wild and domestic mineral products themselves, without the addition of anything except the attaching of the universal magnet, can provide the best metals available, which can then be put to the best use.

In addition to the above, we must also add the following information which should prove useful to you and it is not at all astonishing that both the refined minerals and the crude minerals can be used in increased amounts after contact with our Philosophers’ Stone, so that even the volatilized sulfur can be fixed and then volatilized. Whether it follows that by such an operation (which must not be attributed, at least in part, to the universal magnet), the Spirit of the World resides therein and participates in the same, when a mineral containing sulfur will then be in a crude state, as indeed it almost always will be, it should be taken, registered, and subsequently subjected to calcinations by our apparatus and then nitrified. This material is, in turn, pulverized and in this condition fused with gold dust, along with some of our Philosophers’ Stone, whereupon in two hours it will be turned into a perfect tincture of silver, where one part in a thousand is extracted in the gold dust, whereupon the Secret of Secrets will be revealed.

Not a single one of all the great secrets will be revealed without knowledge of our magic and the Philosophers’ Stone, and I tell you that the great Secret of al Secrets, which from the beginning to end reveals all things from Almighty God, established by His holiest principles that which also abodes forever and will be governed by Hi, so that all things which you discover will be dependent on His revelation to you. So, mark it well and fix it foremost in your mind that the work of God’s only Spirit enables you to participate in all of this, so that you will be revealed to you will be brought to light by the Eternal One.

We will now further pursue our revelation in an exemplary manner, and with God’s Holy Spirit make a proper introduction to the truth of our knowledge of philosophy in a worthy manner and point out how everything flows out from the Eternal Center and enlightens to His Holy Nature, but before we write about universal truths applying to both the world of the microcosm and the world of the macrocosm, we will start with the realm of minerals as the beginning in which imperfect and impaired metals are found in the brilliance of the Sun in all its glory, and this provides very little for us to use.

Now, then, take in the Holy Name of God, the crude gold-bearing mineral cobalt, discovered and obtained in the mines, as previously noted, was used in the secret preparation, which was then placed on a flat piece of tile and mixed with a little Nitre and allowed to remain for 2, 3, or even 4 hours, whereupon an astonishing change will be noted in the manner in which this material behaves, since there is now a penetrating force of the General Spirit of the World; which shows an increased oscillation and finally, to a very pronounced degree, reveals its astral nature: on heating to a brilliant red, an artificial ruby-red gemstone of inestimable value, exceeding the value of gold and termed the Treasure of Treasures results. When, however, the ferment involving an artificial gemstone such as just described is set aside you have a tincture suitable for preparing all metals.

When, however, you observe flakes of gold in the artificial gemstones which have been heated in our astral natural fire, you will observe that after vitrification, it becomes a royal treasure, and such a magnificent stone of this nature has never at any time been obtained in the natural state, regardless of the length of the search. And this is still the case at this present time.

How, and in what manner, can a gemstone be produced in an hour?

Take a quintel of fine gold, put it on a flat piece of tile or flat porous rock in front of our apparatus and calcine it on our astral refractory hearth for a quarter of an hour, then allow the entire focus to fall thereon and add to the gold a little nitre whereupon it will melt and become a deep ruby-red glass, which will be suppurated and will increase by about a half again. Then add thereto additional pulverized nitre, and then extract the product with alcohol and concentrate the extract and the fused material and metallize the same in the usual manner, converting it into a glassy material by heating (vitrification) so that this gold-containing glass-like material will be three times the amount of the gold originally added, as we weighed before and allowed to flow together from our refractory hearth, will be a homogeneous deep-red liquid, which will cool to a brittle mass and this will be one of the particular tinctures. This will now be one of the thousand parts of silver that has been converted into fine gold.

In a similar process as occurs with gold, so also it takes place with all other metals, and the same can occur in the same way with a glass-like material to make the tincture as with the gold, depending, however, on its quality and properties. Even as iron is itself a metal like all other metals, no yellow tinge (gold) should be expected with it or with any other ordinary metal.

As long as each one produces only its own kind and in no way departs from its own nature, it is necessary then in all things ordained by God for men to possess by virtue of their nature, without understanding everything, for men to make corrections or changes in all things.

But now, to come to the most universal case of all, and to obtain for ourselves by God’s permissive grace this greatest of all knowledge (science) and then also to seek to make it, at least in part, worthy of the greatest value, or to make it common knowledge, and this will lead to a very great amount of reflection and thought, and will awaken our understanding, however great our expectations and our confidence in ourselves, that such revelations (evidence) will not be ridiculed nor kept secret, but will have the necessary and most widespread circulation and propagation. Seize, therefore, this great opportunity and take advantage of it, in the Name of all that is holy, the Three-in-One, the true and eternal God, and write and say, so that it may become common knowledge, that even to those very great, though often distorted mysteries, nothing further will be added, and then, with the permissive will and grace of God to make changes in material that has been in existence from the beginning of time and still is no different from the eternal creation of God, through the Holy Spirit, which provided this dwelling place there in the elements of the air, and has given such peace as now you know and knowledge that such a dwelling place of the heavens is the home of the Universal Being, the spirit of our magic we are able to develop in a natural way, thanks to our common love of God, which lets so many celestial things be known to you sinful men.

Now all of this calls into account your loyalty and sends you out into the world with good intentions. Taking our celestial power, i.e., by using the Niter, placed in a wide shallow glass container and set in front of our apparatus containing the magical Fire, and allowing the material to be calcined by the rays of astral radiation, so that the universal, solar essence will be carefully absorbed by its magnetic force and it will become very finely powdered and will increase in volume and when it has been sufficiently treated in this fashion, it will be further treated with alcohol, then heated from time to time with salt, and finally subjected to the full focus of our natural radiation falling upon it, so that it will melt and be purified by the bright sunshine and become absolutely clear, calm and motionless. Also, in the same manner, through the great Glory of God and His Holy Will the Philosophers’ Stone has allowed you to launch out on this venture and to bring it to an end. Then you will know for a certainty that the marvelous works of Nature owe more to the Will of God than to our expertise and I hope that you will make it very clear and very evident that God Himself brought this about by providing His support for you. Not in this alone, by giving you such a Stone, but also by laying open before you everything above and below the earth, as well as all the Secrets of Nature, the blessings of Heaven especially have been bestowed upon you, and always by the way of certain conspicuous and eternal truths of God which rival the brilliance of the Sun and of all the stars, continually and endlessly, in those smaller objects which are observed to move and have their being, and which for you lie in the bosom of God, who has provided all such wonders in Nature, even those that are all still hidden from your view and thus are still secret since unrevealed to you. And they will delight you and make you rejoice abundantly on so many future occasions, as will all other men of the civilized world when they learn that they too will have the power to accomplish the same. Know also that God will reveal all this to you with such a spirit that you will be able to observe how all-powerful He is, yes --- and forever even greater than that --- so that in His omnipotence and omniscience you will see that God surpasses all earthly knowledge and wisdom. Since you then are increasingly aware of you dependence on the things of God even for this transitory life and you soon maybe taken to be with God, which you strongly desire and at which time your joy will be complete. All these and much more are the impressions derived from the Philosophers’ Stone (The Stone of Knowledge), and all the best and most beloved events that befall you are like gold. Those people in humble circumstances will not forfeit a holy life nor have to give up that which appears to be pure gold, whereby a universal tincture can then be made and can provide a force able to penetrate all metals and as a result can be responsible for making the best gold. Moreover, God has also provided this Stone and many other blessings like resourcefulness, astuteness, and long life, along with additional rewards which have been described in many places, and give for the enlightenment of all. Thus, one can say, in all truth, that it will be all in all, and all in God alone. So be it.

We will at this time also point out that the content of Potable Gold in water is as high as to be obtained anywhere.

Lay a quintel of gold on a flat piece of tile, and melt the gold by our natural process: Fire, and take note! Soon it will begin to flow in liquid form. Then remove the apparatus, so that there will be approximately 2 or 3 less times the heat; the support material will now always involve a small nucleus of suppurated ordinary sulphur, which after calcinations becomes gold, whereupon it will then turn into a bright red color and will be very hard, brittle, and friable. This can quite easily be reduced to a fine powder simply by crumbling with the fingers. This powder is then weighed and will be found to show a sizeable increase in weight, due in part to the fact that it has gained in attraction of the Spirit of the World. Part of it, however, does come from the added weight of the sulphur which has been added and must, therefore, be included. Now put this calcined gold in a clean glass dish and cover it with a suitable amount of good wine or brandy, so that it will dissolve in an hour to give a blood-red solution, if accompanied by vigorous stirring and then set it aside until nothing further takes place. Then pour it on a flask and distill it over, which is easily carried out by our" Magical Machine" [magnifying lens] with "reverse distillation fire", which causes the material to be distilled over to the last drop and will no longer remain in the form in which it had been. This is then the potable gold which has been prepared in dessicated form and is the spirit of pure gold, having a deep red color, a characteristic odor, and a very characteristic sweet taste. For the young, the dosage is a single drop, for older people, it is 2 drops taken early in the morning in strong wine, with a resulting sweating to be expected. In this way you will always be able to cure all the internal ailments that are so detrimental to health.

From the beginning, we have introduced those substances we have taken from the mineral kingdom and proven to be of universal value, and we have already enlightened everybody sufficiently, but now however, we have added other substances from the vegetable kingdom to those found in all noble and base metals, and also all things which live in water (all of which are noble and of value), and even less than perfect pearls and mother of pearl, as well as corals, mussels and various active and inert substances, whether crude or elegant, whether crystalline or amorphous (translucent or opaque), such as now are available and might possibly have been selected, all of which belong to the mineral kingdom, or are dependent upon it, and for that reason are used as examples. We will consequently point out as well how even such can be made to be more perfect and more useful by using our "magical natural fire" and our natural apparatus, as demonstrated. What is now of greater use to us, we acknowledge has been given to us by the omnipotent hand of God and not alone for the transient kingdoms of this world, but also in the infinitely longer life to come in the Kingdom of Heaven and to enjoy the use of such up until the time we draw our last breath and go to be with God. We unfortunately are given His greatest favor and therewith our souls receive forgiveness from His Holy Hand and can be commended to His care.

Just as we, through the miracle of faith in God and reliance on His love, are able to accomplish many wonderful things, and are able to overcome all obstacles, so, too, are we able, through the Holy permissive Will of God, perform our magic and prepare our natural fire by means of the apparatus that we have just now introduced to this world in order to conquer it by the highest degree of completeness and perfection which we are able to accomplish, which would have been impossible without our having received the idea of the "natural fire" to help us. Especially since the value of such a natural phenomenon could require a thousand or more years to be adequately demonstrated and further developed, had its worth not been displayed through the knowledge of our apparatus.

Recall now, and cite it yourself, whether you or anyone else has at anytime heard or seen how ice, talc, pearls and plumed objects (especially since a very strong "materialistic fire" can always be produced) can be brought into a tree flow or to be melted, without putting over a fire. As you should know --- and no words of praise are necessary here --- that it is reasonable to have this property, that is, to possess our "natural fire", apart from which all this would be impossible, as we will show by subsequent demonstrations. We will now take, as an example to prove a point, a few valuable oriental pearls and place them in an open glass dish in front of our apparatus, so that the pearls will lie in the "magic natural fire", with its focus at the center of the dish. The pearls will be irradiated thereby and the effect will instantaneously be indeed marvelous and you will see how nature in such a short period of time can bring about the calcinations of the material with complete fusion, accompanied by the loss of water, so that there is a sizeable increase in volume of material which will itself become more valuable and move, by degrees, into a higher and more permanent state as you will soon see.

At this point, you should know that these pearls were obtained outside their natural environment and were also fixed permanently by vitrification and produced by bringing many inconceivable celestial bright-shining colors to those magnificent gemstones.

Oh Glorious God! How great and merciful You are and how you manifest yourself in so many ways, even to us who are so sinful. Forgive us, foolish and unworthy creatures that we are, and show Thy great mercy to all of us and Thy great goodness to all such as we, according to Thy great glory, so that we may love You and praise You. Call us into Thy service, so that we may please Thee, for we were created to be Thine.

Because of the great honor that belongs o You, which You so richly deserve, since You are our Master, even as we are Your servants, which as You have indeed foreseen and do know, that Your love will serve most of all to protect us and be the secure foundation of all that we hold dear, so that even for many thousands of years hereafter, the entire host of obedient souls shall with endless compassion and hope then be able to carry out your will, do good to others, seek your blessings in all things, and bewail our transgressions of Your law, for You are our Lord God, even in this transitory life, which you may choose to prolong by Your undergirding support.

Now this noblest and altogether beautiful and magnificent stone is that which serves as an ornament to all the kings of this world and is the ornament of preference because of its greater beauty and indeed, it is priceless, since its value exceeds all others beyond measure.

It is the same stone which God in His excellent goodness and glory sees fit to grant long life.

It is the same stone which is able to cure every day whatever illnesses and sorrows there might be.

It is the same stone which can increase the gratitude of mankind and take away all manner of evil.

It is the stone which can make men feel younger and desire to produce new fruit.

It is the same which can, through the Providential Will of God, bring about life where there was death.

It is the same which enable man to walk with angels and converse with spirits.

Yes, indeed, it is even a manifestation of the secret mysteries of the whole world.

Oh Beautiful Stone! Oh work of angels! Oh, everything good and perfect, for which we thank our God and are eternally bound to Him.

We will, at this point, allow you to indicate how you should value this stone, given in such honor and so useful to God, and how you will be able to put it to use yourself.

In the first place, you should give the Lord God all the honor and glory and love Hi who has protected you, and rewarded you with gold, although not merely because of the great love that He has shown for you, so that you will feel safe and secure and free from the devil and from all kinds of spectral apparitions, and will be totally dependent upon Him. He will help you to recover from all temporary reverses that occur such as those which take place in times of pestilence, and (like an amulet) He will protect you completely. Regardless of whether or not such things have already befallen you in this life, you cannot be overcome by them and you will again follow all safety precautions. I say to you in truth herewith that this stone which has been revealed is indeed of universal value.

It follows accordingly that otherwise non-flammable aluminum will be covered with a feather-like powder [aluminum oxide]. Where you do not also obtain such in crude form from the mountains, as this jewel contains our secrets, and yet everybody has evidence of this "natural fire", in just such a glass dish and wit our apparatus, it can be attempted in such a way that you will certainly have a very noble gemstone. And if you will look about, so you will note to what extent the aluminum is still covered with the powder (which has a purpose) and what this gemstone will finally turn out to be (for indeed it was formed increasingly by our "natural fire" with many colored flames and has been given into your powder and you will be responsible for it).

It may indeed prove to be that which came from our true electrum, from which, as was earlier reported, the basic tincture for the improvement of all ordinary and all secret stones comes, wherewith to bring it into perfection and to its highest quality, which since our universal stone must offer a hand and provide help, and since the magnitude of this fire is found to be small, although in itself it has been able to fix noble material, as indicated, then you will see a fundamental essence that is inaccessible in a materialistic fire! Yes indeed, you will see it --- and we say to you to examine yourself closely for this nation [Bohemia], in which we are now writing on this subject, contains one of the greatest secrets, about which royal secrets more will follow.

The behavior of the talc in the fire is described quite well. Like true artists, we let everyone come before us who can praise the quality of our talc after surviving the "materialistic fire" and completely recovering. We will point our however, that apart from its astral nature, there can be no fire of this type. Moreover, this has never happened before. However, it is our wish to, and we herewith will do so contradict all sophisticated interpretations, therefore, and prove by means of our apparatus and natural fire that the talc, like the aluminum powder can be melted and poured off after a very short period of time and be converted into a tincture, as has been demonstrated earlier. This tincture does not undergo further appreciable change, and is much like its predecessor, in that a common ordinary stain can also be added to it in more or less considerable amounts. We will now begin to show how this can be accomplished. This is done by making significant tests on the talc oil and noting what its uses are.

Nor is our true "talc oil" alone in its usefulness. There are also other oils which come from metals, minerals, pearls and gemstones which can be, should be, and must be brought to completion through no other art than "our magical fire", which must be used with considerable emphasis on safety, by carrying out the reaction in which ordinary mountain talc is put in the aforementioned glass dish in front of our apparatus, where there must also be a calcining fire, so that the material can be calcined until a blue powder is obtained without any additional smoke, after which the apparatus gradually takes up the calcined material after only approximately 2 hours of digesting over the fire, so it will come to pass and all the world will regard it with astonishment to see how strongly the mystery of this calcined material with its own ascending spirit frequently draws the spirit of the world to itself, resulting in the formation of a highly colored oil and a gaseous product. However, except on this basis, while its role will be maintained, which will establish  it, and which will influence the entire world are questions to be answered. Mark this well! The more a metal or mineral is calcined by our magical "natural fire", the more it will go into solution. The more often it subsequently draws off the spirit of the world to itself and dissolves to produce an oil and a gaseous product on heating in a strong fire (we know our fire very well), the more it becomes coagulated and the greater the degree of fixation (and vitrification), and the better the results obtained for the health of men, metals and ordinary stones, for which God merits eternal praise.

We will also now subject the vegetable kingdom to our magic of resolution by use of "natural fire" and carry out tests by irradiating briefly, without relying on fire of an astral nature in anything at all, and to cause that which lies in all nature, as established from the beginning by God, as he ordained.

Thus, it is a great pity that so many thousands of men, with so much money and this world’s goods, are plagued day and night, for no purpose at all, and weary themselves in what they endeavor to accomplish with their magnificent invention of ways of distributing their wealth --- ways which depend on their materialistic fire by digestion, calcinations, distillation and many other methods of heating in order to bring in a good return on investments, according to presumption. However, your wailing is without end, and were such not maintained, we would be able to demonstrate this definitely with our "natural fire" (which is entirely and completely natural) and can produce light in a very brief period of time, for our astral process of natural fire can produce, maintain, increase and bring about everything which, on the other hand, impairs, reduces or totally destroys your "materialistic fire". As a result it can clearly be seen that little, or even nothing at all, that is good can result. On the contrary, however, our naturally occurring fire, which is nothing else but the blessed sunshine which leads to the bringing forth of all things in thousands of different patterns.

We will not consider by what means and in what manner the five essences and tinctures of essences can be made and preserved from all vegetable matter and provide from the very beginning the most valuable white particles.

Here it is to be noted that there are two kinds of tinctures obtained from vegetables. One gives a greater amount of the same, while the other will result in producing better results from the standpoint of health, and should on the basis of merit and increasing tincture production become rather cheap and so preferred by us from the start.

In the same manner as we have described in the most universal way, so we have discovered its nature and qualities.

Thus, when you take coagulated spiritus mundi (so-called) and calcine the same with out natural fire (so designated) up until the same turns yellow and continues to remain yellow and then turns red, and then remove it according to the type of apparatus you have available, and the size of the magical natural fire, as well, so that it will be only slightly digested and thus will attract the spirit of the world with incredible surprise as its very next blood relative in such a manner that it is strong of itself, so that in a few short hours it can serve to measure the whole blessed world and reflect its spirit.

When you wish to note it down here, note it carefully, and where you do not, it is not given from God for you to do so, then we can do nothing further about that here than what we have said in these few remarks, in which all things and mysteries are concluded and laid to rest, on which in the final analysis the entire concept depends. Thus, we should so arrange our previously disorganized world. The spirit thereof is somewhat closer to our magical fire by subsequently thickening, by boiling down, little by little, until the result obtained is a multi-colored powder (if I may be permitted to make recommendations involving the three characteristics, then I would suggest the stone which seems whitest to the eye) which is presently the tincture prepared from vegetable matter and, in what is to follow after this, you will find the same should be used.

If you will now put a small part of the above powder in a large amount of fresh water, then it will immediately begin to increase in amount, so that the thousandfold increase will be unheard of and never seen before as the greatest comfort given by a Holy Blessing in the same manner in which the white particles produce an increase and this also can happen with all other kinds of scattered seeds. However, all that has been grown by planting, cultivating and allowing to reach maturity, and such growing results in an increase in the things grown. Furthermore, the roots should be covered over by this colored water.

Now, it is known in every case that God, out of His love for men, has created all things for man’s benefit and such as are created for such use and adapted to man’s need will serve as an example of how all vegetables must be treated, through our "natural fire" and all distillations proceed through our apparatus, as conceived to take place from the start in our magical natural fire, which you will understand clearly from the tabulated information and the glass apparatus that we build.

In the first place, the glass was filled with rose petals or other flower petals, heaped up, and ten made ready for the reaction by making it or loading it at the top and placing it in a ring on a mold or on a table in front of the apparatus and let the "natural fire" do its work without reacting too strongly thereon, so that carrying out such an operation first involves the idea, and then the fact that the oil level drops in the glass or the spirits are eliminated. This is a thousand times more efficacious than when such is expressed through the "materialistic fire" and the ordinary art of the apothecary. If it is your wish, moreover, to lay out in further detail a still greater secret than the above distillation operation, then it should be set down here and now. It should include information on how tinctures can be made from flowers and other plants.

If you desire only to make tinctures of increasing amounts of plants, then lay them in front of the descending spirit together with its oil in an open glass dish and allow our magical fire gradually to irradiate the apparatus containing the sample. You will then observe with considerable pleasure, how these flowers produce volatile materials along with their oils by means of which the spirit of this world (i.e., alcohol) extracts from it colors which such flowers contain or even developed on its own as a final product, after evaporation, and then becomes a very mysterious secret, which thousands of serious students of the art cannot understand. Moreover, through God’s Holy Will and the wonder and praise which this inspires, by the addition of a small amount of this tinctured powder to ordinary fresh water, so this material will be tinctured to the best rose color or other colors, which can be prepared from white flowers using distilled water, as reported earlier. Subsequently, a Royal Treasure, held in high regard as the "White Solomon Seal" has been obtained.

Should we place our reliance on that, and arrive at a universal value resulting from the consequent selection of the best wine made from the best grapes and describe tinctures of the same, with wide usage as might well have been expected, in small doses, then many hundreds of types of wines can be purchased and sold.

A single wine, however, drunk only occasionally at most and then for health’s sake and quite agreeable to the body, is poured into a shallow glass open dish until full and then placed before the apparatus, so that the rays of our "natural fire" will be focused without obstruction on the wine in such a manner that it will gradually become hot enough to boil. However, do not let it boil, but gradually reduce the heat by about half. Then, add more wine gradually over a period of time until 3 or 4 or even more volumes of the hot tincture result. Then, increase the amount of heat and let the mixture continue heating an hour longer, still keeping it liquid, then increase the heat by about one third more, at which time the spirit of the world (that is, the alcohol) will be reduced and coagulation will set in. Then push the apparatus aside and let it cool down. You will then have formed a gemstone which will have the power to change water into wine. In order to give this tincture a higher content of alcohol, you must place this tinctured gemstone in an open glass vessel in front of our apparatus, using a very gentle natural fire to dissolve it and then in a short period of time it will become very fluid, at which point the stone will be decomposed completely and be calcined by our fire, so that the alcohol will be reduced to about half its original volume and by increasing the concentration of the other components in the mixture will become far more fluid so that now, as the result of the smallest amount of heat from the sun, it becomes dissolved in the liquor, which acts more vigorously the closer it is to our "natural fire", until gradually heating more and more it will finally have been converted into a gemstone.

The amount of tincture obtained by using this stone is 10 times greater than that possible when the stone that was prepared in the first instance was used. Moreover, using this tincture it is possible to turn water into wine, as well as always to improve and lengthen the lifespan of all mankind and in this way provide a most useful service, since the more frequently such improvements in the lifespan are repeated, the greater the increase in riches will become, and for this we should be in the eternal debt of our gracious Heavenly Father.

Afterwards, we will search all through the mineral and vegetable kingdoms and then to some extent, after sufficient praise to God, we also observe wonderful things in the animal kingdom and in carrying out our research in view of he many possibilities shown by Nature and so many the number of choices permitted us by God, which we have mentioned herein and have described to you, we will assert the following:

Let him be accursed who misuses the greatest gift of God, who has shown us grace and mercy, and instead resorts to a diabolical evil.

Woe unto him also who God has given occasion and permission to write down heavenly things and who is known to give unworthy stewardship to this opportunity.

Let him be further accursed and condemned who uses our writings and holy wisdom in a special way to further his own interests or to bring to himself or others anything other than their use to the Greatest Glory of God.

Let him also be accursed and damned who uses our writings in any way that is false, mean or contemptible.

All of you mark well that such curse will not remain exclusively on you. While it concerns itself with the highest majesty of God Himself and thus with His Holy Omnipotence, there is nothing that is prescribed in our art and science that is, outside the permissive Will of God and to which He has not hitherto given His blessing, so that all things that we do have been carried out with the idea of usefulness and tranquility in mind.

All of you who thought previously to restrict yourselves to the animal kingdom should know at this time that in that kingdom it is of the least importance to discover mankind for ourselves and to be unduly influenced thereby.

So set herewith an example and examine yourself to see whether you will be given over to an animalistic urge in a philosophy along with the blessing of the wisdom anticipated to result from our magical natural fire proving to be of value only to a limited degree and for a short time, which otherwise might turn out to be of inestimable value to you.

Nothing that we can say to you, except to tell you about an imperfect though very aggressive creature, whom we shall call Homunculus who is represented by a small figure involving only a few brutish creatures, originating outside of nature and contrary to the Will of God and coming from the Devil himself, incarnate in such a profane form and appearing to all mankind as a ministering spirit of the time, and spreading everywhere around the idea that he is concerned with the souls of human beings. For this reason, we concern ourselves in this, and on the basis of descriptions of many different homunculus types, we will open our minds to God’s permissive Will and dwell upon useful thoughts and ascertain what good things in Nature are to be further achieved.

Since time immemorial nature has gone by God’s providential arrangement, which includes provisions for you, but through His permissive Will, and help from our Art and Science, it is possible to shorten the time and occasion the birth of ideas and to demonstrate them and subsequently document them.

By taking many individual hens, ducks, geese and other poultry and birds, taken together as a whole, in a cage or nest made of flax or wool, and placed in front of our apparatus under our "magical natural fire", as close as possible, then the cage or nest will not be set on fire, even after 3 or 4 hours, although this might not be the case after 4 weeks.

Many wonders are still to be found in the flesh and bones of mankind (all of which have been described to some extent), and in his excrement and urine, and it might well be possible, by means of our "natural fire", to be able to come to a preliminary picture thereby of very important, yet presently very obscure, things and predictions about them as a result of the death of certain living creatures, even though the evil of men and the tensions resulting therefrom might greatly displease God. Let our thinking processes remain on this matter and we will continue to study it.

It is possible thus, to have good character and at the same time perform wonders, even miraculous, deeds.

No one who is truly blessed likes to boast about his good deeds, or set up something sensational about himself or to introduce to the world some special wonderful thing that he has accomplished, still he has, however, attained something worthwhile by using our magical fire, of necessity however, in conjunction with the position of the appropriate planets in their course. Since, however, it is not uncommon that such events can happen, we will not place briefly --- but reliably --- before your eyes and give you full information about a Magic Mirror, so that you may be able to determine, among other things, the initial time in which the weight of all 7 metals can be obtained simultaneously so that the purest one can be selected, and then one after another selected on the same basis, as well as on the strength of their reactivity at that time, determined by melting in an appropriate glass crucible at the proper hour of the planetary sign in front of our magical natural fire.

It is also true that the gold must be melted on a Sunday and under its own planetary sign, since the sun itself is considered a reagent, just as objects are melted when focused in front of our "natural fire". This is followed by Silver on Monday, since the moon is likewise the reagent for silver. On Tuesday the same operation is carried out for iron. On Wednesday, it is with mercury, Thursday with tin, Friday with copper and Saturday with lead.

This is the manner in which the melting process occurs and so each one of the metals will be found to follow a weighing sequence which indicates that there is a fixed pattern that is constant and can at all times be subjected to testing, which reduces the upper and lower members of the series by the same appropriate amount, while the force involved in every case is the same, even when the series is rearranged. Thus, in all these signs of the sun and of molten objects, whose characteristics show that they are the result of natural forces and at the same time the result of supernatural forces, both of which affect their motion (behavior).

Consequently, all 7 of these purified metals act in concert on a Sunday just before sunrise, making possible a mixture of metals and the pouring of them into a previously prepared mold to give a mirror which can be polished. The master craftsman responsible for polishing the mirror at no time examines it with the naked eye, but at all times wears special eyeglasses, which provide a sound basis for turning out products of assured value, and charge him alone as the guarantor of it serviceability. The same craftsmen from the very first moment visually inspects the mirror, inasmuch as he is a master in his field and this lies in his area of expertise and everything that is asked of him and everything that is required of the mirror is, naturally shown to be valid for such a mirror, when he is demonstrating it.

From this apparatus a wonderful magnetic bell can be cast, by which an entire army might be summoned or be sent into retreat, and as a result, it should be rung or tolerated in such a manner that its frightening tone requires considerable force to produce it. From among the 7 metallic signs, we will call attention to the following:

That of all these, or even any one metal by itself with its own set of properties, can be made by our own apparatus and natural fire and must be cast at the hour of its formation, is both foolish and invalid. Idle talk about testing must be terminated and must remain our best kept secret, so that we can retain it through constant diligence in observance of God’s Will.

Moreover, in the end, at which time we will complete this life and return our spirits to God who gave them to us in the beginning so that we might know His eternal and blessed state of peace and be happy to have attained to the same.

We could elaborate further in concluding this work and mention briefly, so that only one or two men, or at most three, in any year could consume his usual diet, using our natural fire and our apparatus (despite the fact that the container might have to have a cover to that the radiation might not fall thereon) to heat the material and then enjoy it, and consequently obtain a long and rejuvenated life, as well as providing, with God’s help, a happy ending to this life and the assurance of entering Heaven in the eternal life that is to follow.



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