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Of the Stone of the Philosophers;
With the Experiments of Rumelius of New-Market.

[  Published in Philosophia Maturata, 1668, published by Dr Lancelot Colson ]

I.   Take of the best red transparent oar of gold, as much as you can have, drive it Spirit from it through a Retort; this is the Azoth and the Acetum of Philosophers, from its proper minera, which openeth radically Sol that is prepared.

II.   Take the Minera of Venus or Saturn, drive their spirits in a Retort, each of these dissolveth Gold radically, after its purification.

III.   Take Pulverized oar of Saturn, or vulgar Saturn calcined, extract its salt with Acetum, or its Antinae, purifie it in the best manner, that it be transparent as Crystall, and sweet as honey, and be fluid in heat like Wax, and brittle when cold.

This is the Tree, which is cut off, of unwholesome Fruits, on which must be inoculated the twigs of Sol.

IV.    Take of that earth which lyeth waste in the Field, found everywhere in Moorish grounds, into which the Astrals ejaculate their operations, being adorned with all manner of Colours, appearing like a Rainbow; extract from it its purest and subtillest. This is the Universal Menstruum for all; and is all in all.

V.   Take of the Oar of Sol and Mercurie a like quantity, grinde each very well, pour on it the Spirit of Mercurie, that it stand over 3 fingers deep; dissolve and digest it in a gentle warmth.

VI.   Take of the best Vitriol, or of the Vitriol of Venus, drive their Spirits in a Retort, white and red; with this red Spirit being rectified and sweetened, you may ferment and inbibe the subtile Gold Calx, and with the white Spirit you may dissolve it after it hath been purified.

VII.   Take quick Mercurie, purifie and dissolve it so long in alcolisated spirit of Wine, till its impurity be separated from it, and become into its extream transparent easie fluid essence; like unto the white gluten of the Eagle,  and capable to receive the blood of the Red Lyon.

VIII.   Extract the salt of the crude and white calcined Tartar, Purifie and Clarifie it as often, till it be bright as the tear of the Eye, and can be brought no higher; therewith you may sharpen its own spirit of Wine, which dissolveth Sol and Lune.

IX.   Take of the rank poisonous matter or stone, called Kerg Swaden, or husks of the Metals, drive its spirit very circumspectly, receive it so, that it may turn unto water, it reduceth all metals to a potableness.

X.   Take of the ayre or heavenly dew, being well purified, ten parts, and of subtile Gold Calx one part, set it in digestion, dissolve and coagulate it.

XI.   Take the Urine of a wholesome Man, that drank merely Wine, make of it, according to Art, the Salt of Microcosme, purifie it very well, which doth so much accuate the Spirit of Wine, that it dissolveth Sol in a moment.

XII.   Take of the best Oar of Gold, pulverize it very well, seal it with Hermes his Seal, set it so long into the vaporous fire, till you see it spring up ad grow a white and red Rose.

XIII.   This last Experiment he calleth the Light. Take in the name of the Lord, of Hungarish Gold, which hath been cast thrice through Antimony, and be laminated most thinly, as much of it as you will, and make with quick Mercury, an Amalgame, then calcine it most subtilly, with flowers of Sulpher, and Spirit of Wine burnt, as often, till there remaineth a fair subtile Gold Calx, of a purple color. Take one part of it, and two parts of the above mentioned red matter, grind it very well together for an hour on a warmed Marble, the cement and calcine well by degrees for three hours in a circle fire. This work must be Iterated three times, then pour on it of the best rectified spirit, that it stand over it three fingers deep; set it in a gentle and warm digestion, for six days to be extracted, then the Spirit of Wine will be tinged as deep as blood; cant of that tincture, and pour on another, as long as it will tinge; put all these tinged Spirits of Wine into a Violl, so that the fourth part only be filled, and seal it hermetically, set it on the vaporous fire of the first degree, let it be of that heat as hot as the Sun shineth in July; let it stand this for forty days, then you shall obtain your wish.

The Author recommendeth this last Experiment very highly, affirming upon his experimental practice, that this aurum Potabile is the highest medicine next unto the universal, and being taken in appropriated vehicles, Cureth all Diseases, without causing any pains at all.

Item, With this Aurum Paotabile is Antimony prepared, so that it purgeth only downwards, and carrieth fort all ill humours without molestation, and is called the purging gold; hence are his Pills of Gold.

It is prepared also by the help of Antimony into a diaphoretick gold, to expel by sweating all malignant humours; and Mercurius vitae is made also with potable gold (if it be kept in a long digestion), their dose is according to the Quality of the person.