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"On video the work of created as far back as 2005 generator of absolutely pure electric power which is not consuming a solar energy or any fuel is shown. In a vessel with water they are placed: Marukhin-Kutienkov's hydraulic ram (,, creating periodic lifting of portions of water above its surface, and Segner's wheel over a surface of water in the form of the jet water turbine connected to a dynamo with which help the pressure of portions of water is transformed to rotary movement and then in electric energy. Red light of a pilot lamp at water turbine rotation testifies to electric power presence.

"The given invention is recognized by experts to what numerous patents testify (, etc.).

"There are documentary confirmations that about this invention it is known also to scientific circles and the governments of many countries, the European Union organizations (Energy and Climate Change Branch, European Renewable Energy Council, International Energy Agency, etc.) engaged in alternative power.

"On video it is shown created already presently generator of absolutely pure electric energy in diameter of 0.2 meters and long 1 meter generating without a solar energy or any fuel an electric current by power of 1500 kW, consisting of the same Marukhin-Kutienkov's hydraulic ram, but having instead of the water turbine and the dynamo the special piezoelectric converter. The given generator in several updatings with different electric capacity is produced serially and without any advertising and official sale is used exclusively privately in commercial objectives for output of products demanding the great expenditure of electric power. Cost of used materials and manufacturing from them details for the given generator, as claim its developers, does not exceed 10EUR/kW.

"According to some information there is also a device using the same Marukhin-Kutienkov's hydraulic ram, but working not in the closed vessel, and in the open water, representing simultaneously the generator of absolutely pure electric energy and highly effective water-jet mover. The device allowing without use of any fuel and an atomic energy to create essentially new surface and underwater fleet. The device can replace completely nuclear energy installation of an ice-breaker, an aircraft carrier or a strategic underwater cruiser. At that the sound of a pulsing stream of the water effusing from such device, being on the big depth in water is much less, than from propeller screws and is very similar to the sound emitted by underwater unidentified objects, sometimes floating near to submarines."

The new source of inexhaustible environmentally-pure and powerful energy. This new converter of natural gravitational energy makes it possible, at negligible cost, to generate any commercial quantity of ecological clean electricity without dependence on a weather and climate continuously many years. The converter is capable of replacing heat & power and nuclear power station. This device has been successfully tested and it is ready to introduction in industry.

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The invention relates to water pressure equipment and to power engineering. It permits to raise water from considerable depth not charging any additional mechanical, chemical or other energy. The invention can be used as a subsurface pump for land reclamation, in water desalinating plants and for power generation when supplying water to hydro electrical generator.



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Also published as: RU2005129637 // DE112004002323  



The invention relates to pressure water equipment and can be applied for water lifting without using any additional mechanical, chemical or other energy including for land reclamation for agricultural purposes, water supply of individual cottages, under construction facilities, resort areas and other water consumers being remote from centralized power grids or not provided with fuel resources and thus have no chances to use standard water pressure equipment. It is known water-lifting device called as water hammer or a "Ram pump" for using the energy of falling water from water source being higher the ground level and providing transferring part of incoming water to a level much higher the water source thus creating a water hammer effect resulting thereby. But until now there is one disadvantage to be eliminated in said water-lifting devices - useless drain of considerable amount of the incoming water in the device via an impact valve which communicates with the environment medium, 10-15 times exceeding the volume of incoming water to a consumer. Besides, similar water-lifting devices can not be operated being fully submerged into water. The proposed invention has no such disadvantages. It is reached using an impact valve located directly inside the feed pipe and has no communication with the environment medium. The valve separates the pipe into accelerating and pressure portions in a definite ratio.

Patent & revolutionary technology of "green" power generator
FOB Price:     EUR 10,000,000 / Unit | Get Latest Price
Port:     Moscow
Minimum Order Quantity:     1 Unit/Units
Supply Ability:     5000 Kilowatt/Kilowatts per Month on land Power stations on a turn-key basis
Payment Terms:     D/A

Mr. Valentin Kutienkov

Telephone: 7-926-3858201
City: Moscow
Brand Name: Aquamash
Model Number: EGM-003YH-0,23-08
Type: Hydroelectric Power
Delivery Detail: 6 month-1st Power station and so on monthly (on Royalty basis)


Patent on the new device to generate green and powerful electric power without consumption of any fuel.  

-When submerged at a sufficient depth, it transforms the water pressure, thereby creating a pulsating stream of water with a higher pressurewhich rises to the surface.

-The new water lifting device can be used, as a deep-well pump, as a pulsating water jet engine for surface and submarine vessels and as a source of electric power, provided that a hydraulic turbine with an electric generator is hooked up to the exhaust outlet of the pump.

- The main feature of this device is that it does not require any kind of fuel or any other additional energy to function.

-Using this new water lifting device in conjunction with a hydraulic turbine and an electric generator, i.e. in anelectric power industry, it is possible to obtain the electric power of virtually any required output capacity.

- As a result, it enables to create, in essence new, reservoir power stations, capable, by power output, of substituting existing heat and nuclear power stations.

Object of sale: The patent #005489 Eurasian Patent Organisations ( and appendices to it:

1."Methodology of engineering calculation and designing of the water lifting device (patent #005489) and electro-generating modules".

2.The electro-generating module EGM-003YH-0,23-08" created on "Methodology of engineering calculation and designing of the water lifting device and electro-generating modules", showing work of the water elevating device under the patent #005489 and possibility of reception of ecologically pure and powerful electric power.

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