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Magnet Motor
Magneto Motor For Cars: No Noise, No Engine (1966) | British Pathé
A German engineer, Fredrich Luling shares his brilliant idea of installing a magneto motor for a car. It would help the car travel without the noise or engine
The German 1966 Friedrich Luling Magnet Motor finally explained
05-22-2021, 06:23 PM
The Luling Magnet Motor was finally built in 1966, even though the German Inventor has been working on its development since 1954, where He discovered a way to NEUTRALIZE Magnetic Field Forces...
Friedrich Luling planned to install his motor on an Automobile...after showing it in the UFA-Wochenschau Expo
Like it always happens...the Motor never made it anywhere...and Luling died shortly after his discovery-Invention
 Lüling Magnetmotor Rep.#10.P2 (Pneumatik)
Manfred Klug
Friedrich Lüling - Magnet Motor, EN subs / UFA-Wochenschau 498/1966
Free Energy Generator, FRIEDRICH LULING Magnet Motor
Luling magnet motor
Lüling Magnetmotor Rep.#3
This is just the First Part of a series of videos I will be uploading, that FULLY REVEALS all about the Friedrich Luling Magnet Motor... On this PART 1 video, I tried to present the SIMPLEST Model possible that still works, in order that the BASIC IDEA & PRINCIPLES are very clear understood.
Deutsche Wochenschau GMBH
Magneto-Motor for Automobiles [ PDF ]