Time Machine

The Invention of the Time Machine Disappears
Shahjehan Khan
Mike Marcum Built a Time Machine and he disappears. Did it work?

Mike “Madman” Marcum attempted to construct a time machine on his front porch in Stanberry, Missouri, in early 1995. Instead, he started working on the Jacobs Ladder gadget.

He was only 21 years old, and a student majoring in electrical at the time. Marcum can be considered intelligent when compared to his peers. Marcum allegedly attempted to construct a time machine to obtain the winning lotto numbers from the future. He did, however, have one issue: he needed a lot of electricity to make it function.

His initial intention was to buy the transformers, but they’re pretty pricey. So he turned to the other option. There were six ancient transformers at the local power plant. So Marcum took six transformers weighing more than 300 pounds from a St. Joseph Light and Power generating station in King City, Missouri.

While testing his experiments, he produced a colossal blackout several blocks across his area. On January 29, 1995, Gentry County Sheriff Eugene Lupfer arrested him with a warrant inside his residence for stealing transformers.

Marcum was released from prison after several months. Then he was invited to join Art Bell on Coast to Coast Radio as a guest. He describes the screw and his ideas to construct a time machine. He promises to do things legally from now on.

Marcum told Art that he still wanted to do another experiment but lacked the funds and replacement parts. During the interview, he volunteered his phone number and received non-stop calls for three days. Marcum benefited greatly from the broadcast since many listeners contributed ideas, funds, and spare components.

With his listeners’ help and donations, his next time machine project was more powerful and much bigger than the previous one.

While the original engine ran at the kilowatt rate, this time, it was designed for 3 megawatts because he wanted to test the machine on himself...
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TLDR Mike Marcum, also known as "Mad Man" Marcum, has been experimenting with building a time machine in his backyard and has faced challenges and legal trouble in the process, but continues to pursue his research and seek support to recreate the machine.
Timestamped Summary
    00:00 Mike accidentally invents a time machine in his backyard, discusses challenges of fulfilling orders for camel scented candles, and ShipStation as a shipping management platform.
    07:04 Mike Marcum discovered a mysterious energy field in his backyard, leading him to believe he had created a time machine, but faced challenges and legal trouble when testing it.
    13:03 A Missouri man attempts to build a time machine using stolen transformers, causing power interruptions and leading to his arrest and probation, while demonstrating considerable knowledge in electronics during an interview with Art Bell.
    15:53 Mike "Mad Man" Marcum resurfaced after 18 years, built a time machine in his backyard, and created a more efficient plasma tornado using a magnetic field.
    20:15 Mike Marcum built and tested a time machine, successfully sending objects through a vortex and disappearing himself, only to return two years in the future with his warehouse empty, and now seeks support to recreate the machine.
    26:03 Mike "Mad Man" Marcum continued his time travel research, discovered a way to bring metal through the vortex, and disappeared after a disturbing call revealed a newspaper article from 1930 describing a man who drowned and was found with a small rectangular device, leading some to believe it was him.
    30:06 Mike "Mad Man" Marcum debunks false time travel stories, built a prototype time machine, addresses the Earth's movement through space, and is met with skepticism but may be the one to invent time travel in the future.
    35:28 Mike Marcum discusses various conspiracy theories and paranormal experiences, including UFOs, shadow people, and the moon landing, while expressing a desire for truth and dancing with fish.
Mad Man Marcum
In 1995, then 21-year old Michael "Mad Man" Marcum stole six power transformers from a Missouri power station for use in a large scale "time machine" he was attempting to construct.
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By Jason Offutt. Electronics tinkerer Mike Marcum used guinea pigs to test his time machine before trying to teleport himself. After jumping into the event horizon, he woke up to find he’d been teleported from Missouri to Ohio and had missed two years.
Did Mike Marcum get stuck in the past? Debunking his time-traveling death

The widely reported story about Mike “the Madman” Marcum is that he disappeared in 1997 after experimenting with time travel. Around the same time, someone allegedly came across an unknown person’s death case of the 1930s where a man washed up on a California beach, stuck inside a peculiar metal tube with a device – that looked suspiciously like a cell phone – near his body.

Connecting the two incidents, people are naturally inclined towards the narrative that Marcum had succeeded in making a time machine and died in the past in a freak time-traveling accident. But the key issue with the story is that there is little to no proof suggesting anything of the sort happened. It also does not help that Marcum is in fact very much alive at the present.
Mike Marcum’s most recent public appearance was in a 2015 radio interview with Art Bell

Following Mike Marcum’s second appearance on the Art Bell Coast to Coast AM radio program in 1996, he maintained a low profile and disappeared from the public eye.

In recent years, he became the subject of time travel urban legends and had his story featured across numerous mystery blogs and podcasts. The articles published about Marcum document his early experimentations and speculate the situation around his “disappearance and death” after 1997.

However, many of them fail to mention that Marcum made a third appearance on Art Bell’s new Midnight in the Desert radio segment on September 4, 2015.

It was his first public interview in more than 18 years. In the show, he talked about losing his house to a fire and how all the equipment for his experiment was destroyed.

According to Debi Smith, the admin of Paranormal Forum, Marcum was living in Hawaii in the late 2010s and was homeless.

“[Michael Marcum] is a member of my forum and his last known location as of just prior to the pandemic was in Hawaii living homeless on a beach. He was trying to get the money raised to return to the mainland,” Smith wrote to Anomalien.

He launched an unsuccessful GoFundMe campaign in 2016 to raise funds for furthering his research and experiments. Although the link to the page is unavailable now, sources claim that Marcum was only able to raise $10.
Mike Marcum made an online post confirming that he is “alive and well” and debunked the rumors about his death

On February 13, 2022, Marcum made a post on the Paranormal Forum confirming his well-being and existence, writing that he was “alive and well” and was still living in Hawaii at the time.

“Rumors are a-blazing that I am dead, not well, and had time traveled to 1930 something where I died on a beach in a tube. Whoever posted those pictures of a redhead, that is also not me. It was some school kid with my name that someone long ago attributed to me. Whatever was found in the 1930s was not me and I’ve read that was debunked but can’t find the article,” Marcum wrote.

Marcum, who has been a member of the forum since June 2016, also wrote that he planned on doing another interview sometime in the future. He had additional plans of moving to Ohio as he found Hawaii a “difficult island to adjust to”.

Besides, he has an active Facebook profile where he posts photos about his work and equipment designs. As of September 2022, Marcum has returned to Ohio if a comment made through his Reddit user account ‘Realmadmanmarcum’ is to be believed.

“I’m not homeless. I’m fine and I’ve been back home to Ohio. These stupid rumors that I’ve been trying to get back home are nonsense,” wrote Marcum in response to a commenter saying that he was homeless in Hawaii.

Mike Marcum was 21 years old when he attempted to build a time machine in 1995. Today, he is 49 years old and more likely endeavoring to fulfill the same goal.