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Popular Science ( June 1926 )

A Springless Suspension for Motor Cars

For a long time automobile designers have been working to improve spring suspension, trying especially to get rid of wearing parts. Walter L Adams, of new Haven CT, now claims to have solved the problem by eliminating springs altogether and substituting disks of rubber, in a unique invention of his.

In place of springs, he has devised a strong pressed-steel cantilever arm and having a drum at the other end. The inner face of this drum has teeth radiating from the center. A  strong steel disk, also made with teeth, is bolted to the side rail of the chassis. A bolt runs through the axis of the disk and drum, and between the two is placed a rubber ring-shaped cushion with teeth that fit in those of the disk and drum.

When the car hits a bump, the rubber cushion is squeezed outward just as a rubber band would be stretched. No lubrication is needed.

Suspension for Automobiles

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USP # 1,515,716

Classification:  - international: B60G13/04; B60G13/00; - European: B60G13/04

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