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Chapter 10


(1)    Franz Bardon: QBL & Magic

(2)    John Keely
(3)    Abiogenesis & Astrochemy: Littlefield & Crosse
(4)    Prophecy
(5)    References

    Alchemy has taken several novel forms in modern times. Some researchers are pioneering the arcana of physical alchemy in cold fusion and biological transmutation, nuclear waste remediation, etc. Others continue to rediscover traditional methods and philosophy, and to transmit revelation. There is considerable overlapping of domains, such as acoustic manipulation of force fields (Quabbalah, John Keely's discoveries and inventions, cymatics, acoustic refrigeration, sonochemistry, sonoluminesence, &c), Astrochemy (Aether, phlogiston, gur, Wilhelm Reich's orgone, orene &c), Astrobiochemy (Reich's bions, Andrew Crosse's abiogenesis of acari, homeopathy, spagyry, &c), and Magnetism (Nuclear magnetic resonance, para- & dia-magnetism, &c). Alchemy also figures in future history, according to Michel Nostradamus and other prophets.

1.    QBL & Magic

    Quabbalah and Alchemy are concomitant and even inseparable in some regards. The Aesch Mezareph ("Purifying Fire") is the classic text in this field. The Jewish Alchemists by Raphael Patai is the definitive review of the genre. (11)

Franz Bardon ~

    Practical quabbalah (causality engineering) comprises the combination of specific colors, frequencies, elements (fire, air, water, earth & akasa; O, N, H, Si, C) and geometries to produce specific effects in akasa and in the mental, astral and physical worlds. This form of quabbalah (based on the Sephir Zohar, Short Version) is taught by the great Hermetic adept Franz Bardon in his Key to the True Quabbalah, excerpted here:

    C [Tone: D... Color: Vermilion... Element: Fire/Air... #: 3... Organ: Stomach]

    Material: "By the "C" oscillation, the quabbalist learns to enliven the whole of the matter and to equip it with mental as well as with astral virtues, powers, etc. By this letter, he also learns to impregnate quabbalistically any material form at will. Furthermore, the true quabbalistic alchemy is also influenced by this letter oscillation. By the term "quabbalistic alchemy" the "modification of matter by the word" is to be understood, which is equivalent to giving it another quality."

    OE [Tone: D# ~ Color: Orange ~ Element: Akasa/Earth ~ Organ: Gonads ]

    Akasa: "In the akasa principle, the "OE" oscillation, evokes the most profound cognition which can only be brought about by love divine, apart from the knowledge that is called the quabbalistic quintessence. By the help of this oscillation, the quabbalist gets to know all the possibilities of transformation of the spirit, all the systems and ways serving this end, and all knowledge concerning transformation in all other fields. He is informed about everything that, deriving from the act of creation, had to pass through all the modes of transformation to be reunited. The quabbalist must attain all the faculties that are offered by the "OE" oscillation in the akasa principle, must make use of all the possibilities, in order to get convinced that they cannot be described by words, but must be experienced, lived through.

    "I have mentioned the letters "AE" and "OE" as the last ones in this series of exercises, because by the help of their oscillations one is able to comprehend, from the akasa principle, the crown of all wisdom in the micro- and macrocosms, from the act of creation to the present state of evolution, and even to the final development.

    Mental: "Evoked in the mental kingdom, the "OE" oscillation will secure the perfect mastery of quabbalistic alchemy. By this, one understands the transformation of ideas, virtues, etc., by the quabbalistically pronounced word, which is a very great and comprehensive field.

    Astral: "In the astral kingdom, the "OE" oscillation develops the faculty of perfect astral projection and the mastery of all occult and magical phenomena that have reference to transformation, so that the quabbalist may, for instance, assume any desired form in the astral body without being recognized by other beings and with only Divine Providence seeing through him. Apart from this, the quabbalist is able to transform any astral oscillation into the oscillation he wants and to do the same with any element.

    Material: "When mastered in the physical body, the "OE" oscillation will lead to perfect knowledge of quabbalistic alchemy in the material world. The quabbalist is taught the true preparation and charging of the philosopher's stone in the physical sense. As he can influence, at will, any oscillation -- atomic oscillation, electronic oscillation -- by quabbalah, and as he is able to transform it into the oscillation desired by him, he naturally also perfectly masters the laws of transmutation. Therefore, he is able to transform any metal into gold, any stone into a precious stone, etc., if he wishes to do so. By the help of this oscillation the quabbalist will be furnished with many other faculties of which he cannot even dream now and which non-initiates would regard as absolutely impossible.

    A - OE ~ "This twofold key imparts the faculty of solving any problem of quabbalistic alchemy with effortless ease. The formula magician uses this formula for his students who have difficulties in delving into the problems of quabbalistic alchemy. If one is in doubt about a formula, particularly when experimenting on alchemistic transformation based on quabbalah, concerning the change of a power or ability, etc., or if there are difficulties in applying a formula, then one should resort to this formula, for it will evoke the desired faculty.

    B - OE ~ "Using this formula, the formula magician projects the electromagnetic fluid in the form of light and warmth, in order to be able to evoke any phenomena of astral projection. By this twofold key, he is also able to enliven any kind of medicine and to make it bring on better results. Since this formula also contains the secret of forming the mental matrix for the production of the philosopher's stone, the formula magician will be given the faculty of enlivening any material object to his own liking.

    C - H ~ "Through this twofold key, the formula magician may obtain mercy from Divine Providence and influence his own or somebody else's fate at will. If embodied into food and drink, the "C-H" formula will bring on the realization of all wishes. If clear water is influenced by this formula after 4 drops of quinta essentia universalis --- alchemistic universal tincture --- were given into it, the person who drinks this impregnated water will be given the donation of having any material wish fulfilled that he or she may utter in connection with this formula. At the same time, a rejuvenation, a prolongation of life and perfect health may be obtained by embodying the "C-H" formula into the quinta essentia, i.e., by enlivening the same. Alchemists who do not know all this, usually fail in preparing the quinta essentia, since they are not able to enliven the same mentally. The universal tincture has not only to be charged materially, but it must also be charged and influenced with the analogous connections in an astral and mental manner, apart from other irradiations connected to the quadripolar magnet.

    C - OE~ "In the mental body, the "C-OE" formula reveals the secrets of alchemy in all its phases, and makes one see the true connections to the universal law. In the astral body, it arouses the faculty of permanent astral projection, no matter whether the projection of universal light, fluids, elements or any other phenomena of transformation is in question. In the material world, this formula, if embodied in food and drink, turns every formula magician into a perfect alchemist who is equipped with all relevant knowledge, abilities, etc. This formula is particularly important for those formula magicians who want to become perfect alchemists one day." (1)

    The Angelic Stone, the ultimate degree of the Philosophers' Stone, is the quabbalistic formula revealed by the Grace of God in "Alchemia", the frontispiece to this book.

    Franz Bardon also published The Practice of Magical Evocation, in which he introduced several genii who are concerned with alchemy in the Earth zone and other planetary spheres. These spirits can provide invaluable assistance to the magician-alchemist who contacts them in the correct manner. Any error in this regard can trap the magus-alchemist in a Faustian bargain, which is completely unnecessary and avoidable:

    Andimo ~ "Since he is well acquainted with alchemy he may also assist, theoretically and practically, the magician in this respect. My own experience makes me point out to every magician that Andimo may easily tempt him to project physically, either directly by himself or by the help of one of hi subjects, a burning stone, the so-called "living sulfur". If, in such a case, the magician, during the projection of the stone, takes the stone into his hand, he will get badly burned by it. Andimo likes to place such stones before the magician's feet or before the magic circle. You must leave this stone untouched and order Andimo to take it away. If the magician touches the burning sulfur transmuted by Andimo from the principle of the earth (i.e., transmuted by the principles of Alchemy), with the sign of Andimo's seal, which he earlier drew on a piece of parchment, the seal will catch fire and the sulfur stone at once turns into the true alchemical projection powder of a red color, the so-called "red lion". This powder then is quite safe and may be gathered up with a glass spoon and stored away in a well shut-up glass. This kind of projection powder usually has a projection capacity of 1:10,000 and is the philosopher's stone in its purest form. However, the magician may then be tempted to use this powder for making gold or prolonging his own life. If the magician is misled by such temptations he would conclude, by such alchemical operations, a formal pact with the said being. The magician is therefore warned in advance not to do such a rashness and never to practice alchemy in such a manner. Not even in case he assumes that he is mature and experienced enough in everything that has to do with the science of magic, for he might, nevertheless, be misled to take an ill-considered step. When dealing personally with Andimo I had the opportunity of convincing myself of these facts, but I ordered Andimo to take the powder back to his kingdom. At that moment it disappeared at once, with a hissing sound.

    Armiel ~ "Knows about all alchemical processes. He can teach the magician the secrets of the transmutations of metals; that is, he can, for instance, inform him how the philosopher's stone is to be made in a dry process and what preparations are necessary for this...

    Malacha ~ "Can give good advice in respect of alchemy, i.e., he can procure the prima materia for the preparation of the Great Elixir in a dry process...

    Yromus (12o Aries) ~ "From Yromus the alchemist learns to prepare various herbs and roots in a spagiric and alchemical manner, and how to make these especially dynamic by the application of an electromagnetic fluid and a special kind of volting...

    Nablum (1o Cancer) ~ "Will be well pleased to inform the magician, by inspiration and intuition, on the various degrees of warmth  ~ temperature  ~ in respect of alchemic or spagiric methods... Nablum is an expert in alchemic and spagiric operations, and the magician can profit much in this respect by his inspirations.

    Tmako (12o Cancer) ~ "Initiates the magician into the secrets of transmutation of powers, effects, and the like, in the zone girdling the earth and into the secrets of plants, minerals and metals in our physical world. This intelligence may be called a guardian of true alchemy.

    Corocona (20o Leo) ~ "Makes the magician acquainted with the preparation of alchemistic substances made of metals. The magician is taught by this intelligence how to produce the true alchemic gold tincture, and how to use it for diverse diseases. He is also instructed by Corocona in measuring out dosages of alchemical medicines.

    Kirek (9o Virgo) ~ "Is known as an excellent initiator into alchemical magic...

    Buriuh (10o Virgo) ~ "Is an excellent initiator into alchemical secrets and entrusts the magician with methods by which he can achieve diverse faculties and powers by the application of appropriate alchemical means...

    Eralier (11o Scorpio) ~ "Will convince the magician that the making of the philosopher's stone is no allegory and no symbolic-esoteric speculation. The magician learns from this head the preparation of the philosopher's stone in its most diverse grades for the most various purposes. Furthermore, he will be told the methods of transmuting metals, especially by dry procedure. The person to some extent informed on alchemy will already perceive what is meant by this. The preparation and realization of the philosopher's stone rests on many methods. Eralier can entrust the magician with these..."

    It should be noted that the forementioned entities can be contacted by evocation or invocation with Hermetic magical means, or the spirit's name can be used in a quabbalistic manner to educe the same information and effects without karma. Franz Bardon teaches methods by which magical authority can be attained in his book Initiation Into Hermetics. (2, 3)

2.    John Keely

    Late in the 19th century, John E.W. Keely published 40 Laws of Harmony, which served as the foundation for the Sympathetic Vibratory Physics he discovered and developed. The following representation was cribbed from Dale Pond's website, :

    (1) Law of Matter and Force ~"Coextensive and coeternal with space and duration, there exists an infinite and unchangeable quantity of atomoles, the base of all matter; these are in a state of constant vibratory motion, infinite in extent, unchangeable in quantity, the initial of all forms of energy."
    (2) Law of Corporeal Vibrations ~"All coherent aggregates when isolated from like bodies, or when immersed or confined in media composed of matter in a different state, vibrate at a given ascertainable pitch."

    (3) Law of Corporeal Oscillations ~ "All coherent aggregates not isolated from like bodies, oscillate at a period-frequency varying with the tensions that augment and diminish the state of equilibrium."

    (4) Law of Harmonic Vibrations ~ "All coherent aggregates are perpetually vibrating at a period-frequency corresponding to some harmonic ratio of the fundamental pitch of the vibrating body; this pitch is a multiple of the pitch of the atomole."

    (5) Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy ~"All oscillating and vibrating coherent aggregates create, in the media in which they are immersed, outwardly propagated concentric waves of alternate condensation and rarefaction, having a period-frequency identical with the pitch of the aggregate.

    Scholium: All forms of transmissive energy can be focussed, reflected, refracted, diffracted, transformed, and diminished in intensity inversely as the square of the distance from the originating source."

    (6) Law of Sympathetic Oscillation ~ "Coherent aggregates immersed in a medium pulsating at their natural pitch simultaneously oscillate with the same frequency, whether the pitch of the medium be a unison, or any harmonic of the fundamental pitch of the creative aggregate."

    (7) Law of Attraction ~"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison, or harmonic ration, are mutually attracted."

    (8) Law of Repulsion ~"Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in discord are mutually repelled."

    (9) Law of Cycles  ~"Coherent aggregates harmonically united constitute centers of vibration bearing relation to the fundamental pitch not multiples of the harmonic pitch, and the production of secondary unions between themselves generate pitches that are discords, either in their unisons, or overtones with the original pitch; from harmony is generated discord, the inevitable cause of perpetual transformation."

    (10) Law of Harmonic Pitch ~"Any aggregate in a state of vibration develops in addition to its fundamental pitch a series of vibration in symmetrical sub-multiple portions of itself, bearing ratios of one, two, three, or more times its fundamental pitch."

    (11) Law of Force ~ "Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or harmony."

    (12) Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances ~"Coherent atomic substances are capable of oscillating at a pitch varying directly as the density, and inversely as the linear dimensions from one period of frequency per unit of time to the 21st octave above, producing the creative force of Sonity, whose transmissive force (Sound) is propagated through the media of solids, liquids, and gases, and whose static effect (Sonism) produces attractions and repulsions between sympathetically vibrating bodies according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion."

    (13) Law of Sono-Thermity ~ "Internal vibrations of atomic substances and atomic molecules are capable of vibrating at a period-frequency directly as their density, inversely as their linear dimensions, directly as the coefficient of their tension from the 21st to the 42nd octaves, producing the creative force (Sono-thermity), whose transmissive force (Sono-therm) is propagated in solid, liquid, gaseous, and ultra-gaseous media, statically producing adhesions and molecular unions, or disintegration, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion."

    (14) Law of Oscillating Atoms ~ "All atoms when in a state of tension are capable of oscillating at a pitch inversely as the cube of their atomic weights, and directly as their tension from 42 to 63 octaves per second, producing the creative forcce (Thermism), whose transmissive force (Rad-energy) propagated in solid, liquid, and gaseous ether, produces the static effects (Cohesion and Chemism) on other atoms of association, or dissociation, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion.

    Scholium: Dark radiant heat begins at absolute zero temperature, and extends through light, chemical rays, actinic rays, and infra-violet rays, up to the dissociation of all molecules to the 63rd octave."

    (15) Law of Vibrating Atomolic Substances ~"Atoms are capable of vibrating within themselves at a pitch inversely as the Dyne (the local coefficient of Gravity), and as the atomic volume, directly as the atomic weight, producing the creative force (Electricity), whose transmissive force is propagated through atomolic solids, liquids, and gases, producing induction and the static effect of magnetism upon other atoms of attraction or repulsion, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion.

    Scholium: The phenomenon of Dynamic Electricity through a metallic conductor and of induction are identical. In a metallic conductor, the transmission is from atom to atom, through homologous interstices, filled with ether, presenting small areas in close proximity. In crystalline structures, heat, which expands the atoms, by twisting them produces striae, increases the resistance, etc. Between parallel wires and through air the induction takes place from large areas through a rarefied medium composed of a mixture of substances, whose atoms are separated by waves of repulsion of various pitches, discordant to electric vibrations; the said atoms sympathetically absorb the vibrations and dissipate from themselves, as centers, concentric waves of electric energy which produces heat and gravism."

    (16) Law of Oscillating Atomoles ~ "Atomoles oscillating at a uniform pitch (determined by their uniform size and weight) produce the creative force Atomolity, whose transmissive form, Gravism, is propagated through more rarefied media, producing the static effect upon all other atomoles, denominated Gravity."

    (17) Law of Transformation of Forces ~"All forces are different forms of Universal Energy unlike in their period- frequency, merging into each other by imperceptible increments; each form representing the compass of 21 octaves. Each form or pitch may be transformed into an equivalent quantity of another pitch above or below it in the scale of 105 octaves. The transformation can occur only through its static effect, developing vibrations of harmonic pitches above or below their fundamental vibration, or developing with juxtaposed aggregates, resultant and difference, or third order, as the case may be.

    Scholium: A table of the intervals and harmonics of the normal harmonic scale will indicate the ratios in which the transformation of forces will occur."

    (18) Law of Atomic Pitch ~"Atoms have each a different and definite pitch, at which they naturally vibrate.

    Scholium: Atomic pitch is determined directly from its simple spectrum.

    Scholium: Atomic pitch is determined by computations from its associate spectrum with all other atoms, as in known spectra.

    Scholium: Atomic pitches are more important working data than atomic weights; tables of atomic pitches must be precise."

    (19) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Rad-Energy ~ "The higher harmonics and overtones of projected rad-energy are of a pitch sufficiently high to cause the atom to expand; by causing the atomoles to vibrate systematically the same influence will cause the atom to contract, and thus by changing the volume, atomic pitch is varied."

    (20) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Electricity and Magnetism ~ "Electricity and Magnetism produce internal vibrations in the atom, which are followed by proportional changes in volume and, therefore, pitch."

    (21) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Temperature ~ "Atoms in chemical combination oscillate with increasing amplitude directly as the temperature, and simultaneously absorb overtones of higher harmonics, producing expansion of volume and diminution of pitch.

    Rule: The gradual approach of the temperature of harmonic combination can be observed by mutually comparing superimposed spectra; chemical combination commences when the fundamental lines of each spectrum bear harmonic ratios by linear measurement."

    (22) Law of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation ~"Atoms not isolated and in a state of tension between forces that oppose and increase the equilibrium oscillate bodily at a pitch that is a resultant of the atomic weight, atomic volume, and tension."

    (23) Law of Variation of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation by Pressure ~ "The frequency of atomic oscillation increases and diminishes inversely as the square of the pressure."

    (24) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Temperature ~"The force of cohesion diminishes inversely as the square of the distance the atoms are apart, and the force of the chemical affinity diminishes in the same ratio. Heat increases the amplitude of the oscillations in a direct ratio to the temperature of the natural scale.

    Scholium: New thermometers and accurate thermometric tables, on the natural base, wherein doubling the temperature doubles the pitch of the transmissive energy, are required. Such a table of temperature will bear natural relations to atomic weights, pitches, specific heats, chemical affinities, fusions, solubilities, etc., and will disclose new laws. One table for each must be constructed."

    (25) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Electricity ~"The electric current destroys cohesion and chemical tension directly as square of current in amperes, inversely as the resistance in ohms, inversely as the chemical equivalent, and conversely as the coefficient of the difference between the freezing and volatilizing temperature of mass acted upon."

    (26) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Sono-Thermism ~"Diminishes the tensions directly as the quantity of heat developed, and in antithetical proportion to the harmonics absolved."

    (27) Law of Chemical Affinity ~ "Atoms whose atomic pitches are in either unison, harmonic or concordant ratios, unite to form molecules.

    Corollary: When two atoms are indifferent, they may be made to unite by varying the pitch of either, or both.

    Scholium: This necessitates the construction of tables, representing variation of atomic pitches by temperature, pressure, etc.

    Scholium: Tables of all harmonics and concords, and harmonics founded upon a normal harmonic scale, are equally essential.

    Scholium: Optical instruments may be made to measure pitches of energy."

    (28) Law of Chemical Dissociation ~ "If the pitch of either atom, in a molecule, be raised or lowered; or, if they both be unequally raised or lowered in pitch until the mutual ratio be that of a discord; or, if the oscillation amplitude be augmented by heat until the atoms are with the concentric waves of attraction, - the atoms will separate."

    (29) Law of Chemical Transposition ~ "New molecules must be harmonics of the fundamental pitch."

    (30) Law of Chemical Substitution ~ "(too complex for brief statement)"

    (31) Law of Catalysis ~"The presence of harmonics and discords."

    (32) Law of Molecular Synthesis and Combination (Organic) ~"The molecular pitch must be a derived harmony of the radicals.

    Scholium: Reconstruction of electric units to represent pitches and amplitudes."

    (33) Law of Chemical Morphology ~ "The angle of crystallization is determined by the relation between the molecular pitch of the crystallizing substance to the variation- density of the liquid depositing it."

    (34) Law of Atomic Dissociation ~ "Overtones of high rad-energy pitches produce separation of the atomoles and recombinations among the atomolic molecules of the atoms."

    (35) Law of Atomolic Synthesis of Chemical Elements ~ "Harmonic pitches of atomolity produce association of etheric-atomolic particles to form atoms; the kind of atom is determinable by the pitches employed."

    (36) Law of Heat ~ "Atoms under the tension of chemical combination oscillate with an amplitude directly as the temperature, inversely as the pressure, and as the square of the specific heat. Diminishing the pitch of oscillation inversely as the square of the distance of the atoms apart, and simultaneously increasing the vibrating pitch of the atom by absorption of overtones and higher harmonics."

    (37) Law of Electro-Chemical Equivalents ~"An atom vibrates sympathetically under the influence of electric energy, such undertones of which are absorbed as are a harmonic or harmony of the electric pitch; the amount of energy absorbed being directly as the arithmetical ratio of the undertone of the fundamental electric pitch.

    Scholium: A table of electro-chemical equivalents on the normal basis will indicate the electrical conditions and amount of chemical change."

    (38) Law of Cohesion ~"The cohesion between atoms diminishes directly as the square root of the pressure and temperature, and as the square of electric intensity."

    (39) Law of Refractive Indices ~ "A table of the refractive indices of substances indicates their molecular pitch; and in connection with crystalline form the phase of molecular oscillation."

    (40) Law of Electric Conductivity ~ "Electric energy is transmitted through homogeneous bodies with a completeness in direct proportion as the atoms are more or less perfect harmonics of the electric pitch, but not at all through substances whose atoms are discordant to the electric pitch; also through molecular substances, when their resultant notes are harmonics of the electric pitch, - the transmissions being inversely as the temperature, directly as the density diminished in proportion to the amount of crystallization, and inversely as the cube of the dyne, also directly as the reciprocal of the local magnetic intensity."(12)

    The phenomena of Cymatics, the wave phenomena, vibrational effects, and harmonic oscillations revealed by the Chaldni plate, etc., was researched by Hans Jenny in the 1960s. He demonstrated the basic unified triadic phenomenon of vibrational, kinetic and dynamic effects in acoustic interactions with matter. The triadic phenomenon occurs in many other fields (biology, mineralogy, astronomy, atomic physics, etc) and is a skeleton key that unlocks many gates of knowledge. Certainly it aids in understanding and practicing quabbalistic transmutation, and pertains to the work of John Keely and Dr Stephen Emmens. For example: the sacred word "Om" forms the Sri Yantra geometry when spoken into a Chaldni plate or Tonoscope! (6)

    It should be noted that Franz Tausend, who made gold from mercury for the Nazis, developed a circular periodic table of the elements with Pythagorean musical correlations, based on his understanding of atoms.

    Sacred geometry is another rewarding area of study for alchemists. The phi ratio (5/8, 0.618, &c) enables the alchemist to impregnate and enliven matter with cosmic energies in a simple manner. For example, a model of the Great Pyramid (incorporating phi in its base angle of 51o 51') will exert phenomenal effects on substances placed within it (i.e., mummification, sharpening dull razor blades, enhanced germination of seeds, &c).

3.    Abiogenesis & Astrochemy

    Charles Littlefield ~ At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr Charles W. Littlefield experimented with the effects of mental concentration (visualization and prayer) on the crystallization of tissue salt solutions. He was able to produce many microscopic images of life forms, alphabets, structures, etc, some of which he published in his book Man, Minerals and Masters. Dr Littlefield conducted long series of experiments with vitalized mineral salts. The vitalizations were accomplished by repeated evaporations. Littlefield offered these guidelines for experimentation:

    "The number of evaporations necessary to effect this [radiate structure] with each salt, is generally one evaporation for each tenth part of the molecular weight or fraction thereof as shown by the following table:

Salt:                Molecular weight:      Number of Evaporations:

Na-Chloride                 58.37                           6
Si-Oxide                      60.22                           7
K-Chloride                   74.2                             8
Ca-Fluoride                  78                                8
Ca-Sulfate                    135.73                         14
K-Phosphate                174                              18
K-Sulfate                     174                              18
Mg-Phosphate              246                              25
Fe-Phosphate               301.36                         31
Ca-Phosphate              309.33                         31
Na-Sulfate                    321.42                         33
Na-Phosphate              357.32                         36

    "Another interesting and important fact with this process of vitalization is, those salts that are otherwise insoluble in water are by the evaporation of water rendered soluble. This is a most valuable discovery from the standpoint of treating disease, as all the mineral salts must be dissolved in the blood before they are available to the tissue cells as food.

    "I began my experiments by attempting mind control of one or more of these salts dissolved in distilled water. First, a drop of the mineral solution was put on the glass slide of my microscope, then placed in a temperature nearly that of the human body. As the water dried away, I would repeat the [unspecified Biblical] verse referred to above, the mystic three times.

    "While doing this I would image, or mentally picture, the form of some fowl or animal as the victim of the bleeding. Finally, I succeeded in making the crystals of common table salt, which is the most abundant salt in the blood, group themselves in the form of a chicken.

    "Long before I succeeded, there built up from the mineral solutions a great variety of microscopic organisms in the shape of octupi, fish, and reptiles. I do not know why.

    "Continued experiments demonstrated that forms of different kinds could be predetermined by the proportion, number, and kind of salts used. Thus I discovered that mineral composition is the law of living forms... These laws may be stated as follows:

    "1. A mental image is the beginning of every created thing. With whatever functions, faculties or qualities this image may be endowed by the mind creating it, the same will be expressed by the creature.

    "2. This mental image has the power to group the twelve mineral salts normally found in organic nature, in the exact proportion necessary to build the form, and all the tissues and organs necessary to express all the functions, faculties and qualities which the mind image may be endowed. Hence composition becomes the law of form and function.

    "3. Evaporation of water, a process universal on sea and land, generates a subtle magnetism which is the vital force of plants and animals. This force saturates the mineral salts of organic nature making them susceptible to mental control, so that any picture that the mind accepts as true in principle may be fixed in them...

    "Procure twelve one-ounce bottles with fresh, clean corks. Label each bottle with the name of the salt it is to contain. Into each bottle put about 10 grains of one of the salts and fill with pure distilled water. Shake frequently. Not all the salts are equally soluble, some in large amounts and others only slightly.

    From time to time remove a drop of any one of the solutions with a clean toothpick to the glass slide of the microscope. Heat the slide carefully until the water is evaporated. Then examine the crystal formed from the salt. Do this with each of the twelve salts until you become familiar with their forms and differences. Then combine one or more of the solutions in a clean bottle. Place a drop of this on the glass slide, then evaporate and examine. It will be seen by these experiments that the slightest difference in the amounts of each solution will make the widest possible difference in the resulting crystals...

    "In my own experiments I use sulfate of potash and sulfate of soda, one part of the potash to ten parts of the soda. When this combination forms crystals like the letters C, D, or O, then the solution of these salts is susceptible to mental mastery by my mind...

    "In the formation of mantras any statement or description of any scene may be chosen. Three of the words selected from it must agree in number, or four of them may be of two different numbers. For example: "Veda (5) Yoga (2) Pyramid (5) Wisdom (2)" as given by the masters to indicate the system of philosophy they taught, two of which correspond to the same number. Or the mantra may be formed by a combination of numbers and letters, as the one for Mount Zion: "144,000 (9) Symbolize (9) Your (7) Church (7)"..."

    Dr Littlefield also claimed to have produced microbial flora with simple experiments that anyone could test. Scientific American magazine (30 September 1905) offered the following instructions and description of the operation:

    "The supplies... comprise a large but shallow glass vessel, having a capacity of one quart, several smaller dishes, a bell jar sufficiently large to inclose those receptacles, and finally, a good high-powered microscope. The chemicals used are sodium chloride, alcohol, ammonia, and distilled water. In the larger vessel 2 ounces of the salt are dissolved in 6 ounces of the water, and when this is done 6 ounces of 90% pure alcohol is added.

    "A portion of the solution thus formed is poured out of the larger into the smaller dishes, when 2 ounces of aqua ammonia is stirred in with a clean glass rod, and the bell jar is then placed over them. A chemical reaction is set up and in the course of a few minutes bubbles of hydrogen will begin to form on the surface of the fluid, and a closer observation will show these little spheres to be gyrating with high velocity. In the course of half an hour the bubbles will cease to form; the liquid is then ready for the crucial test. With the microscope at hand and previously focused so that a globule of the unstable solution may be quickly observed, a very small portion is transferred from the dish to the glass slide... On examination the detached particles of matter are seen moving through the medium from the center to the circumference with extreme rapidity, and continued investigation indicates other changes the liquid is undergoing. Crystals begin to appear, and those first formed are the characteristic transparent cubes of sodium chloride, and hence these are incapable of further development. After these, other crystals follow, and some assume a hexagonal form on the surface of the saturated solution, and it is from these that the growth of the elementary organisms is said to take place...

    "The growth of this supposed rudimentary vital element next follows in sequence, and as it metamorphosed from the hexagonal crystal into a free, smooth, disk-shaped cell, we are informed that it bears a close resemblance to a red-blood corpuscle. The cellular disk now gradually expands in a direction at right angles to is surfaces and an ovoid form results from which pseudopodia or temporary extensions protrude similar to the amoeba...

    Dr Littlefield went so far as to claim that he had produced a microscopic insect formerly unknown to entomology:

    "It resembled a common house-fly, having two antennae protruding from its head, while from its body grew six attenuated legs, the two nearest its head being of the comparative form and length of a grasshopper, while its transparent wings were covered with light hair. This new insect is the outcome of thousands of experiments, and it has no counterpart in the textbooks dealing with that branch of zoology."

    The obvious criticism is that Dr Littlefield failed to conduct his experiments with sterile equipment. (8, 13)

Andrew Crosse ~ In 1837, Andrew Crosse reported to the London Electrical Society concerning the accidental spontaneous generation of life forms while he was attempting to produce artificial crystals with the influence of a voltaic cell. He produced acari insects repeatedly in many carefully controlled experiments under a wide variety of conditions utterly inimical to life as we know it. The experimental details are repeated here in extended quotation to facilitate your own experiments:

    "In the course of my endeavors to form artificial minerals by a long continued electric action on fluids holding in solution such substances as were necessary to my purpose, I had recourse to every variety of contrivance which I could think of, so that, on the one hand, I might be enabled to keep up a never-failing electrical current of greater or less intensity or quantity, or both, as the case seemed to require... Amongst other contrivances, I constructed a wooden frame, of about two feet in height, consisting of four legs proceeding from a shelf at the bottom; supporting another at the top, and containing a third in the middle. Each of these shelves was about 7 inches square. The upper one was pierced with an aperture, in which was fixed a funnel of Wedgwood ware, within which rested a quart basin on a circular piece of mahogany placed within the funnel. When this basin was filled with a fluid, a strip of flannel wetted with the same, was suspended over the edge of the basin and inside the funnel which, acting as a siphon, conveyed the fluid out of the basin, through the funnel, in successive drops. The middle shelf of the frame was likewise pierced with an aperture, in which was fixed a smaller funnel of glass, which supported a piece of somewhat porous red oxide of iron from Vesuvius, immediately under the dropping of the upper funnel. The stone was kept constantly electrified by means of two platina wires on either side of it, connected with the poles of a voltaic battery of 19 pairs of 5-inch zinc and copper single plates, in 2 porcelain troughs, the cells of which were filled at first with water and 1/300 of hydrochloric acid, but afterward with water alone... The lower shelf merely supported a wide mouth bottle, to receive the drops as they fell from the second funnel... It was by mere chance that I selected this volcanic substance, choosing it from its partial porosity; nor do I believe that it has the slightest effect in the production of the insects to be described. The fluid with which I filled the basin was made as follows.

    "To a portion of the silicate of potassa... I added some boiling water to dilute it, and then slowly added hydrochloric acid to supersaturation... My object in subjecting this fluid to a long-continued action, through the intervention of a porous stone, was to form, if possible, crystals of silica to one of the poles of the battery, but I failed in accomplishing this by those means. On the 14th day from the commencement of the experiment, I observed, through a lens, a few small whitish excrescences or nipples projecting from about the middle of the electrified stone, and nearly under the dropping of the fluid above. On the 18th day, these projections enlarged, and 7 or 8 filaments, each of them longer than the excrescence from which it grew, made their appearance on each of the nipples. On the 22nd day, these appearances were more elevated and distinct, and on the 26th day, each figure assumed the form of a perfect insect, standing erect on a few bristles which formed its tail. Till this period I had no notion that these appearances were any other than an incipient mineral formation; but it was not until the 28th day, when I plainly perceived these little creatures move their legs, that I felt any surprise, and I must own that when this took place, I was not a little astonished. I endeavored to detach, with the point of a needle, one or two of them from its position on the stone, but they immediately died, and I was obliged to wait patiently for a few days longer, when they separated themselves from the stone, and moved about at pleasure, although they had been for some time after their birth apparently averse to motion. In the course of a few weeks, about a hundred of them made their appearance on the stone. I observed that at first each of them fixed itself for a considerable time in one spot, appearing, as far as I could judge, to feed itself by suction; but when a ray of light from the sun was directed upon it, it seemed disturbed, and removed itself to the shaded part of the stone. Out of about a hundred insects, not above 5 or 6 were born on the south side of the stone. I examined some of them with the microscope, and observed that the smaller ones appeared to have only 6 legs, but the larger ones 8... It seems that they are of the genus Acarus, but of a species not hitherto observed...

    "I have never ventured an opinion as to the cause of their birth, and for a very good reason --- I was unable to form one.."

    Crosse repeated his experiments with more carefully controlled conditions and obtained similar results. Other experiments utilized copper nitrate and sulfate, iron and zinc sulfates, hydrochloric acid, and arsenic; the acari appeared in every cell but those containing arsenic and potassium carbonate. In one of the simplest experiments that produced acari, Crosse proceeded thus:

    "A bent wire, 1/5th of an inch in diameter, in the form of an inverted siphon, was plunged some inches into [a concentrated solution of silicate of potassa] and connected with the positive pole, whilst a small coil of fine silver wire joined it with the negative.

    "After some months' electrical action, gelatinous silica enveloped both wires, but in much greater quantity at the positive pole; and in about 8 months from the commencement of the experiment, on examining these 2 wires very minutely... I plainly perceived one of these incipient insects upon the gelatinous silica on the silver wire, and about half an inch below the surface of the fluid, when replaced in its original position. In the course of time, more insects made their appearance, till, at last, I counted at once 3 on the negative and 12 on the positive wire. Some of them were formed on the naked part of the wires, that is, on that part which was partially bare of gelatinous silica: but they were mostly embedded more or less in the silica, with 8 or 10 filaments projecting from each beyond the silica... I must not omit to state, that the room... was kept almost completely darkened...

    "I have not observed a formation of an insect, except on a moist and electrified surface, or under an electrified fluid... These insects do not appear to have originated from others similar to themselves, as they are formed in all cases with access of moisture, and in some cases 2 inches below the surface of the fluid in which they are born; and if a full-grown and perfect insect be let fall into any fluid, it is infallibly drowned. I believe they live for many weeks: occasionally I have found them dead in groups, apparently from want of food...

    "I have obtained the insects on a bare platina wire plunged into fluo-silicic acid, one inch below the surface of the fluid at the negative pole of a small battery of 2-inch plates in cells filled with water. This is somewhat a singular fluid for these insects to breed in, who seem to have a flinty taste, although they are by no means confined to siliceous fluids...

    "I have closely examined the progress of these insects. Their first appearance consists in a very minute whitish hemisphere, formed upon the surface of the electrified body, sometimes at the positive end, and sometimes at the negative, and occasionally between the two, or in the middle of the electrified current; and sometimes upon all. In a few days this speck enlarges and elongates vertically, and shoots out filaments of a whitish wavy appearance, and easily seen through a lens of very low power.

    "Then commences the first appearance of animal life. If a fine point be made to approach these filaments, they immediately shrink up and collapse like zoophytes upon moss, but expand again some time after the removal of the point. Some days afterwards these filaments become legs and bristles, and a perfect acarus is the result, which finally detaches itself from its birthplace, and if under a fluid, climb up the electrified wire and escapes from the vessel... If one of them be afterwards thrown into the fluid in which he was produced, he is immediately drowned... I have never before heard of acari having been produced under a fluid, or of their ova throwing out filaments; nor have I ever observed any ova previous to or during electricization, except that the speck which throws out the filaments be an ovum; but when a number of these insects, in a perfect state, congregate, ova are produced."

    The abiogenesis of acari discovered by Andrew Crosse was investigated carefully by Weeks; he took every precaution to ensure the sterility of the equipment and reagents in a series of electrified experiments conducted with unelectrified controls. Acari eventually and invariably appeared, in numbers depending approximately on the percentage of carbon in the mother liquor. Weeks reported his results to the Electrical Society. (5)

    In 1837, Michael Faraday stated in a paper read to the Royal Institution, that he too had encountered manifestations of similar insects in the course of some of his own electrical experiments. He was uncertain, however, whether their appearance was due to revivification of dormant ova, or formation in vitro.

    In the 1940s, Dr Wilhelm Reich announced his discovery of the Orgone life force and the technology to utilize it. One of the areas he investigated involved the abiogenesis of "Bions". Reich also managed to crystallize the atmospheric orgone in vacuum tube orgone accumulators. He named this form "Orene". A polluted form of orgone called DOR (Deadly Orgone) was found to be associated with radioactivity. It can be rectified with geometry, etc. The discovery of orgone gives new credence to the old alchemical concept of Phlogiston, and it serves as a basis for some astral technologies.

    Decades later, the Canadian Dr Gustaf Naessans also discovered novel life forms reminiscent of Reich's bions, and implicated them in the pathology of cancer. Naessans developed a revolutionary cure(lymphatic injections of "camphorminium chloride") based on his discoveries.

    The concept of an aether was defined by Larousse as "an imponderable fluid, filling space and forming the source of light, heat, electricity, etc." The aether was a cornerstone of many physics theories until Einstein prevailed with his Theory of Relativity. Modern quantum mechanics and other post-relativistic physics theories, however, require an aether or something just like it.

    Professor D. Mendeleeff, developer of the periodic table of atomic elements, published a fascinating booklet in 1904: "An Attempt towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether". Mendeleeff explained the ether as follows:

    "The ether may be said to be a gas, like helium or argon, incapable of chemical combination... This point lies at the basis of our investigation into the chemical nature of ether, and includes the following two fundamental propositions: (1) that the ether is the lightest (in this respect ultimate) gas, and is endowed with a high penetrating power, which signifies that its particles have, relatively to other gases, small weight and extremely high velocity, and (2) that ether is a simple body (element) incapable of entering into combination or reaction with other elements or compounds, although capable of penetrating their substance, just as helium, argon, and their analogues are soluble in water and other liquids.

    "When in 1869 I first showed the periodic dependence of the properties of the elements upon their atomic weights, no element incapable of forming definite compounds was known, nor was the existence of such an element even suspected. Therefore the periodic system was arranged by me in groups, series, and periods, starting in group I. and series I., with hydrogen as the lightest and least dense of all the elements. Guided by this system, I was able to predict both the existence of several elements and also their physical and chemical properties in a free and combined state. These elements, gallium, scandium, and germanium, were subsequently discovered by Lecoq de Boisbraudan, Nilson, and Winkler respectively. I made these predictions by following what is known in mathematics as a method of interpolation, that is, by finding intermediate points by means of two extreme points whose relative position is known. The fact of my predictions having proved true confirmed the periodic system of the elements, which may now be considered as an absolute law. So long as the law remained unconfirmed, it was not possible to extrapolate (i.e. to determine points beyond the limits of the known) by its means, but now such a method may be followed, and I have ventured to do so in the following remarks on the ether, as an element lighter than hydrogen. My reason for doing this was determined by two considerations. In the first place, I think I have not many years for delay; and in the second place, in recent years there has been much talk about the division of atoms into more minute electrons, and it seems to me that such ideas are not so much metaphysical as metachemical, proceeding from the absence of any definite notions upon the chemism of ether, and it is my desire to replace such vague ideas by a more real notion of the chemical nature of the ether... Those phenomena in which a division of atoms is recognized would be better understood as a separation or emission of the generally recognized and all-permeating ether. In a word, it seems to me that the time has arrived to speak of the chemical nature of the ether, all the more so since, so far as I know, no one has spoken at all definitely on this subject. When I applied the periodic law to the analogues of boron, aluminum and silicon, I was 33 years younger than now, and I was perfectly confident that sooner or later my prediction would be fulfilled. Now I see less clearly and my confidence is not so great. Then I risked nothing, now I do. This required some courage, which I acquired when I saw the phenomena of radioactivity. I then saw that I must not delay, that perhaps my imperfect thoughts might lead some one to a surer path than that which was opened to my enfeebled vision...

    "If the ratio of the atomic weights be Xe: Kr 1.56:1; Kr: Ar = 2.15: 1; and Ar: He = 9.5: 1, we find that the atomic weight of x = 0.17. This must be considered the maximum possible value. Most probably the atomic weight of x is far less...

    "Its mass is 50.129.1018 or nearly 65.1029, and its radius nearly 698.106... or 26.108 Hence the velocity required will be nearly 2.65 x 1020/26 x 108 = 2,240,000 meters per second, or 2,240 kilometers per second...

    "The atomic weight of x as the lightest elementary gas, permeating space and performing the part of the ether, must be within the limits of 0.000,000,96 and 0.000,000,000,053, if that of H - 1.

    "I think it is impossible, under the present conditions of our scientific knowledge, to admit the latter value... I consider the majority of phenomena are sufficiently explained by the fact that the particles and atoms of the lightest element x capable of moving freely everywhere throughout the universe have an atomic weight nearly one millionth that of hydrogen, and travel with a velocity of about 2,250 kilometers per second." (9)

    Mendeleeff's Ether might have been discovered by Charles Brush (d. 1929), who claimed to have discovered "Etherion: A New Gas", which he reported to the American Association for the Advancement of Science in August 1898:

    "The purpose of this purely preliminary paper is to announce the discovery of a new gas, presumably elementary, and possessed of some extraordinary properties. It is a constituent of the atmosphere, and is occluded by many substances. Its chief characteristic thus far ascertained is enormous heat conductivity at low pressure...

    "I had observed that glass apparatus, when highly exhausted and heated, involved gas for an indefinite length of time, rapidly at first, then slower, but never stopped until the temperature was reduced. On cooling, rapid re-absorption always took place, but was never complete; indicating that two or more gases had been evolved by heating, one of which was not absorbed on cooling. In other words, the absorption was selective...

    "I tested the conductivity of the residual air from time to time as the preliminary exhaustion progressed. When the exhaustion approached a good vacuum, an astounding phenomenon developed. At 36-millionths pressure, the residual gas conducted heat twice as well as air, and nearly as well as hydrogen, at 3.8-millionths it conducted 7 times as rapidly as hydrogen, at 1.6-millionths 14 times, and at 0.96 of one millionth 20 times as rapidly...

    "Believing that the new gas is very much lighter than air or hydrogen, and may therefore be separated from the atmosphere by successive diffusions, I have spent several months in experiments with this end in view...

    "The best results have been obtained with porous porcelain having its superficial pores nearly closed by suitable treatment. A tube of this type, closed at one end, was connected with the apparatus, and the whole kept exhausted to a pressure of 1.3 mm. About 19 cc of gas was diffused per hour... As both phosphorus pentoxide and soda-lime absorb the new gas, they cannot be used for dessication..." (4)

4.    Prophecy 

    Prophecy is the memory of future histories, echoing across time and space. The future is revealed to us through dreams, drugs, religious epiphany, magical rituals and the mantic arts. Prophecy has exerted a powerful influence on the course of history. Alchemy has been the subject of several predictions that await possible fulfillment in proximal futures.

    Paracelsus ~ The great adept Theophrastus von Hohenheim, or Paracelsus, was a prolific writer; his publications revolutionized medicine in Europe. He made major contributions to Western mysticism, including a small book of 32 prophecies called Prognosticatio eximii doctoris Theophrasti Paracelsi (ca. 1530). Though the predictions were written in symbolic terms, several of them have been satisfied by history. Several others can be interpreted easily and offer a clear view of the apparent future he saw. (10)

    Paracelsus associated the 4th Monarchy (the millennial new age) with the rediscovery of the alchemical Philosophers' Stone by the Grand Monarch, as suggested by the following section of a longer prophecy:

"The people of the earth shall then be in commotion, and no ties of brotherhood, marriage, or friendship will be respected.
The lion will join himself to the fishes.
And the crown will be subject to the fine hat.
Then will the rue-wreath be soiled with milk.
And the pelican shall be devoured by his young.
But the phoenix shall be consumed in the fire, and when the dew moistens the ashes he will revive again according to his nature.
But he will become a noble phoenix, and will press hard upon the toad, and he will take to the lion and give him a choice.
The lion will select the best and no more.
Upon the other wild horse this phoenix will place a bridle and will ride it with spurs but without a saddle.
Then a new generation of beasts with various strange heads shall be born. They will have many mouths and stomachs,
but only one natural draught.
The most profligate will maintain his magnificence, and his angels will be clothed in blood. They will be intent upon
one work alone.
A pair of horses will appear and in all places the wail of the fugitives will be heard.
The dragon of sleep will cause the eagle to become weary of all magnificence.
The fountain of life will commence to flow.
And a white eagle will be changed into black.
Milk and blood will decrease, and the animal tree will begin to grow.
An old lion will be bound and a young lion will become free. He will please all those animals which the old had vexed.
He will do even more, for he will change his mane and hair into silk.
The bear will lay snares, and the ox-head will seek to gore him.
The griffin will fly over him but will not harm him.
Then shall the pearl, so long lost, be found by one of humble estate, and will be set, as a jewel, in gold.
It will be given to the prince of all beasts, that is, to the right lion.
He will hang it around his neck, and wear it with honor.
He will resist the bear and the wolf, and rend them asunder; so that the beast of the forest shall be safe.
Then will the old art flourish and no heed will be given to the new.
Then will the New World begin, and the white and black shall disappear.
All vain glory will be ended, and the plumes of the bird of the East shall be burned by the sun of the south.
How then will it be with thee, oh thou lion and earthly one who art painted and bound with gold?
All thy doing shall be changed, and the seven heads shall become one head. Out of this one, a head shall be born that shall be armed with a horn.
This horn shall bruise all that which has so long brought sorrow to Iffinos.
And the great city shall be the head of the less and shall become free from servitude.
Europe shall be the head, Asia the crown, but Africa shall be the jewel."

    This prophecy is difficult to interpret, but some of the symbols are obvious: the phoenix is the alchemist king, who will be graced with the Philosophers' Stone, "the pearl, so long lost." The toad is France: that animal was the glyph from which the present fleur-de-lys was derived. The bear is Russia, the lion is England, and the griffin might the USA. The ox represents the Muslims.

    In Chapter 8 of his treatise De Minerabilis, Paracelsus predicted the advent of Elias Artista (Elias the Artist), Master of Alchemy. Elsewhere in the literature of Hermetic science, Elias Artista is referred to as "a symbol of the ripeness of the age! He is the great day to come when all secrets shall be brought to light, and things now rooting in the dark earth shall be brought to light, and things now rooting in the dark earth shall come forth to full growth and flower and bear a treasure, which is for the healing of nations... a symbolic representation, the collective breath of generous vindications. Spirit of Liberty, of science and love which must regenerate the world!"

    Paracelsus, Glauber, Thomas Norton, Alexander Seton and other alchemists wrote of Elias as if he were an individual. Paracelsus wrote: "What is small and humble, God has revealed, but the more important is still in the dark and shall likely remain so until the arrival of Elias Artista... One shall come after me whose splendor is not yet in this life, and who shall reveal much." According to Glauber, "This Elias Artista shall restore the true spagyric medicine of the old Egyptian Philosophy which was lost over a thousand years. He shall bring it with him and show it to the world."

    Thomas Norton ~ The 15th century master alchemist Thomas Norton transmitted a poetic prophecy about Elias Artista in his Ordinal of Alchemy:

"Arise by Surname when the change of Coin was had,
Made some men sorry, and some men glad:
And as to much people that change,
Seemed a thing new and strange;
So that season befell a wonderous thing,
Touching this Science without leaving.
That three masters of this Science all
Lay in one Bed nigh to Leadenhall,
Which has Elixirs perfect White and Red,
A wonder such Three to rest in one Bed,
And that within the space of days Ten,
While hard it is to find one in Millions of Men.
Of the Dukedom of Lorraine one I understand
Was born, that other nigh in the middle of England,
Under a Crosse, in the end of Shires three,
The third was borne; the youngest of them is he.
Which by his Nativity is by Clerks found,
That he should honor all English ground;
A Man might walk all the World about,
And fail such Three Master to find out;
Two be fleeting, the Youngest shall abide,
And do much good in this Land at a Tide.
But sin of Princes shall let or delay
The Grace that he should do on a day.
The eldest Master changed of him a song,
And said that he should suffer much wrong
Of them which were to him greatly beholden.
And many things more this Master told,
Which since that time hath truly befall,
And some of them hereafter shall,
Whereof one is truly (said he)
After Troubles great Joy shall be
In every quarter of this Land,
Which all good Men shall understand:
The younger asked when that should be,
The old Man said when men shall see
The Holy Cross honored both day and night,
In the Land of God in the Land of Light;
Which may be done in right good season,
But long delayed it is without reason:
When that begins note well this thing,
That Science shall draw towards the King;
And many more Graces ye may be told;
Grace on that King shall descend,
When he old Manners shall amend:
He shall make full secret search,
For this Science with dulcet speech;
And among the Solitary,
He shall have tidings certainly.
So sought King Kalid of many men,
Which helped Kalid at his need,
His virtues caused him to speed.'"

    The eminent British occultist Arthur E. Waite reprinted the prophecy in interpretive prose form in The Hermetic Museum:

    "This knowledge would often have been the glory of England's kings, if their hopes had been firmly placed upon God. One who shall have obtained his honors by means of this Art, will mend old manners, and change them for the better. When he comes, he will reform the kingdom, and by his goodness and virtue he will set an everlasting example to rulers. In his time the common people will rejoice, and render praise to God in mutual neighborly love. O King, who are to accomplish all this, pray to God the King, and implore His aid in the matter. So the glory of thy mind will be crowned with the glory of a golden age, which shall not then be hoped for as future."

    Michel Nostradamus  ~ The 16th century prophet Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus) is considered to be one of the greatest prophets of future history. The following quatrains contain alchemical themes that may inspire aspiring adepts, and certainly confuse them:

"The divine word will give to the substance,
Including heaven, earth, gold occulted in the mystic milk:
Body, soul, spirit having all power,
As much under its feet as the Heavenly see." (C.3.2)

"When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted." (C.4.28)

"The Sun hidden eclipsed by Mercury
Will be placed only second in the sky:
Of Vulcan Hermes will be made into food,
The Sun will be seen pure, glowing red and golden." (C.4.29)

"Eleven more times the Moon the Sun will not want,
All raised and lowered by degree:
And put so low that one will stitch little gold:
Such that after famine plague, the secret uncovered"(C.4-30)

"So much silver of Diana and Mercury,
The images will be found in the lake:
The sculptor looking for new clay,
He and his followers will be steeped in gold.'(C.9.12)(7)

    Finally, in the closing passages of the Biblical Revelation of John, we are promised that, "To he who overcomes, I will give a White Stone, and in it a New Name written, that is known only to he whom it is revealed." This suggests that the Christian survivors of the Tribulation will receive the Philosophers' Stone in its physical and angelic forms. Amen.

5.    References

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