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Counter-Electromotive Force


Rosemary Ainslie
Donovan Martin


This field model suggests that the universe is structured from a single magnetic dipole with a velocity of twice the speed of light. It is proposed that the particle, its composites and its field amalgams, permeate space to create a ten dimensional binary system. Its varying properties are deduced through a necessary but atypical methodology, using symmetries and an applied principle of correspondence. Manifestations of this tachyon vary, depending on its velocity and mass which are inversely proportional. Its composite structures are shown to correspond, both with known manifest particles and with magnetic flux. And it is suggested that its movement in a field generates constants that are evident in our tangibly measurable dimensions. By a logical extension of the use of symmetry and correspondence principles, it predicts certain innate potentials. One such is the reconciliation of the mass/size ratio of the proton to the electron, as justification for its proposed composite particulate state. Another relates to its energy potential, the transfer of which results from an apparent break in magnetic field symmetries. The electromagnetic application has been experimentally proven in a test, described in an appendix to this document. This suggests that this model may be consistent with the fact. There is reference to a broader general reach that may point to resolutions that include, but are not limited to, outstanding questions relating to gravitational fields and to dark energy and dark matter. It enables a resolution of paradoxes especially as these relate to questions of locality. It presumes to describe particles and particle interactions in defiance of the prescriptive use of mathematics and suggests that fractal geometry may be a preferred means to describe both particle interactions and the fields’ varying manifestations.

Pretoria News ( 14 November 2002 )


"Over-unity results are achieved by generating counter electromotive force within inductive components in a switching circuit. These components enable this returning energy, manifest as a negative transient voltage across a resistor. At critical levels, it also results in a partial recharge of the battery..."

Quantum ( Oct. 2002 )

Electric Heater Experiment --

Magnetic Field Model --


Harnessing a Back-EMF

Abstract -- A method of achieving high efficiency of energy usage includes passing current through an inductor, causing the current to be repeatedly interrupted, thereby generating a back emf in the inductor and thereafter harnessing the back emf so generated to supply energy to an energy receiving or processing device. The frequency of interruptions should be 40 Hz or more and is achievable by applying rectifying means to the current. The invention extends to apparatus for harnessing such back-emf and energy generating means comprising an inductor and current interruption means connectable to an energy receiving device.





Power supply for electrical resistance operated installations and appliances

Also published as: WO03007657 // WO03007657
Abstract -- A power supply is provided for an electrial installation or appliance presenting a resistive load (1, 8, 12, 19, 40). The power supply has electrical input means for connection to a supply of electrical energy and output means for connection to a suitable resistive load and is characterized in that electronic switching means (3, 9, 13, 25, 26) is provided for switching the electrical power supply to the output means on and off at a switching frequency of at least about 100 Hz is embodied therein. The power supply thus creates a series of cycles each having an "on" and an "off" component with a duty cycle of from about 3 percent to about 90 percent. The power supply optionally includes one or more inductors (4, 10, 11, 18, 23, 24, 37,38, 39), as may be necessary, to provide, together with the resistive load, a circuit inductance.; The circuit includes means, typically diode means that may be inherently present in the switching means, for ensuring that any back emf or transient energy generated across the inductance is dissipated across the resistive load or is fed back to the power supply source, or both, during the "off" component of the duty cycle. The switching frequency, duty cycle, and inductance in the power supply are chosen so as to cooperate with the resistive load to provide a required operation of the resistive load and generally an enhanced efficiency when compared to the efficiency thereof in the absence of the said power supply.    

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Re: Rosemary Ainslie Quantum Magazine Circuit COP > 17 Claims

Ashtweth from Panacea was good at compiling information from a project. And although Panacea's website is no longer, the internet never forgets, and I was able to find Ashtweth's large compilation pdf of the work Glen was doing back in 2009. I uploaded it to TK's mediafire account. It is 15M in size and contains 290 pages. All Glen's tests and images are in this document, as well as a lot of other stuff. Test #13 starts on page 197.

I've found all the Test data and images from Glen's work (22 tests) on his own skydrive site here:!120

...and Glen's livestream site that links to the above (links are near bottom of page):

Ainslie’s Recent Test Does Not Confirm 2002 Thesis

Posted by Sterling D. Allan

I received the following email from Rosemary:

    From: Rosemary Ainslie
    To: Sterling Allan
    Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 9:43 PM

    As a point of order – kindly publish the following where it’s appropriate.

    In June and August 2013, demonstration experiments were undertaken in an effort to reproduce the experiments and results reported in this paper.  The 2013 experiments were conducted under more stringent protocols than the originals. The experiments conducted June 29, August 10, and August 11 failed to reproduce the results reported here.

    The June 29 experiments were unable to bias Q1 as in Figure 3 without current flow also indicated in Figure 3.

    The privately conducted August 10, and publicly conducted August 11 experiments were unable to corroborate net zero or negative battery draw during periods of Q2 oscillation. Reference measurements taken at new sense points directly at the battery bank indicated average net positive battery drain of 14W to 15W.  Maximum heater temperature rise during these experiments was 21C.  From our electrical DC power to temperature rise tests conducted in 2011 and appear as Table II in this paper, a 21C heater temperature rise corresponds to an equivalent power of between 2.4W and 3.4W.  We therefore obtained heat output that was only a fraction of the input power.

    As we are unable to replicate our earlier reported results, we respectfully withdraw this paper in both of its parts.

    Details of the test protocols are available as August 11 Demonstration Outline_draft_05.pdf.  Test Phases 1 – 3 were conducted during the live demonstration.  We ended the demonstration after Test Phase 3 when it became clear that the net battery power drain was far in excess of the possible heater output power.

    This retraction relates to the this circuit variant and does NOT represent a retraction of the claims in the Quantum paper published in 2002 a copy of which can be found at this link…

    Rosemary Ainslie

ZA9900385 -- Harnessing a Back EMF  

EP0932248 -- Method of Harnessing a Back-EMF

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