"Hemp For Freedom"


Waves Forest

(Also "Hemp Doodle"; originally written to the tune of "Yankee Doodle")

Here's a song about that plant
you're not supposed to inhale,
'cause it could get your body tossed
into some boring jail.

Which could pretty much block your view
of the beauties of the world,
making it harder though not impossible
to get your wings unfurled.

Hemp served Man since ancient times,
though it's gone out of favor.
But America's in such a fix
now only hemp can save her.

Food and fuel and shelter and medicine
when we really need 'em;
once again the mighty hemp
could help us gain our freedom.

The world's first paper was made from hemp,
so literacy could spread.
Now wise old guys could tell us lies,
even when they're dead.

Of course they could also share some truths,
if they happened to know any.
The point is when they printed their books on hemp,
no one told 'em not to grow any.

Our ancestors barely made it here
on ships with canvas sails,
rollin' and bouncin' and heavin' and barfin'
and greatly amusing the whales.

Canvas means cannabis and that means hemp,
the first cloth to cross the ocean.
Salt rots the other fibers halfway over
and halts your forward motion.

That's right folks, without that hemp
we never could have come here.
Now there's some who want to eradicate
the species from here.

The DEA can yank it up,
yank it up right handy,
but when the famine strikes our land,
they'll eat hemp seeds like candy.

Oh you can bet when the big drought hits,
any narc'll turn to a hemp farmer.
If your kids were starving
wouldn't you let down your armor?

Hemp has roots that reach way down
to raise the deepest waters,
to grow the seeds that you will need
to feed your sons and daughters.

Before petroleum took over
hemp seed oil was its main competition.
Then petro-chemical and timber barons
arranged for its prohibition.

To this day legalizing hemp's what
oil barons fear the most.
If people grow their own fuel in their back yards,
the energy monopoly's toast.

So don't send your kids to fight for oil;
there are better choices.
Hemp seed oil could run your cars
if you all raise your voices.

And hemp seed has nearly all the nutrients
human bodies need,
much better than those over-used soybeans
meant for cattle feed.

Fresh hemp seeds are tasty and healthy
and help you to keep your grin on,
while soybeans, unless you spice the daylights out of 'em,
taste like the dirt they rode in on.

For thousands of years humans ate hemp seeds,
more protein than any other crop.
The single worst special interest legislation of all time
ordered everybody to stop.

Greed unbound, on the flimsiest ground,
to create resource monopolies,
asked real polite if it'd be alright
if they banned our most useful crop, please?

Well no, actually, what they did was re-label
hemp as marijuana,
exploiting racist fears and guaranteeing tears,
and lots of homeless flora and fauna.

Hemp still makes better paper and building material
stronger than lumber.
But hemp prohibition left us grinding up our trees
and seriously reducing their number.

The first people who lived here warned us:
Don't cut down the big trees.
They're what holds the land to the sky,
safe above the seas.

They also make the air we breathe;
too bad we did not listen.
Folks will be turning several shades of blue
when they notice what is missin'.

Where did you think that oxygen
you're fond of breathing comes from?
When you can't pay your oxygen bill,
well good luck trying to bum some.

Half an eco-system does not work;
don't even try it.
If too many big trees get cut down,
things could get rather quiet.

Takes a mighty big blind spot to look up at a
thousand year-old being,
if the money you can get for chopping up its body
is the only thing you're seeing.

Keep killing those who make your oxygen,
eventually you'll strangle.
Oh say can you see that slender thread
from which your lives now dangle?

Now it may seem like we've wandered quite a way
from the original point.
But there's a whole lot more to hemp
than "Hey let's smoke a joint".

Everything the kids need is getting scarcer;
instead they're getting stuck with the debt.
No wonder they've been forming gangs
and acting slightly upset.

So if you don't want your children thinking
that you totally blew it,
better let them grow that hemp;
it just might see them through it.

We can still get back in Mother Nature's good graces
just when it looked like we'd lost her,
but we'll need leaders who don't prefer
a cranio-rectal posture.

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and
some other founding fathers
smoked their hemp and dreamed up a nation
freer than many others.

We fought for independence when
King George the third decreed,
the colonies must buy from England
everything they need.

Well that didn't go over too well,
so we had us a boycott.
We stopped buying British clothes,
made our own from hemp, then we fought.

Hemp provided our ropes and sails,
and the cloth for Old Glory;
lamp oil and tents, America's hemp
was a vital part of her story.

Nowadays visionary leaders are scarce;
it's all about greed and combat.
There's more imagination apparent
in your average wombat.

So if you people want to legalize hemp,
you'll have to stand up and mention it,
though the men with the energy monopoly machine
probly won't appreciate a wrench in it.

TV experts claim marijuana
will give your brain a frying,
but a lethal dose has never been found,
though not for lack of trying.

Neuro-scientists have found
receptors in our brains,
specially shaped for THC,
to loosen our thought chains.

Silicon Valley innovators,
most of them were stoners.
Wall Street saw what they'd invented
and got giant boners.

Okay that was utterly tasteless
and we're really sorry.
Blame it on that hemp we used to smoke
like there was no tomorry.

Cannabis must be made free
for once and for all time.
It's time to be rid of bad laws
That make the plant a crime.

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