Urine Therapy

(Amaroli, Shivambu, Auto-Urine Therapy, Uropathy)

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Beatrice Bartnett, Margie Adelman : The Miracles of Urine Therapy ) --- "The Therapy outlined in this book is an entirely drugless system of healing; the only ingredient is a substance manufactured by the body, rich in minerals, salt, hormones, and other vital substances, namely human urine. This book includes case studies of patients successfully treated with urine therapy. It also provides scientific proof of the efficacy of urine as well as an in-depth look at the history and metaphysical roots supporting Urine-Therapy."

Martha Christy: Your Own Perfect Medicine ( ) -- "In this extraordinary how-to book, Martha Christy examines research findings and testimonials relating to urine therapy, and includes step-by-step instructions to using urine therapy at home. In its examination of this ancient therapy which has been around for over 5,000 years, Your Own Perfect Medicine makes use of information from urologists, neurologists, immunologists, pediatricians, dermatologists and university researchers to state its case for urine therapy. Ms. Christy also answers the important question, "why haven't the thousands of findings on urine therapy been publicized?" This book is a valuable tool for the growing numbers of consumers who are determined to take control of their own health.

"It's the most astounding proven natural cure that medical science has ever discovered-and yet none of the incredible research findings on this incomparable natural medicine have ever been revealed to the public! Now, for the first time ever, learn to use this simple method and read about the startling and amazing medical cures that prestigious researchers and doctors themselves have witnessed in clinical use of this inexpensive, incredibly effective yet virtually unknown natural medicine. You owe it to yourself to permanently change your health for the better with the most proven, simplest natural cure in existence --- Your Own Perfect Medicine!.."

Martin Lara : Uropathy  -- The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy ( ) --  "Uropathy is one approach to health that is 100% safe to use, it is extremely effective, has never harmed anyone and it is absolutely free of charge. It cannot be controlled and you truly benefit from using it. Thousands of urine therapy advocates certify that this is a healing modality that activates de lymphatic system which detoxifies the body and starts the true process of healing and regenerating the body. Once you become familiar with UROPATHY and start using your urine, you will be able to fight individual diseases, prevent and reverse the conditions that make you susceptible to all types of health problems including: childhood diseases, allergies, common cold, flu, hepatitis, arthritis, hypertension, all types of infections and fevers, cancer and the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.

"Learn to prepare a strong and powerful formula against most diseases. This simple formula has been used against all allergies, for all types of fevers especially for babies and infants. It is effective against the flu, common cold, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and all other skin problems. Learn more about urine's healing properties for: Hypertension, Hepatitis, Gall Stones, Lyme Disease, Dysentery , Arthritis, and Cholera..

Flora Peschek-Bohmer : Urine Therapy: Nature's Elixir for Good Health ( ) -- "An introduction to urine therapy 's amazing effectiveness in treating a wide array of physical complaints. Contains effective treatments for acne, asthma, hair loss, indigestion, infections, migraines,  warts, wrinkles, and many other common ailments. Examines the historical use of urine therapy in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  Includes a program for overcoming initial aversion to urine therapy..."

"If you are like most people, trained from their earliest years to regard urine as a mere waste product, the thought of using it for its healing powers may seem shocking. Yet urine has long played an important role in the holistic medical traditions of societies all over the world, and is even mentioned in the Ebers Medical Papyri of ancient Egypt. For centuries people have been availing themselves of urine's incredible curative powers for ailments ranging from anemia to warts. Urine is free, sterile, and acts homeopathically to "prepare" the immune system. Urine Therapy includes many case histories of people who have successfully treated their ailments with urine, along with cogent explanations of why urine does what it does, how to ensure that the wastes flushed out with your urine aren't taken back in, and why urine may be the best tonic available for your immune system. In addition to protocols for using urine to treat a wide array of diseases, the book offers a program that teaches you step-by-step to overcome any initial aversion to urine therapy. Still playing an important role in the medical systems of countries as diverse as Germany, Japan, and India, this surprising health treatment has been gaining popularity in the United States."

Coen van der Kroon : The Golden Fountain ( ) -- "Briefly, if urine is ingested and/or rubbed into the skin, it purifies blood and tissues, provides useful nutrients and sends the body a signal about what is in or out of balance. This last effect is called (oral) auto-immunization. This brings us at a last important feature of urine. Urine itself is, as said, not a toxic waste product. It does contain however minute particles connected with possible disease processes in the body. These minute particles are mainly antibodies, which upon re-ingesting can help the body to react on specific pathological situations. Urine therapy has proven helpful in a great number of various diseases, ranging from a simple cold and a throatache, to tuberculosis and asthma, from minor skin problems such as itching, to more serious skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and even skin cancer."

The Golden Fountain, the most complete book to date on urine therapy, is the result of those investigations. It includes detailed case histories and a user-friendly guide to its application in the treatment of specific ailments, including cancer, tuberculosis, skin complaints, eye infections, wounds, burns and scars. Coen van der Kroon discovered that the use of urine as medicine in one form or another can be found in many medical traditions of people or tribes who are in close contact with nature. Native North Americans, gypsies and Eskimos are among those cited in his book.

Coen van der Kroon covers almost all questions concerning urine therapy and its history in his book The Golden Fountain; The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy. (Coen van der Kroon is a health consultant, living in Amsterdam, Holland.

John W. Armstrong : Water of Life ( )

Healing with Urine Therapy

Urine is not a dirty and toxic substance rejected by the body. Urine is a by-product of blood filtration, not waste filtration. Medically it is referred to as "plasma ultrafiltrate". It is a purified derivative of the blood itself, made by the kidneys--whose principal function is not excretion but regulation of all the elements and their concentrations in the blood. Urine can be compared to leftovers from a meal, and this metaphor may help us understand why our bodies excrete elements that are valuable to our health and well-being.

Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver where toxins are removed to be excreted as solid waste. Eventually, this purified "clean" blood undergoes a filtering process in the kidneys, where excess water, salts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies, urea, uric acid and other elements not usable at that time by the body are collected in the form of a purified, sterile, watery solution that is urine. The function of the kidneys is to keep the various elements in the blood balanced. The important elements in the blood are not filtered out because they are toxic and harmful to the body, but simply because the body does not need a particular concentration of an element at that specific point in time. It is this very regulating process of the kidneys that allows us to eat and drink more than our bodies need at any one time.

Urine is considered to be an invaluable source of nourishment and healing that perhaps has been too controversial or not financially rewarding enough for it to be talked about and encouraged as a potent medicine. One's own urine, a living food, contains elements that are specific to one's body alone. The body is constantly producing a huge variety of antibodies, hormones, enzymes and other natural chemicals to regulate and control its functions and combat imbalances that one may not be aware of. --

Clinical studies have proved that the thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that end up in urine reflect the individual body's functions. When re-utilised, these chemicals and nutrients act as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogenic agents as well as hormone balancers and allergy relievers. The information that urine contains therefore cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. Just as nature produces no two people who are exactly the same, there are no two urine samples in the world that contain exactly the same components.

"Don't take this therapy lightly. Multiple sclerosis, colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, hyperactivity, pancreatic insufficiency, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, herpes, mononucleosis, adrenal failure, allergies and so many other ailments have been relieved through use of this therapy. After you overcome your initial gag response (I know I had one), you will realize that something big is going on, and if you are searching for health, this is an area to investigate. There are numerous reports and double blind studies which go back to the turn of the century supporting the efficacy of using urine for health."

Urine therapy can be a very effective healing modality. Sometimes when all else fails, urine therapy will turn a person around.

Ms. Christy was sick. Very sick. For a very long time. Pelvic inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto's disease, mononucleosis. She had severe kidney infections, two miscarriages, chronic cystitis, severe candida, endometriosis, adrenal insufficiency, serious chronic ear and sinus infections, food and chemical allergies. And that wasn't the half of it. She had every conceivable medical test, her share of surgery, and drugs - plenty of them. Then she tried all forms of alternative therapy. Homeopathy, herbs, mega-vitamins and liv-cell treatments in Mexico. After traditional medicine failed to work, she and her husband spent over $100,000 trying to get her well with alternative approaches. Nothing worked.

And then one day, her husband brought home a little book that told of how individuals had been cured of even the worst diseases with a seemingly strange and little-known natural therapy. Soon afterwards, she began the therapy herself. From the first day she began, she received almost instantaneous relief from her incurable constipation and fluid retention. Within a week, her severe abdominal and pelvic pain was gone. The chronic cystitis and yeast infections (internal and external) soon disappeared and her food allergies, exhaustion, and digestive problems all began to heal. After a few more months, her colds, flu, sore throats and on again off again viral symptoms disappeared. Her hair which had fallen out by the handfuls after her fifth surgery became thick and lustrous. Her weight normalized, and her energy and strength came back. After nearly 30 years of non-stop illness, Martha Christy was whole again.

What was this therapy that she had discovered? What was this therapy that has helped seriously ill patients gain complete remissions from their afflictions? What was it that she actually did? Well, here it is. She orally and medicinally re-consumed her own urine...

The middle stream of fresh, warm, morning urine is the most potent, and drinking it mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice is probably the fastest way to accomplish this task, although it is best not to mix urine with other foods or drinks or to take it within an hour before or after eating.

Oral drops of fresh urine can be placed directly under the tongue. Urine therapists suggest their patients start with 5 drops of fresh morning urine on the first day, increase to 5 or 10 drops on the second day, and take 10 drops on the morning of the third day and the same amount that evening before going to bed. Once patients feel comfortable with this therapy, they can gradually increase the amount as they see fit to obtain the results required for their body's condition. Over time, they can learn to adjust the amount that is needed by observing their reactions to the therapy; their dosage may become as much as one full cup at a time!

Self-urine may be used as eye drops and ear drops, in foot baths and even as effective enemas. Nose drops can help loosen mucus and clear up blocked nasal passages. Gargling with it is helpful for a sore throat, and inhaling it relieves sinus and respiratory congestion. Taken internally, it has a laxative and diuretic effect, as it cleanses the digestive tract.

Dr John Armstrong (author of The Water of Life) emphasises the need to massage with urine. He insists that cures work faster and more effectively in those who are bathed, massaged, rubbed and soaked in their own urine. He highly recommends it for more serious illnesses, since urine is absorbed through the skin and the hormonal and protein-based contents are slowly reabsorbed into the system, bypassing digestive juices that otherwise may have neutralised their potency. In this way, it also works as an excellent cosmetic for moisturising and healing skin blemishes, burns and scar tissue. However, for this usage, it is preferable to use urine that is 4 - 8 days old. The smell of ammonia in the old urine is not toxic but actually beneficial if used topically only, and not taken internally.

Urotherapy for Patients with Cancer

Joseph Eldor, MD

[ Theoretical Medicine Institute,  P.O.Box 12142, Jerusalem, 91120,Israel ;  E-mail: ]

Cancer cells release various antigens, some of which appear in the urine. Oral auto-urotherapy is suggested as a new treatment modality for cancer patients. It will provide the intestinal lymphatic system the many tumor antigens against which antibodies may be produced. These antibodies may be transpierced through the blood stream and attack the tumor and its cells.

What is urine therapy? How does it work?

"Urine therapy has been practised for thousands of years and has merely fallen a bit into obscurity in the last century. However, urine therapy may seem to be unorthodox and perhaps revolutionary, it does not introduce anything new or original. It has been known throughout the centuries both in the West and in the East. Dr. Evagelos Danopouolos of Greece reported that urea found in urine has anti-cancerous properties. The urea seems to disrupt the ability of cancer cells to group together and kills them by upsetting some of their normal metabolic activities. Urine therapy has been used to treat cancers of the skin, cervix, lungs, eyes, breast, and liver. The first question that probably comes to mind is whether urine is not a toxic substance and how a toxic waste product could ever be of any benefit for your health. Well, urine is NOT a toxic waste product and this has been scientifically proven. 95% of urine is water, 2.5% consists of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salt, hormones and enzymes. Toxic substances are being removed from the body through the liver and intestines, through the skin and through the outbreath...

Subcutaneous urine injections was practiced in 1912 by Duncan (1) from New York under the name of auto-pyotherapy for urinary infections, and in 1919 by Wildbolz (1) from Bern for diagnostic purposes. Cimino (2) from Palermo reported in 1927 on the use of auto uro-therapy for urinary infections. Rabinowitch (3) in 1931 described this auto-urine therapy for gonarthritis. Jausion et al. (4) used this kind of therapy in 1933 for desensitization and endocrinological problems. They treated with auto urotherapy injections patients who suffered from migraine, pruritus, asthma, urticaria, eczema, psoriasis, etc. Day (5)in 1936 treated patients with acute and subacute glomerulonephritis by injection of an autogenous urinary extract. Sandweiss, Saltzstein and Farbman (6) reported in 1938 that an extract from urine of pregnant women has a prophylactic and therapeutic effect on experimental ulcers in dogs. Shortly thereafter the same group noted that an extract from urine of normal women has a similar beneficial effect (7). In 1926 Seiffert first described the construction of ileal loop conduits for urinary diversion (8). Bricker in the 1950s popularized the use of the ileal loop as a means of supravesical urinary diversion following exenteration for pelvic malignancy in adults (9). Ureterosigmoidostomy as a means of urinary diversion was used widely from 1920 to 1955. It was this type of implant which Hammer first reported in 1929 associated with tumor (10).

Urine Therapy

"Very briefly, here are two ways to do urine therapy. This is in no way a complete discussion of how to use the therapy, but simply an introduction.

1) Use your own urine in a homeopathic fashion.

First, collect midstream urine in a clean cup or container. This should be a clean catch, meaning the genital area (important for women in particular) has been cleaned beforehand. To 1/6 ounce of distilled water in a sterile bottle, add one drop of fresh urine. Cap and shake 50 times. Take one drop of this mix and add to another 1/6 ounce of distilled water and shake 50 times. Take one drop of this mix and add to 1/6 oz. of 80 to 90 proof vodka which acts as a preservative.

Place three drops under the tongue hourly until there is obvious improvement or temporary exacerbation of symptoms. As improvement progresses, lengthen the interval between treatments. After 3 days, suspend treatment to avoid pushing the immune system. Treatment is resumed if progress remains static or relapse occurs.

2) Begin with oral drops then increase dosage as needed.

Use fresh urine drops direct. For some cases, sub-lingual drops work well.
(Should always use fresh urine immediately upon collection. You should not boil or dilute the urine in any way. You must use it in its natural form)

Start by taking 1-5 drops of morning urine on the first day. On the second day, take 5-10 drops in the morning. On the third day, take 5-10 drops in the morning, and the same amount in the evening before you go to bed.

Once you feel accustomed to the therapy, gradually increase the amount as needed for obtaining results for your condition. As you use the therapy, you will learn to adjust the amount you need by observing your reactions to the therapy. It may be that you'll work up to actually drinking an ounce or two at a time."

The Fountain of Youth

by Bob Silverstein
N.U.T. (Naturopathic Urine Therapist)

"This strange behavior, called "urine therapy," or "auto-immune therapy," or "intrinsic medicine," or simply "UT," and also known in India as "amaroli" (the practise itself) and "Shivambu" (urine, the "water of Shiva"), has a well-documented, proven record of its power to heal an amazing variety of ills, with no negative or harmful effects.  Urine is a divine nectar, with supernatural qualities. After all, as the Bible says, "the life (or life-force) of the flesh is in the blood," and as urine comes from the blood, it contains that "life-force." Imbibed fresh and warm, it is a living food, and a nourishing drink, that is also cleansing, as well as medicinal. Urine is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It is used in cases of AIDS (only AIDS anti-bodies in urine); cancer; fatigue; anemia; all sorts of urinary diseases, for weight-loss, colds and flu, candida, diabetes, digestive problems, jaundice, etc. It is medically-proven against polio, rabies, and tuberculosis. The list of diseases for which it is effective is very long, and around 175 known diseases are said to respond to this kind of therapy... Urine therapy is truly a "panacea" (i.e., a "cure-all" or "universal remedy")...

Ayurveda and Yoga: Amaroli

An explanation of the practice of Amaroli, Shivambu, or Auto-Urine Therapy follows. This practice comes from Yoga and is the use of one's own urine as food, medicine, restorative, transforming agent and  immune system booster. It is sometimes called 'Your Own Doctor'. Amaroli is very simple to do and increases the power of the immune system, strengthens the Aura and improves skin health. Spiritual aspirants will find that the mind is less inclined to behave like a monkey, spiritual energy is kept high, and progress towards samadhi is smoother. The effects are magnified if the practitioner has a Yoga practice and an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.

Three million Chinese drink their own urine

Beijing, June 1, 200: More than three million Chinese drink their own urine in the belief it is good for their health, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday. Participants at a recent seminar on the practice in the northeastern city of Shenyang were told that urine contains many active ingredients which strengthen the immune system, Xinhua said.

"Urine contains no bacterium and is more sanitary than blood," Yang Liansheng, a professor from the Liaoning Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was quoted as saying. Engineer Zhu Jinfu told the seminar he had been drinking his own urine since he was 13 and had lived a healthy life for the last 58 years, Xinhua added. Many of his forefathers had also lived to a ripe old age thanks to urine therapy, he said. (Reuters)

Making Your Own Medicine

by Roy Oakes

How common is the use of urine? It is used in the manufacture of hormones, diuretics, and cancer fighting drugs. As urea, it is one of the primary ingredients in many face and skin creams---just read the labels---because it is one of the best moisturizers available. As a medicine, it can be used as an extract, injected, topically and in oral applications. Scientific research on urine therapy started at the turn of the last century and continued until shortly after World War II, when drug companies realized there was more money to be made in urine extracts than in promoting its self-healing properties.

Dr. Williams states that urine is probably the most specific customized medicine you will ever have available. He refers to the remarkable story of Martha Christy, who for years suffered a long list of chronic ailments untreatable by conventional medicine. She reluctantly agreed to try urine therapy and experienced almost immediate relief. She went on to document not only her story but those of many others in her book " Christy cites numerous medical and scientific studies that have been conducted on urine, as well as testimonials from numerous converts, and provides a good resource for understanding the benefits and supporting evidence for using urine therapy. Home Cure also offers a source book for physicians.

For me the most compelling argument for trying urine therapy was its benefit in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

The Buddha Medicine

In the light of this information we should look again at the very first quotation in this essay. The main theme so far is that repulsive urine as medicine, which is the last of the four requisites for bhikkhus, is considered to be the absolute minimum of medicine that a bhikkhu will need through out his life. The Pali term Putimuttabhesajja is a compounded term made out of at least three pali roots; puti, mutta and bhesajja. As we’ve already seen this word has been translated as: 1.) Decomposing urine as medicine. Or as: 2.) Fermented urine as support. The word putiliterally means either decomposing or fermented, sometimes translated as rancid or putrefied. Muttam means urine, sometimes translated as cows’ urine, and occasionally as ammonia. Bhesajjam means medicine. In the Vinaya Pitaka, whether with the consultation of its Commentary or not, there is little chance to find out what kind of urine is meant because neither the Vinaya nor its Commentary adds any further light on the subject. In the Sutta Pitaka, on the other hand, especially in MN. Sutta No 46 and its relevant Commentary and Sub-commentary, there’s enough evidence to suggest a more pragmatic meaning than that commonly accepted today. "Itwould not be agreeable to sight, smell or taste" suggests that the adjective putidoes not mean any decomposition, fermentation or putrefaction but that urine is naturally disagreeable to sight, smell or taste – a statement most people would agree with. The original recommendation may not have meant any decomposition, fermentation or putrefaction at all, as the translators’ has interpreted it so far. Nor do the scriptures in any way indicate that it was cow’s urine that the Buddha originally referred to. The Sub-commentary says: "As urine pass out from the genital it is warm due to the body heat". There is not a word or clue justifying the assumption that cows’ urine is meant. The interpretation I prefer, on the other hand, is quite in line with the Commentary and the Sub-commentary to the above mentioned Sutta and with the contemporary idea of using one’s own urine.
Urine Therapy :  Properties and Efficacy of Auto-Urine Therapy

It is difficult to convince a majority of people that drinking ones own urine can cure a number of disorders.

The reason is that modern medical science has hammered it into our heads that urine is liquid containing useless and even harmful substances that have been rejected by the body. Traditional cultural influence has also nurtured a kind of disgust for urine in our minds.

Before discussing the effects of urine on our bodies and our disorders, let us first consider the composition of urine.

Normally a human passes from 750-1500 milliliters of urine in a day. The requirements of water increase after consumption of fried or highly spiced foods. This will result in an increase in the total quantity of urine. On the other hand, in summer a large proportion of body water is lost through perspiration, thus decreasing the amount of urine. More urine is passed during the colder periods of the year than during the hotter parts.

Generally urine is clear like pure water, or there may a tinge of yellow in it. When the quantity of urine decreases, due to hot weather or for any other reason, the concentration of substances in the urine increases, in which case it will probably be of a deeper yellow or orange color. The urine of a person suffering from jaundice is generally as yellow as turmeric, and that of a feverish person has a reddish tinge. Disorders of the kidneys or the urinary tract may cause urine to become turbid and red in color.

The urine of a healthy person is a little salty in taste. If the urine is of a more intense yellow color, it may be a little saltier in taste. If there is a reddish tinge in the urine, it may have a slightly bitter taste. Variations in the intake of solids and liquids as well as variations in the weather cause corresponding variations in the color and taste of urine.

The following are the average quantities of the various substances listed below, in 100 milliliters of urine as reported in 'Introduction to Biochemistry' by Dr. Pharon:

Substance // Milligrams

1] Urea nitrogen // 682.00
2] Urea // 1459.00
3] Creatinin nitrogen // 36.00
4] Creatinin // 97.20
5] Uric acid nitrogen // 12.30
6] Uric acid --- 36.90
7] Amino nitrogen // 9.70
8] Ammonia nitrogen // 57.00
9] Sodium // 212.00
10] Potassium // 137.00
11] Calcium // 19.50
12] Magnesium // 11.30
13] Chloride314.00
14] Total sulphate // 91.00
15] Inorganic sulphate // 83.00
16] Inorganic phosphate // 127.00
17] N/10 acid // 27.80

Some other important constituents of Shivambu are as follows: Enzymes, Amylase (diastase), Lactic dehydrogenate (L. D. H.), Leucine amino-peptidase (L. A. P.), Urokinase.Hormones, Catechol amines, Hydroxy-steroids, 17-Catosteroids, Erythropoietine, Adenylate cyclase, Prostaglandins, Sex hormones... Copper, Urobilinogen.
As a knowledgeable qualified doctor has pointed out, there is a strong possibility of there being several other beneficial substances not yet know to science, in addition to the above substances, present in urine.
Urokinase, an enzyme present in urine, prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels, and is even capable of dissolving clots already formed. When such blood clots obstruct the flow of blood in the blood vessels of the heart a heart attack may be precipitated. Dr. Mezel of the Edgewater Hospital of Chicago, IL USA, injects urokinase into the bodies of victims of heart attacks thus aborting the attack and saving the life of the patient.
Dr. Salaria, an eminent surgeon of Ahmedabad, Gugjarat, India, too makes it a practice to give an injection of the patients own urine before undertaking surgery so as to forestall any risk of overburdening or harming the heart during or after the operation.
The hormone erythropoietine, one of the substances usually present in urine, stimulates the bone marrow to increase the rate of production of erythrocytes (red blood corpuscles). This is the reason why a patient of anemia derives substantial benefit from auto-urine therapy.

Another hormone present in urine, adenylate cyclase, co-ordinates the actions of all hormones in the body through the production of a substance known as cyclic A. M. P..

Prostaglandin is a hormone that is essential for the contraction of the muscles of the uterus. Many scientists are of the opinion that this hormone can act as a contraceptive.

Urine contains sex hormones, insulin and growth hormones as well.

The Nobel Laureate Albert Sczent Georgyi has carried out a number of experiments testing the effect of methyl glyoxal, a constituent of urine, on cancer patients, and has had considerable success in several cases.

In addition to the above, one must not lose sight of the high probability of the presence of urine in many substances which are as yet unknown to science.

All the beneficial substances are present in urine in very finely divided and highly potentised forms. As a result they are quickly absorbed from the stomach and the intestines within a short time following the imbibing of urine. And despite the extremely small quantities in which they are present in the urine, they have been found to be of great benefits to the body.

Dr. Dharmadhikari of Pune in Maharashtra state, India, has tried auto urine therapy on more than 200 patients, and has carried out scientific investigations related to this therapy. Here are the conclusions he has arrived at as a result of these researches:

The body begins to absorb more oxygen from the atmosphere after the commencement of auto-urine therapy, and the metabolic reactions are speeded up. The results of a large number of experiments support this conclusion.

The commencement of auto-urine therapy is invariably followed by a slow but definite increase in the number of red blood corpuscles in and the hemoglobin content of the blood.

Dr. Dharmadhikari believes that these changes in body functions play a very important part in curing disorders. In the book 'Yoga' published by the Bihar School of Yoga, Monghyr, a knowledgeable and learned doctor has ascribed the efficacy of urine to the following reasons:

Urine supplements the essential nutrients and makes up the deficiency of any nutrient in the body.

Urine contains highly active enzymes, that have a salutary effect on al the physiological reaction taking place in the body.

Urine contains valuable salts necessary for the body. (The well-known and widely prevalent 'Biochemic' therapeutic system uses just twelve salts to cure any and every disease).

The hormones contained in urine are of great benefit to the body.

Urine possesses bactericidal properties. It therefore destroys the disease-causing bacteria in the body, especially those infesting the digestive tract.

The substances present in the urine augment and sharpen the body's natural powers of resistance to disease.

The substance called 'urea' present in urine is a diuretic and increases the efficiency of the kidneys.

Urine is a tonic that strengthens the body, and an 'elixir' the confers longevity.

Ayurveda and other ancient works on medicinal science have accorded their approval to the drinking of urine as a therapeutic measure. Ayurveda regards urine as an effective antidote against the harmful confluence of excesses of the three humours.

It is believed by some researchers that urine acts like a vaccine, promoting the generation of antibodies that fight and over the agencies that cause disorders, thus resisting and curing diseases.

The sum and substance of the above discussion is that urine has an undoubtedly salutary effect on the body, but that the details of exactly how it acts in the body have not yet been worked out sufficiently clearly to command universal agreement among the experts.

How far would it be proper to recommend or adopt a remedy, the mode of action of which has not yet been completely understood? The answer to this objection is simple and straightforward. To this day the mode of action of a number of drugs and therapeutic procedures such as aspirin, acupuncture, electric shock treatment, etc., has not been worked out satisfactorily. But this in no way reduces their efficacy. The doctor knows well what effects aspirin will produce in the body after being ingested orally, and accordingly prescribes aspirin (which in fact the world consumption of aspirin exceeds the consumption of any other drug!) for the patient as and when necessary. Knowledge of its mode of action is not essential for the doctor. In the same way, innumerable experiments have established the actual effect of auto-urine on the body. It has always been found to have favorable effects, not a single case of an untoward effect having been recorded so far.

There is a mass of documentary evidence establishing the fact that imbibing of ones own urine has been and is being restored to by criminal elements to obviate physical damage and to augment their powers of endurance of pain inflicted by beatings; by mountaineer's to maintain their vigor and to fight adverse atmospheric conditions; and by numerous monks and ascetics to develop the capacity to complete their penance's successfully.

Briefly, it is nothing more than a conjecture that urine is a useless fluid that has been rejected by the body; no instances of urine having a seriously, or even mildly, harmful effect on the body have been recorded. A renowned heart specialist of Bombay, India once issued an appeal through a newspaper to members of the public, inviting them to write to him about their experience of auto-urine therapy, especially about cases of adverse effects. His purpose was to demonstrate that drinking urine is harmful. Soon there was a deluge of hundreds of letters in response to his appeal; but there was not a single letter among them that reported any adverse effects.


Dr. Jhani Picasso

Salt content and Nitrogen content are the two most significant variables in urine. When there is too much of either, I usually pour some of my urine out, especially when there is too much salt. If I am fasting, with no further intake of salt, I might drink it a little more salty. And if there is no more Nitrogen (protein or feed grade synthetic urea) intake, I would recycle it all. The only other variable is how much water is in your body, which would determine how often you urinate. My personal rule is, if I am urinating more than once an hour, it puts a burden on the kidneys. One should then either stop the intake of fluids (preferably), or pour off some of the urine or sweat it out with heat. That solves the problem of the three variables of urine: Percentage of salt, Nitrogen, and water.

Early in the fast, it is OK to pour off some urine, so that you won't be recycling any undesirable chemicals, which are practically unavoidable in the modern diet. As the fast progresses, one eventually should recycle every drop. Like Jesus said: "It is not what goes into a man which defiles him so much as what comes out of him". And in the Nag Hammadi Gospels: "Of all the Father hath given me, I let nothing escape". In the early stages, it is good to take daily enemas, which will later be unnecessary. In the very late stages of fasting, it is OK to take such nutrients which are pure, liquid, or concentrated.

These supplements are from the three food groups: carbohydrates, protein, and oils (fats). Carbohydrates can be blackstrap molasses, raw honey, or fruit juices (preferably raw). Proteins are all powders, except for milk, such as powdered Chlorella, Spirulina, Blue-Green Algae, Soy, Brewers Yeast, and powdered milk. Oils are Wheat Germ, Flax, Butter, or Cod Liver Oil. These rules apply also to Tantrics, performing a "Double Hermetic Seal" between the two. Jai Shiva Lingambu, Shiva-Shakti PrasadOm. - Dr. Jhani Picasso


I advocate the use of products which are organic and have no chemical additives, and Colloidal Silver as an antiviral-antibiotic. If you are pissing a little fluid out, you can have more leeway, but if you are recycling all, you should be careful what goes in. I recommend things which are preferably raw, concentrated nutrition, and the more liquified the nourishment, the better. Avoid solids, and give your Alimentary Canal a chance to clean itself out, at first with enemas, followed by the proverbial loose stools, which go with Urine Fasting.

Think of the three food groups: carbs, fats (oils), and protein. Any solids should be in the form of powders, so they will emulsify in liquid. For oils, use: wheat germ oil, flax seed oil or powder, cod liver oil, coconut oil, and butter. For carbohydrates, use: fruit juices (preferably raw, organic), blackstrap molasses, and raw honey. For protein, use milk, buttermilk, kefir, yogurt, blue-green algae, chlorella, spirulina plankton, and milk powder. Urine Fasting is still considered best with only distilled water, but those who are on a permanent Urine Fast or Tantra Sadhana, should take the above supplements.

My teacher believed one could become a Breatharian, and live on water and urine only. Perhaps it would be easier to be Breatharian if practicing the Tantric form of Urine Therapy. My guru taught Rasa Tantra. For him, Urine Therapy (drinking only one's own) was only an experiment, since this was in 1971 - before anyone in the U.S. knew anything about Urine Therapy, the "revival" of which began in England with J.W. Armstrong, and gained wide popularity in India, which published dozens of documents about it. America and the rest of the world are still trying to catch up. I recommend using Feed Grade Synthetic Urea, mixed with water, as a topical body rub on the skin. If the skin is too dry, add a little glycerin. Best wishes for good progress. Sai Ram

Urine Therapy

Internal Technique

Urine is taken as a food and spiritual sadhana. It enhances the immune response, is a skin tonic and increases the supply of Prana and Ojas. Urine passed at any time of the day may be drunk but the best urine is the mid-stream urine passed just after getting up in the morning.

1. Collect the Urine you pass after rising each morning, rejecting a little at the beginning and the end. The amount, colour and taste will vary according to your diet and lifestyle. It should be clear and golden and taste like straw if your diet is good, although some foods colour and flavour it.

2. Immediately drink it.  You may then take a little water to follow. Do not eat for at least half an hour after drinking.

3. Starting... You may start by taking a small amount (as little as a few drops in some warm water) then increasing the amount gradually.

4. Constitution... determines the effects that Amaroli has on you. Vata types get great benefit from the practice, Pitta types can get excellent results also, but Kapha types may not notice as much. Those in the change-over periods of teenage and menopause years will benefit greatly. Those older than 40 years will also benefit greatly

Side Effects...

1.  Amaroli mobilises toxins within the body and the improved immune system then attacks them. This can cause various symptoms such as inflammation, fever, eruptions etc. If you are ill and/or on drugs, caution is advised. Start with a few drops in water and work up to the full practice over months. Stop if side effects are unpleasant. These side effects will cease when the immune system has destroyed the toxins.

2. If your urine is unusual for some reason... for example you may have become dehydrated, eaten too much salt, eaten cooked or bad food, or eaten too much bitter food, then take care. This urine may cause the digestive system to empty itself. So if your urine is an unusual colour or tastes very salty or bitter, then either cease the practise until it has returned to normal or dilute a small amount with water and drink that instead.

External Technique

Urine is used as a cleaner, skin tonic and to treat infections, wounds, and skin diseases. The whole body can be massaged or just part. Do not use soaps, shampoos etc. when doing urine massage. They are un-necessary, toxic , and urine has a cleansing effect by itself. After washing, almond or apricot oil may be applied to dry skins for extra protection.

Three strategies for external use...

1. Use fresh urine for skin treatment... This is best not left on for too long. The Damar Tantra says that fresh urine will cause muscle wasting if left on the skin. Use for disinfecting wounds, and treating skin disorders. It can be used for a short massage and then should be washed off immediately with warm water.

2.  Use aged urine for cleaning... Collect, place in a dark bottle, stopper and keep for at least four days in a cool, dark place. This has a strong odour and contains ammonia. It is an excellent cleaner and also a disinfectant. Ancient peoples used this for washing clothes and bodies.  Do not use this for massage, use only for washing yourself. Rinse off with water immediately as it is mildly caustic.

3. Use boiled urine for massage... Collect your urine, and then boil in a stainless steel pot until reduced to 25% of original volume. This is light and fine and excellent for massage. It can be left on for as long as you like.

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