Atmospheric & RF Electricity Collectors

GB 157263
Process and Apparatus for Converting Static Atmospheric Electrical Energy into Dynamic Electrical Energy of any Suitable High Periodicity

Abstract -- Atmospheric electricity, utilizing; influence machines.-Static atmospheric charges are converted into alternating-currents of any desired frequency by rotary machines, the stator and rotor elements of which form condensers having a capacity which varies during the revolution as described in Specincation 157,262. In the simplest form, Fig. 2, the curved stator plates 2, 1 are connected to earth E2 and the aerial A which collects the atmospheric charges and is earthed through a safety spark gap F. The rotor is motor-driven and consists of concentric plates 3, 4 joined through slip-,rings (not shown) to an inductance 9 shunted by a condenser 5. With a given aerial polarity, rotation of the plates 3, 4 causes current reversals on the circuit A, 1, 9, 2, E@, whereby oscillations are set upon the circuit 9, 5, these being tapped by leads 11, 12. The condenser 5 may consist of concentric tubes rotating with the rotor or of two juxtaposed wound spirals having capacity. The stator and rotor condenser plates may extend over nearly a semicircle in place of the quadrants shown in Fig. 2 and the rotor may comprise two consecutive cylindrical plates or coil condensers each divided into halves, the inner half of each being connected to the outer half of the other. Fig. 7 shows a form in which rings 1, 2, mounted in a casing comprising upper and lower parts insulated from each other, are connected to the stator condenser plates at intervals. The rotor plates 3, in equal number, are connected to slip-rings 5, 6 from which alternating-current is taken by brushes when the rotor is motor-driven. The rings 1, 2 are respectively connected to the aerial collector and earth E2. Several methods of grouping the stator-rotor condenser pairs and the components of the oscillating circuit are described. The oscillatory current in the rotor circuit may react through a transformer on the main charging current and two pairs of stator and rotor plates 1, 2, 3, 4, Fig. 13, may be employed arranged on diameters at right-angles, the oscillatory circuit in this case consisting of a mutual inductance 5 having capacity and a portion of an adjustable inductance 9 in the stator earth connector E2. By suitably proportioning the stator and rotor plates, 'resonance may be established, whereby undamped waves may be produced. In the form shown in Fig. 15, for high-frequency oscillations, the aerial A and earth wire are tapped at points between the stator plates 1, 2 and condensers 16, 18 which are joined through an inductance 9. The rotor current is conveyed to the power circuit 11, 12 through transformers 10, 10<a>. The members composing the stator and rotor plates may be slotted, as shown in Fig. 8, with holes 1 for attaching them to the frame, or they may have spiral slots in their surfaces. Alternatively, they may be formed by embedding spiral wires 3 in a vulcanite mass 1 so as to give a smooth surface as shown in Fig. 11.

French Patent # 551,882
Apparatus for Capture of Electric Currents in the Atmosphere

French  Patent # 565,395
Combined Apparatus for Capture of Atmospheric Electric Currents with Immediate Implementation

US 28793
Electric Apparatus

Abstract -- An aerostat for obtaining atmpspheric and terrestrial electricity...

US 126356
Improvement in Collecting Energy for Telegraph

Abstract -- A tower for the purpose of receiving and imparting natural electricity, so as to be in constant contact with the upper stratum of electricity which surrounds the earth, by tapping which a never-failing supply is formed when brought into contact with the earth.

US 129971
Telegraph Power

Abstract -- Utilizing natural electricity and establishing an electrical current without the aid of wires, batteries, or cables...

US 674427
Collecting Atmospheric Electricity

Abstract -- An appartus for colecting and driving or conducting atmospheric electricity which renders it practicable to obtain material quantities of teh same in serviceable form.

US 911260
Collecting Atmospheric Electricity

Abstract -- A method of colecting electricity from a strata laden with electricity at high altitudes in the atmoshere, through the medium of a wire cable suspended from one or more balloons ...

US 1014719
Collecting Atmospheric Electricity

Abstract -- A method of colecting electricity from a strata laden with electricity at high altitudes in the atmoshere, through the medium of a wire cable suspended from one or more balloons ...

US 1540998
Conversion of Atmospheric Electric Energy

Abstract -- Method of obtaining atmospheric electricity by means of metallic ballon collectors...

GB 149,917
Improvements in & Relating to Radio Communication Systems

Abstract -- Radio transmission and reception through the use of living vegetable organisms such as trees, plants, and the like.

US 1826727
Radio Apparatus  

US 2143437
Radiant Energy System

Abstract -- An apparatus for receiving and transmitting radiant energy within a wide range of frequencies without necessity of a source of local energy.

US 2813242
Powering Electrical Devices with Energy Abstracted from the Atmosphere  

Abstract -- A convenient and economical provision of power for the operation of electronic circuits and devices using transistors, and of other electrical devices hving modest power requirements.

US 3205381
Ionospheric Battery

Abstract -- A method and apparatus for tapping the enormous reservoir of energy existing in the ionosphere...

US 3273066
Apparatus for Detecting Changes in the Atmospheric Electric Field   

Abstract -- A cloud detector and or an apparatus for sensing electrostatic conditions in the earth's atmosphere...

US 3760257
EM Wave Energy Converter

Abstract -- Electromagnetic wave energy is converted into electric power with an array of mutually insulated electromagnetic wave absorber elements each responsive to an electric field component of the wave as it impinges thereon. Each element includes a portion tapered in the direction of wave propagation to provide a relatively wideband response spectrum. Each element includes an output for deriving a voltage replica of the electric field variations intercepted by it. Adjacent elements are positioned relative to each other so that an electric field subsists between adjacent elements in response to the impinging wave. The electric field results in a voltage difference between adjacent elements that is fed to a rectifier to derive d.c. output power. The element pairs may be arranged in a two-dimensional array to provide power conversion of randomly polarized electromagnetic waves, such as sunlight.

US 3931577
Radio Receiver Protection Arrangement

Abstract -- A receiver protection arrangement in which a voltage dependent on aerial voltage and a voltage dependent on aerial current are aggregated and applied to means responsive to a predetermined aggregate level to effectively short circuit the aerial lead. Additional means may be provided to dissipate energy in the input stage of a protected receiver to cause a reduced impedance to be reflected across the output of the protective arrangement.

US 4,628,299
Seismic Warning System Using RF Energy Monitor

Abstract -- The ambient broadband radio frequency field strength from broadcast stations is monitored (Figure 4) by periodic sampling (50, 52). A warning indication is provided if the field strength drops significantly. Drops in such field strength have been correlated empirically with the occurrence of seismic activity, usually several days later. Thus the indication serves as an early warning of an impending earthquake. In one preferred embodiment, a broadband, horizontal, very long monopole antenna (40) was connected to a rectifying and smoothing circuit (Figure 3) to provide a dc output proportional to the ambient rf field...

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