BAC Coil ( Bifiliar Autoinductive Closed Coil )

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The Italian B.A.C. Coil

In July 2016 I was informed about the Italian BAC coil which I had not heard of before. It’s function is very much like that of the Joe Cell coil described above, but it is much more simple. The video shown at YouTube describes its construction and uses. This is not a coil which I have tested and so all that I can do is to pass on the information. The coil is a bi-filar coil which is closed off to form a single, continuous loop but it is wound in a clockwise direction which is not the usual direction:

The claims made for this coil are quite remarkable and as the coil is so very simple that they are easily checked. The number of turns in the coil is a critical factor, depending on the application. The coil is wound using two wires of 1 sq. mm. diameter copper wire and connected together as shown in the illustration. The coil is said to improve the quality of a wide range of things:

Water quality can be improved very substantially as follows:
Water with mild limestone hardness can be improved with one 15-turn coil on the water pipe.
Water with severe limestone hardness can be improved with one 13-turn coil.
For industrial use in a severe hardness area: two separate 13-turn coils on the water pipe.
Water treated with any of these procedures makes much healthier drinking water

Fuel treatment results in improved mpg results:
Petrol: two separate 13-turn coils on the fuel pipe.
Diesel: one 13-turn coil plus one 7-turn coil on the fuel pipe.
LPG: one 13-turn coil plus one 28-turn coil on the fuel pipe.
Up to 25% fuel reduction can be expected.

Natural gas:
One 13-turn coil on the gas pipe OR one 28-turn coil if the 13-turn coil is not effective.
Up to 25% gas reduction can be expected.

On High-voltage cables such as spark-plug leads:
One 13-turn coil on the high-voltage lead.
A further 15% mpg improvement may result from improved fuel burn.

bac coil1

bac coil2


B.A.C Coil - Bifiliar Autoinductive Closed Coil

Every idea is the result of studies derived from Nikola Tesla, Magnetic Field, Fluid systems, to each its own merit and respect. This study aims to make available to everyone, the practical application of the 'Energy that creates the whole of which electromagnetism is a very powerful manifestation in our reality.

 This is the first practical application, and the first time that you combine these technologies for saving energy in its various manifestations, and the use of water every day, to reduce pollution and costs.

 "Because by today' savings , starts the economy of tomorrow's technologies" Marco Cocca

 "There is real progress, only when the benefits of a new technology are for everyone." Henry Ford

Operating Principles

A coil of insulated copper wire wound on a support, for example a tube, when crossed by electric current and voltage, creates a magnetic field inside the coil. It 's the so called Electromagnetic Induction effect

A fluid that passes through the tube, is magnetized by the electromagnetic field created by the coil around it, for Induction effect.

The passage of a fluid, which, though weak, has a small electric charge, in a tube, induces a power that charges the coil wound on the tube itself, which in turn creates an electromagnetic field inside the tube in the sense of its length.

The water that is magnetized through the tube, has many properties ... still a lot to discover in magnetized water

The Hydrocarbons as Gasoline - Diesel - LPG - CNG - Butane - Propane - BioDiesel that are treated with the B.A.C. Coil, thanks to the magnetization, tend to charge energy and align their molecules with the magnetic field of the coil, resulting in better combustion and flame, less waste and cleaner exhausts , improved acceleration and lower fuel consumption

The Closed Coil, Short Circuit, 30 laps of insulated copper wire, works as an antenna that receives the microwave frequencies that are in the environment, ranging from 8-15 GHz.

By increasing the number of Volts at the ends of a coil, the magnetic field generated by the coil will be bigger.

The use of a BIFILAR coil increases several times the voltage that is created at the ends of the coil, to a much higher efficiency, in the creation of the electromagnetic field of the coil.

According to testing, with extended use of the device, total performances increase slowly.

Possible applications:

Tubes of fuel Petrol - Diesel - LPG - CNG - Cars - Motorcycles - Boats - Scooter - Generators - Gas Boilers - Gas Furnaces - Gas stove

More power , less consumption 25 -30%
Enhanced and optimized combustion

A concentrated magnetic field , produced by the BAC COIL generates polarization of the fuel particles and the positively charged , and is able to burn faster and almost entirely , by decreasing fuel consumption , and increases engine performance (power, engine RPM) .

Conditions of magnetized mixture combustion are close to those optimal , reduce toxic substances and is , by that point of view of environmental protection action, similar to the action of the catalytic.

In addition, the fuel magnetized not only is deposited as sediment or soot on valves, injectors, cylinders and candles, but also cleans, from the previous scale .
Usually this process takes time , so the optimal efficiency is achieved progressively

Reduction of tear in sinks, washing machines, showers, outdoor watering cans

Greater absorption of magnetized water by biological and synthetic tissues, resulting in the best wash at lower temperatures and less detergents-soaps. Better cleaning of the skin, for your own health, better cleaning in the washing of the food.

On water stanchions - radiators installing tubes - Faucets - Showers - Boilers

Partially removal of deposits smells flavors of limestone, chlorine and substances in the water.

What we usually call "WATER", it is almost always a " Water Solution + Minerals and Metals." So, it means that are dissolved in the water other substances such as scale, chlorine, arsenic, fluoride and other

Magnetized Water for the molecular configuration that assumes by carried tests, seems to have a tendency to "expel by itself" the dissolved substances. That is, it tends to make INSOLUBLE part of the substances, and begins to clean and descale the inside of the tube where it passes. It is understandable that can be seen with the naked eye residuals and grains of thickened substances expelled from the water, on the bottom of glasses and clear bottles.

Results obtained from the conducted tests:

Shower : After the application of the BAC COIL on the tube of the head of the shower, your skin stays cleaner and soft using less soap and shampoo

Gas Boiler : After applying the BAC COIL on the gas pipe, the boiler produces more hot water in the same position of the mixer.

Gas cooking stove : After applying the BAC COIL on the gas pipe, the flame is stronger at the same Adjuster set of the stove, gas burns better, warms more, there is also less pollution inside the home.

Cleaning surfaces without leaving marks. Cleaner and residue-free glasses and surfaces.

Water faucet kitchen: Water initially had a high calcium dissolved and the flavor was not pleasant at all. After application on sink tube, cold water on,, you start more and more 'to taste the water is' much more 'light' on the mouth.
Even cooking food with this water, makes food more '"digestible", less weight for the stomach compared to the same amount of food we prepared, washed, cleaned, boiled, without this water.

Laundry with washing machine -- Initial situation: Washing machine 4 years old, still leaves stains with additive based on "Active Oxygen" and detergent capsules at 60 degrees. Then: Washing machine washes well no streaks and stains, no additives, only detergent capsule at 60 degrees. After a few washes the washed clothes are longer soft to the touch.

2-4 wheels Vehicles

Power consumption reduced by 30% on 2500 Ducato motorhome TD Diesel 1984
Power consumption reduced by 35 % on 2000 Ducato motorhome TD Diesel 1990

The tests results indicate an immediate increase in engine power and acceleration , then in a few days the on-board computer , " is self / settles down " to the new condition and you will see the consumption decrease because you have to press less on the pedal to accelerate ...

There may be different results from vehicle to vehicle. even if the same model and different power supply : 1 gasoline and 1 to diesel, but the difference is minimal .

Possible by the fact that they use different fuels with different intrinsic properties at molecular atomic level. Example . Regular gasoline and gasoline V-Power

We also invite other people to test and compare the results with everyone, in order to further improve and deepen the research

Info for Researcher http://www.google.com/patents/US5134985   Burner fuel line enhancement device
In his patent #512,340 , http://www.magnetricity.com/Bifilar.php , Nikola Tesla explains that a standard coil of 1000 turns with a potential of 100 volts across it will have a difference of 0.1 volt between turns. A similar BIFILAR coil will have a potential of 50 volts between turns.

In that the stored energy is a function of the square of the voltages the energy in the BIFILAR will be ... 50 squared / .1 squared = 2500 / .01 = 250,000 times greater than the standard coil

"Bifilar wound coils are used in the system because a bifilar wound coil maximizes the voltage difference between its turns, the current is then minimized."

BIFILAR COILS  are used for: Fastest impulse, Stronger Magnetic field, BackEMF increased, More power from generators


Building B.A.C.coil to magnetize water - fuel - gas

1) Cut STEREO CABLE ( red - black ) at least 1 meters of insulated copper wire 1.0 mm2 .

2 ) Wrap 15 not 30 turns on the tube ( in the video  is the V01- FIRST VERSION of B.A.C. Coil )  ,
never to cross over the wires, and fix with duct tape, freeing the beginning and at the end of at least 10 cm of thread. Do three or four laps early and fix immediately with tape. It will be easier winding. Secure the end with tape.

3) Turn the wires towards the opposite end up to overlap in length of at least 5 cm. Remove with a pair of scissors the plastic insulation at the ends of the wire for at least 2 cm.

4 ) Mix together the 2 internal strands of thread, and the 2 external ends of the wire together and tape the whole thing.

Further tests are to be done, such as the use of more wires , greater or less than 1.5 sq mm wire size, isolated steel wire, insulated wire of aluminum, other materials and coatings.

In developing further improvements with other technologies, rate of work, different materials, and a new combination for a solution with higher returns.

Many many test has begun, with more number of wire, length, awg, and type of wire, isolated iron, isolated aluminum wire and many type of dielectrics and materials for the coils, different number of turn for different frequency range.

Ecocreando team, experiment and build devices only for associated people.

For info --> ecocreandorisparmio@yahoo.it


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