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The Science of BioGeometry

by Dr Ibrahim Karim
BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. & Dr. Ibrahim karim.

Balancing the activities of daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology, integrating science and spirituality, and discovering the unified scientific reality behind all religions is the work of the science of BioGeometry®.

Just two decades ago everybody was afraid that the end of life on earth would come as a result of a Third world War. We thought that the global extinction of life on earth would come from nuclear warfare and our carelessness towards our environment, endangering plant and animal life; the ozone hole and global warming causing natural disasters everywhere. However, the real potential danger is one that we are barely aware lurking just around the corner.

The age of information carries with it the potential to the global extinction of our civilization. We are continuously increasing the amount of carrier waves needed for the wireless technology of modern communication in the earth’s atmosphere every day. These electromagnetic waves are thousands of times stronger than the level used in the communication in our body cells. The problem is not the saturation of the earth’s atmosphere through quantity, but also a detrimental quality. Even people who avoid using high technology are not immune. No one is immune even if one lives at the far end of the world or on top of the Himalayas, because these are carrier waves with penetrating properties. It is like trying to move a breeze through a storm, our immune systems are continuously trying to correct the distortion in the transfer of inner information in our body; very soon the threshold will be reached when a total collapse of our body defenses will take place.

BioGeometry® is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape; it uses shapes, colours, motion, orientation and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. BioGeometrical shapes are two or three-dimensional shapes specially designed to interact with the earth’s energy fields to produce balancing effects on multiple levels on biological systems. They were developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, D.Sc. in Cairo, Egypt, during research since 1968.

To understand the effects of BioGeometrical shapes on the human energy system, we have to recognize that the human body has an energy field around it, which has its own north-south axis. As we move around, the angle formed between our individual axis and that of the earth is constantly changing, and this in turn either strengthens or weakens our energy field. The positive range is very small, vulnerable most of the time, and is a major factor affecting our health and well being. BioGeometrically balanced energy, however, considerably strengthens our energy fields to such an extent that we are not detrimentally affected by changes of orientation. In fact, it appears to cancel obvious energy interactions predicted by currently accepted physical laws.

Research in BioGeometry® was and still is mainly dedicated to the development of a new form of architecture that would enhance the human biological system and give a new meaning to the concept of "Home". To upgrade the energy quality of existing homes and cancel the potentially harmful effects of unchecked energy fields due to the architectural design, furniture layout, electrical wiring and modern appliances, specially designed decorative elements are strategically placed to neutralize negative energy and add a positive quality to it. BioGeometrical shapes when designed or engraved on jewelry have shown positive effects on the body’s energy field, and reduce considerably the potential health hazards caused by cellular phones, computers and all other modern appliances.

The impact of geometrical shapes on human energy systems has always been universally recognized. This awareness gradually disappeared, and our "modern" approach is to consider these ancient forms either as symbolic art without function, or attribute them to magical practices. Although the modern development and practices are not directly derived from Ancient Egypt, a very advanced know-how in this field is evident when we analyze and use the shapes that they have developed thousands of years ago.

They must have been able to interact with nature in a more advanced way than we do today, based on the study of the vibrational properties of the geometrical shapes they used in their monuments, art, statues, amulets, and many other aspects of life. The effects of energy went beyond the Pyramid shape; the Ancient Egyptians used it in a very practical way in all aspects of their life. Unlike our modern energy forms that are highly amplified states of energies occurring in nature, this science dealt with forces on a natural level as they occur in nature. That means that this Ancient Egyptian science was more like a language that they used to establish two-way communication with nature. This two-way information flow process was used to establish total harmony in all actions between man and nature, to acquire a deeper knowledge about anything by accessing information about it’s working principles on the energy level, and most important of all to influence any action in nature by manipulating its energy patterns to achieve the intended results.

Pythagoras was the first to introduce to the western world the ancient Egyptian way of correlating musical qualities with quantifiable, numerical values. The golden ratio of 1.618 expressed as the ultimate proportion of harmony, beauty and spirituality was used in the design of sacred buildings in Ancient Architecture to produce spiritual energy that facilitated connectivity with spiritual realms through resonant prayer. Popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids and hemispheres (e.g. the domes, that are the basis of religious buildings, be it a mosque, a church or a synagogue). These particular shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce a type of penetrating carrier wave which Chaumery and De Belizal named, negative green, (which acts as carrier, like radio waves that carry sound information). The vibrational quality of negative green gives it very strong communication properties, which facilitate resonance with higher realms in prayer. Negative green turned out to have other properties, however, which make it very harmful under continuous exposure. Considerable research into this type of energy has been done by Dr. Karim, and the different components have been identified.

A revival of the Ancient Design Criteria or Canons in modern architecture was attempted by the Swiss pioneer of the modern architecture, Le Corbusier, with his "modular" system, which comprised two scales of dimensions based on the golden ratio.

Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim has done extensive research and found that BioGeometrical shapes have three primary vibrational qualities:

1) Negative green.
2) A higher harmonic of ultra-violet.
3) A higher harmonic of gold.

Only shapes, which produce energy fields with all three components, are BioGeometrical.

The effect of BioGeometrical energy on health is not specific and not precisely predictable. It appears to amplify and balance the energy fields of the body on all levels, and thereby give the body greater power to heal itself. The healing process resulting from a strengthening and balancing of the immune system manifests differently from one person to the other; certain results, however, have been repeatedly observed.

BioGeometrical shapes balance the body energies on different levels; positive effects are usually felt on the emotional, mental, spiritual as well as the physical level. They have been found to be effective over a very broad range, including the protection against harmful radiation emanating from the earth (believed to be a major cause of cancer) and different types of man-made pollution. For specific healing purposes, research is being conducted in collaboration with medical doctors in the science of BioSignatures®, which deals with energy of shape in relation to specific functions of the body organs. --- ---

The BioGeometrical Systems Institute Company

The BioGeometrical Systems Institute Company was founded in 1993 by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, D.Sc., and Mrs. Rawya Karim, M.A. It was envisioned as a design center to research and implement the new science of BioGeometry, developed & patented by Dr. Karim. The BioGeometrical Energy system Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary organization working in the following fields:

1. A BioGeometrical design language used in architectural, planning decoration, industrial design and accessories.
2. Energy adjustment on all levels and protection from harmful earth radiation ranging from a building to a whole city.
3. The development and use of BioSignatures to support traditional and alternative medicine.
4. Environmental application and protection from side effects of modern technology. For example electronic and cellular devices
5. Agriculture research in organic planting eliminating pesticides and prolonging shelf life. ---

BioGeometry: The Egyptian Art of Energy Balancing


Leanna Joyner

BioGeometry has been called the Egyptian version of Feng Shui but its unique methods and effects are not found in any other system. BioGeometry combines previously hidden methods used in the Inner Temple Sciences of Ancient Egypt with modern European subtle energy detection tools. Developed by renowned Architect and energy researcher Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt, BioGeometry has been shown to have astonishing benefits for humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

BioGeometry utilizes Nature's own design language of geometric form, color, sound and motion to balance the Energy in all living systems. It also features profound methods to transmute harmful environmental energies into beneficial ones. Robert Gilbert Ph.D., an expert in Sacred Geometry and the author of the only English language texts on BioGeometry, identifies BioGeometry as an essential key to understanding the Living Energies which every spiritual tradition uses for Healing and Spiritual Development.

“Working directly with Dr. Karim and his experts, I found they had unique insights into practical energy work. I'm still in awe of how clearly they explain energy principles which are usually thought to be very mysterious; when you work with the Egyptians, one piece of essential knowledge after another just seems to fall into place. For example, virtually every tradition knows about the Golden radiance which appears in the energy field of great Saints and Masters, but only this group of Egyptians can show you simple methods anyone can use to detect that energy, create it with methods including movement and geometric forms, and also practically apply it to balance and heal a variety of energy problems. These Egyptian methods, now that they are finally becoming public, are going to have a powerful impact on how we understand and work with healing energies,” Dr. Gilbert explained.

Although BioGeometry makes no claims, multiple scientific and medical studies suggest its potential to create powerful energy effects. Just a few examples:

The Egyptian National Hepatitis C Research Project under Dean Taha Khalifa M.D. at Al Azhar University's Pharmaceutical School announced publicly that the best results in the entire study were enjoyed by those given the appropriate BioGeometry patterns to wear. Although Dr. Karim insists that BioGeometry is simply a supportive modality that he makes no medical claims for, the publicity led to Dr. Karim becoming a celebrity with his own television show on holistic health and spiritual development.

The Egyptian National Research Centre discovered that simple BioGeometry forms could stop the replication of Bacteria, a result so astonishing that they created a special project to study the effect of Geometric Forms on Living Systems under the leadership of Dr. Karim.

A project evaluated by an official of the Egyptian Department of Agriculture found that chickens grew healthier and faster in an environment which was energy balanced by BioGeometry methods than they did with antibiotics and growth hormones.

Professor Peter Mols of Wageningen Agriculture University in Holland found that BioGeometry energy methods could be used in place of pesticides and artificial fertilizers to grow healthy organic crops.

The Swiss village of Hemberg suffered both human and animal health problems after a powerful Microwave antenna array was placed in the center of town. Dr. Karim balanced the electromagnetic pollution problem for the entire area, leading to such a dramatic improvement in living conditions (and the return of birds and other animals which had fled the area) that he was given the Key to the City by the Mayor and featured on national Swiss news programs.

”In my personal experience, I've used BioSignatures (precise BioGeometry energy patterns linked to different parts of the body) to help free me from the chronic neck and spine pain I suffered from a severe car accident,” said Dr. Gilbert. “We get incredible reports all the time from students regarding the power of the BioGeometry methods, but we don't make them public. Frankly, many just seem unbelievable if you don't understand how BioGeometry works. Also, we want everyone to understand that we don't make any medical claims whatsoever; we simply teach the principles and methods and leave it to the students to find out for themselves how powerful BioGeometry can be in many cases.”

BioGeometry has only been taught publicly for a short period of time. But already several hundred Americans have been trained in the Art - first by Dr. Karim and now by Dr. Gilbert (Dr. Karim no longer teaches Foundation trainings in BioGeometry, and rarely teaches at all.) Students have applied BioGeometry to a wide range of fields including conventional and alternative Health Care, Environmental Restoration, Architecture and Interior Design, Feng Shui, Spiritual Practices, Landscape Design, Agriculture and Gardening, and Graphic Design.

“Basically, BioGeometry teaches practical methods to work with the fundamental energies of Creation. It can be applied to virtually any field of work, and blends with any methods one currently uses. In collaboration with Dr. Karim, we've set up the Foundation Training so that we can teach all the essential BioGeometry methods to detect, create, and apply beneficial energies in just one week. We also make sure students understand what the Egyptians call Energy Alchemy, how to transmute harmful environmental energies into helpful ones. But perhaps most importantly, BioGeometry doesn't ask for students to take anything on faith. Rather it provides the tools to directly detect and monitor energies which shape the world around us,” said Dr. Gilbert. “I'm deeply grateful to the Egyptians who have made these secrets public for the first time. It's having a profound effect on a lot of people's lives.”

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert is founder of Vesica: Spirit and Science Resources and the first non-Egyptian ever granted permission to teach certified trainings in BioGeometry. Vesica is offering a rare BioGeometry Foundation Training in San Diego from October 9 -15, 2004. More information on BioGeometry, the foundation training and registration is available online at ---

Those companies embracing the growing trend of custom designed, built-from-scratch workplaces might want to give Dr. Ibrahim Karim a call --- that is unless they want to risk spending millions to produce an office full of creativity-destroying energies.

According to Karim, a proper office requires more than just comfortable chairs and soft lighting. As inventor of a science he calls biogeometry, Karim claims he can manipulate energy fields to create an office environment that produces healthy, happy, creative workers.

“We can transform any building into an energy balancing and protective second skin,” he said. “You can raise the quality of life of [the employees]. They’ll feel more energized, more creative.”
Karim, a Zurich-trained architect and consultant to the Ministry of Scientific Research, said that the average office worker in Egypt or anywhere else toils away amid “architectural pollution” that can wreak havoc on both his body and mind. Each employee, Karim said, is like a “breeze trying to move through a heavy storm” of disruptive energy and electronic noise. “In any office, in any city, you’ll find a mess.”

But biogeometry, Karim claimed, is the answer. After “measuring the interaction of energy fields” in a room or building, Karim will recommend changes in room color, furniture shape or orientation. Specially designed picture frames can be used to emit balancing energy. “Stand in front of one, and you’ll feel better within five minutes,” Karim said. Electronic devices such as computers or cellular phones inherently produce negative energy, but they can be rendered less disruptive by engraving special symbols into their sides.

On the surface, biogeometry seems to borrow liberally from feng shui, an Asian design philosophy that attempts to manipulate energy through shape, color and decor. But Karim said biogeometry is based in modern physics, not feng shui, which anyway has become watered-down and faddish. “The old masters are gone, and the essence has been forgotten,” Karim said.
There’s another difference. Feng shui is an accepted part of Asian architectural practice, and a feng shui consultant is brought in at the start of construction projects in many Asian cities. Biogeometry isn’t quite there yet in the eyes of the local architectural or business community. Karim hasn’t been contracted to apply his philosophies that often in Egypt. He recently worked on energy adjustment at a Montessori school in Maadi, and he’s building his own re-sort in Ain Sukhna where everything from the furniture to the landscaping will be designed to give an energy boost. “We’re working on all levels,” he said. “It’s a health spa where the most important activity is just being there.”

Karim gets a far more receptive reaction overseas. He’s spent several months working on energy modification at the industrial design building at Eindhoven in Holland, where he seems to be regarded as a genuine visionary. Most likely, Karim’s local profile will rise once Egyptians realize that the foreigners are taking him seriously.

Among Karim’s architectural peers, reactions to his theories ranges from enthusiastic support to polite bemusement. Karim’s peers seem to give him a lot of leeway – partly because his father, Sayed Karim, is a legendary Cairo Uni-versity architecture professor who helped design Medinat Nasr, and partly because Karim carries the fervor of a true believer, offering free seminars and classes for curious architects and designers. Even architects who consider Karim a nut consider him a sincere nut.

“Give the guy a chance,” said Cairo University architecture and urban planning professor Sayed Ettouney. “You know somebody is a crook when they’re after money or power. But he’s offering his knowledge as a service. He’s spending his own money on this.”

Egypt’s medical establishment reacted less charitably when Karim ventured into their field by claiming he could regulate the body’s energy levels and heal the sick by using special “biosignature” symbols hung from necklaces or bracelets. In February, Karim appeared on the popular interview show Talk of the City, along with patients who said they’d been cured by his biosignatures. The response was immediate and twofold: first, he was denounced in print by the Doctors’ Syndicate and the minister of health; second, his Maadi office was swamped by desperate crowds seeking miracle cures.

The controversy, and the fear that his office might be overrun, led Karim to cut back on seminars and medical treatments months ago. The gate of his Maadi villa now bears a large sign turning away medical cases with the blunt pronouncement, “This is an architecture office.” But the calls keep coming.

“We get calls every day from people who think he can help them have children or cure their polio,” said Karim’s office director. “It’s like a he’s a fugitive. We have to hide him.”
Like any good magician, Karim is reluctant to get into the specifics of his work. Ask him to describe the basics of what shapes or colors create a healthy office energy level, and he’ll say he doesn’t want to get into “ready-made solutions.” Ask just how he discovered that this particular squiggly line can help cure liver failure or fight depression, and he’ll smile and say he worked on it for many years. Even his own students and devotees are stumped.

“We asked where these come from, and he says, ‘Guys, that’s a very big subject. Let’s not get distracted,’” said Mu-hammed Samir, a young architect who took several of Karim’s free training seminars. But despite the absence of explanations, Samir believes that Karim is genuinely on to something. “People have been treated successfully. The re-sults are in front of us,” he said. “Where it comes from, we don’t know and he won’t say.” ---

BioGeometry: The Egyptian Science of Energy --- An Interview with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

[ Excerpts ]

What is BioGeometry?

BioGeometry is remarkable for how vast the possibilities are for applying it in virtually any field you can name! Because BioGeometry deals with the fundamental energies of Creation, those which are essential to human health and higher consciousness, it can be used to support and empower many different approaches to energy work. What I find particularly valuable are the tools which BioGeometry offers so that anyone can work tangibly with different energies rather than "assume" the energies are present or just follow someone else's techniques and hope for the best! BioGeometry offers methods to directly detect, measure, create, and transmute specific qualities of energy, so that you really know the effects you are creating with your energy work. It really is a huge step forward in the human race’s ability to understand and work responsibly with energy fields. And I believe this is just the beginning; many of those who train in BioGeometry will use this knowledge to further advance humanity’s work with energy into even more advanced levels which most of us can’t even imagine today.

BioGeometry is a powerful science which shows how to use shapes, patterns, colors, sounds, and motion to create specific energy effects. It clearly identifies core principles as well as providing a wide range of practical techniques. BioGeometry does not ask for the student to take anything on faith, rather it provides the tools to directly detect and monitor the energies which shape the world around us. BioGeometry reveals publicly for the first time many of the ways which spiritual energy works in the world to create life, health, and consciousness, information which was previously restricted to small groups of spiritual initiates. Put simply, BioGeometry provides critical and unprecedented insights into the use of living energy for beneficial purposes; its simple but extremely powerful techniques can be used by anyone to help humans, animals, plants, and/or the environment.

Can you give us any concrete examples of how BioGeometry has been applied in specific fields or projects?

Absolutely. BioGeometry has been studied and applied in a wide range of fields and projects, including studies at Egyptian and European Universities. Here is just a short list of successful studies:

The Egyptian National Research Centre determined that BioGeometry forms could stop the replication of Bacteria, a result which they stated in their report that they could not explain according to modern scientific theory.

Al Azhar University in Cairo conducted a national Hepatitis C Research Project under the sponsorship of the Egyptian Government, in which they evaluated a wide range of Pharmaceuticals and treatments that might help Hepatitis C sufferers. One of the methods evaluated was BioGeometry, with a particular group in the study given only a medallion with particular BioSignatures on it to correct their energy imbalances. At the end of 6 months, Dr. Taha Khalifa who headed the study announced on national Egyptian television that the most successful results in the whole study (with 90% normalization of enzyme levels on average, and some subjects with complete viral clearance) were enjoyed by the patients who were in the BioGeometry group.

A project evaluated by an official of the Egyptian Department of Agriculture found that chickens grew up healthier and faster in an environment which was energy balanced by BioGeometry methods than they did with Antibiotics and Growth Hormones.

Prof. Peter Mols of the Wageningen Agriculture University in Holland found that BioGeometry energy methods could be used in place of Pesticides and Artificial Fertilizers to grow healthy organic crops with a greatly extended shelf life.

A 1998 agricultural project on the Red Sea headed by Adel Ammar discovered that crops could actually grow better in salt water than in fresh water if the salt water was treated with BioGeometry energy methods.

This is not even to mention the tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence from people who report having all types of different conditions helped by BioGeometry methods; even a Reuters New Service article carried by and contained such reports. Of course we do not make any medical claims whatsoever for BioGeometry; no system that uses subtle energies can make such claims, since the dominant medical and scientific model asserts that these subtle energies don’t even exist. So we just tell people to learn the system and make up their own minds from the results they get!

Another article from ---

What the Ancient Egyptians Knew... And Modern Scientists Can't Explain

CAIRO EGYPT, August 5 1993: A team of researchers at the Egyptian National Research Centre watches as an Egyptian Architect places a simple geometric form over a culture of bacteria. Reputed to be a master of the lost energy science of Ancient Egypt, the Architect has been brought to the Centre to test his ability to create specific energy effects through the use of shapes, sounds, colors, and movements. The researchers are certain that they will easily discredit such ‘nonsense’ by designing controlled experiments to test his abilities.

To their amazement, the Architect’s claim to be able to stop the replication of the bacteria through the subtle energy emitted by a simple geometric form proves true. In the report of the experiment released by the Head of the Department of Microbial Chemistry, he notes “quite a noticeable cessation of the growth of Saccharomyses cerevisiae was observed... the essence of this type of interaction seems to surpass explanation through our traditional and classical knowledge in basic science.”

After this success, other scientists and researchers took up the challenge of testing the Egyptian Architect’s energy methods; in every case they are confounded by the powerful effects:

Al Azhar University in Cairo conducted a national Hepatitis C Research Project in which they evaluated a wide range of Pharmaceuticals and alternative treatments. One of the methods evaluated was a medallion which held hundreds of tiny energy patterns termed ‘BioSignatures’, which the Architect had determined would balance the energy of Hepatitis C sufferers. At the end of 6 months, Dr. Taha Khalifa, head of the study, announced on national Egyptian television that the most successful results in the whole study ––with 90% normalization of enzyme levels on average, and some subjects with complete viral clearance–– were enjoyed by the patients whose only treatment had been wearing the medallion.

Professor Peter Mols of Wageningen Agriculture University in Holland found that BioGeometry energy methods could be used in place of Pesticides and Artificial Fertilizers to grow healthy organic crops with a greatly extended shelf life.

An agricultural project on the Red Sea headed by Adel Ammar discovered that crops could actually grow better with salt water irrigation than in fresh water if the salt water was first treated with these subtle energy methods.

Biogeometric Carpet:

Burns Sign:

Car Protection Signs:


Biogeometry Shapes & Methodology for Biological Energy Balancing


Application number: WO2003EG00017 20031231
Priority number(s): WO2003EG00017 20031231
Also published as: AU2003287943 (A1)

Abstract ~ Geometric shapes and techniques, along with the methodology behind them, invented to produce a qualitative energy balancing effect on biological systems, be it human beings or otherwise. This results in a positive effect on biological functions, either preventative or healing, and protection from environmental energy disturbances. The methodology introduced by the inventor is the discovery of the qualitative energy components of earth energy power-spots {specifically those components are qualitative higher harmonics of the frequencies of gold and ultra-violet, and a carrier wave in the negative green of the energy spectrum} and development of geometric shapes and techniques to reproduce and amplify that energy balancing quality. This methodology has been termed/copyrighted "BioGeometry" by the inventor. The geometric shapes and techniques work either directly through proximity to the biological system or from within its surrounding environment, or by superimposing on a radiating energy source that reaches the biological system. The two techniques are: (1) Using two of the shape (Fig. 4) as geometric polarizers and orienting them in relation to a central axis to produce the energy balancing quality as in (Fig 7) and termed "BioGeometry Dial", (2) Using shape (Fig. 4) as an individual geometric polarizer and aligning samples of materials from the biological system itself or its environment to produce the energy balancing effect (Fig. 8) and termed "Energy Balancing Wheel" when in two-dimensional form and "Energy Balancing Sphere" when in three-dimensional form.

Biosignatures: Linear Diagrams for Biological Energy Balancing


Application number: WO2003EG00016 20031231
Priority number(s): WO2003EG00016 20031231
Also published as: AU2003287942 (A1)

Abstract ~ Linear diagrams (Figures 1 to 247) tracing and corresponding to the functional paths of subtle energy flow within the organs of the human body to restore proper flow and energy balancing through resonance. This results in a positive effect on biological functions, either preventative or healing, and protection from environmental energy disturbances. The diagrams are activated by the body's peripheral energy field, which is channeled through the linear diagrams, and enters into resonance with the functions of the organs they correspond to. The energy balancing effect and restoration of proper energy flow within the organs can be introduced by the diagrams either by proximity to the human body, or by superimposing on a radiating energy source that reaches the biological system. These linear diagrams have been termed and copyrighted "BioSignatures" by the inventor.

Bio-Geometrical Shapes


Classification: - international: A61B1/00; A61B1/00; (IPC1-7): A61B1/00
Application number: EG19990001427 19991110
Priority number(s): EG19990001427 19991110

Bio-Geometrical Shapes


Classification: - international: A61B1/00; A61B1/00; (IPC1-7): A61B1/00; - european:
Application number: EG19990000645 19990602
Priority number(s): EG19990000645 19990602

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