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The Bovis scale, named after French radiesthesist André Bovis (1871–1947; also referred to as either Antoine or Alfred by some authors), is a concept used by dowsers and adherents of geomancy to quantify the strength of a postulated "cosmo-telluric energy" inherent in a location.

The attribution to Bovis is due to his grandson, the self-designated "geobiologist" Jacques Bovis. The concept was further developed by one André Simoneton (1949), who introduced the term "radio-vitality" (radiovitalité). Simoneton's scale was in turn developed into a "modern Bovis scale" by Swiss "geobiologist" and former Vaud cantonal parliament member Blanche Merz (1919–2002), who founded an Institut de recherches en géobiologie at Chardonne in 1979 and whose self-published books appeared from the 1980s. Merz' books enjoyed some popularity in French-speaking Switzerland and were reprinted by commercial publishers in the later 1980s and 1990s, in translation also reaching German-speaking Europe. Merz' 1983 Hauts-Lieux Cosmo-Télluriques in 1987 was also published in English translation.

The unit of the Bovis scale has no known definition and isn't in any way based on physics. The "measurement" consists of the dowser walking around the place with an object (like a pendulum, dubbed "biometer") and declaring the Bovis number. A number of 6,500 is considered "neutral", lower figures affect human "energies" negatively, higher numbers positively. Numbers above 10,000 are in the "ethereal range", considered Places of power.


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Procédé et dispositifs de production d'ondes magnétiques pour toutes applicatioInventor:  BOVIS JUSTIN ANTOINE ALFRED
EC:   A61N2/00     IPC:   A61N2/00; A61N2/00

Procédé et dispositif pour l'obtention de radiations radio-actives déterminées et leurs utilisations

Procédé et dispositifs pour déterminer le degré de fraîcheur des ceufs et leur valeur au point de vue incubation

Images of Bovis Biometers

An instrument invented by M. Bovis in France to give measurements on a scale of 1 to 100 in regard to dowsing responses. He first used it to determine the quality of cheese and casks of wine. Now it is mainly used in radiesthesia and other methods of healing. The biometer consists of a wood baseboard with a 100 cm rule which can be slid into the base. At the 0 end a small cup is fitted to hold a witness, if required. The pendulum is held towards the right end of the base and the rule is slid out or in until a positive response is observed by the dowser. The reading on the rule is taken as the value or rate. There are many variations of the biometer

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The Bovis Biometer -- A Detecting Method
Fabrizio Nencioni

The “vibrational” level of a place, of an object, of a person or of a situation can be measured with many different instruments, I personally use the L-rods with a graduated scale and the Bovis biometer.

In the attachment A you can observe the graduated scale that I use to measure the quantity of subtle energy, attachment B is a picture of the original Bovis biometer, and picture C shows its representation on the graduated scale, used to measure the various “radiances” or subtle energies types with the L-rods.

On a physical ground a healthy person will have a frequency of about 6500 Bovis units (or Angrstrom); this is a wave length colored in orange that is present in the original Bovis biometer, close to the infrared radiation. On the contrary the frequency of a very ill person can go down to less than 4000 units. The vibrational rate of an environment will immediately give an indication about the energetic quality of that place.

In a religious building we can find values of 8000/9000 Bovis units. This values can reach a score of 13,000/19,000 or even more, in some particularly privileged religious sites.? ?A Hartmann knot and an underground water stream, that emit negative frequencies usually have a vibration of about 3,000 Bovis units.

Every contact or closeness to levels below 6500 bovis units will be negative for man; this rule is true also for food. What really matters is not the kind of material but the vitality that it contains. The real organic products and all natural materials have a great level of energy and therefore a high vibrational quality.

Pork meat, even if very tasty, has a very low vibrational energy, from 2,000 to 4,500 Bovis units, like many other refined foods like white pasta or white sugar. This difference of values is determined by the way pigs are raised, what they eat, where they live etc... If a pig is raised outside and well fed the vibration of its meat will be higher than that of a pig which is raised inside and badly fed. This is true for all kinds of meat, eggs and of course for fruit and vegetables, if they are organic they will have a higher vibrational rate.

Another example of low vibration is that of cellular phones and computers which vibrate at about 2,000/3,000 Bovis units and it’s necessary to be very careful while using these equipments, so widely used and so negative for our health.

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