Thomas Townsend BROWN

Journals & Notes

IV-2 , V-1 & V-2 ( Structure of Space Calculations )

[ Addendae to TT Brown Notebooks ]

Journal IV - Part 2 ( 1977-1979 )

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The Dipole Paradox
Natural Dipoles in Matter
On the Possibilities of Observing "Ether Density"
The nature of Primary Radiation
Individual differences in Sensors
Possible Diurnal Variations...
Sensors Based on Changes of Resistance
Dipole Augmentation Hypothesis
The Phenomenon of Charge Acquisition...
Anomalous Charge Accretion in Dipoles
Liquid Conductors as Sensors
Cosmological Gravitic Background Radiation
Anomalous Electrical Signals in Electrochemical & Other Semi-Conducting Systems
High Output Electrets
Negative Resistance
Effects of Ambient Mass

Journal V - Part 1

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Summary of Methods of Detection
Possibility of Increasing Energy Output

Effects of Temperature

Capacitor Depolarization

Possible New Source of Energy

Negative Resistance

Pulse-Driven Energy Accumulator
An Apparent Departure from Ohm's Law

Counter EMF vs Additive

Possible Explanations for Additive EMF

Possible Effects of Ambient Matter

Sand as Ambient Matter

Water as Ambient Matter

The Ambience Effect

Journal V - Part 2

Structure of Space Calculations

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Experiments with Dielectric Wedges

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