WO9403905 (A1)

Method for Transmutation of Select Isotopes of Individual Elements from Compositions Containing Such


Classification: - international: G21G1/00; G21G1/00; (IPC1-7): G21G; C08J; G21H - European: G21G1/00

Abstract --  A method permitting the converting of a select isotope of certain predetermined elements to elements of lower mass and atomic number. More particularly, the method produces select isotopes of new elements such as transmutations (T). The isotope to be transmuted has a magnetic moment, it is provided along with a heat generator and a resonance generator to form a mixture. The mixture is heated and subjected to a resonant frequency unique to the nucleus of the isotope for a time sufficient for the isotope to undergo an alpha fission to a new element of lower mass and atomic number.

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