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Russian Scientists Make Electricity from Air

Russian scientists developed a technique for converting energy from static electricity into electricity, which is commonly used in everyday life.
For this purpose researchers used the so-called Chizhevsky chandelier, which produces static electricity from air. A metal plate accumulated particle flow from the chandelier and forwarded it to an accumulating unit through wire. Output electricity was 40 V, but scientists claim they can get more if they need to.
Moreover, reseachers suggest abandoning gasoline, since cars can receive energy for moving from emitting wire, embedded directly into roadbed. Scientists developed similar technology even for air vehicles. Mentioned techniques are patented according legal regulations of the Russian Federation.

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Power pile

This device basically ministers for normalization, restoration of a tonus of an organism, but can be used and for more broad circle of medical problems. The mode of functioning is based on use of natural atmospheric electricity. It is known, that in a ground atmospheric slice there is an electrical gradient of voltage stresses, in the standard equal hundred - hundred thirty volt per meter altitudes.

The joint current of escape is peer all atmosphere one and a half - two thousand amperes. On each person, the area taken by it, it is necessary about ten in a minus of the fourteenth degree of amperes.

This current has modulation, in the standard 7 - 13 hz. And the same frequency the alpha has a rhythm of a cerebral cortex, with the same frequency oscillate  bronchuses, the same frequency oscillations of mitochondrions - " power stations " have cells.

In connection with these not accidental coincidences, I had idea of use of atmospheric electricity. It is necessary to say, that the atmospheric current has though also nonzero, but nevertheless scanty value, therefore to speak more correctly, that I used not an atmospheric current, and its information to a component.

And so, above a head of the patient there is "corona" - convolute in a ring, a strip of silvered refined copper serrated from below. The corona is connected with exhibited on street, as a same strip of copper serrated, from above, linear, not convolute in a ring. This antenna is located at the altitude 10 - 15 meters above ground. Under legs of the patient, under a cord rug, earthed "star wheel" from the same copper is located. Between "corona" and "star wheel" the pile will be derivated is natural - modulated an electric field having major electric potential, but scanty current density.

the Collateral effect - will be derivated some of useful aeroions for health, i.e. effect, similar Chizhevsky chandelier , but is more weak, and distinguished that, that the natural modulation promoting a release phenomenon, abirritation of an organism whereas in Chizhevsky chandelier , routinely, industrial modulation 50 or 100 hz is used is used, able to call exaltation of nervous system.

Inventor(s):     POPOVICH E A

FIELD: medical engineering.
SUBSTANCE: device has line scan unit transformer of operating TV-set device, voltage multiplier with radiator. The chandelier has the second voltage multiplier connected to kinescope. Both multipliers are connected to transformer unit winding of operating TV-set device in opposite polarity via commutator, supplying voltage to the multipliers.
EFFECT: low device production cost.

The invention relates to electrotherapy, namely to the emitters for air ionization.

Chizhevskogo known chandelier whose design is described in the magazine "Radio", N1, 1997, s.36-37.
Chandelier includes an emitter and a voltage converter comprising a transformer and a multiplier.

The disadvantage of this design is its relatively high cost because of expensive units designed only for its intended purpose (for chandeliers Chizhevskogo).

The real challenge is to create a universal device that would combine several functions, such as a TV or display (manitor) and chandelier Chizhevskogo.

This problem is solved by using the proposed Chizhevskogo chandeliers, comprising a power supply with a voltage multiplier aeroinov emitter where the primary power source for the transformer output unit of the TV horizontal active, coupled to said multiplier, and said high voltage for the transformer is provided with an additional winding formed in opposition to the base, and the multiplier used television, but is included in the reverse polarity.
When two multipliers may be administered switch.
In addition, each version can be performed with the emitter electrode in the form of framing the picture tube TV.

Such embodiments of the device, which combines the two functions (TV, chandelier Chizhevskogo), where the power supply is the transformer unit chandeliers horizontal existing TV, can significantly reduce the sebestoymost Chizhevskogo chandeliers and reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of TV, the display on human health

Brief Description of the drawing, where Figure 1 shows a connection diagram for the transformer with the chandelier Chizhevskogo TV at 2 - scheme wherein the transformer is provided with an additional high-voltage winding 3 - scheme where two multipliers introduced at the switch in FIG. 4 - layout of the cathode as a frame of the picture tube TV.

Chandelier Chizhevskogo contains the transformer high voltage winding 1 (1), the multiplier 2 with an output voltage (+) on the CRT 3 of the TV.
By the transformer 1, 2 is connected in parallel multiplier with a multiplier 4, the output voltage (-) on the horn 5.

Other versions Chizhevskogo chandeliers may be an option where the line transformer 1 (2) of the TV is equipped with an additional high-voltage winding 6 formed in opposition to the base and two outs 7 (+) and 8 (-) to the same multipliers 2, respectively, are connected, the output 7 kinescope 3, output 8 - 5 with a radiator.

Chizhevskogo execution chandeliers may be an option, shown in Figure 3 where two identical multiplier 2 connected to the line winding in the transformer 1 of opposite polarity through the switch 9 with a high switching frequency.

The cathode 10 Chizhevskogo chandeliers can be made in the form of individual emitters, such as a table lamp in the form of a frame, as shown in Figure 4.

Work chandeliers Chizhevskogo is as follows:

When you turn on the TV, in which the transformer to the line parallel multiplier 1 2 4 multiplier is connected to the output voltage (-), parallel to the voltage on the TV screen voltage is applied to the emitter 5 Chizhevskogo chandeliers.
There is a simultaneous emission of positive (negative health) and negative ions (positive for human) ions, which reduce harmful vzaimnoneytralizuya TV.

In the performance of execution, when a high-voltage transformers with high-voltage winding 1 is provided with 6, 2, which leave a negative half-wave voltage, and through the multiplier, like 2 (TV), voltage is applied to the emitter 5 lamps Chizhevskogo in negative polarity.

In an embodiment where the transformer line 1 is connected to two multipliers 2 through the switch 9 which can, for example, to work with the horizontal scanning frequency by applying voltage to the multipliers 2 through cycle.
In this case, the output of the multiplier 2 produces a positive voltage is used to power the tube, and the output of the second - a negative that is used to power the chandeliers Chizhevskogo.

Alexander Chizhevsky
Born:   February 7, 1897
Deceased:   December 20, 1964
Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky, a scientist famous for aero-ions propaganda...

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