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Oct. 15, 2013

Cockroach farms multiplying in China
by Barbara Demick

This squat concrete building was once a chicken coop, but now it's part of a farm with an entirely different kind of livestock — millions of cockroaches.

Inside, squirming masses of the reddish-brown insects dart between sheets of corrugated metal and egg cartons that have been tied together to provide the kind of dark hiding places they favor.

Wang Fuming kneels down and pulls out one of the nests. Unaccustomed to the light, the roaches scurry about, a few heading straight up his arm toward his short-sleeve shirt.

"Nothing to be afraid of," Wang counsels visitors who are shrinking back into the hallway, where stray cockroaches cling to a ceiling that's perilously close overhead.

Although cockroaches evoke a visceral dread for most people, Wang looks at them fondly as his fortune — and his future.

The 43-year-old businessman is the largest cockroach producer in China (and thus probably in the world), with six farms populated by an estimated 10 million cockroaches. He sells them to producers of Asian medicine and to cosmetic companies that value the insects as a cheap source of protein as well as for the cellulose-like substance on their wings.

The favored breed for this purpose is the Periplaneta americana, or American cockroach, a reddish-brown insect that grows to about 1.6 inches long and, when mature, can fly, as opposed to the smaller, darker, wingless German cockroach.

Since Wang got into the business in 2010, the price of dried cockroaches has increased tenfold, from about $2 a pound to as much as $20, as manufacturers of traditional medicine stockpile pulverized cockroach powder.

"I thought about raising pigs, but with traditional farming, the profit margins are very low," Wang said. "With cockroaches, you can invest 20 yuan and get back 150 yuan," or $3.25 for a return of $11.

China has about 100 cockroach farms, and new ones are opening almost as fast as the prolific critters breed. But even among Chinese, the industry was little known until August, when a million cockroaches got out of a farm in neighboring Jiangsu province. The Great Escape made headlines around China and beyond, evoking biblical images of swarming locusts.

Big moneymaker

Business is booming at the Shandong Xin Da Ground Beetle Farm.

Only the prospect of all those lost earnings would faze Wang, a compact man with a wisp of a mustache and wire-rim glasses who looks like a scientist, but has no more than a high school education. After graduating, he went to work in a tire factory.

"I felt I would never get anywhere in life at the factory and I wanted to start a business," he said.

As a boy he had liked collecting insects, so he started with scorpions and beetles, both used in traditional medicine and served as a delicacy. One batch of his beetle eggs turned out to be contaminated with cockroach eggs.

"I was accidentally raising cockroaches and then I realized they were the easiest and most profitable," he said.

The start-up costs are minimal — Wang bought only eggs, a run-down abandoned chicken coop and the roofing tile. Notoriously hearty, roaches aren't susceptible to the same diseases as farm animals. As for feeding them, cockroaches are omnivores, though they favor rotten vegetables. Wang feeds his brood with potato and pumpkin peelings discarded from nearby restaurants.

Killing them is easy too: Just scoop or vacuum them out of their nests and dunk them in a big vat of boiling water. Then they're dried in the sun like chile peppers.

Perhaps understandably, the cockroach business ("special farming," as it is euphemistically called) is a fairly secretive industry. Wang's farm, for instance, operates in an agribusiness industrial park under an elevated highway. The sign at the front gate simply reads Jinan Hualu Feed Co.

Some companies that use cockroaches don't like to advertise their "secret ingredient." And the farmers themselves are wary of neighbors who might not like a cockroach farm in their backyard.

"We try to keep a low profile," said Liu Yusheng, head of the Shandong Insect Industry Assn., the closest thing there is to a trade organization. "The government is tacitly allowing us to do what we do, but if there is too much attention, or if cockroach farms are going into residential areas, there could be trouble."

Liu worries about the rapid growth of an industry with too many inexperienced players and too little oversight. In 2007, a million Chinese lost $1.2 billion when a firm promoting ant farming turned out to be a Ponzi scheme and went bankrupt.

"This is not like raising regular farm animals or vegetables where the Agricultural Ministry knows who is supposed to regulate it. Nobody knows who is in charge here," he said.

The low start-up costs make raising cockroaches an appealing business for wannabe entrepreneurs, who can buy cockroach eggs and complete how-to kits from promoters.

"People laughed at me when I started, but I always thought that cockroaches would bring me wealth," said Zou Hui, 40, who quit her job at a knitting factory in 2008 after seeing a television program about raising cockroaches.

Wang Fuming, at his farm in Jinan, is the largest cockroach producer in China (and thus probably in the world), with six farms populated by an estimated 10 million cockroaches.

It's not exactly a fortune, but the $10,000 she brings in annually selling cockroaches is decent money for her hometown in rural Sichuan province, and won her an award last year from local government as an "Expert in Getting Wealthy."

"Now I'm teaching four other families," Zou said. "They want to get rich like me."

But inexperienced farmers can get into trouble, as Wang Pengsheng (no relation to fellow roach farmer Wang) found out after his cockroaches staged the Great Escape.

He had opened his farm just six months earlier in a newly constructed building that municipal code officials complained was too close to protected watershed land. At noon on Aug. 20, while workers were out for lunch, a demolition crew knocked down the building. The roaches made a run for it.

"They didn't know I had cockroaches in there. They wouldn't have demolished the building like that if there were cockroaches that would get out," Wang Pengsheng said in a telephone interview.

After discovering the flattened building and homeless roaches scurrying among the rubble, he tried to corral the escapees but was unsuccessful. He called in local health officials, who helped him exterminate the roaches. Wang said he has received about $8,000 in compensation from local government and hopes to use the money to rebuild his farm elsewhere.

At least five pharmaceutical companies are using cockroaches for traditional Chinese medicine. Research is underway in China (and South Korea) on the use of pulverized cockroaches for treating baldness, AIDS and cancer and as a vitamin supplement. South Korea's Jeonnam Province Agricultural Research Institute and China's Dali University College of Pharmacy have published papers on the anti-carcinogenic properties of the cockroach.

Li Shunan, a 78-year-old professor of traditional medicine from the southwestern province of Yunnan who is considered the godfather of cockroach research, said he discovered in the 1960s that ethnic minorities near the Vietnamese border were using a cockroach paste to treat bone tuberculosis.

"Cockroaches are survivors," Li said. "We want to know what makes them so strong — why they can even resist nuclear effects."

Liu Yusheng, head of the Shandong Insect Industry Assn. eats fried cockroaches. Liu worries about the rapid growth of an industry with too many inexperienced players and too little oversight.

Li reels off an impressive, if implausible, list of health claims: "I lost my hair years ago. I made a spray of cockroaches, applied it on my scalp and it grew back. I've used it as a facial mask and people say I haven't changed at all over the years.

"Cockroaches are very tasty too."

Many farmers are hoping to boost demand by promoting cockroaches in fish and animal feed and as a delicacy for humans.

Chinese aren't quite as squeamish as most Westerners about insects — after all, people here still keep crickets as pets.

In Jinan, Wang Fuming and his wife, who run the farm together, seem genuinely fond of their cockroaches and a little hurt that others don't feel affection.

"What is disgusting about them?" Li Wanrong, Wang's wife, asked as a roach scurried around her black leather pumps. "Look how beautiful they are. So shiny!"

Over lunch at a restaurant down the block from his farm, Wang placed a plate of fried cockroaches seasoned with salt on the table along with more conventional cuisine, and proceeded to nibble a few with his chopsticks. He expressed disapproval that visiting journalists refused to sample the roaches.

On saying goodbye at the end of the day, he added a final rejoinder.

"You will regret your whole life not trying them."

Nicole Liu in The Times' Beijing bureau contributed to this report.
October 25, 2013

Cockroaches go on the menu, and in the medicine, in China

Malcolm Moore
Healthy portion ... cockroach farms in China are trying to produce enough insects to satisfy demand for food markets and pharmaceutical companies there.

Healthy portion ... cockroach farms in China are trying to produce enough insects to satisfy demand for food markets and pharmaceutical companies there.

The correct way to eat a cockroach, at least in this corner of northern China, is to fry it not once but twice in a wok of smoking hot oil.

"The second time makes the shell crispy and the inside succulent," said 43-year-old Wang Fuming, as he tipped a bowl of freshly harvested bugs, one or two of their legs still twitching, into the sizzling pan.

Mr Wang is the leading cockroach farmer in Shandong province, with more than 22 million of the insects living in a series of nondescript, concrete bunkers in the suburbs of Jinan.

After cooking, Mr Wang gently ladled them onto a plate, their bodies plumped with the oil and their wings slightly spread, before sprinkling a packet of instant noodle powder – pickled cabbage flavour – over the dish.

"It would be better if we had some chilli," he apologised.

The cockroach, whose innards resemble cottage cheese, has an earthy taste, with a slight twinge of ammonia. But they have become popular in China not for their taste, but for their medicinal benefits.

"They really are a miracle drug," said Liu Yusheng, a professor at the Shandong Agricultural university and the head of Shandong province's Insect Association. "They can cure a number of ailments and they work much faster than other medicine."

Professor Liu said a cream made from powdered cockroaches is in use in some Chinese hospitals as a treatment for burns and in Korea for cosmetic facial masks.

Meanwhile, a syrup invented by a pharmaceutical company in Sichuan promises to cure gastroenteritis, duodenal ulcers and pulmonary tuberculosis.

"China has the problem of an ageing population," explained Prof Liu. "So we are trying to find new medicines for older people, and these are generally cheaper than Western medicine. Also we have a tradition of eating bugs here in Shandong."

For a decade, Mr Wang farmed another type of insect, Eupolyphaga Sinensis, which is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

But in the past two years, the demand for cockroaches has soared, and Mr Wang has switched his entire production to Periplaneta americana, or the American cockroach, a copper-coloured insect that grows to just over an inch and a half.

"These are not the same ones you see in your home, those are German cockroaches," he said. "There are hundreds of species of cockroaches, but only this one has any medicinal value. It is native to Guangdong province."

Inside his bunkers are hundreds of nests, bolted together from concrete roof tiles, that line the shelves of dark corridors.

The doorways are lined with mesh, but some cockroaches have clustered on the low ceilings overhead and the air is heavy with a fetid stink. "That is just how they smell," Mr Wang shrugged.

Last month was harvest time across Shandong.

As farmers elsewhere in the province picked apples and cut corn, Mr Wang reaped huge sackfuls of roaches.

"We kill them before they reach four months old, because then their wings are fully grown and they can fly," he said. "They are very easy to kill, we take large vats of boiling water into the corridors and dunk the nests into them."

His entire output is sold to pharmaceutical companies, he said, and the price has risen strongly.

Since 2011, he has quintupled production, to more than 100 tons a year, and he has eight workers.

Outside his farm, another man is waiting to be shown around.

Since this spring, Mr Wang has had 100 enquiries from would-be cockroach farmers and has helped to build 30 other farms.

"Oh, the money is good," said Xiao Zhongwu, a wiry 49-year-old who has a smaller set of farms in the countryside near Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius. "I have a trucking business too, transporting marble, paper and farm products for local companies. But that brings in pocket money: it is cockroaches that bring in the big money."

Mr Xiao said he had invested $270,000 in building a series of small farms, their windows taped over with plastic sheeting to stop the cockroaches from escaping.

But, he said, he earns at least $50,000 a year from the insects, and up to $150,000 in a good year. "The pharmaceutical companies set the price, but I stockpile my cockroaches when the supply is plentiful to wait for when the demand picks up."

Mr Xiao feeds his cockroaches a "special formula" of mashed up vegetables and waste to produce the high levels of amino acids that his buyers demand.

But, he said, farming the bugs is very simple. "Just keep them warm and they are happy."

Until now, the industry, while booming, has remained mostly under the radar.

But in August, a million cockroaches escaped from a farm in Jiangsu province, making headlines in the Chinese media.

Wang Pengsheng, a 38-year-old former engineer, said he had bought the plot of land to raise the insects after six months of research into the industry.

He bought more than 80kg of eggs for $16,846 and set up his farm.

But while he was out inspecting the goats and pigs he was raising elsewhere, the local government deemed his building illegal and knocked it down.

"When I came back in the evening, everything was gone, reduced to rubble," he said. "Afterwards, a team of exterminators came around to try to kill all the escaped cockroaches."

Mr Wang said he was determined to start again. "The problem is that the government has been under pressure from people saying the cockroaches are pests and they should not let me rebuild."

In Jinan, the other Mr Wang said he had heard of the misfortune suffered by his namesake.

But, he added, he has not had any recent break outs from his farm.

"In the beginning a few got away. But since we covered all the windows and doors with mesh, they have been well trapped," he said.

American cockroach cultivation box


The utility model relates to an insect breeding boxes, that is, a American cockroach breeding tank.

According to the literature, the natural growth of the American cockroach was cold, infectious diseases such as cholera mediated

First, the examination of its transmission, is made from natural growth Periplaneta americana contagious source, and then touch the human. This constituted the food chain of infection.

Periplaneta americana is indoor pests, is an omnivorous, eating both A variety of food, and damaged clothing, books. Therefore, since ancient times, have been known as one of the four victims.

In recent years, the rapid progress of science and technology, the American cockroach unique and great medicinal value has been developed Out. As the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, relying on the natural growth of capturing the American cockroach is far unable to meet, The artificial breeding the most critical issues, but also that it can not become a source of infection and disease to become indoor pests.

So how to solve the stationary environment type farming, has become the problem needed to be solved.

For the present invention, there is a problem, its purpose is to provide a source of infection can be isolated, fully enclosed American cockroach breeding tank.

According to the present invention insect growth habit, the box set with screens and sealing the door of the box, in the box A joint inside several baffles provided on the rod to increase the use of surface casing, the upper portion of the casing There can be placed water and food food containers, the lower portion of the casing can be accessed by insect feces and eggs drawers, Drawer front has a tailgate, tailgate when the drawer and cabinet cover sealing engagement to prevent insects from running Out, which can form a breathable, transparent, sealed-type artificial breeding enclosure fixed environment.

The Cabinet Solution

Never farmed Periplaneta americana and easy source of infectious diseases, it is difficult farming problems.

The invention uses fully enclosed design, can isolate the source of infectious diseases, but also light, breathable, and easy Feeding and cleaning, easy to catch insects mature, completely solve the artificial breeding insects stationary environment Problems for the pharmaceutical industry provides a huge amount of resources.

Figure 1 is the overall structure of the utility model diagram.
Figure 2 is the utility model the internal structure of Figure 1.
Figure 3 Figure 1 of the utility model is provided inside the spacer structure.
Figure 4 is a side view of Figure 3 utility model.
Figure 5 is a partition of the utility model structure.
Figure 6 is a side view of the utility model in Figure 5.
Figure 7 is a screen door of the utility model (5) structure.
Figure 8 is a plan view of utility model diagram in Figure 7.
9 is a configuration diagram of utility model food containers.
Figure 10 is a bottom view of Figure 9 utility model FIG.
FIG 11 is a configuration diagram of a drawer utility model.
Figure 12 Figure 11 of the utility model is a bottom view.
Figure 13 is the utility model linking rod (12) of the structure.
Figure 14 is the utility model spacer (13) of the structure.

Below with reference to the drawings The invention is described in detail.

The utility model comprises a box body (2), box (2) designed as a coaxial direction are screen door (
5) of the casing, the casing (2) equipped with several pieces were superimposed layered with fixing holes (7) of the separator
(3), a separator (3), associated with the root through several bars (12) is connected, a separator (3) and pass between
Over sets the associated rod (12) on the spacer (13) is positioned a distance of 1-2CM, the housing (
2) the upper and lower, respectively, with food containers also (4) and drawers (1), the drawer (1) in front of a
And the box with a suitable baffle (6), the drawer (1) and the housing (2) with the forming a sealable,
Breathable, translucent breeding tank.
Case (2) is provided with a groove wall (14) of the pressure bar (8),
Layering (8) of the slot (14) inside the card there is a coat rod (12), the United rod (12) through the intermediate plate
Fixing hole (7) of the separators (3) and the separator (3) is connected, a separator (3) through the sleeve in the joint between the
Bar (12) on the spacer (13) positioned so that the separator (3) superimposed in layers.
Drawers (1)
Available in front of the baffle (6) and the box (2) of the screen door (5) may form a seal with.
Food containers
(4) is designed like a drawer, and separating the water tank (9) and the trough (10), tank (9) of
Has several gutter (11), gutter (11) end of the exchange.


Method for preparing American cockroach extract for treating hepatitis B
The invention provides a method for preparing American cockroach extract for treating hepatitis B. The method comprises the following steps of: A, inactivating and smashing; B, extracting; C primary concentrating; D, degreasing and adsorbing; E, eluting; F, secondary concentrating; and G, drying and smashing. The method is adopted for preparing the American cockroach extract for treating hepatitis B, thus the hydrolysis of active ingredients which generate an inhibitory effect on hepatitis B can be effectively controlled, and the cure rate of the hepatitis B is improved. By the extracted medicine, the total effective rate of the hepatitis be antigen (HBeAg) negative conversion ratio and the hepatitis B virus (HBV)-deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA) negative conversion ratio of chronic hepatitis patients and hepatitis B virus carriers can reach 80-95%; the extraction rate of the specific active ingredients for treating hepatitis B can reach 3-5%; moreover, the corrosion resistance of the final extract can be improved, so that wastes which are caused by spoilage are avoided; and the final extract can be prevented from containing protein, thus, the harmful allergen in the medicine can be reduced. The extraction method provided by the invention is low in cost and high in safety.

Cockroach extractive and prepared oral care composition as well as preparation method and applications
The invention provides a cockroach extractive and a prepared oral care composition as well as a preparation method and applications. The preparation of the cockroach extractive comprises the following steps: heating, refluxing and extracting coarse powder of dried cockroach with 70%-95% ethanol, filtering, and concentrating while decompressing to obtain a crude paste; carrying out oil-water separation on the crude paste; removing the sediment at the bottom layer and grease at the upper layer; collecting brown liquid medicine at the middle layer; then adding active carbon for decolorizing, filling to a macroporous resin column, and eluting with water; and collecting eluate, and concentrating while decompressing to obtain cockroach extractive refined paste.; The oral care composition comprises 0.1-10% of cockroach extractive, 0.5-1.5% of carboxymethylcellulose, 15-25% of glycerin, 0.1-0.3% of methyl parahydroxybenzoate, 0.05-0.15% of propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, 0.3-1.0% of sodium lauryl sulfate, 35-45% of calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, 3-8% of anhydrous dicalcium phosphate, 3-8% of silicon dioxide, 0.1-0.3% of saccharin, and 1.0-1.5% of essence. The oral care composition is used for preventing and treating gum bleeding, resisting inflammation, and repairing canker sore.

Injection used for treating chronic congestive cardiac failure, and preparation method thereof
The invention discloses an injection used for treating chronic congestive cardiac failure, and a preparation method thereof. The medicine composition comprises components of, by weight: 3% to 6% of cockroach extract, 10% to 30% of polyethylene glycol, 0.7% to 1.0% of sodium chloride, and balance of water for injection. The preparation method comprises steps that: first, the cockroach extract is prepared through steps that: dried cockroach polypides are crushed into powder, the powder is processed from ethanol refluxing, and the extract is concentrated with reduced pressure, such that a thick paste is obtained; purified water is added to the paste for carrying out an oil-water separation process; medicine in the water layer is collected, and is processed through active carbon absorption, packing, and n-butyl alcohol elution; the eluant is concentrated with reduced pressure, and is processed through a secondary ethanol extraction; the obtained filtrate is concentrated with reduced pressure, and is processed through water extraction, centrifugation, filtration, decoloration, ultrafiltration, and concentration with reduced pressure, such that the cockroach extract thick paste is obtained; then, the medicine injection is prepared through steps that: the cockroach extract, medicinal polyethylene glycol and medicinal sodium chloride are mixed according to the formulation; the pH value is regulated to 5.4-6.4; the mixture is diluted to 1000ml by using the water for injection; the obtained solution is filtered, encapsulated, sterilized, lamp inspected, and packaged, such that cockroach extract injections are obtained.

Fingerprint pattern quality determination method of american cockroaches medicinal materials and their extract
The invention relates to a fingerprint quality determining method of American cockroach drug material and extract thereof. With the fingerprint technology applied, the method controls the quality of the American cockroach drug material and extract thereof. The method uses the fingerprint technology to effectively control raw materials from the American cockroach drug material, guarantees the stable quality of the American cockroach drug material under the certain preparing process, thereby further effectively controlling the quality of preparations made from the American cockroach extract, including but not confined to rehabilitation new liquid, rehabilitation new capsule, rehabilitation new pill, rehabilitation new spray, etc.; The fingerprint technology provided by the invention can be used as a key means for evaluating the Chinese herbal medicine quality, which is beneficial to the modernization of Chinese herbal medicine.

Medicinal composition containing American cockroach and its ethanol extract and new use
The invention relates to uses of Bombay canary and its alcohol extract in preparing medicine for treatment of inflammation, specifically, for treating cervical erosion, ulcerative colitis, fig wart after operation, said invention belongs to medicine field.

Chinese medicine composition for treating diabetes and preparing method


The present invention discloses a Chinese medicine for curing ischemic necrosis of bone, delayed union and nonunion. Said medicine is made up by using 13 Chinese medicinal materials of Chinese angelica root tail, wingless cockroach, prepared pyrite, dragoní s blood, earthworm and others through a certain preparation process. Its total effective rate is above 98%.


The present invention belongs to the technical field of traditional Chinese medicines and particularly relates to a treatment for avascular necrosis, delayed fracture healing and nonunion drugs.


avascular necrosis, delayed fracture healing and nonunion, mainly by trauma, drugs, alcohol and other reasons, are incurable diseases clinical orthopedic surgery, the disease in recent years, a growing trend.
Currently, patients mainly by surgery and drug therapy, the former high risk, the patient great pain; latter perennial need medication, and poor efficacy and economic burden.

Especially taking large doses of medicine can be induced by other diseases such as side effects, and complex manufacturing process, production costs are high.

Also reported the use of traditional Chinese medicine, but the effect is not ideal, especially to report yet to see a cure.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a bone continued reinforcement, nourishing the liver and kidney, blood stasis, treating the symptoms, no side effects, low price, high cure rate of the treatment of bone necrosis, delayed fracture healing and nonunion medicine to make up the deficiencies of existing technology.

The solution of the invention is based on Chinese medicine on bone necrosis, delayed fracture healing and nonunion pathogenesis and improve immunity understanding and treatment principles, reference ancient, modern pharmacological research achievements, from the treasure house of Chinese medicine, screened bone continued reinforcement, nourishing the liver and kidney, blood stasis pure natural medicine, according to Chinese medicine theory group side, extract, make it play a facilitating body regulating yin and yang, balance organs twelve meridians, qi xue , blood circulation, meridians, expelling wins wet, benefit liver and kidney, replenishing marrow, for the treatment of avascular necrosis, delayed fracture healing and nonunion effect a cure and rehabilitation.

The present invention is composed of the following drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients made weight ratio:

Final end 90, earth element 60, made of natural copper 90, Blood 20, earthworm 90, gun Shanjia 50, Drynaria 20, ephedra 20, Strychnos 6, Gentiana 90, Clematis 90, Dipsacus 120, Astragalus 120

The above components are prepared by a conventional method bolus, followed by the following steps:

1), drying :: ratio by weight of the final end weighed 90 earth element 60, made of natural copper 90, earthworm 90, gun Shanjia 50, Drynaria 20, ephedra 20, Strychnos 6, Gentiana 90, Clematis 90, Dipsacus 120, Astragalus 120, low temperature drying;

2), powder, sieved mix: low-temperature drying step 1 drug and Blood 20 (parts by weight) together with the fine powder, sifted, and mix;

3), pills prepared as follows: Step 2 through powder, sifted, mix drugs into the pan with fresh cold distilled water pills;

4), obtained in step 4 pills per 9g loaded a bag, a box of 10 bags, that was the drug of the invention.

The medicine pills named: vigorous bone pill.

Clinical use of the present invention results show that has the following advantages:

1, the present invention is use of natural medicine raw materials, components comply with the provisions of Political drugs, the use of the combined effects of various herbs, with qi xue, bone continued reinforcement, blood circulation, meridians, expelling wins wet, benefits liver and kidney, replenishing the efficacy of marrow, bone necrosis, delayed fracture healing and nonunion effect a cure and rehabilitation, no chemical sweeteners, nontoxic to humans.

2, the present invention taste slightly sweet, no bitter feeling, easy to take.

To demonstrate the efficacy of drugs of the invention, the present invention after years of clinical observation of selected cases, in January for a course, served three times, each time a bag, nearly 500 cases of patients were cured, the cure fully recovered the body, have improved as valid.

Treatment of patients with ischemic necrosis of bone in which nearly 100 people, the cure rate was 68%, the total effective rate was 98%; treatment delayed fracture healing patients 200 cases, the cure rate of 92%, the total effective rate was 99%; treatment of nonunion patients 200 cases, the cure rate of 93%, the total effective rate was 99%.

A typical case is as follows:

1, Sun XX, male, 45 years old, often alcoholics, leading to the legs and feet mobility, diagnosed by X-ray bone necrosis, bone pill taking vigorous present invention 2 to remission after treatment and 6 months after treatment cure, Two years after returning life, act completely take care of themselves.

2, Huang XX, male, 39 years old, a township secretary.
Old and tired to run around for many years, drinking socializing, and soon since that sciatica pain, suffering after X-ray diagnosis of bilateral aseptic necrosis of femoral head position, taking the present invention vigorous bone pills 4 after treatment to remission, 10 recovered after treatment, two years after the visit of life, action entirely themselves.

3, Liu XX, female, 50 years old, private prosecution falls fracture, six months after treatment still not healed, and sicker, after X-ray diagnosis of delayed fracture healing, bone pill taking vigorous present invention after symptoms begin a course of treatment remission, three recovered after treatment, two years after the visit of life, action entirely themselves.

4, Wang XX, male, 55 years old, falls thigh readme three years ago, even after treatment, the effect is not ideal, a pain in the legs and feet mobility, long-term use analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs, the X-ray diagnosis of nonunion, The present invention taking pills two vigorous bone after treatment to remission, three courses of treatment can live their own dishes, cured after one year, two years after the visit of life, action entirely themselves.


weighed according to the following weight ratio of raw materials: Normalized tail 90, earth element 60, made of natural copper 90, Blood 20, earthworm 90, gun Shanjia 50, Drynaria 20, ephedra 20, the system Marchand exon 6, Gentiana 90, Clematis 90, Dipsacus 120, Astragalus 120 The above components are made of pills by a conventional method, followed by the following steps:

1), drying: Weigh the final end 90g, earth element 60g, made of natural copper 90g, earthworm 90g, gun Shanjia 50g, Drynaria 20g, ephedra 20g, Strychnos 6, Gentiana 90g, Clematis 90g, Dipsacus 120g, astragalus 120g, low temperature drying;

2), powder, sifted, and mix: a low-temperature drying step of the drug along with Blood 20g powder as fine powder, sifted, and mix;

3), pills prepared as follows: Step 2 through powder, sifted, mix drugs into the pan with fresh cold distilled water pills;

4), obtained in step 4 pills per 9g loaded a bag, 10 bags a box, that was the drug of the invention.

Chinese medicine composition, and its preparing method and quality control method
The present invention discloses a Chinese medicine composition. Said medicine composition includes 11 Chinese medicinal materials of carthamus flower, wingless cockroach, nux vomica, prepared myrrh, notoginseng, borneol, calcined pyrite and others. Said medicine composition can be used for effectively curing the diseases of traumatic injury, sudden sprain in the lumbar region, pain in the chest when breathing, injury of the muscle and tendon, swelling pain and ischemic necrosis of femoral head, etc. Besides, said invention also provides its preparation process and concrete steps.

Medicine for treating cancer
The present invention relates to a Chinese medicine with the functions of elimianting toxic side reaction produced in radiation therapy and chemical therapy, building up health are promoting recoveryof human body for curing several cancers, such as dcarcinoma of stomach, liver cancer, carcinoma of esophagus, carcinoma of urinary bladder, carcinoma of pancreas, mammary cancer and intestinal cancer. Said invented medicine is made up 17 Chinese medicinal materials of scorpion, centipede, toad's skin, pangolin scales, wingless cockroach, turtle shell, nogoginseng root, climbing nightshade and others.

Traditional Chinese medicinal pill for anti-cancer
The anti-cancer Chinese medicine pill preparation is made from 31 Chinese medicinal materials of rhubarb, scorpion, realgar, secluded chamber, arisaema root, wingless cockroach, water buffalo horn powder, deerhorn powder, Chinese wolfsbane root, nux vomica, house lizard, brucea fruit, cuttlefish bone and typhonium giganteum, etc. as raw material and mixing them according to a certain proportion. Said invention possesses good anti-cancer effect.

Capsule for treating arthritis and strengthening physique
The Chinese medicine for curing rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis is made of the Chinese medicinal materials of prepared nux vomica, earthworm, prepared pangolin scales, clematis root, ledebouriellaroot, centipede, red ginseng, drynaria root, wingless cockroach, black-striped snake, prepared hydnocarpus seed, Chinse angelica root, speranskis/balsam and gastropine nd vitamin B1 as main raw material, so that it possesses the functions of clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, resisting wind-dampness, dissipating cold,dispersing swelling, stopping pain and soothing sinews and strengthening bone, etc., and its production process is simple and cost is low.

Medicine pill for detoxicating, killing bacteria and relieving inflammation
The present invention discloses a Chinese medicine preparation-Jiedushajunxiaoyan pill with the functions of detoxicating, sterilizing and relieving inflammation. Said invented Chinese medicine preparation is a capsule made up by using 20 house lizards, 20 large centipedes and prepared frankincense 50g, honey-fried myrrh 50g, dragon's blood 50g, turtle shell 50g and wingless cockroach 30g throughthe process of fine-grinding and capsulizing. Said invented product can be matched with Chinese medicine Yanghetang decoction for curing lymphoid tuberculosis and bone tuberculosis, it can be matchedwith Chiese medicine Simiaoyong'antong decoction for curing angitis, and matched with Chinese medicine Xiaoduyin decoction for curing furuncle, boil, sore and innominate inflammatory swelling, etc., and can obtain good therapeutic effect.

Medicine for treatment of carcinoma of esophagus
The present invention relates to a Chinese medicine for curing carcinoma of esophagus. Its prescription includes asparagus officinalis, bamboo shoots, dandelion, kelp, houttuynia, lonicera flower, red peony root, mint, forsythia fruit, platycodonr oot, alisma tuber, isatis root and wingless cockroach, etc.. Said product has the functions of clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, etc., and can be used for curing carcinoma of esophagus.

Medicine for female genital diseases and its usage
A cockroach extractive (extracted by alcohol) in the form of suppository, effervesce, tablet, membrane and drop can be used to cure the diseases of woman's genetic tract, such as cervical erosion, vaginitis and cervical cancer, with high and quick curative effect and less toxic side-effect.

Maqitong compound medicine for treating cardiovascular diseases and its preparing method
A medication for treating cardiovascular disease is prepared from leech and cockroach as raw material. It has curative effect on coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage and angina pectoris, and has no toxic side-effect.

Chinese patent medicine for inducing decomposition of biliary calcul
The gall stone dispelling drug consists of 4-30% peony bark, 4-30% haw, 4-30% cockroach, 4-30% fruit of magnoliavine, and 4-30% rhizoma of common reed; it has no toxic side effect, clinic tests verified that the total effective rate is 100%, cure rate is 87%.

Medicine for curing liver cancer and its making method
A prescription for curing liver cancer is composed of root of codonopsis pilosula, root of astragalus membranaceus, herb of scutellaria barbata, turtle shell, tuckahoe, radix bupleuri, oyster shell, peach Rernel, cockroach, rhubarb, sappan wood, etc, and capillary artemisia, rhizoma cyperi, tangerine peel, herba patriniae, coix lacryma, safflower also can be added; the prescription can be made into tablets, pills, or syrup, and is superior to radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other Chinese herbal medicine, it has suppression effect on tumefaction and can remit the clinical symptoms effectively.

Bone-setting preparation and preparing method

Medicinal composition for treating rheumatic, rheumatoid arthritis

Chinese medicine composition, and its preparing method and quality control method

Semen strychni-lumbricus ointment for relieving pain

Tablet for promoting blood circulation to stop pain

External used medicine for treating traumatic injury

Jiegudan medicine for rejoining bone

medicine for treating orthopedic disease

Medicine for treating osteoporosis

Medicinal composition for treating wound surface

Traditional Chinese medicine composition (Fujangtieda liquor) for curing traumatic injury

Chinese medicinal plaster for treatment of bone-fracture

Medicine for treating oophoritic cyst and its preparation process

Qianghua Poyutongluo powder preparation for curing osteodynia and its preparation method

Powder preparation for stopping pain and dispersing swelling

Chinese medicine for treating cervical spondylosis

Externally applied Chinese medicine for treating trauma and its prepn.

Chinese medicine for treating cervical spondylopathy

Powder medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

Oral medicine for treating rheumatism and atrophic diseases

Medicine for curing angiocardiopathy and its preparation method

Jingzhuikang medicine for curing cervical spondylopathy

Fracture setting recovery pill

Capsule and its production process

Nano liyanling preparation medicine and preparation method thereof

Nano quicken the blood and disperse welling abscess preparation medicine and preparation method thereof

Nano bone-setting medicine and its preparation

Nano fracture-setting traumatic medicine and its preparation

External application medicine for treating compression fracture

Composite medicine for treating myocardosis and its prepn

Chinese medicine preparation for curing necrosis of femoral head

Pure traditional Chinese medicine for treating hyperosteogeny and preparation process thereof

External medicine for treating sore caused by shell wound all bullet wound

Medicine for treating bone injury

Hyperosteogeny-treating capsule

Medicinal powder for pulmonary tuberculosis

Medicine for curing cerebrovascular disease

Method for extracting active component of sea cockroach

Bone setting plaster

Channel-freeing network-quickening strong bone-joining powder

American cockroach cultivation box

Capsule for treatment of rheumatic angitis and its preparation method

Medicine for strengthening bone and eliminating impediment

Preparatory medicine for treating rheumatism

Medicine for curing hyperosteogeny

Bone-setting powder for fractures, and preparation method thereof

Medicine for curing waist sprain and contusion

Rehabilitation medicine for treating hyperosteogeny, varicosis, paralysis and thyroid enlargement

Traditional Chinese medicine preparation for curing osteoproliferation disease and its preparing technology

Traditional Chinese medicine plaster for treatment of mastosis

Traditional Chinese medicinal powder for curing bone injury and hysteromyoma

Medicine for curing severe bone flourosis and production method thereof

Drug composition for curing mastosis

Medicine for recovering of patient suffering from apoplexy

Medicinal powder for treating piles

Sinew-Soothing Blood-Quickening Tablet

Xujinjiegu tablet for curing fracture

Sinew-soothing Network-Quickening Pill

Externally used Chinese and western medicine ointment for treating skin soft tissue ulceration and necrosis

Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating prosopospasm

External use medicine for treating dog skin bacterial infection ulcer

Preparation method for traditional Chinese medicine lotion for treating blood stasis-type closed fracture

Medicine for removing chorioplaque

Traditional Chinese medicine lotion for external washing and composition ointment for external application for treating burn and scald


Traditional Chinese medicine with functions of treating drug addiction, healing wounds and relieving cancer pain

Traditional Chinese medicine for assisting in treating liver cancer

Medicine composition for treating diaper rash and preparation method thereof

Medicine composite for treating burn and scald and preparation method thereof

Medicine composition for postoperative wound restoration and preparation method thereof


Traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating fracture and soft tissue bruise

Use of eupolyphaga seu steleophaga for use in medicine for treating protrusion of intervertebral disc and hyperosteogeny, its products and preparing method

'Qianlielongbitong' soft capsule and its preparation method

Use of medicinal composition containing red paeony root for preparing medicine for treating chronic blood shortage to brain


Medicine composition for treating pain and preparing method therefor

Guandong-heiyao-Chinese medicine for treating bone nonunion

Chinese medicine dispersible tablets for treating hysteromyoma, preparing method and quality control method

Tiaogu tablet composition and its production process

Bone-setting medicine and its use method

Medicinal composition for treating benign leiomyoma

Chinese medicine for treating bone fracture and preparing method

Chinese medicine for treating fractures and processing technology thereof

Chinese medicine for treating fractures and preparation for making plaster thereof

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