Jeff COOK 
Magnetic Beam
JCE Generator

Is it a Gravity Beam Generator? In September 2003, Jeff Cook published plans online for a new invention that he claims produces a beam of force that can bend a candle flame -- even through solid objects! Don't take our word for it --download the plans and build one yourself.

JCE Plans [PDF, 130k]

Flame Attraction

The Jeff Cook effect is a polarized effect -- a flame held in front of the device is attracted to the coil as power is applied.

Dual Coil Design

This profile photo shows the primary effect coil to the right, and the smaller coil to directionalize the effect on the left.

JCE Range

Interestingly, the Cook Effect does not seem to decrease with the square of the distance, as shown in this photo at long range.

Beam Effect

Jeff Cook claims that this effect penetrates through barriers like glass and wood to affect the candle flame with the same intensity.

A New Gravity?

Dr. Ning Li predicted a "push-pull" conceptual effect that she calls "AC Gravity" in the mid-1990's. The idea is that perhaps gravity is a more complex force than what we observe in nature, and that as a result of this it may be able to produce interesting new effects as yet unseen.

The Jeff Cook Effect could be the beginnings of one of these designs. The device uses a set of innovative magnetic-coils wound in a unique manner to create a beam of force that Cook claims will bend a candle flame or produce a very light pressure on human skin.

Cook claims that the JCE Generator is capable of not only exerting force on a flame, but can also do it through solid objects. Cook has experimented with putting obstacles in between the generator and the flame, and claims that the beam of force is not modified as it passes through objects like wood and glass.

Interestingly, this corresponds to Podkletnov's observations with the rotating superconductor experiments he performed in Finland in the early 1990's. Podkletnov's reported 2% reduction in the mass of a test-sample was also not effected by obstacles in between his superconductor and the sample. This supports in general that idea that gravity cannot be shielded.

Cook's claim that the beam is not effected by obstacles is perhaps the most important part of his observations -- if this is indeed supported by further testing, then it is possible that Cook has stumbled across an innovative method for creating directional beams of some type of force -- perhaps gravitational.

Shades of Marcus

In many ways it is difficult to compare the claims of Jeff Cook to the sensationalism surrounding Marcus Hollingshead's device from the December 2002 timeframe, but there are several interesting comparisons.

Firstly, I believe that Jeff's experience in the newsgroups teaches us something about tolerance and acceptance of new ideas, and secondly, both Marcus and Cook were thinking about similar design concepts while creating very different prototype designs.

Jeff Cook began posting information about his experimental claims online in the newelectrogravity newsgroup in August 2003. While he had hoped for immediate interest in the device, the overwhelming response was negative from the newsgroup members. The primary rejection was simply in response to his photos, which didn't appear convincing enough for the newsgroup members, but secondly was the lack of evidence in addition to Cook's claims. Both of these issues may now not even exist, as Cook has released construction plans to the public to facilitate additional experimentation.

Cook indicated to American Antigravity that his original designs had been based on the idea of a "rotational device" for affecting gravity. This would certainly fit with the concepts that not only Marcus examined for controlling gravity, but also have been considered by Li, Podkletnov, Searl, Hamel, Chiao, and many others.

Cook's idea took a detour from the idea of rotation when he decided that he wanted to create a device that didn''t rotate for the sake of simplicity in construction. He said that the idea was to take the concept of rotating magnets and condense that into a solid-state device that was easy to build. After a few failed prototypes, he arrived through trial and error with the current design, which he believes embodies the concept of rotational fields into a device that doesn't require motion to generate an effect.

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