Cymatic Therapy

Cymatic therapy or "cymatherapy", is a scientifically unsupported alternative medicine technique using acoustic waves which was developed in the 1960s by Sir Peter Guy Manners.[1]


Cymatic therapy is based on the notion that human cells, organs, and tissues each have a natural resonant frequency which changes when perturbed by illness. Cymatic therapists apply different audible frequencies and combinations of sound waves which they claim entrain malfunctioning components back to their healthy vibratory state and promote natural healing.[2] The American Cancer Society states: "Available scientific evidence does not support this claim. ... Relying on this type of treatment alone, and avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer, may have serious health consequences."[1]

Cymatic therapy is operationally, historically, and philosophically distinct from the many medical uses of ultrasound and from the more mainstream practice of music therapy.

Dr Peter Guy Manners        Gary R Buchanan

Cymatherapy: A New Wave in Sound Techniques

Sound therapies of many varieties are becoming more widely accepted every day. Music therapy, for example, is commonly used for reducing stress, for pain management, and in delivery and operating rooms as well as to treat the elderly, the mentally challenged, and those with special learning needs and emotional issues. Ultrasound is another example. Practitioners now prescribe ultrasound to diagnose tumors, clean wounds, pulverize kidney stones and alleviate pain in sore muscles and backs.

How Sound Supports Natural Healing

Scientists now know that the human body is a dynamic energy system and that the body itself as well as each of our cells, organs and tissues have their own vibratory nature. They have a natural, or resonant, frequency that can become upset or imbalanced. Cymatherapy International has developed an instrument that delivers precise combinations of frequencies (or "commutations") associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. When applied to the body, these sound waves help to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cell's frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance.

Like other holistic techniques, Cymatherapy supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Building on prior research, Cymatherapy International has created a range of new products that use a special, patent-pending delivery system. These breakthrough instruments combine sound and magnetics—two powerful and natural restorative agents—to enhances results.

The Spirit of Ma'at, Vol 2 March 2001 "Alternative Healing"

Cymatics and the New Age of Miracles

Based on an interview with Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners


Susan Barber

A Re-Soundingly Successful Experiment

Recently, in Germany, researchers took the DNA of a 17-year-old boy, recorded its sound frequencies, and saved them. The boy was accidentally killed, but the scientists still had his DNA frequency patterns. Later, the DNA frequencies of the 17-year-old were transmitted into the body of a man in his late thirties. And the man almost became the young boy. His skin became youthful, he became slim, his hair went back to its natural color. Today he's in his forties and he still looks like a much younger man. --Sir Peter Guy Manning, M.D.

Cymatics As Science

In the early 18th century, the German physicist Ernst Chladni, the ''father of acoustics,'' covered plates with thin layers of sand, set them vibrating, and observed the patterns that were made in response to different sound stimuli.

In 1967, nearly three hundred years later, Hans Jenny, a Swiss doctor, artist, and researcher, published Cymatics - The Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations. In this book, published in both German and English, Jenny, like his precursor, showed what happens when one takes various materials like sand, water, or iron filings, and places them on vibrating metal surfaces.

When this is done, shapes and motion-patterns appear. Some of these patterns are nearly perfectly ordered and are stationary. Others develop in a turbulent, organic fashion, and are constantly in motion.

Jenny used crystal oscillators, and invented what he called a ''tonoscope'' to set his plates and membranes vibrating. One of the most fascinating discoveries he made was that the vowels of Hebrew and Sanskrit, when toned into his media, formed the actual patterns of the letters themselves! Modern languages did not have this effect. All of which leads to the speculation that there may be some truth in the concept of a ''sacred language'' - an actual, physical reason why the recitation of sacred mantras and texts may have real healing properties.

Jenny thought that evolution was a result of vibrations, with the vibrations of one level of organization, such as that of cells, each one unique, combining to create glands and organs and so on, each new level being a harmonic of the previous one. Jenny saw that we could heal the body with sound by understanding how different frequencies influence the genes, cells, and organs of the body.

Out of Jenny's work, and that of other scientists in the late fifties, came the reality of using sound to transmute diseased cells into their healthy counterparts.

Enter the Age of Miracles

It was Sir Peter Guy Manners, British medical doctor and osteopath, who collated the work that had been done in cymatics research and developed from it the therapy of Cymatics. Stated most simply, Cymatics therapy uses a toning device to transmit into diseased areas of the body the signature vibrations of healthy organs and tissues.

We called Dr. Manners at his academy in Bretforton, England. He told us that he had started off in ordinary medicine, but that a couple years into his training he'd reached a startling realization. As part of my training, I and my fellow students would observe doctors in the process of treating their patients. And so we are sitting there with this doctor, and some patient comes in with a headache, and the doctor says, 'Take these two tablets.' And the patient goes off. But he comes back in a fortnight or so, a couple weeks, and he says, 'Those tablets did the trick, but now I've got a little tummy upset.' And we watch the doctor give him some different tablets, and he goes off. And then later this same patient is back again, 'Oh, those tablets were wonderful, but now I've got a bit of diarrhea, you see.'

''And I realized, we started out with one patient, and now we've got three!''

Knowing that there had to be a better way of healing than what was taught to him in medical school, Dr. Manners traveled all over the world seeking to find out what other options existed for treating patients. He spent time studying with scientists in Germany (''I liked the kind of research they were doing''), Russia, and the United States.

Somewhere in his travels, Manners met up with Hans Jenny. ''He was interested in making forms and shapes with sound, and these coincided with the forms and shapes of anatomy and physiology,'' Dr. Manners said. Out of this observation came Cymatics, or Bioresonance, therapy - the use of sound to transform diseased tissue into its healthy counterpart.

Cymatics probes are used to transmit bioresonance energy, in the form of electronic pulses, from the Cymatics instrument directly to human tissue. Another method of application is through fluids. Water or a homeopathic preparation is placed on a Bioresonance Energizer, which imprints the bioenergetic patterns into the solution. Also, there are units which can transmit bioenergy patterns into a bathtub or hydrotherapy unit. Yet another unit combines bioenergetic frequencies with color.

You can see how all of this works by realizing that there is no difference between the energetic pattern of an object and the object itself. We are made of energy. If we transmit a healthy frequency into diseased tissue, we cause it to take on the frequency - and thus, the actuality - of healthy tissue.

When asked what brings people to Cymatics therapy, Dr. Manners said, ''They choose it because a tremendous percentage want to move out of the drug scene.'' And he stresses that, at least in the U.K., Cymatics has earned scientific recognition. "Scientists like it because its techniques can be explained and quantified, and the results are predictable. We know scientifically what will happen,'' Manners said, ''if we transmit a certain combination of frequencies into the tissue.''

The instrument that is used to transmit sound vibrations into the human body is currently known as the Mark VI. It has replaced Mark I through V. ''This instrument,'' Dr. Manners says, ''holds up to 390 commutations of frequencies, sounds which will regenerate organs and tissues in the body.''

Cymatics and the Fountain of Youth

Perhaps the most exciting possible application of Cymatics, as we indicate in the story that leads off this article, is its potential to reverse the aging process.

''When you're born,'' Dr. Manners said, ''every cell multiplies. Then, at puberty, the frequency patterns of the cells change, and instead of multiplying, cell replaces cell. As we age, cells still replace each other, but the tempo slows down.

''Within a few years of time we will be able to prevent this slowing down of cell replacement. And this can all be done with sound. If we take a frequency sample of your DNA at age 18, and save it, then later, if we transmit this frequency to your cells, they will rejuvenate.''

The Future of Advanced Medicine

Sir Peter Guy Manners is an M.D. ''But I don't administer drugs,'' he says. Drugs, he claims, are destructive. The type of medicine he practices is constructive. And although in the United States constructive healing modalities go under the name of ''alternative therapy,'' in the United Kingdom they are referred to as Advanced Medicine. And the doctors who practice Advanced Medicine, instead of being hounded by professional and governmental organizations, may even aspire to knighthood.

''It used to be, when doctors didn't know how to heal an arm or a leg, they just amputated it,'' Manners said. ''By the year 2010, medicine as it's known today will be as out of date as chopping off limbs. Prepare to accept the wonders of technology as established, scientific fact. Miracles will become the natural thing.

''Miracles,'' concludes Dr. Manners, ''were simply things people didn't understand. Today, we can explain miracles. Miracles fit right in with advanced technology.''

A Brief History of Cymatic Therapy

Starting in the sixth century BC, Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first to use music to heal a person’s body and emotions. During the eighth century, German scientist Ernst Chladni proved that sound does affect matter. Chlandi, the father of acoustics showed that as he drew a bow across the edge of a metal plate covered with sand, the sand moved and formed geometric patterns.

In the 1960s, a Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny produced more sophisticated experiments with sand, fluids and powders on metal plates, using a frequency generator to move the material forming beautiful intricate geometric patterns. He coined the term cymatics from the Greek word kyma, which means wave, to describe the study of wave phenomena.

It was Sir Peter Guy Manners a British medical doctor, who collated the work that had been done in cymatics research by Dr Jenny and others and developed the therapy of Cymatics. Stated most simply, Cymatics therapy uses a toning device to transmit into diseased areas of the body the signature vibrations of healthy organs and tissues. Dr. Manners designed a machine, the Mark I that would deliver frequencies directly to the body using an applicator, through use of advancing technology Dr. Manners machine matured to the Mark VI which could deliver 390 commutation frequencies, sounds which will regenerate organs and tissues in the body.

Building on everything that has been done in the past, Cymatherapy® International has developed a unique, internationally patent-pending system that supports the body’s natural self-healing abilities and delivers to the body the precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. The over 700 commutation frequencies that are transmitted through this new tool help to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cells' frequencies back to their natural, healthy state of vibrational resonance. Mandara Cromwell, President of Cymatherapy® International met with Dr. Manners in 2001 where she first learned about his work. It was 2002 when Dr. Manners passed the baton to Mandara and through her efforts the new Cyma® 1000 was launched. The development of the Cyma® 1000 and Cymatherapy has truly brought sound therapy into the 21st Century.

Cymatherapy is a computerized form of combined sound and magnetic therapy applied directly to the body. It uses subtle audible sounds that simultaneously works on an energetic and physical level. Cymatherapy supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself by providing precise combinations of frequencies that are associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. Cymatherapy assists your body to provide itself with effective and gentle relief for stress, injury, chronic pain and many other conditions. This therapy is also highly effective when combined with many of the other available therapies offered by Natural Holistics, such as massage, chiropractic or nutritional medicine.

Adenoids Cymatics
This is a Cymatic visualization of the WFB Sonation ADENOIDS based upon ratios supplied by the late Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners
Cymatics ~ Part 3 ~ Application of Cymatic Therapy
In Part Three, Dr. Manners demonstrates the Cymatic Applicator, which resonates body tissue with audible sound.
Reaven's Syndrome (Cymatics) contains visualizations of a Sonation that may aid Type-2 Diabetics.

A D H D Cymatics
This is a Cymatic visualization of the WFB Sonation A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Cellular Regeneration (Cymatics).wmv
The CELL REGENERATION-A (Nogier) Sonation is applied in Sonatherapy to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration.



System of Methods and Apparati for Handling and Modifying Information Energy and Matter by Formative Resonance  

This invention relates to an improvement in systems, methods and apparati for handling and processing information, energy and matter by making use of potentials of new technologies, science and industrial art, principally in cymatics, quantum field theory and psychoenergetic science. It comprises a system of methods and apparati for handling information, energy and material using multimodal cymatic (standing wave patterning, whether stationary or moving) generation, and manipulation, principally of material and energy in vorticoid including concatenated and grouped vorticoid forms, to concentrate, cleanse, separate, transform, produce etc., materials and energy, including without limitation the production of clean water and manufactures materials, the production of net usable energy by effects such as Schauberger and vacuum potential-related, the collection, processing and communication of information by nonlocal quantum coherence (entrainment) of dynamic systems, initially cymatic, viz., vorticoid, the similar transport of lower-dimensionality material patterns, i.e., materials, also to facilitate transport of living organisms, and the tuning of higher-dimensional energy forms, i.e., formative fields, for applications such as healing; a means of fine-tune controlling such systems directly by means of psychoenergetic operator interaction and indirectly by means of conditioned space technologies and vibratory enhancing technologies such as "scalar" treated materials and systems; and by other means described as "gauge-symmetry"-level raising, here, e.g., Bearden; and their combination; and a means of facilitating learning to generate Tiller-effect spacial conditioning (higher gauge symmetry) enhancement using motivated feedback in utilising these systems with spacial conditioning technology assist.


This invention relates to an improvement in methods of handling and processing information, energy and matter. It was developed initially to make use of potentials of new technologies, science and industrial art to problems of non-chemical purification, with little or no chemicals added beyond water, of pre-combustion inputs and post-combustion outputs in thermoelectric power generation. The invention extends their application to new, nonobvious and useful systems of methods and apparati for the production, transformation and distribution of matter, energy and information.


[0002] With respect to the system of methods and apparati which is the subject of this application, and embodiments therefor, the work of the following, their predecessors and experimentally, clinically or epistemologically near neighbours, form the principal precedent contributions drawn on by this writer: Viktor Schauberger (Austria), Theodor Schwenk (Germany), Hans Jenny (Switzerland), Lawrence Edwards (England), Shafica Karagulla (Canada, United States), Marcel Vogel (United States), Fritz-Albert Popp (Germany), Thomas E. Bearden (United States), Ernst von Bezold (Canada) and William A. Tiller (Canada, United States). The following discussion outlines those contributions applicable to this work as understood by this writer and builds on them to show their relationship to novel, nonobvious and useful aspects of the invention here disclosed.

[0003] Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forester and technologist whose works are now also widely available in English (1). He observed that when a current in a flowing stream winds centripetally and then centrifugally with an opposite sense of spin, at the turning point of the change of direction of rotation, oxygenation occurs and from this place also there is an energetic flow transverse to the direction of the current, into the stream banks, stimulating the growth of vegetation in those areas. Working with this and similar observations Schauberger was able to invent and frequently to patent 'naturalesque' technologies for diverse applications including trans mountain lumber transport and for transportation; for water purification, energy production, which he identified as environmentally healthier and therefore sustainable in comparison with still-prevalent environmentally destructive mechanistic technologies.

[0004] The centripetal-centrifugal spiral effects he reported (see figure) and made use of ('Schauberger effect') have been applied here in guiding the development of the invention, in light also of observation in the human being's energy field by numerous independent, highly sensitive and skilled observers, of major chakras (see for example S. Karagulla), whirling energetic flexible cones extending well beyond the physical body, situated at and through major glandular centres and aligned in pairs tip-to-tip pointing in opposite directions from the front and back of the body (e.g., B. Brennan and others) set along a central energy channel (called Sushumna in the orient) which runs vertically coincident with the human spine.

[0005] Theodor Schwenk's work on water as a spiraling and projective-geometrically characterisable cosmic sense organ demonstrated, by wheat germination trials using shaken water, the existence and rhythms of cosmic, i.e., extraterrestrial, atmospherically significant Zeitgeber environmental rhythms, and therefore the importance of taking into account not only the use of vortices but also the significance of macroenvironmental rhythms in cleaning and enlivening water organisms to function harmoniously with the syntropic potential of the biospheric macroenvironment.

[0006] Hans Jenny was a physician living in Dornach, Switzerland who developed the field of Cymatics, creating and filming steady and moving three-dimensional standing waves generally produced with fluid agitated to a standing wave by sound through a loudspeaker base, based on Ernst Chladni's acoustically produced two-dimensional standing wave figures and on an appreciation of the contribution of vibration to the creation of form. Hans Jenny patented a device for making speech visible [ca. 1968; reference].

[0007] In a Chladni figure such as that formed by sprinkled fine sand vibrating on the back of a bowed horizontally held violin, the distribution of nodes and antinodes in the particular mode of vibration of the substrate medium, i.e., the violin back, at the frequencies at which it is being excited, may be displayed by the redistribution of the scattered sand in a pattern corresponding to the position of nodal and or to antinodal points and boundaries, evidently dependent primarily on the size and density of the sand particles. This acoustically mediated resonance has been researched by Jenny, Armin Husemann, Sherry Edwards and others as one of a number of formative principles in the human body. A formative faculty (classically, the facultas formatrix) was cited by Johannes Kepler to explain snow crystal form variation (the body of formative forces of the Earth); was researched in embryology by Erich Blechschmidt; and considered more broadly, has been studied as a phenomenon of internal communication demonstrable optically and functionally e.g., electrically, in all living organisms, by Fritz-Albert Popp and coworkers.

[0008] These examples of energetic formative processes in whole systems, i.e., in bodies of connected parts, demonstrate a formative paradigm which is applied and extended with multimodal energy flows or activity sources, e.g., electro-magneto-gravitic-(/levitatory)-]optic-acoustic and scalar, as well as psychoenergetic, for application in the invention.

[0009] Lawrence Edwards, an English mathematics teacher and biology researcher, showed that tree buds breathe, or fluctuate rhythmically, in winter around an ideal middle form whose projective geometric path curve is related to the golden mean. His vortex spiral calculation methods and examples are cited here as prior art for the production of vortices and their energetic as well as material products which will enliven nature functionally, in the sense Schauberger described and demonstrated, rather than degrading nature.

[0010] Dr. Shafica Karagulla left the Montreal Neurological Institute to do research on higher sense perception, eventually founding with Viola Neal the Higher Sense Perception Foundation in Los Angeles. Karagulla's clinical reporting of the correlation between chakra structure and activity on the one hand, and physiological health status such as patient endocrinology on the other (1965), provide along with the work of V. V. Hunt (UCLA) and other investigators such as R. Steiner a reliable modern base of published observation of some typical human psychoenergetic anatomy and its corresponding function.. This enables those less skilled in the art of such observation to make better use of transitory or fragmentary experimental data and to apply with greater confidence, along with those not making such observations, the findings of others as a source of design modeling information.

[0011] Marcel Vogel, a solid state chemist was instrumental in developing the first magnetic memory disk drive coating for IBM. Vogel published work (1973) demonstrating that psychoenergetic telekinetic phenomena become reproducible with sufficient experimenter self-training of the mind which is the instrument of manifesting such psychoenergetic phenomena. Taken together with the contribution of Tiller, Vogel's work exemplifies a shift to scientific knowledge and ordinary technical application of human capacities which have become a part of the state of the art in healing and are applied in the invention for process control enhancement of which water purification, energy production and telecommunication are three examples.

[0012] Fritz-Albert Popp founded the International Institute of Biophysics (Neuss, Germany, a collaborative research undertaking of dozens of scientists globally. His paradigm shifting discoveries have shown that the activity of a quantitatively small amount of energy, as light, directs and maintains the organisation of the body's biochemical activity, and that essentially all measured bioenergetic functions of organisms, e.g., skin electrical resistivity as measured in humans at hundreds of points on the hands, demonstrate an internal coherence predictive and therefore indicative of health. Normative self-validating measurement of coherence (cf. L. Edwards) in the functioning of cymatic structures is therefore incorporated as a monitoring and feedback control criterion of a preferred embodiment of the invention. Popp patent:

[0013] Thomas E. Bearden, a career research scientist (US Army, retired), wrote the book on Energy from the Vacuum (2002). His paper on Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole provides a physical science foundation for the Schauberger effect which in its higher order gauge symmetry application appears consistent with W. A. Tiller's description of a second, more psychoenergetically malleable level of the physical world access to which depends on an engineerable coupling function. Bearden's presentation of a corrected and extended physics, taken together with technology which demonstrates it (Patrick et al., U.S. Pat. No. 6,362,718, MEG) provides with Schauberger's work the basis in the present invention justifying a the strategic objective of a water cleaning design for power plants which can be upgraded and modified functionally over time to increase net energy production process efficiencies so as to enable combustibles to be reduced and eventually phased out. Bearden's scientific-historical apparatus also provides a point of comparison with Tiller for quantitative modeling of conditioned space effects incorporated as a functional energy control option within the invention.

[0014] Ernst von Bezold published on the BDnow! Agricultural email list (2001), a description which then was archived by, of a class of technologies, i.e., using shapes combined with rhythmitized materials, based in part on L. Edwards' work on shapes applied to the functional renewal, by applying a thin coating of rhythmitized copper ointment (a therapeutic preparation manufactured by, e.g., Wala or Weleda in Europe, and Merkhur Laboratories in Canada, whose detailed experimental scientific basis is referenced by R. Hauschka), of cow horns used in bio-dynamic agriculture, e.g., in making manure or powdered quartz preparations. The principle of cohering shape and material, intensified by rhythmical treatment of the material (treatment such as may also be found in N. Tesla's purple plates, evidently in the Austrian Johannes Grander's water treatment technology, or in more recent "scalar"-resonant liquid treatment vessels and jewelry) has a parallel in the technology of the great pyramid at Giza and an extension in the biogeometry of A. Kareem as and as presented by R. Gilbert, et al. As described earlier in relation to Edwards' work, this principle is applied here with respect to optimised vortex shaping (cf. Edwards) and material, in this case water, formed and controlled cymatically, with psychoenergetic system control enhancement, and eventually, generation.

[0015] William A. Tiller, former department chair and professor emeritus of material science and engineering at Stanford University, wrote Psychoenergetic Science as a simplification and compilation of three previous related volumes documenting 30 years of paradigm-shifting experimental science on the demonstrable, potential, and instrumentally engineerable enhancement of, the integral functional contribution of consciousness to the matter-energy equilibrium of the object-oriented physical science paradigm presently being transformed by the more interactive understanding of reality shown in quantum physics being applied in such diverse fields such as cryptography, quantum computing and psychoneuroimmunologic therapies. Tiller's empirical work on space conditioning for process modulation, together with his work and that of Vogel on experimenter training for replicability (cf. Charles Tart, "state-specific science") applies and extends the implications of the Indian preceptor Patanjali (ca, 8thcentury) in a unique and distinctly instrumentally modern, scientifically verified and technologically accessible form. The invention applies both the trained-operator effect and the instrument-mediated spacial conditioning effects to control and enhance multimodal cymatic processing and to and anticipate its transformative progression in part as an operator-initiated and controlled activity with corresponding strategic extension of options of scope and scale of application.


1. 1. Drawings, and descriptions in English, are available from and, respectively for, the work of V. Schauberger e.g., translated and edited by Callum Coates, Ecotechnology v. 1-4. Gateway, Dublin, Ireland, 1997-2000.
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[0027] Essentially, and without limitation of this description to its application in an illustrative preferred embodiment, a cymatic (3- or higher-dimensional Chladni figure-generating) resonant vibrational process is used to induce a rotating standing wave figure in a fluid, such as water, air, plasma, or a slurry including solids, producing a centripetal vortex or vortex of vortices which passing inward through the focus of the tip unwinds from its tip in the same or by induction in an opposite rotation, or meets another incoming vortex tip or tips, at the juncture comprising the tip(s) focus producing differentiable active and potential energetic outputs, and from the focus a likewise differentiable outflow of materials in directions primarily other than that of the axis of tip focus, such as transverse, of least resistance as shaped and sorted within transporting flows of standing waves e.g., whose node-antinode frequencies, amplitudes and spacial configurations are appropriately resonant with selected materials and material-energetic configurations. The forming and modulation of the form may be by external or internal, direct or interferometrically induced, multimodal electro-magneto-gravitic-opto-acoustic and scalar potential drivers controlled by feedback of functional parameters of the manipulated material flow and feedback of the driving energy inputs and their energetic transforms, and having regard to macroenvironmental conditional-probability fluctuations, e.g., in turbulent flow, and, in early embodiments, being fine tuned-later, consequent on operator learning based on feedback with the system as an instrument of learning, increasingly being generated-by operator interaction directly (Vogel), or indirectly using conditioned space effect technology (Tiller) amplification-modulation or other higher gauge broken symmetry operations (Bearden), to bias threshold condition probabilities favourably in respect of intended states of the system.


[0028] Annotated List of FIGS. 1. to 4(a)-(f)

[0029] FIG. 1. Background of the invention and cross-reference for FIG. 3. which illustrates a feature of a preferable embodiment of the invention:

[0030] An example from river current flow, "The Inner Picture of the Dynamics of Current Flow", showing inward spiraling with reversal of spiral direction at the point, i.e., in the region, of start of outward spiraling-and indicating transverse-vectored radiant propagation of energy, as well as in this context reactive enhancement, i.e., oxygenation-is from Schauberger, 1941, as reproduced in Coates, Vol. 1, 1997.

[0031] FIGS. 2 and 3. Illustrations of features of preferable embodiments of the invention:

[0032] FIG. 2. A sketch of a sample cross-section functionally spiraling pathway, i.e. here as spirally-fluted piping, whether formed structurally, or through the formed and formative injection of materials such as water into and as a part of the pathway, or in part or in whole energetic-dynamically, or by some combination or permutation of these.

[0033] FIG. 3. A sketch of a sample complex vortex of vortices, modeled on the inventor's observation as well as on descriptions, of naturally-occurring and developed or "built" complex vortex structures which may be characterised as dynamically stable n-dimensional "standing wave" structures. The example is of a collinear pair of complex vortices shown in oblique cross-section; to the left in the figure is appended a dotted-line indicator of a contiguous, expansion-contraction vortex figure such as may be found in FIG. 1 with a second point of maximal vortex centripetal concentration, as may also be seen in FIG. 4(f). This vortex meeting, or transition, point is a focal region of energy concentration and release which as a focal point of modulation (depending also on vortex spin directions) can be used to amplify the modulating signal's effect in the centrifugal or expansive phase or, respectively depending on vortex spin directions, to modulate energy released along another vector from the focal region; for a naturalesque example; see FIG. 1.

[0034] FIG. 4 note: Such sets of vortices can be concatenated in various geometries-linearly, in rings, nested, etc.-as information energy and materials handling and transformation structures, e.g., in the processing of water of whatever phase, and gases or other materials, of energy, and of information, associated with combustion, of coal, etc; with other manufacture of energy and of material substance in preferred composition, form, state, and the production of purposed information-rich structures or forms and structures or forms for processing information; with the sensing or other collection, processing, communication of information and associated energetic and material entities, e.g., as information carriers, viz., modulating and as modulators, locally and nonlocally, for example using functionally entrained (i.e., resonantly tuned) nonlocally paired single or doubled (for energetic balance) sets of more or less triple vortices, e.g., three-dimensionally depending on intended function, which are monitored and modulated at the origin (see 4(e) below), e.g., using one or more members of the class of modulators listed above, especially operator- or user-specifiable modulators, to enable transfer of informational, energetic, material pattern momentum between the nonlocally paired vortex sets, in order to facilitate convenient transfer of process-related patterning for the effective replication of data, of energy states, or transfer under competent operation conditions of low-dimensional-number patterns that act as localizing carriers for higher-dimensionally-resonant homeostatic structural fields and their associated states, i.e., principally in living organisms. The same principle can be applied reflexively to enhance holotropic pattern stability of organisms with respect to an operator-programmable template field; e.g., as two examples among many, for conservation and improvement of biotic function and its patterned energetic basis using an algorithmically-controlled amplifier to enhance food stability and therefore conservation or to support healing based on modulation of a resonantly shaped and directed energy flow using a reflexively applied template which is functionally operator-enhanced.



[0035] As cited above, a mathematical apparatus for calculating projective-geometrically visualisable vortex and related path curves, including but not limited to a sample computer program, and sample illustrations of the families of curves employed here, which it is proposed are a functional correspondent class of the shapes observed and then designed and used by V. Schauberger, may be found in Lawrence Edwards' work, inter alia: The Vortex of Life, 1993. See also articles in Mathematical-Physical Correspondence; and, The Field of Form, 1982. FIG. 4 illustrates examples of some applicable projective-geometric curves and their calculation from Edwards (1993); of classes of curves to be applied and based on the mathematical descriptions of their classes, to be used in examples, indicated descriptively in the foregoing (i.e., in the accompanying) text, of preferred embodiments of the invention.


[0036] The present invention now will be described more fully with reference to the general inventive concept, and to illustrate embodiments of the invention. As this invention may be embodied in many different forms, its scope should not be construed as limited to the exemplary embodiments set forth; rather, the examples are provided to indicate a scope of potential preferred embodiments to those skilled in the art.

[0037] The present invention of a system of methods to handle information, energy and materials and to modify their properties relates to the modification by manipulation iteratively (including but not limited to, in particular, recursively; the term "iteratively" is so used throughout), simultaneously and prospectively or retrospectively, of the potential and manifest energetic, temporal and spacial coordinate, motional and orientational, coherence and informational or entropic status, dimensionality including but not limited to metric (dimensional curvature), combination or dissociation, of materials in amounts and states ranging from particle to compound and bulk mass, including but not limited to plasma, gas, solid and liquid states singly, intermixed or combined, making use of one or a coordinated combination (including but not limited to, as the case may be, ordered combination, i.e., permutation; "combination" is so used as an inclusive term, throughout) of more than one structure and system of vibration and resonance of material or energetic shape, including but not limited to environmental Zeitgebers or related factors or their artificial analogues, in a feedback or resonance-controlled manner permitting dynamically active, i.e., reflexively, iteratively and synchronically varying differentiation, integration, transformation including but not limited to metamorphosis or conversion from one state to another, of informational, energetic and associated material states, systems, forms and entities.

[0038] The invention consists of a unimodal or multimodal integrated system of methods as outlined here to handle information, energy and material and modify their properties, including but not limited to local and nonlocal interaction, patterning and coherence.

[0039] An example of a class of embodiments is as it relates to communication of information, energy and material, particularly between the holographic sub-quantum and quantum-level entrainment and cross-modulation of asymptotically and hyperbolically n-dimensionally pattern-matched, e.g., including but not limited to in particular functionally synchronous nonlocal, systems of information, energy and material.

[0040] Another example of a class of embodiments is as it relates to holotropically "self"-similar precursorial re-equilibration of organisms and entities, including but not limited to in particular their energetic (viz. their persisting or durable sub- and quantum-resonant) template or formative pattern in a range of applications from medicine to physical device and structures maintenance, to re-establish a proximal functional and structural wholeness at a higher level of holistic functional coherence, in particular also therefore to re-tune them optimally with and to a resonant pattern of macro-environmentally current syntropy with its accessible dimensional and nondimensional substates. "Vis medicatrix naturae per facultatem formatrix": i.e., re-tune organism to their archetypal (basic, healthy) formative patterns in harmony with the macrobiosphere, "The healing life of nature [accessed] through the formative faculty".

[0041] An example of a class of embodiments preferable for their obviously immediately beneficial and pertinent application relates principally to the energies and material substance associated with solids, with liquid and gaseous fluids and solids associated with them; to plasma, and associated quantum-energetic (viz., respectively, subquantum-energetic, i.e., including but not limited to, in particular, ["quantum"-]nonlocally entrained energetic-potential such as so-called zero-point) states.

[0042] A specific application in this class of embodiment is its use for the pre-, real-time ongoing, and post-treatment of fluids, in particular, water and gases including but not limited to related particulates, associated with combustion, in the processing, particularly the cleaning, of pre-, combusting and post-combustion gases, in particular, respectively, gaseous/ified combustants, products and proximal energy, materials and energetic patterns associated with combustion of e.g., hydrocarbons such as coal; by the use singly and in combinations; continuously, and discontinuously, through design-resonant, or forced pulsation inducing turbulence, pulsation, cavitation; of physical-structurally, or energetically, e.g., acoustically; magnetically; etc.; functionally spiraling, e.g., spirally-fluted piping, pathways which may be used to induce or facilitate; optionally with 2, 3 or more dimensional Chladni-figure, i.e., cymatic, dynamically shifting resonance/feedback-controlled electro-magneto-gravitic-levitatory-opto-acoustic-temporal-spacial standing-wave patterns, including but not limited to scalar Whittaker fine structure signaling particularly for thermal behaviour control of materials, and application of Grander and Tiller field-effect systems; and also, optionally with a class of directly operator-driven phenomena, e.g., Keely-effect, Vogel-method or "Hutchison-effect" induction;

[0043] to condense or rarefy and drive spacially, i.e., to segregate, mix, react, shape, etc., said fluids, viz. gases and their constituent and included substances including but not limited to precipitates, elements and compounds to be formed or dissociated, fractionated out, otherwise modified, and to assist in the production of energy; especially, in particular, where certain forms are approached or striven for or referenced, such as the mean as well as ideal value cycloid space curve families described by Lawrence Edwards in the life of nature, materials in these forms being evidently energizing resonant transducers of water quality renewal and related effects; and forms such as the bio-geometrically-analysed designs-e.g., concavities in structures, such as, e.g. a gradual half-degree indentation of each of the outer upper surfaces of the Great Pyramid at Giza used to induce "horizontal negative green", and other, cone-pendulum-response states as presented and described by A. Kareem, R. Gilbert and others-which may be favourable or conducive to the improvement of informational content, energy and material, e.g., i.e., in this case of quality of water and gases and their forms and behaviours, especially combustion-associated gases and water in whatever phase, and of their environment, and of related cleansing, reactive or structural-energetic-chemical including but not limited to biochemical stabilizing activity in this setting as well as in other settings such as biochemical cleansing, stabilisation, renewal of living organisms, their environment and precedents including but not limited to inputs and succedents including but not limited to outputs.

[0044] Modulation preferentially may be varied in feedback, resonantly simultaneous with, or preceding (e.g., within entrainment parameter values range) synchrony with, environmental Zeitgebers and their measures, e.g., using rhythmitized shapes (rhythmitised shaping functions in classes such as that of the Great pyramid, cow horns and other natural structures as resonators, described as mathematical function classes by L. Edwards), with respect to the patterns shown by astronomical ephemerides, and the mathematical descriptions of, in particular, planes and other shapes or figures formed among massive bodies during their transits, by astronomically related variations in the values of the tensor Tau sub jk and associated described functions including but not limited to those identified by G. Unger of Dornach, Switzerland, and by associated indicators; to optimise negentropic as well as entropic functions severally and in combination.

[0045] A specific class of instances of this kind of embodiment would utilise rotating multimodal fields and resonant "radiative" and "field" effects, whether by gross energetic induction as described or by resonant rhythmitised shaping or by indirect Tiller-type or directly operator-programmed tuning or combinations to induce essentially, preferably by means without moving parts,

[0046] the enlivening of energy and of material, i.e., of water;

[0047] pre-cleaning and conditioning of gases; including but not limited to, for both water and combustion-related gases, electrical or other energetic charging or programming, e.g., magnetic induction of appropriate coherent spin and precession of particles and other structures, e.g., hydrogen proton precession;

[0048] cymatic vortical motion including but not limited to, based on the work of Viktor Schauberger, Theodor Schwenk and others, centripetal as well as, as may be useful or conducive in application, centrifugal, and alternating centripetal/centrifugal, with "braiding" of flows to facilitate blending-respectively separation of succedent materials and states-of spiraling gases and water; leading to improved mixing, modification and separation of materials, and improved control of energy production, improved cleansing and production of associated materials in usable higher quality lower cost form than might otherwise be the case;

[0049] modification of gasification, precipitation, and endo/exothermic processes by Whittaker fine structure signaling, by Grander spacial and magnetic induction, et. seq., especially for real-time process- and flow-control stabilisation;

[0050] modification of the foregoing and of other processes, states and conditions through operator-controlled intent and concentration of energies, indirectly by programmable-unit Tiller "field effect" action, viz. gauge-symmetry level modulation, as well as directly, including but not limited to Keely-technology and Vogel-methodology effects.

[0051] An example of a design which preferably embodies elements of the foregoing in an application to facilitate production of clean combustion by-products of coal and of other combustibles or pre-combustible feedstocks and their combustion processing materials and systems, the materials being principally water and air, with an optimal net production of environmentally life-enhancing (i.e., also therefore, minimally life-degrading) quality and quantity of energy, material and information especially bioinformation, is as follows:

[0052] Iteratively, and by resonance including but not limited to pre-emptive or pattern-anticipatory entrainment-leveraging e.g., phase-lock, signaling,

[0053] 1. Form water and gas flows architecturally, i.e., physical-structurally using the patented and unpatented built as well as the designed examples from among: R. Steiner; especially, V. Schauberger with numerous illustrations of examples in patents and other literature to be cited; T. Schwenk; J. Grander; and for informational, energetic and materials modulating effects using shaped rhythmitised materials, E. von Bezold (2001); and, by means of a "complex" vortex, i.e., a set of complex vortices each comprised of multiple vortices arranged in groups as dynamically stable standing-wave "cells", the focal point of each of which may centre on and be contiguous with the focal point of a corresponding collinear vortex whose mouth is pointed in the opposite direction to the first, or with the focal points of a number of vortices dynamically balanced energetically and in space, all with one another.

[0054] 2. Also shape the streams, e.g., for a first approximation as exemplified in the foregoing paragraph, vibrationally by tuned coherent energetic induction and modulation magnetically/diamagnetically, opto-acoustically-thermally using dynamic Chladni-figure standing-wave vortices, i.e., after the cymatics of H. Jenny et. al.-also approached by the flow forms of Wilkes, articulated by A. Husemann and others, also alluded to mathematically by G. Adams, by P. Forchheimer, later by T. Schwenk (1954) who cites I Prigogine in the context of sensitive control-response; discussed mathematically by R. Abram and concurrently and subsequently especially in the work of L. Edwards-in the classes of shapes expressed mathematically by L. Edwards (1993) who provides calculation methods, computer software and diagrammatic illustrations: oscillating, varying, within and around syntropic, life optima "antenna" shapes, e.g., mean as well as ideal shapes, tuned over time to work with principal macro-environmental (Zeitgeber) rhythms; and transformed (e.g., by rotation and by translation in flow, e.g., induced acoustically or by optically-tunnelled electromagnetic radiation, e.g., amplitude-, frequency- and waveform-specific light, such as squeezed light or other coherent as well as incoherent light) metrically and physico-chemically, pulsated, and otherwise modulated to induce enhanced laminar flow, controlled turbulence, and cavitation-reformative collapse cycles, including but not limited to cycles that are rhythmically- i.e. resonantly-enhanced; and further to modulate the sensitive, cf. T. Schwenk, non-equilibrium, cf. I. Prigogine, self-organising activity.

[0055] 3. Concurrently, modify the processes locally and globally, in part and in whole, using as appropriate the means described in 1. and 2., and other available signalling energizing systems as modulators for the above control systems and as net additional inputs and, as appropriate, use energetic outputs to be fed back into the system as controlling modulators; including but not limited to, as examples, electrostatic dispersion; complementary electrical charging; electrolysis; magnetic, endo/exothermal, other emf or energetic treatment including but not limited to macroenvironmental signals, unamplified and amplified; to, e.g., increase, maintain or reduce solubility; flow formation, as described above, to enliven fluids; centripetal cyclones, compression vortex mixing and transformation of inputs, e.g., vortical compression wave precipitation threshold modification; space state, time state and information coherence system behaviour state programming, e.g., via proximity field conditioning, e.g., Tesla purple plate technology or other "scalar treated" programmed resonators, characterisable for example in quartz by a Cartesian matrix spaced throughout the material of silicon atoms each containing a proton with a doubled Lissajous figure; Tiller-effect units; Grander units; Whittaker structure modulation to improve e.g., output cleansing, output precipitation conditions as well as to optimise thermal production efficiency exothermically internally and endothermically at specified system functional boundaries to eliminate net environmental negative impact and, as with the whole system, optimise positive impact; further to the description in 2., use of sound and acoustically-tuned EMF, e.g., as heterodyned fields, and other means to induce mass hyperacceleration and velocity effects, and other methods of catalysis, e.g., to improve reaction chemistry, hydroxyl radical and hydrogen chemistry optimization, etc.; further applications integrated synergically with above processes, of acoustic, especially pulsating, and EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and other radiative effects other than magnetic; e.g., for improved control of combination-dissociation processes by sound, acoustico-magnetic, infrared, UV, etc., within transient standing-wave cells whose opto- and magneto-acoustics are, for example, like those demonstrated optically by a cyclone, a tornado or an optical fibre, i.e., distinctly self-contained or transmissive in a parametrically-specific manner.

Magneto-cymatic therapeutic face mask

A face mask that delivers magneto-cymatic therapy to a person's face to treat wrinkles and to tone facial muscles. The device consists of a mask worn over the face. Housed within the mask is an array of small transducers delivering cymatic vibrations. At the center of each transducer is a strong permanent magnet which delivers the magnetic therapy. Both the cymatic vibrations and the magnetic field are delivered concurrently. In addition, the magnetic field serves as a conduit for the cymatic vibrations providing a magnetic inductive coupling with the cells in the facial tissue to assist in restoring the cells to their proper resonant frequency.


Magneto-cymatic therapeutic mattress pad
A mattress pad that delivers magnetic and cymatic therapy to a resting or sleeping human body. The device consists of a mattress pad composed of various comfort supporting materials incorporating interspersed throughout the pad small transducers to deliver cymatic vibrations and permanent magnets fixed at the center of each transducer to deliver magnetic field therapy. Both the cymatic vibrations and the magnetic field therapy are delivered to the limbs and organs of the body concurrently. The magnetic field also serves as a conduit for the cymatic vibrations providing a magnetic inductive coupling within the cells of the body which assists in restoring the cells to their healthy-state natural resonant frequency.


Magneto-cymatic therapeutic oscillating wand

A magneto-cymatic therapeutic device providing simultaneously magnetic therapy with cymatic therapy to an anatomical area to be treated, delivering the cymatic frequency via mechanical and/or magnetic interaction. A transducer coupled to a magnet converts audio frequency electrical signals into mechanical vibrations, within an applicator-wand of a portable magneto-cymatic therapeutic device. To treat an anatomical area the applicator-wand may be rotated, or moved through a particular pattern. The application surface of the applicator-wand may be contoured to allow maximum contact with the anatomical body part to be treated. The magnetic field extending out from the application surface also interacts with tissue in the body and also delivers cymatic vibrations without physical contact between the device and the body.


Espacenet ( European Patent Office ) Advanced Search

Provided are homeopathic combinations, carriers imprinted with the bioresonance of said combinations and articles of manufacture comprising the same

Method of and device for treating infections in living organism
The method of treatment proceeds in that during one session an individual information field of a living organism in which infectious agents are present is registered, this field is combined with an additional external information field which is obtained by recording, storing and reproducing the information characteristics of infectious agents. The combined information field is processed and returned into the living organism. The device is made up of a unit for recording, storing and reproducing the information characteristics of infectious agents, connected to an apparatus for bioresonance therapy. This unit comprises connected in a definite manner: a source of primary information in a glass cylinder with a helical antenna, an amplifier, a pulsed source of noncoherent radiation, a generator, an electronic commutator coupled to a controller connected to a computer keyboard, interface unit and a liquid-crystal display, and an output amplifier connected to the electronic commutator to which a reprogrammable permanent storage is coupled.

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to the improvement of human health. The inventive method consists in detecting organs anomalies with the aid of a biofield diagnosis thereby obtaining a distorted pathological image of the origin of the organ problem, transforming said image with the aid of sounds of a corresponding musical composition which produce a tonic, neutral or sedative effect and restoring the organ and the biofield thereof by means of a bioresonance effect of an item of sound information of a perfect biological image, which is formed by the thought of a technician-operator using information wave process on the molecular cellular and energy-information levels. The invention makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the effect by detecting and eliminating the origin of the pathology, using a musical effect and entering the resonance on the molecular-cellular level with the aid of the information which is carried by sound waves and defined by the technician-operator.

FIELD: medicine, immunology. SUBSTANCE: method involves carrying out the bioresonance therapy where leukolymphocyte suspension from the health donor is used as the bioresonance preparation. Invention can be used for treatment of diseases accompanying with immunity disorder. Method ensures to carry out the correction of chemiluminescence of T- and B-lymphocytes of patient. EFFECT: improved method of correction.

Prepn. of test substances, esp. foodstuff based, for bio-metric testing
Prepn. of test substances (I) for biometric testing procedures (e.g. electro-acupuncture, bioresonance therapy, mora-therapy, biotensor therapy and similar procedures involving the measurement of electromagnetic oscillations of the patient) comprises: (a) mechanically pretreating the substance to increase its surface area; (b) freeze-drying; and (c) filling in containers for storage or for use in tests.

Human biological acoustic magnetic energy generator
The invention discloses a human biological acoustic magnetic energy generator which comprises a main machine body, a microcomputer, a power amplifier, a digital oscilloscope, a power source, a switch, heat dissipating holes, a positive electrode inserting hole, a negative electrode inserting hole, a shielded wire, an electromagnetic coil, a varnished wire and a coil skeleton, wherein a signal output end of the microcomputer is connected with a signal input end of the power amplifier, and a signal output end of the power amplifier is connected with a signal input end of the electromagnetic coil. The microcomputer is used for saving and outputting curing signals, collecting and generating acoustic wave signals which are in resonance with human entrails and meridian, and synthesizing the curing signals in the microcomputer aiming at different illnesses of human bodies. The power amplifier amplifies the curing signals transmitted from the microcomputer and generates an alternating magnetic field which contains curing information and has certain intensity. The alternating magnetic field is acted on the human bodies through magnetic induction. The digital oscilloscope is used for monitoring that the power amplifier outputs signals in real time. The human biological acoustic magnetic energy generator has a double function of human energy supplement and illness treating.

An interferometer by using intelligent acoustic wave to promote milk quality of a cow
The utility model relates to an interferometer by using intelligent acoustic wave to promote milk quality of a cow. The interferometer comprises an acoustic wave generator, an acoustic wave modulation switching system, a player, an acoustics-electricity converter, and computer-aided systems. The acoustic wave generator is connected with a first computer-aided system, the acoustic wave modulation switching system, and a second computer-aided system and sends a periodically-scanned harmonic wave signal with specific acoustic wave domain. The acoustics-electricity converter is connected with the music player, the acoustic wave modulation switching system, and the third computer-aided system and generates an acoustics-electricity pulse with a scanning characteristic of acoustic wave domain. The interferometer achieves purpose of fast dredging meridian and collateral of a cow by using resonance effect from acoustic wave to meridian and collateral. In addition, the acoustics-electricity pulse stimulates related acupuncture points of the cow by using proper background sound, being beneficial to meridian and collateral dredging effect of acupuncture-like stimulation to acupuncture points.

Acoustic-wave holographic medicament-delivering equipment and acoustic-wave holographic medicament-delivering method
The invention discloses acoustic-wave holographic medicament-delivering equipment. The medicament-delivering equipment comprises a controller, a low-frequency acoustic wave generator, a medicament storage warehouse, a detector and a power supply, wherein the low-frequency acoustic wave generator is used for generating low-frequency acoustic waves of 20-4000Hz. The invention also discloses an acoustic-wave holographic medicament-delivering method. By adopting the acoustic-wave holographic medicine-delivering equipment and the medicine-delivering method, better efficacy can be realized compared with single meridian point acoustic wave treatment and medicine treatment.

Traditional-Chinese-medicine five-note multiwave-synthesizing deep penetrating and expanding therapeutic system
The utility model relates to a traditional-Chinese-medicine medical therapeutic apparatus, specifically to a traditional-Chinese-medicine five-note multiwave-synthesizing deep penetrating and expanding therapeutic system. The traditional-Chinese-medicine five-note multiwave-synthesizing deep penetrating and expanding therapeutic system can generate multi-dynamic synthetic therapeutic waves, which are formed by modulating and synthesizing various acoustic waves, sound waves and impulse waves needed by meridian cells of viscera and medium/high-frequency carrier waves and can penetrate deeply into the meridian cells of the viscera to resonate therewith. In addition, the traditional-Chinese-medicine five-note multiwave-synthesizing deep penetrating and expanding therapeutic system allows synchronously listening to the acoustic waves, which aim at the meridian cells of the viscera and interact and resonate with the therapeutic waves, realizing mind interaction and significantly improving the effect. The traditional-Chinese-medicine five-note multiwave-synthesizing deep penetrating and expanding therapeutic system belongs to the fields of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion and can be used for development and application of relevant projects. The traditional-Chinese-medicine five-note multiwave-synthesizing deep penetrating and expanding therapeutic system comprises a primary therapeutic spectrum system, an auxiliary therapeutic spectrum system, a sound therapeutic system, an adjusting and integrating system, a frequency trend selector, a sound wave collecting system and the like.

Five-note multiwave-synthesized deep-penetrating extended treatment system in traditional Chinese medical science
The invention provides a five-note multiwave-synthesized deep-penetrating extended treatment system in traditional Chinese medical science and relates to a therapeutic apparatus of traditional Chinese medical equipment. The treatment system can generate multi-dynamic synthetic therapy waves by modulating and synthesizing various acoustic waves, sound waves, impulse waves needed by meridian cells of viscera and medium-frequency and high-frequency carriers and the multi-dynamic synthetic therapy waves can deeply penetrate into meridian cells of viscera to resonate with the cells and synchronously listen to the acoustic waves which have the effects of being aimed at the meridian cells of viscera, resonating with the therapy waves, and generating and greatly improving mind interaction. The treat system can be used for related project development application in the field of traditional Chinese medicinal science and acupuncture and moxibustion. The treatment system comprises a primary therapy spectrum system, an adjuvant therapy spectrum system, a sound therapy system, a modulation and integration system, a frequency trend selector, a sound wave collecting system and the like.

FIELD: medicine, in particular, reflexotherapy, applicable for correction, keeping-up and development of adaptation reactions of human-being on the effect of negative factors. SUBSTANCE: the device has control and supply circuits, whose outputs are connected to the inputs of the master oscillator and power amplifier, remote radiator including a rod of magnetostrictive material positioned on which is the exciting winding connected via an amplifier to the output of the master oscillator, a polarization unit is introduced in it, adjustable in current, whose input is connected to the respective output of the control and supply system, the rod of the remote radiator is made of artificial mineral of the spinel structure, the radiator is provided with a magnetic suspension for fastening of the rod,; the polarization winding is made asymmetric in the length of the rod that is chamfered on the side of the suspension. The method consists in determination of the meridian responsible for the pathologic process with a subsequent simultaneous influence on it by a magnetic field and acoustic pressure arising at magnetostriction, for the provision of the influence use is made of a device maintaining the adaptation reaction of the human organism, the intensity of vibrations of the rod of the remote radiator is ensured within the range of vibration accelerations from 1200 to 1700 m/s. EFFECT: enhanced therapeutic efficiency and expanded field of application of the practice of rehabilitation medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine introduced deafness restoration device
The utility model is composed of a treatment head, a casing, electronic circuits, etc., wherein, the electronic circuits are arranged in the casing, and the treatment head is connected with the electronic circuits. Chinese medicinal materials which can clear and activate the channels and collaterals are immersed at the end part of the treatment head, and the Chinese medicinal materials are magnetized and heated on the treatment head when the utility model is in use, making the Chinese medicinal materials permeate along the auricularis meridian point to perform Chinese traditional treatment. Compared with the existing treatment methods of oral administration Chinese medicinal materials, acupuncture, irritation of large sound volume, etc., the utility model, which has the advantages of safe and reliable use, fast curative effect, low cost, etc., can make patients implement treatment at any time by patients. The utility model can improve the microcirculation in ears and change the ischemic and anoxic environment, thus providing the acoustic nerves with a convalescent good environment, making the acoustic nerves recover and reaching the purpose of recovery.

A dual envelop audio amplifier is triggered by a turnable ultralow frequency pulse generator and a low frequency pulse generator, then the dual envelop audio amplifier modulates and amplifies the audio signal and sends the output to an audio power amplifier through a voltage controller. The electronic information is sent to the acupuncture point of human body via a needle or a conducting clamper. Besides, an audio information from music tape recorder acts upon the hearing system of human body. The apparatus combines acoustic therapy, electric therapy and electronic acupuncture therapy simultaneously, and it can dredge the channels and balance the Yin and Yang of human body rapidly and effectively.


FIELD: medicine, reflexotherapy. SUBSTANCE: method deals with an influence upon muscular-sinewy meridian that is responsible for development of pathological process with magnetic field and acoustic pressure appeared at magnetostriction. Device has an inductivity coil with a mandrel, a control scheme, two constant magnets one of which is installed to be mobile. Mandrel is designed as a rod made of megnetostrictional material, control scheme is supplied with frequency synthesizer and power amplifier. EFFECT: higher efficiency to develop and maintain adaptational body response.


The invention relates to medicine, namely to methods of impact on a biological object (body) non-drug methods, and can be used for reflexology.

Reflexology is one of the methods, which in some cases is used to pathogenetic therapy, in others in order to influence the reactivity of the modified organism and the stimulation of its protective capabilities, strengthening of compensatory processes, as well as to normalize the physiological background and the impact on individual symptoms.

There is a method of developing and maintaining adaptive reactions to the impact of adverse environmental factors (increasing the body's resistance), described in the author. St.. USSR N 1114420, MKIA 61 H 39/00 and is the impact of the methods of reflexology and acupuncture points in order to restore to normal the information parameters of these points (zones).

As impacts method provides both mechanical (acupressure acupuncture) and electrical (thermal, laser, electromagnetic and magnetic).

The basis of the method is the normalization of neuroendocrine activity and directed the development of immuno-protective properties of the body's local and general character.

The method has a wide range of preventive and curative actions, efficient, creates preconditions for the treatment of various diseases by following local impacts on the affected organs and systems.

This method is taken as a prototype.

However, its disadvantage is that the diameter of the biologically active points is changed depending on the person.

So, while you sleep and extreme fatigue point of a diameter of less than 1 mm, and when the person wakes up, the diameter of the points is increased to 1 cm in a state of emotional stress and acute illnesses area so the individual points increases, which results in the entire areas with high conductivity.

And if in acute pain syndromes even near miss needle produces a therapeutic effect, that in chronic diseases should be very careful to look for the desired points.

Another approach to the development of processes for the impact of reflexology, free from the above drawbacks, based on the representation of ancient Oriental physicians that all the constituent bases of functioning of the body are connected by a system of so-called "meridians" (channels) that combine the "main bodies" to all parts of the body and "outer bodies" including skin.

This communication system is manifested in the exchange of energy between the internal and external bodies, which flows along well-defined paths are referred to as internal and external paths meridians and collaterals.

This concept was laid in ancient principles of treatment, with the "main bodies" were seen as a cause of disease, and the skin as an arena of foreign symptoms.
The doctrine of the meridians reflects the understanding of the ways in communication structures and functions of the whole organism both in normal and in disease, and is closely associated with the doctrine of vital energy.

According to ancient Eastern concepts, the body contains 14 "core" of the meridians with a strict localization and perform the following functions: providing a link between man and the environment, control the flow of blood and vital energy, revitalize the muscles and bones, joints facilitate the work, carry out the harmony of yin and yang, pass energy from an internal organ to cover the body, so that the internal signals of the disease reaches the surface of the body. 14 main meridians form 14 permanent functional community, ensuring the harmony of yin (inner core syndrome) and yang (the surface of the main syndrome).
However, in the case of chronic disease processes are significantly reduced when the body's defenses, impaired circulation of energy in several regular meridians in the body are formed path of excretion of excess energy capacity and reduce the severity of harmful stress on the skin covered by the damaged eight major meridians non-permanent meridians, so-called "vessels may" ("miraculous meridians").

In addition to the 14 "core" and 8 "wonderful" meridians there are another 12 muscle-tendon or muscle-joint meridians.

They bring together the muscles and tendons, all of them connected to the main meridians, the trajectory of which he more or less repeats.

In contrast to the main meridian muscle-tendon meridian has a wider "path" that runs superficially.

However, some of the muscle-tendon meridians, and have inner portions of its trajectory, even though they are not related to the internal organs.

Topography of muscle-tendon meridians, and how to influence them in the medical and therapeutic purposes, one of which was the prototype of the method of the invention are presented in the book Gavaa Luvsan "Essays on the eastern methods of reflexology", Novosibirsk, Nauka, 1991 p 55-178.

FIG. 1 and 2 are examples of the passage of two muscle-tendon meridians.

Acting through massage on reflex caused by changes in the skin, muscles, tendons, we can normalize the functioning of the internal organ.

When massaging the proposed use special sticks of wood, metal, ivory, metal hook with rubber or cloth tip (when massaging pixels), a glass jar (with a massage the skin).

However, any of the types of massage excluded acute inflammatory phases of any location that limits the range of preventive and therapeutic effect of this method.
The aim of the invention to provide a method with a wide range of preventive and therapeutic effect, increase therapeutic effect, reducing procedure time.

This goal is achieved by determining the path musculo-tendinous meridian responsible for the pathological process wetted surface area of ??skin onto which the meridian selected and carried out on the combined effect of the acoustic and he magnetic field.

The starting premise of the method is the existence of a body of biologically active complex multi-loop automatic control system (Basar) of his life (see prototype), morphological substrate, which is the connective tissue.

The method consists in the stimulation of receptors and receptor zones and focused reflex reactions occur, i.e. the external acoustic effect and the magnetic field is converted into a signal for Basariya.

Basar operates in conjunction with the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems, supporting gomeostatokinez in subsystems in accordance with the functions carried out by these subsystems.

In the case where the disturbance of external or internal temperature exceeds the ability of regulatory systems mentioned above, there is a pathological process in a first subsystem, and then its associated embryogenetic topographically physiologically and subsystems associated with these or other areas of activity.

Through the combined effect of the acoustic pressure and the magnetic field in the area of ??muscle-tendon meridians is setting and the introduction of a regime of self-subsystems Basar, regulatory capabilities have been violated by any pathology.

The method is as follows.

Based on preliminary examination in laboratory and clinical specificity is determined that the patient's complaints of 12 musculotendinous meridians, which is directly connected to the main meridian is responsible for the pathological process, and if a prevention is promising to produce a therapeutic effect.

You can use the recommendations given in Chapter 3 of the book G. Luvsan "Essays on the eastern methods of reflexology", page 181-198.

The surface of the skin, which is the projection chosen for the impact of muscle-tendon meridian, wetted with liquid (water, drug solution).

Next, the surface of the skin touch the radiator forming a complex acoustic and magnetic radiation and smooth stroking movements, it is moved along the muscle-tendon meridian.

The dosage and time of exposure is determined by the purpose for which produce effects or prevention, in the absence of any clinical signs or treatment of any disease process.

As the source of the combined acoustic and electromagnetic radiation can be used for reflexotherapy device which is the subject of the present invention according to claim 2.

The proposed method was tested in a clinical setting and its effectiveness can be demonstrated by the following examples.

Prevention sessions were conducted (2 to 10 a duration of 10 min) in the absence of any physical changes and the emergence of irritability, insomnia, tearfulness, heaviness in the head and weakness in the hands of the computer operators at the age of 25 to 30 years (10 people ), whose work is associated with prolonged stress of the hands combined with eye strain and exposure to external radiation.

All 10 people was conducted on the impact zone of muscle-tendon meridian according to the scheme shown in Fig. 1.

Six patients, operating at elevated physical activity in combination with thermal effect in dry air with reduced oxygen content (foundry) developed the so-called  "fatigue syndrome" in the absence of any physical changes.

In order to effect removal of the syndrome performed by the musculo-tendinous meridian in accordance with the diagram in Fig. 2 for 5-10 sessions of 20 minutes. In the first and second case, relieves stress in the joints and muscles, improved sleep, mood, attention and increased efficiency.

Recurrence of deterioration of health for six months were observed.

The application of a magnetic acoustic stimulation method has also been established that he has a good therapeutic effect in other diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

Noted the positive effect of anemia (hemoglobin rises, normal blood counts).

The advantages of this method is its effectiveness as a result of penetrating effect and stability of exposure, no contraindications in acute stages of inflammatory processes, easy to use, since it does not require the use of specially equipped facilities, such as in laser reflex.

The above method development and maintenance of adaptive environmental factors shared by the impact of acoustic and magnetic field radiation on muscle-tendon meridians may be used alone or in combination with other methods of therapeutic intervention, as well as enter in the framework of systemic method to reveal the mechanism and treatment of many diseases .

The implementation of the proposed method is possible using the claimed in claim 2 devices reflexology forming the necessary range of radiation exposure to the biological object.

A method and apparatus are interconnected by a single inventive idea and therefore a group of inventions united.

The closest to the type of reflex action and achieved therapeutic effect of acupuncture is a device that is protected by copyright certificate N 1215699, MKIA 61 H 39/00, which is taken as a prototype.

It includes a sensor, amplifier, magnetic interference (external oscillator), a body which has a frame with a coil and a magnetic core, which is a working body, a comparator, the delay unit and the switch, as well as a gas source connected to the unit of magnetic influence through air hoses, with This switch is connected to the comparator unit and the solenoid-magnetic interference.

Working body in the hollow core unit is placed inside the frame to the coil.

The device provides a point of impact on the acupuncture pulse magnetic field and the gas pressure.

The described device is cumbersome because it requires a fixed or portable gas source and auxiliary communications as Pneumohoses as different sources of magnetic interference and pressure.

The aim of the invention to provide a compact device for reflexotherapy having a wide range of reflex effects due to the combined effects of the biological object acoustic pressure and a magnetic field whose frequency can be selected from a wide range.

This object is achieved in that the device for reflexotherapy comprising a housing mounted in a coil with a core and a control circuit comprising a power source introduced two additional permanent magnet, one of which is movably mounted, the core is a rod of magnetostrictive material, as in the scheme Control administered serially connected frequency synthesizer coupled to the power source and a power amplifier whose output is connected to the coil and a second input of the power supply.

In order to cover the entire frequency range of the acoustic radiation, to allow individual selection of the optimal frequency of exposure rod is replaceable, but to ensure optimal mechanical output power is adjustable mode magnetostrictive rod by an additional bias, which introduced two permanent magnets, one of which is movable .

The invention consists in that the working device body - rod of magnetostrictive material, placed in an alternating magnetic field, the action it can excite the longitudinal vibrations of sonic frequency band having the waveform of the rod relative to the face.

This is a known position is confirmed by the test report device.

It was also noted that the emission of acoustic band accompanied by a magnetic radiation, since the magnetic flux flowing in the rod broken.

FIG. 3 shows a functional diagram of the device,

FIG. 4 - block diagram of a frequency synthesizer,

Fig. 5 circuit remote radiator.


In the drawing, and in the text the following notation: 1 - frequency synthesizer, a power amplifier 2, 3 remote transmitter, power supply 4, 5 pulse generator, a frequency divider 6, 7 buffer stage, 8 - housing, 9 working body 10 inductor 11 stationary permanent magnet 12, a movable permanent magnet, a flexible sleeve 13, 14 elastic stress.

The apparatus schematically shown in Fig. 3 consists of one frequency synthesizer, a power amplifier 2, 3 remote transmitter and a power source 4.
Yield synthesizer 1 is connected to a first input of a power amplifier 2, the output of which is connected to the input transducer.

Keyboard entry to 1 and a second input of the power amplifier 2 is connected first and second outputs of the power supply 4.

The frequency synthesizer 1 may be the circuit shown in FIG. 4 and consists of a highly stable pulse generator 5 formed on the chip type quartz-stabilized K531LA12 ZQ, frequency divider and a buffer stage 7.

The requirement of high stability is determined by the fact that the magnetostrictive response in the working body has a very narrow band.

Frequency divider is made by a standard scheme for chips and K531TM2 K555IE7 with divider ratio varies from 1 to 1000, on-chip buffer stage K531LA12 and transistor emitter follower mode.

The power amplifier made on a double-ended emitter follower.

The power supply converts the primary voltage of the power supply units with the ability to adjust.

Remote transducer 3 formed in the body 8 comprises a working body 9 is a rod of magnetostrictive material (nickel alloy R37, permendyus, alsifer ferrite etc.) of an arbitrary cross section (circle, ellipse, square, rectangle).

Rod length determines the frequency of the magnetostrictive resonance and therefore he made interchangeable.

In order to avoid influence on the radiation power of radial pressure on the rod side fasteners loosely accommodated in the housing 8 and the coil 10 is fixed on the loss elastic sleeve 13 and the longitudinal movement of the elastic stop 14.

As the elastic material can be used latex, rubber, sponge rubber, etc.

The inductor 10 generates an alternating magnetic field, and fixed 11 and 12 movable permanent magnets create the radiator variable dc magnetic field. The moving magnet provides an optimal bias.

In order to create a uniform magnetic field of the magnets have an annular shape.

Operation is as follows.

When activated, the master oscillator generates a sequence of 5 pulses, repetition rate which is determined by the selected quartz.

The pulses are supplied to divider where their frequency reduced to 1-1000 times, amplified in a power amplifier and input to the transmitter (the input coil).

Under the influence of the current flowing in the coil, an alternating magnetic field whose magnetic field lines cross the longitudinal direction of the rod of magnetostrictive material, the resonance frequency is defined by its geometrical parameters coincides with the pulse signal frequency.

In this case, the free end of the rod having a non-bound mechanical vibration acoustic frequency range, which are accompanied by a magnetic radiation.

The magnetic field, and consequently, the power of mechanical vibration is determined by the current flowing in the coil and can be adjusted, first, by displacement along the longitudinal axis of the permanent magnet body, and secondly varying the amplitude of the pulse voltage by adjustment of the amplifier capacity.

When changing its working body also produced the change in frequency of the master oscillator.

Turning the device is turning on the power supply. Start-up time unit for work no more than 1 min.

Use of the device for implementing reflex action in accordance with the description of the method according to claim 1.

When you touch the surface of the skin of the patient butt working body device is acoustic impact, similar to the impact of the method of massage with the simultaneous effect of a magnetic field.

The proposed device has a high effect of reflexology therapeutic effects by combining the effects of two types of action.

By setting the amount of exposure accuracy and stability.

Also, due to the possibility of individual selection of the optimal frequency of exposure.

The device is compact, easy to use, simple to manufacture.




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