Electromagnetic Energy Receiver / Elemental Rod Generator

[ Excerpt -- ] " --- An invention which reminds one of Tesla's processing of radiant energy is the invention presented by an unknown man giving a demonstration on YouTube. A couple of rods, consisting of an unequal number of elements, which develop a potential from catching radiomagnetic waves, thus make a lamp glow: the so-called Elemental Rod Generator ( video 1  and  2). There are no replications known. The video itself contains too little or unclear information. The rods are catching, so the man explains, neutrinos. Quote: "Nutrino circuit consists of two rods about 3 inches long. The device consists of the two posts, a wooden base, two terminals and a switch. One of the rods consists of 73 elements and the other rod contains 74. The earth is struck by particles from space all the time called nutrinos. When nutrinos strike one of the rods it causes a negative charge to build up. The second movie shows how three Christmas tree lights are producing light from the rods. "These rods put out about 18 watts of power. This device has been used to charge batteries in a cave hundreds of feet below the ground." The invention looks ridiculously simple: there are two metal rods on a plank with a jar on top of them including a switch and two posts. The man giving the demonstration is presumably  Don Smith, about whom one says that he would be the inventor and that he in Japan would have approached a company to produce the rods that not, as the video says, consist of 73 and 74 elements, but of the metals in the periodical system of elements, corresponding with those atomic numbers: the transitional metals Tantalum  and Tungsten. There is a brochure from a Japanese company named ERR co. who offer the generator commercially  (see picture to the right). The rods are 1 cm wide and ten centimeters long. Such a commercially produced solar battery  consisting of two rods, as it is also called, generates about 300 watts of electricity. The company also offers heavier combinations with multiple pairs of rods. The set charges up, so the brochure explains, with electromagnetic waves in the wavelengths of infrared up to ultraviolet. In the brochure it is called the Electromagnetic Radiation Receiver (ERR). A patent of this device is not known in the U.S.A. There is an illustration in which the Tesla patent for radiant energy is used as being the principle of the receiver. The rods appear to be working the way the space diode of Moray works, the Moray Valve: a combination of metals which transform the chaotic energy of space into an ordered polarity. There is a translation of the detailed technical description of the operation of the device. The description is signed by the engineer Ben Shuwalts [*] of the Noazarc Research Foundation. Someone with an acquaintance in Japan called the ERR company in 2003. They had difficulties with getting the rods right in production and had switched over to producing the material in the form of film. That would work better. Further nothing was heard of the company. The claim resembles a Mitsubishi patent from 1992 US 5364710 [ See below ], in which from light by means of a crystal of a certain chemical composition electricity is generated..."

[ * No patents listed @ espacenet ]

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Neutrino Rods

So how do you get them?
What is the patent #. Can we make them ourselves?

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Robin ,

I have business interest in Japan . The first ones I physically had contact with were at a Dennis Lee presentation at Austin Texas 3 years ago . The source is from Patent issued and assigned to the US Government . The Rod business is a decoy to hide the real function , which is a replacement for solar cells . The difference being captures the 24 hour a day radiant energy , and each cell puts out 35 watts of useful energy which is several times that of a solar cell . It's a ceramic material and not difficult to make . An American from NASA quit his job , went to the Philippines , got a Japanese partner and took a Patent there . They opened up business there and sold a very large amount of stock . Yes it works as presented except for the NEUTRINO GIMMICK . Let Me point out that no single cell battery or solar cell can equal this . Not only that , they do not deplete . Several of them together and You are in business . Best Regards , Don Smith

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In reply to overunity2001's message of Wed, 07 Apr 2004 22:05:25 +0000:

Hello All,

I opened up a new file archive for the free-energy group and uploaded here:   --  2 new AVI videos of these anonymous Neutrino capturing rods.

No one is ever going to find out, because no one has access rights to the files within the folder.

Robin van Spaandonk

From:"youhavetoremember" <brian165@h...>
Date:  Tue Aug 19, 2003  12:37 am
Subject:  Tesla/Japan/Neutrinos, what do they have in common? READ!!!

I have come across 3 diversely different things over the past month,  diverse in where they come from, not how they function. Allow me to  explain...

I first read about the Tesla's faimed, real or not, test runs with  his cosmic powered electric car in the 30s as was very intrigued as I  am sure anyone who read it was. Anyway, having no other information  concerning the subject no one could really do or say much about it in  terms of how it functioned or how it was made.

Fast forward to last week...

I came across this post to KeelyNet from 2002:

here are some excerpts:

"Rod-Generator has invented in Japan! It's detailed principle (but collector of electromagnetic wave) and detailed material (but it is  made of ceramic) is not open yet." "The appearance is two rods in parallel. One rod is 1cm diameter and 10cm long (very small). This "Solar Battery" generates 300W (output). They claimed as it is same as Solar Battery. It collect electromagnetic wave (light) from infrared to ultraviolet.Perhaps it collect energy until X-ray level  frequency."

Now, I followed the article to the poster's webpage and came across a  picture, although faint, of the "rod-generator":
this appears to be very similar to the description of the supposed  Tesla cosmic powered device used in the electric car.

Fast forward to yesterday...

I came across a small real video showing a "Neutrino Demo":
Watch the video!

In this demo they show a device which looks EXACTLY the same as the  device in the Japanese pic except it's just the bare rods on a wood  board. In the video they state/show, among other things: how he rods  power two different loads, christmas lights, and a 25watt bulb. They  state the device runs on neutrinos and other cosmic rays that  constantly bombard the earth. They mention how one rod is composed of  73 elements whereas the other rod is made of 74 elements, the  difference of elements causes one rod to be (+) and one to be (-).  The small model in this video puts out 18W and is cold to the touch.

Now, they reason I am posting is because I believe the devices built  by all 3 peoples to be highly similar in design and operation. They  all involve 2 rods, one negative, one positive, they both output  steady power with heat buildup, etc...

I felt this to be the best forum to post this on. I feel we can  figure out exactly what is involved in these devices and that we can  bring them out of the underground.

ANY help or information concerning this matter is greatly appreciated!

If you know anything or anyway we can reverse engineer these devices  based on the knowledge presented let us know. As I write this I am  continuing my search to learn more about the potential elements  involved in the rods, how neutrinos and such function, etc.


From: A guy in some Yahoo discussion group....
Date:  Sat Aug 30, 2003  2:41 am
Subject:  2 rod's Japanese( translations! PARTS 1-5

This is what I have SO FAR on the translations, more coming!

There is a caracter(subject) "A DREAM GENERATOR" on "MARKET".
"Gabriel Market Company"

Concept of New Photoelectromotive Force Technology

Electromagnetic Radiation Receiver

The electromagnetic radiation receiver operates by a similar  mechanism to the solar panel. In the solar panel, it has been used  all over the world as one energy source, and the mechanism is  evidence. The one using a photoelectric effect. Working to which the  electron the metal and in the semiconductor is liberated by optical  energy and an electromagnetic radiation is called a photoelectric  effect.

There are three different phenomena in a photoelectric effect. The  photoelectromotive force to an optical discharge and the  photoconduction deflecting. Among these, the most important one is a  photovoltaic effect. The photoelectromotive force cell is the one  that the diode structure of solid-state was built into all aspects on  the silicon wafer. The layer on the surface is a structure  transparent as light reaches a sandwich silicon joint part very  thinly. The photon (photon) is absorbed in the joint part, and the electron in the atomic uniting part is pulled out. As a result, the  free charge of the pair of electron-hole is invented. This free  charge moves to both sides in the joint part, improves the charge  density, and raises the voltage of the joint part.

The photovoltaic effect completely needs neither the voltage nor the  current from the outside compared with the other two effects, and  converts the energy of light directly into the electric power. The  most general one of the photovoltaic effect is a solar cell.  On the other hand, if light mutually hits two insulated silicon  wafers, the area where the electron is on the other hand excessive  the electron the area insufficient is invented.

Differing shape

basically invents the electron as for my electromagnetic radiation  receiver by the same reason as the solar cell.

The stem.

If a basic function and the mechanism of the solar panel can be  understood, it is easy to understand working of the electromagnetic  radiation receiver. However, a point which is greatly different from  that of solar is 24 day hours, and the points with sensitivity in  which the electromagnetic radiation spectrum from a wide area to the  area of infrared rays ,that is, from ultraviolet rays which pours  down over the earth the set of the sun later is received. Some 1000  stars which twinkle to night sky.

The all poured and earth Takashi  had poured electromagnetic energy of the infrared rays area from  ultraviolet rays for the past several billion years. Therefore, the  electromagnetic radiation receiver has the function to invent the  electron at nighttime.  I had searching researched the method of collecting the energy of the  electron from a wide area of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum  for the past 22 years. The result is a solar energy system of a new  type of electromagnetic radiation receiver.  The basic mineral used in the electromagnetic radiation receiver  behaves as if the charge which moves in the electrical conduction,  and plays the role to produce the cloud of a free electron. The  energy barrier on the surface confines the electron in the  electromagnetic radiation receiver. However, when the speed toward  energy or outside of the electron increases enough, the electron is  discharged into the space. This electron calls necessary amount of  energy for the space to  discharge a work function, and is expressed  by the following expression.


The electron is not discharged into the space, and at largeness,  discharged if the energy of Hica (photon) is smaller than that of  this value. The energy of the electron at this time uses the  expression in Einstein's photoelectric effect.


It is shown. The amount whose energy of the photon is larger than  that of E=W becomes kinetic energy (1/2mW) of the electron. The  photon is given all energy and disappears. h is a constant which is  basic of a physical law (quantum mechanics).

No basic idea of my electromagnetic radiation receiver (ERR) is new.  Nicola Tesra which invents the exchange system calls the free energy  receiver in 1901, a similar technology is developed, and the patent  is obtained. It has agreed exactly in the point to use the  photoelectromotive force though the invention of Tesra is greatly  different from today's. The most remarkable difference is a point  that today's solar panel is composed of the base of the crystal  silicon: Amorphous is used very recently. However, it is thought the  free energy receiver that Tesra invented to was the one that the  plate of a thin metal was coated with a transparent insulation thing,  and spreading today's plastic.

The higher, the more efficiency improves when the panel is put up in  the air as well as the antenna. It is connected wires from a part of  the panel to a part of the capacitor, and other terminals of the  capacitor are grounded. Energy from the sun is charged to the  capacitor. The load is connected from the capacitor through the  switch circuit, and an electric output is obtained as the capacitor  repeats the electrical charge and discharge at a constant cycle. The  output obtained by of course the area of the insulation panel large  is large.

Tesra tries the explanation how this method to obtain energy is easy.  The device of Tesra is more than the solar panel. The reason for it  is that energy can be taken out at nighttime when the sun hid the  face. The free energy receiver of Tesra is obtaining the patent  as "Device using the radiation" in 1901. It is possible to touch  about other radiations 1 like not only solar energy but also cosmic  rays in that. It is described that the device can actually take out  energy by cosmic rays even at nighttime. Tesla touches a huge storing  warehouse of negative electricity of the earth, too.

Is an electromagnetic radiation harmful?

It is harmless at all. There is a thing to sometimes wake up people's  uneasiness due to the lack of Shitataca to the radiation. Then, the  radiation is indicated.

The radiation appears while mediating the interaction between the  particle and wave motion. (That is, heat is conducted by the  discharge of energy, the spread, absorption, and the radiation. )The  radiation changes shape, and carries out various functions in that.

The radiation is discharged from the material, and absorbed to the  material. As for the earth, had been done for the past several  billion years by the radiation from the sun. Therefore, the skin gets  burnt when is under sunshiny for a long time. Everyone is sure to  have the experience of sunburning through life once and twice. Still,  the radiation has poured down for 24 hours a day. On the other hand,  to avoid danger and to adapt oneself, the human race has evolved. Not  only the wave of the radiation but also we get corpuscle rain done.  However, it is quite safe except the thing that the meteor falls to  the head.  However, the radiation from the high-voltage line is very dangerous as cancer and other sicknesses are caused. Model, and it is not a  radiation from the sky which causes what harm. It is a radiation to  be killing man that man produced.

I think that it was able to understand the basis of the radiation.  Then, working of the electromagnetic radiation receiver is described.  First of all, let's explain from the word receiver. I want to  emphasize the thing like the one receiving it to the end the receiver  and no sent one, etc.The solar panel receives the light of the  frequency of the visible region, and produces electricity. The energy  of the frequency from the brushwood outside line on the both sides to  the area of infrared rays is received if not only the area of visible  light but also it says in the spectrum and electricity is produced though the electromagnetic radiation receiver works basically by the  same concept as it. It is time when makes to a high voltage with a  transformer and uses it in case of there is danger. It makes to high  voltage and the high frequency with the transformer and electricity  is transmitted to customer's place, and the electric power company  drops to the low pressure of 220V and, then, is using it. A high  frequency and a high voltage are harmful though 220V is not too  dangerous. If an easy test is done, it is understood soon whether a  harmful radiation has gone out of the high-tension wire of the  electrical machinery and apparatus and the ceiling in your house and  office.

In the above-mentioned thing, I think that it canceled the fog of  uneasiness of the electromagnetic radiation receiver.

Those who invent it Noazarc research foundation
Doctor of Engineering Ben Shuwalts

From: "youhavetoremember" <brian165@h...>
Date:  Fri Aug 22, 2003  5:02 am
Subject:  Re: 2 small rods producing power

The FACTS I now about this "rod" generator are:

1. I have seen 2 distinct PICTURED references to their existance.
Japan and those real video vids.

2. Both devices seem to run on "neutrino power". The Device in the
real video vids is said to runn off the neutrinos and other waves.
The device from Japan is said to run off the infrared<->ultraviolet
spectrums, which is IN the neutrino range :)

3. Both devices are of the SAME dimensions.

4. The device in the real video vids is said to be made of 73
elements in one rod and 74 in the other. The generator from Japan is
made of a "ceramic" material that is "baked".

5. Both output continuous wattages indefinitely.

6. The "rod-generator" company in Japan's information:
Company's name: ERR Co. (They don't have a website)
Address: 2-11-18, Tomioka, Kohtoh-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 03-3630-1901 (Japan)
Fax: 03-3630-1905 (Japan)

here is an update from a friend in Japan who has CALLED the company
who made the rod-generator:
"Then I called after a long time to ERR Co,.
It seems to change from the rod shape to the film shape, because the
yield of the product(baking of the rod) was bad and it does not
become business.
Now they try to make the film-generator of the same principle.
It has not commercialized yet. The person in the agency seems to be
able to obtain it in the stage of the prototype.
That's all I heard from them. The ERR Co,. is in holiday now. They
seems to be opened from the 18th August."

Now, if we have two distinct people who have produced these rod
generators that means at least 2 people in the world know how to make
them ;p. Add to that the fact that the company from Japan has made
MANY prototypes and models! in their factories. So all their
employees know how to make them.

If we really dig and reverse engineer this phenomenon we can do it!


From: "Bruce A. Perreault" <bruce.perreault@i...>
Date:  Thu Aug 21, 2003  6:37 pm
Subject:  Re: 18 to 25 watts from 2 small rods !!!

Whizard and All!

This has been sitting in the group files since
January 24, 2002...\

Yes, Don is said to be the inventor. I have spoken to him about  this but he has said little about how they are made. Perhaps now that he has patents pending he will give us some more  details at inventor's weekend next month.


Whizard wrote:

This is the same device that Don Smith said he built and is having
someone in Japan or China build and market it I believe. There are
not 73 and 74 elements on each of the rods - these are the numbers
from the Periodic table of Elements relating to the two elements used
- which are Tantalum and Tungsten - elements 73 and 74 from the
Periodic table of elements. Very interesting info as I seem to
recall knowing one of the rods was Tungsten but didn't know what the
other one was. It seems to make sense.

At 03:21 PM 8/21/2003 +0000, you wrote:

Subject: 18 to 25 watts from 2 small rods !!!

Please have a look at this and the video !
This sounds incredible, if it is no fake !
read my comments at the end !

[Keelynet] About Rod-Generator in JAPAN

    * From: Jerry Decker
    * Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 01:30:59

Hi Oriharu et al!

Thanks for the heads up about the new solar battery generator in Japan!

> オリハル wrote:
Dear Jerry Decker & KeelyNet.

Hello. This is news in Japa.

Rod-Generator has invented in Japan!   It's detailed principle (but
collector of electromagnetic wave) and detailed material (but
it is made of ceramic) is not open yet.

> The news was  on "Nikkan Kohgyoh Newspapers" p27, 03/26/2002 in Japan.
> Company's name : ERR Co. (They has not Home Page)
> Address             : 2-11-18, Tomioka, Kohtoh-ku, Tokyo, Japan
> Phone               : 03-3630-1901 (Japan)
> Fax                   : 03-3630-1905 (Japan)
> The appearance is two rods in parallel.    One rod is 1cm diameter
> and 10cm long (very small).   This "Solar Battery" generates 300W
> (output).   They claimed as it is same as Solar Battery.   It collect
> electromagnetic wave (light) from infrared to ultraviolet.   Perhaps it
> collect energy until X-ray level frequency.
> This Generator will sell from June (this year).  The system has stabilizer
> and inverter.   It's price is 150,000 (300W type).   About $1,250.
> Near future, 900W type and 5KW type will line up.
> That's all detail information. Thank you.
> from oriharu:
> My page :

> Free Energy page is :

Translation of Video

It  is something you won't see in the world market because they all ..... these (?) of course don't want this on the market.

It is just a wooden frame.
With a switch .....on the rag(?).
A mobile switch..

Q : Can I get it closer?

I then open on.
I put (off) the cover  over the jar to protect it.

Now, it's compressed.

The material in this is made off...
One rod is made of seventy tree different elements.
The other side is made of is made of seventy four elements.
It's one additional element.
In it's, one is negative and one is positive.
(The) one builds up electrons

The neutrinos is straight here 24 hours a day.
And another things straignt in the air

Combination of them cause the electrons to build up in one of this rod and deplete in he other side.

Much like a solar pannel works.
Very much like a solar panel.
But, solar pannels need light 24 hours a day if you gonna use it 24 hours a day.
Otherwise it only works when the sun comes up.

Now, this here, as you see : vevy very light

Q: Humm weigth here

But,it's plein of energy there.
As run this up the rods, you can see.

Q: Can we get it closer here, okay

It's a christmas tree lights.. 10 volts.

Q : Can we get it closer, to see that lights again.


Q : All they are is what?.

Very good chritsmas tree lights.

Q : Hold down your hand so I could see the panel. .. to see light bulbs... I want to see light bulbs....

They are together

Now, It's not a battery.
Anywhere you move it up and down the rods the lights work.
Anywhere, down here or here.

Q: Hum, hum.

Anywhere you want to put them they work.

Video Translation

This is a 25 watts light bulb.
One candle. One candle 25 watts.

Now, lets see what appends when you put together.
Of course there w'ont be a sprite? sprinkle? spark?
Because it. This takes a lower amperage, you know. And the wattage.

This here the watts on the thing here is only about, right now, by 18 watts only, and this is 25 watts.

Does ?? the rods do get hot?

No, the rods d'ont get hot. The light bulb is just hot.

Yes because it is just..

Yes it get hot. Because you can see there.
I will give you the shot of the light there.
Now, you need a very big battery to do that if you want do that with a battery.

Lets you  show you that there is no power right here.
It stores a (certain amount of???) of electrons (because its???) builds up
Now, lets cover them.
You get to cover them up.
So, no light can get to them.
So, it will be shown that is not like a solar panel.
Not lets turn the switch on.
So the power is now going from the bottom terminal to the swiches here, to  the top here.
Now we use these two terminals here because sometimes ?? we use it to charge ?? a big battery.
That is why we put a terminal there.
Now let black it out.
See we can still light.
See the ???
You don't need light.
So we don't get it from the fluorescent light.
We don't get power from the fluorescent light.

This kind of electricity is very much  like lightning.
As devastating  lightning could be.
Lightning is because the Earth is negative and the atmosphere is positive.......
And the  lightnings....

[ Keelynet] missing two from the pile

From: Jerry Decker
5 Apr 2002

re: Don Smith

Don Smith - from Spring, TX (near Houston), claims to have a coil based
circuit that he originally claimed tapped into Van Allen belt radiation to
generate megawatts of electricity. Sells them for about $2000, claims big companies all over the world sell
them for him, but none in the US or anything that can be he
is on the board of big companies everywhere, etc. ad nauseum...

USP # 5364710
Apparatus for converting light energy into electric energy and storing the same

Inventor(s):  HIKITA KAZUYASU [JP]
Classification:   - international:  H01B3/12; H01L31/04; H02J7/35; H02N6/00; H01B3/12; H01L31/04; H02J7/35; H02N6/00; (IPC1-7): H01M12/00; H01L31/04; H01M10/44;- European:  H02J7/35; H02N6/00

Also published as: //   GB2258946 //  JP5055616  (A)  //  DE4227783 // DE4227783

Abstract --  An apparatus for converting light energy into electric energy and storing the same, which comprises a photoelectric conversion unit having an element that generates an electromotive force by irradiation of light and a unit for storing electric energy generated by the photoelectric conversion unit. The element comprises a ferroelectric crystal having a bulk photovoltaic effect such as BaTiO3, lead lanthanum zirconate titanate (PLZT) or the like. Light energy is converted into electric energy having a voltage ranging from 10 V to several kV with high reliability to be efficiently stored.


1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to an apparatus for converting light energy into electric energy and storing the same. In particular, it relates to an energy system in which a photoelectric conversion unit which utilizes a bulk photovoltaic effect and a unit for storing electric energy generated by the unit are combined.

2. Description of the Related Art

In the prior art, an energy converting apparatus for converting light energy into electric energy has been known as a solar battery comprising a semiconductor such as Si, GaAs or the like having a p-n junction. Further, there has been known an energy system in which converted electric energy is stored in a secondary battery so as to make it possible to output the converted energy at a desired time.

When light is irradiated onto the semiconductor having the p-n junction, electrons and positive holes generated by the light irradiation at the junction portion diffuse toward the n and p type sides respectively, and a voltage depending upon the energy band gap (about 0.5 V) is obtained. Due to this low voltage, in the system in which the solar battery utilizing the semiconductor and the secondary battery are combined, a required voltage has been obtained in practical use by connecting a large number of secondary batteries with semiconductor elements in series, or by connecting a booster unit with the secondary battery.

However, there have been such problems that when the secondary batteries are connected in series, the internal resistance increases depending on the number of connected batteries to make the loss of energy large, while when the booster unit is used, the unit requires driving energy therefor. Further, the solar battery has a drawback such that the generating efficiency lowers in accordance with an increase in temperature, resulting in inferior reliability.


It is an object of the present invention to provide an apparatus with which light energy can be converted into electric energy with high reliability and stored efficiently.

Another object of the present invention is to provide an apparatus for photoelectric conversion and storage of energy, with which a voltage from 10 V to several kV can be obtained.

These objects are accomplished by the inventive device for generating an electromotive force by irradiation of light which comprises a ferroelectric crystal having a bulk photovoltaic effect.

In another embodiment, the invention comprises a ferroelectric crystal having a bulk photoelectric effect which generates an electromotive force upon being irradiated with light and means for storing the electric energy generated by the ferroelectric crystal.


The Figure is a drawing of an arrangement of a photoelectric conversion and storage apparatus according to the present invention.


Ferroelectric crystals suitable for use in the invention include not only ferroelectric monocrystals, but also polycrystalline sintered bodies thereof.

The bulk photovoltaic effect is an effect in which when a strongly dielectric crystal is irradiated with light ranging from a visible short wavelength to a wavelength near the ultraviolet region, an electromotive force of several Kv/cm, which is extremely higher than the energy band gap, is generated.

Materials having a bulk photovoltaic effect suitable for the present invention may be exemplified as ferroelectric materials comprising monocrystals of LiTaO.sub.3, LiNbO.sub.3, KNbO.sub.3, BaTiO.sub.3 and the like, and polycrystal ferroelectric materials including BaTiO.sub.3, lead lanthanum zirconate titanate (PLZT), and the like as a basic composition. These ferroelectric materials are uniform crystal bodies exhibiting a piezo-electric property and having no crystal center symmetry.

A preferred ferroelectric composition is the PLZT system having the formula (Pb.sub.1-x La.sub.x) (Zr.sub.y T.sub.1-y).sub.1-x/4 O.sub.3, wherein O.ltoreq.x.ltoreq.0.10 and 0.45.ltoreq.y.ltoreq.0.70 to which up to 2.0 atomic percent of an oxide selected from the group consisting of Nb.sub.2 O.sub.5, Ta.sub.2 O.sub.5, WO.sub.3, and mixtures thereof, have been added. With this system, polarization is facilitated and a large bulk photovoltaic effect can be generated, which is desirable. In this case, if x is larger than 0.10, or if y is smaller than 0.45 and larger than 0.70, the bulk photovoltaic effect is decreased, so that it is preferable for x and y to be within the above-mentioned ranges. Further, if the amount of the above-mentioned oxides added exceeds 2.0 atomic percent, the bulk photovoltaic effect becomes lower.

The photoelectric conversion unit of the present invention is connected to the electric energy storage unit via a selector switch. For this storage unit one may use a secondary battery such as a lead storage battery, an alkaline storage battery or the like, or a capacitor such as a ceramic capacitor, a film capacitor, or the like. An electric load is connected to the storage unit via the change-over switch.

When uniform light is irradiated onto the element of the photoelectric conversion unit, an electromotive force of several kV/cm, which is much higher than the energy band gap, is generated at the terminals. This is different from the effect of the p-n junction of the semiconductor, which is an essential effect possessed by the substance itself, and is considered to result from the fact that electrons are excited and subjected to transition by means of the impurity centers having a non-central symmetrical potential of the crystal by the irradiation of light.

This electromotive force is a hundred to several thousand of times higher than the electromotive force of a conventional solar battery and which does not become lower due to an increase in temperature as in the case of the p-n junction.

The electric energy having been converted from the light energy by the element is stored in the storage unit via the selector switch. When a capacitor is used as the storage unit, the above-mentioned high voltage can be stored as is.

According to the photoelectric conversion and storage apparatus of the present invention, the following effects are different from the conventional solar battery in which a semiconductor such as Si or the like is used.

(1) In the element having the bulk photovoltaic effect, the generating efficiency does not decrease with increase in temperature, so that the reliability is high.

(2) A high voltage ranging from 10 V to several kV can be obtained directly from the photoelectric conversion unit, so that it is unnecessary during practical use to connect the elements in series in order to increase the output voltage, and no booster unit is required. In particular, it is suitable for driving a high resistance load, such as piezo-electric materials and the like.

(3) The electric energy converted from the light energy is stored in the storage unit, so that it can be out-putted from the storage unit at any desired time.

(4) When a capacitor is used as the storage unit, charging and discharging are not accompanied by a chemical reaction, so that the charging and discharging can be performed in a short period of time, and deterioration is minimized even after repeated charging and discharging.

(5) When a ceramic capacitor, a film capacitor or the like is used as the capacitor, a high voltage ranging from 10 V to several kV can be easily stored.

(6) Since electric power generation is performed by irradiation of light, it is preferable as an electric power source for a load to be installed at a remote place.

As shown in FIG. 1, a photoelectric conversion unit 10 was produced in accordance with the following method.

Lead zirconate titanate having the formula Pb(Zr.sub.y- Ti.sub.1-y)O.sub.3 substituted by 3.0 atom percent La was prepared by homogeneously mixing PbO, ZrO.sub.2, TiO.sub.2, and La.sub.2 O.sub.3 powders in amounts to obtain a Zr:Ti ratio of 52:48. The mixture was calcined and pulverized to provide a composition having the formula:

[hereinafter referred to as PLZT(3/52/48)].

To this composition was added 0.5 atomic percent of WO.sub.3, and homogeneous mixing and calcining were performed, followed by pulverization. This fine ceramic powder was shaped by pressing, followed by calcining to produce a square ceramic substrate measuring 25 mm.times.25 mm.times.0.6 mm.

Silver paste was printed onto a pair of mutually opposing end edges of this ceramic substrate, followed by baking to thereby form a pair of electrodes 12 and 13 having a width of 2.5 mm. The distance between the electrodes was about 20 mm. This ceramic substrate was immersed in silicone oil at a temperature of C., and a voltage of 1.5 kV/mm was applied to the electrodes 12 and 13 to perform a polarization treatment and obtain a photoelectric conversion element 11. This allowed element 11 to have a spontaneous polarization with an orientation in the x direction in FIG. 1. After the polarization, the electrodes 12 and 13 were contacted by soldering with lead wires 14 and 15 having terminals 16 and 17, respectively, to produce the photoelectric conversion unit 10.

This unit 10 was connected to an electric energy storage unit 30 via a selector switch 20, and the storage unit 30 was connected to an electric load 40 via selector switch 20. Switch 20 has interlocking switches 21 and 22. Switch 21 has contacts 21a and 21b connected to terminal 16 and terminal 41, respectively, of electric load 40. Switch 22 has contacts 22a and 22b connected to terminal 17 and terminal 42, respectively, of load 40. Further, contact 21c of switch 21 is connected to terminal 31 and contact 22c of switch 22 is connected with terminal 32 of the storage unit 30. In this example, the storage unit 30 was a laminated ceramic capacitor having a capacitance of 0.1 microfarad.

Switches 21 and 22 of change-over switch 20 were switched to positions shown by solid lines in the figure, terminals 16 and 17 were connected to a voltmeter 50 (having an input resistance of not less than 10.sup.14 ohm), and then light from mercury lamp I was irradiated onto element 11 from the z direction in the figure. The mercury lamp light I had a luminous intensity of about 25 mW/cm.sup.2 on the element surface.

About 3 minutes after the beginning of the light irradiation, the voltage between terminals 16 and 17 became 10 V, and after the light irradiation was continued for 15 minutes, the voltage thereof became 50 V. After the irradiation was further continued, a voltage of several hundred V was measured. Even after stopping the light irradiation, the voltage value of voltmeter 50 was not changed, and it was determined that the voltage generated in the photoelectric conversion unit 10 was stored in the storage unit 30 via change-over switch 20.

Alternatively, a laminated ceramic capacitor having a capacitance of 0.01 microfarad was used as storage unit 30, and the same light irradiation time allowed the stored voltage in the storage unit 30 to become about 10 times higher in comparison with that in the capacitor having a capacitance of 0.1 microfarad.;topicseen


Re: Free energy elemental rod generator ?
Reply #1 on: November 24, 2006, 11:32:30 AM

Hi clever guys

I had collected, a couple of years ago, all the informations I could get about these mysterious "Neutrino Rods". Please see:

Some of the files are in French but most are in English. Sounds like a Japanese compagny were selling this kinda stuff (though it is not the ones you can see on the vids).

The file "" is from this compagny. It is in Japanese language, but not the pics :)). Anyway this document has been translated in English (japtrans.htm).

I had tried to get in touch with this compagny but they do (did?) not speak English and my phone calls were promply shortened. :))



Re: Free energy elemental rod generator ?
Reply #4 on: November 25, 2006, 12:24:55 PM

Hey guys, all those files, research, and english translations on ARE FROM MY RESEARCHES in 2003!

It's funny that now people are looking at them again!, lol, all those files were written by me, tao, aka, youhavetoremember.......

Anyway, here was a post I did at OVERUNITY.COM just some months ago!


Below are various messages and even the translated japanese handouts(which I had a japanese friend of mine do for me).

Here is an excerpt from the below info:

here is an update from a friend in Japan who has CALLED the company who made the rod-generator:

"Then I called after a long time to ERR Co,.  It seems to change from the rod shape to the film shape, because the  yield of the product(baking of the rod) was bad and it does not become business. Now they try to make the film-generator of the same principle.  It has not commercialized yet. The person in the agency seems to be able to obtain it in the stage of the prototype. That's all I heard from them. The ERR Co,. is in holiday now. They  seems to be opened from the 18th August."



Re: Free energy elemental rod generator ?
Reply #18 on: August 02, 2007, 07:56:50 PM

i have looked at this some time ago there has to be a diffranec of negitive restance to make the current flow from 1 rod to the other  he says that " they used a circuit like this to charge the ham radio batteries if i remember correctly

also in my work on the tpu i came across something that dirrectly relates to the elemenatl rods in an old tube radio book!!

if i find the time i will post the page from the book im sure it had to do with negative resistance is


Re: Free energy elemental rod generator ?
Reply #22 on: August 03, 2007, 09:32:48 PM

Guys, is the involvement of Dennis Lee not enough to tell you all that this is a complete scam? A bit more elaborate than his others, I have to admit.... But Come on... Dennis lee? Dennis Lee is involved. That should be enough for anyone. The guy is a known, scam artist. You have to assume anyone involved with him is too.

By the way, you can light cristmas tree lights with 4 AA batteries. They draw very little current. It's just batteries, positive up on one side, and negative up on the other, in some kind of conductive shell, of graphite, or carbon, or something, perhaps even copper with conductive black paint coating, and wire between them on the bottom. Notice he touches both rods at one point simultaneously, and he doesn't get bit? Or if he does, it's nothing painful.. or even felt.. That should tell you everything you need to know. As for the suitcase thing, who knows. Also there are very low powered gas bulbs that would light very brightly with that much power, I had one connected to a piezo that lit when you shook the piezo, four of them would have easily been lit by batteries in that config. And luminosity is easily misinterpreted by cameras. Those bulbs were not that brightly lit. If you don't believe me, go read about what dave did again. He clearly says they look brighter in the video than they really were.

I'm happy to be proven wrong, but I would bet dollars to donuts there's nothing here.

Videos :

Part 1:
Part 2:

"Nutrino circuit consists of two rods about 3 inches long (see the first picture below). The device consists of the two posts, a wooden base, two terminals and a switch. One of the rods consists of 73 elements and the other rod contains 74. The earth is stuck by particles from space all the time called nutrinos. When nutrinos strike one of the rods it causes a negative charge to build up. The second picture to the shows three Christmas tree lights being illuminated by the rods. These rods put out about 18 watts of power. This device has been used to charge batteries in a cave hundreds of feet below the ground."

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