Energy Accumulator

Device for Capture and Centralizing of Dispersed Energy

Also published as: NL7502964 // IT1004384 // JP50134886 // DE2509431 //
Inventor(s):    G.  FANTUZZI
Classification: - international: A01K67/00; A61N1/16; A01K67/00; A61N1/00; (IPC1-7): H01Q17/00 ;- European: A61N1/16
Also published as: NL7502964 // IT1004384 // JP50134886 // DE2509431 // BR7501588

The present invention relates to a device to collect, concentrate, bind and radiate wandering energy which is propagated on a electrical carrier wave, this device being made up by a surface in the shape of regular pyramid, octahedral, cone or surface of revolution, in particular a spherical surface, which are used as mean of collecting and concentration of the wandering or biological energy which is propagated on an electrical wave.

At the interior of the aforesaid surface in the pyramid which can be made out of an unspecified material, metallic or not, are mounted with an electrically insulting  formed of copper rollings of helical whorls around axis parallels between them and with the axis of surface. The ends of said rollings exceed teh basic wall of the pyramid and end in feet of copper which join the diffusers.

The aforementioned energy or biological energy which is propagated on an electrical carrier wave, concentrated by the aforementioned surface, induced in excited rollings up by the terrestrial magnetic field and by an optional auxiliary variable magnetic field a flow of energy which radiates outside through the feet of copper in the form of a beam of electric and/or electromagnetic waves.

While varying dimensions of the surface which collects the energy and while varying the number of rollings and/or the whorls, one can obtain devices with various possibilities.

By the research and experiments carried out since many years, one knows already the capacitance of collecting of the dispersed or biological energy which is propagated on one wave carrying electrical by the effect of elements in pyramid or similar form.

According to the present invention, one intends to introduce into an element sensor in a pyramid of rollings able to accumulate and amplify this energy and associated with respective antennas.

One represented, with single title of indicative example without restrictive character, a form of execution of the invention in which surface is a pyramid with square base with the drawing annexed in which

Figure 1 shows an axial longitudinal cut of the device, placed in a sheath in the shape of boot.

Figure 2 is a view of lower part of its basic wall

Figure 3 shows the diagram of the rollings mounted on a tubular element of support inside the elements in pyramid and connected to the corresponding antenna; and

Figure 4 shows another embodiment of the device.

One will describe now, in reference to Figures 1 to 3, the device in his shape of preferred execution of a regular pyramid with square, in which base the edges have equal lengths without these dimensions being obligatory. In fact, the device of collecting could have also the shape of a pyramid with rectangular base or polygonal in general and possibly also with steps, of a regular tetrahedron, a cone, of a surface of revolution, in particular of a spherical surface or of a spherical cup.

1 is an enveloping plastic sheath, but also being able to be made out of another unspecified material, being able to inwardly receive the device according to the invention which includes a hollow element in the form of regular pyramid with square base, stated in a general way in 2. This element 2 can title made out of an unspecified laminate material like a plastic, a metal, a ceramic material, a carton or out of similar materials.

In the inner cavity of element 2 are mounted parallel tubes of support 3 in perpendicular direction with the base 2a of the element in pyramid 2, these tubes being made out of electrically insulative materials and exceeding by the 3a ends basic wall 2a of pyramid 2. At the inner one of each tube 3 are mounted two or several stated coils in a general way one 4, rolled up on a single insulating material support 5, maintained by shims of spacing 6 electrically insulating (figure 3).

Coils 4 are formed copper turnings and could also include a metallic inner core, Each one of these coils is preferably made up by two identical rollings up 7a, 7b with whorls of opposite directions, Each tube 3 includes/understands thus at least two superimposed coils, each one to two rolls; eight ends 7 of said rollings up exceed projecting bases 3a tubes 3, where they are welded with respective feet 8. Each rolli can be connected to an individual circuit of antenna 9, which extends along inner surface from element 2.

Between tubes 3 and the walls of 11 element in pyramid 2 can be inserted an unspecified filling material, obviously nonconductive electrically.

Wandering or biological energy concentrates by the effect of the element in pyramid 2 which has the role of sensor and of the respective reception antennas 9, so that coils 4, placed inside, are excited under the action of the terrestrial magnetic field for the concentration of energy due to the element in pyramid 2 by producing a beam of energy which radiates by feet 8.

As one represented on the figure4, the hollow element 2, whatever the form which is given for it, consists of five layers 10 or more of synthetic material or metallic, separated the ones from other by layers alternate from organic matter (wood or other material). It is thus formed a genuine [orgone ] condenser of energy, each form consisted various layers 10 increasing the concentration of the energy.

Energy radiated by feet 8 can other used for the most varied purposes according to the possibility of the device and in particular for scientific research of biology and botany.

One carried out practical tests in which

1) by means of an oscilloscope one could put in evidence and measure the electrical carrying wave

2) bulbs and seeds germinated rapidly

3) small insects, small fish, mushrooms underwent a process of mummification

4) cultures of micro-organisms were carried out

5) one made function a Geiger counter.