Condensing Dynamo

The Technical World Magazine ( Vol. XVI, No. 3, p 257 ) Nov. 1911

Gravity Conquered At Last ?

by Robert H Moulton

Alleged Electrical Miracle

Can a rigid and absolute law of Nature be even partially suspended or neutralized? An engineer and inventor, Mr Edward S Farrow says "yes". Furthermore, he has perfected a mechanical device which appears to accomplish the seemingly impossible feat of overcoming gravity. "The other day" (writes a London weekly of December 9 ) "Mr Farrow suspended a book from a pair of scales in his laboratory and weighed it. The volume tipped the scales at 18 ounces. To the book he attached a mechanical device in the shape of a small rectangular box, which he calls a "condensing dynamo" and applied power from a neighboring electrical switch. A most remarkable thing then occurred. As the current set the wheels in the dynamo whirling, the indicator of the scales slowly receded until it stopped at 15 ounces. Apparently the book had lost 3 ounces of its weight-- in other words, one-sixth of the power of gravitation between the book and the earth had been overcome. A law of Nature ad to all appearances been nullified.

If all of Mr Farrow's claims for his invention are borne out by future tests and demonstrations he will stand as one of the great inventors and scientists of all times. He will have solved the most perplexing problem connected with aerial navigation -- the suspension in the air of an aeroplane after the engine, through accident or other cause, has ceased to work.

For the benefit of the skeptical, whose criticisms will, of course, be at one focused upon a discovery which it is claimed will suspend or neutralize the force of gravity, the idea behind the device should be summarized at the outset. The invention is based on the intensification of Hertzian waves. it has been learned that by doing this a parallel and corresponding intensification occurs with the vertical force which controls gravitation. Thus buoyancy is added to an object held to earth or propelled towards it by gravity.

Mr Farrow's discovery, which is espoused by himself and his associate, General George Eaton * [who received several patents for dynamos - Ed. ], may be said to represent the apex of a pyramid which has been 25 years in building. In its completion various scientific subjects, such as wave motions, aeronautics, wireless telegraphy, and the discovery of Hertzian waves, have all played a part. Even the elements of romance and the mysteries of mental telepathy color the story.

The dictionary describes wave motions as "motion in curves alternately concave and convex, like that of waves of the sea". It may be better illustrated by supposing that one has an enormous bowl of stiff jelly into which have been stuck a couple of hatpins some distance apart. Any vibratory motion given to one pin is imitated by the second pin. The jelly conveys the energy from one pin to another ; we have set up wave motion within the jelly. It is immaterial whether the motion is up or down or from right to left -- indeed it may be at any angle whatever. It is in this way that waves of light and sounds are conveyed by the air or the universal ether.

Among the things that served to relieve the tedium of Mr Farrow's early days were experiments made with the planchette, the pear-shaped slab of wood, supported on short uprights, and moved with a pressure of the hands upon it, which at that time was a novel plaything. The experiments with the planchette led to similar ones with tables, in which were produced the familiar levitation tricks. One of Mr Farrow's acquaintances became so expert in these manipulations that he is reported to have succeeded in moving a table on which were seated three men simply by placing his fingers on it.

Our authority reasoned thence that whatever there might be in the theory of psychic force, the law of gravitation must be explained away before a person's fingers could move a table on which were seated three men. The textbooks describe gravity as "weight as contradistinguished from mass; precisely, the downward acceleration of terrestrial bodies due to the gravitation of the earth modified by the centrifugal force due to its revolution on its axis."

The apparent defiance of this law by eagles soaring immovable, over the desert were more a source of wonder to the young scientist than the feats of the Indian medicine men. Similarly he had observed other sailing or gliding birds, hawks and buzzards, hand high in the air, motionless so far as the human eye could tell, and unaffected by the wave motion of the ether or the laws of gravitation. Even after the conquest of the air by man the common explanation of the extended wings of the birds acting as aeroplanes did not seem at all logical or sufficient to Mr Farrow. When the motive power of an aeroplane ceases while the machine is in the air, the plane comes downward, gliding to the earth. But soaring birds, without motion of the wings and without a propeller to push them into the wind, rise to heights, almost out of sight, sailing in great circles, alternately going with and against the wind.

Hertz demonstrated that a very rapid oscillating discharge of electricity, such as that which may be established between two knobs, produces a disturbance in the surrounding ether which takes the form of electric waves penetrating space with the velocity of light. It was found that these waves were nearly a meter in length, that they were reflected from the surface of an electric conductor, and that they could be transmitted without the aid of any known conductor. Previous to the discovery, scientists had known of electric currents running from point to point through the air without a visible conductor such as the lightning or the sparks between the poles of a battery.

But it was not until Hertz advanced his theory in 1887, that a satisfactory explanation was given of such phenomena. The mechanical application of the Hertzian theory led to the perfection of the wireless telegraph as is generally well known.

Although Mr Farrow, like many others saw in this theory a new field for the investigation of mental forces, such as he had noted in the levitating table, and the Indian medicine man, he passed this over and concentrated his experiments on the application of the Hertzian waves to the law of gravitation.

His investigations were based on a fundamental idea of creation expressed in a well known algebraic equation. The formula means that action and reaction are equal simultaneous, and contrarily opposed. For example, while pushing a book across a table there is resistance from the book as well as from the opposing hand. If we call the pushing the action, then the resistance of the book is the reaction, and both occur at the same time in equal proportion and in opposition to each other. To this he added other theories regarding electricity and gravitation.

It has been found that the mechanical devices for controlling electricity also apply to gravity, regulating or intensifying the force of this attraction of foreign objects to earth. By intensifying the motion of the electrical waves through suppositious ether there will develop components in all directions. If this force or motion acts vertically, it will by the law of reaction diminish a force such as gravitation acting downward toward the earth. For want of a better name, Mr Farrow calls this force, when acting upward, a "vertical component" and the name is well chosen.

Experimenting with the Hertzian waves, Mr Farrow discovered that an intensification of these waves caused a corresponding intensification of the "vertical component". If we suppose that a Hertzian wave has a force of 10000 and this is increased to 20000 or more, the force of the "vertical component" resisted the force of gravitation, then the latter would be partly or wholly neutralized or suppressed.

Mr Farrow's mechanical device increases the force of the Hertzian wave and this increased power is transmitted to the "vertical component". The latter thus intensified, offers a proportionate resistance to gravitation and the force of the latter is reduced, thus giving buoyancy to any object to which the condensing dynamo may be attached.

An aeroplane equipped with one of these condensing dynamos of sufficient strength may be sustained in the air, or even shot up to greater heights, after its motive power has ceased to work/ By turning on the current of electricity there is produced a horizontal, circular, flat sheet, so to speak, of Hertzian waves which radiate outwardly for a mile or more on every side of the aerial craft. The effect of all this would be, in a measure, to suspend the craft by the edges of a thin magnetic plane of influence, a mile or more in horizontal circumference.

According to Mr Farrow it is possible that Nature has slowly evolved some kind of generators of Hertzian or wireless energy in the hawks, buzzards and eagles as Nature has in the electrical eel and in the electric fish called the ray or torpedo. As the substances, which are insulators for common electricity, are good conductors for the so-called Hertzian waves, the feather points around the edges of the bird's wings perhaps polarize a horizontal plane of influence, magnetic or Hertzian, in the atmosphere or suppositious ether surrounding the birds. Experiment has proved that electricity of the highest attainable voltage can pass through the human body without damage and without giving any perceptible sensation to the person forming part of the circuit of such a current. In some respects extremely high voltage currents of electricity resemble magnetism or Hertzian waves, and it is possible that one could be substituted for the other.

Though an aerial craft in the center of a wide, horizontal plane of magnetic stress might be impeded in perpendicular movement, yet it appears probable that as a horizontal movement would cut fewer lines of force, the descent and descent in an inclined plane would be, perhaps, nearly as easy as a strictly horizontal motion of the same craft. Devices can be employed for extending the magnetic or Hertzian stress in a horizontal plane, of which the aerial craft would be the center; also for generating the energy to produce such a plane of influence.

Among the methods for producing the horizontal magnetic plane around the aerial craft, there can be employed a horizontal row or ring of electrical interrupters or breaks for producing Hertzian waves, the ring of electric breaks extending in a horizontal line around the sides of the aerial craft; or a similar line or ring of small electromagnets laid horizontal with their ends pointing outward, these magnets being wound with many turns of very thin, well insulated wire and supplied with high pressure electric current.

Magnetic or Hertzian wave impulses have a speed equal to that of light, or about 185000 miles per second. It makes no difference that this speed is made in vibrations, if they are so produced as to be in a horizontal plane; and it makes no difference whether this enormous vibratory speed be made in the atmosphere or in the supposedly all pervading ether. The effect will be the same. These horizontal vibrations being produced on the aerial craft, and being in the same plane as the similar pulsations in the surrounding ether and the resistance of all vibrating matter to change in its direction of motion, will tend strongly to diminish, if not absolutely prevent, the down pull of gravity on the aerial craft.

In addition to its applicability to aerial navigation, some of the practical uses to which the new mechanism if successful could be put are these:

If a 12-ton girder was to be raised to the top of a skyscraper with a derrick of 10 tons capacity, the mechanism would obliterate the two tons of weight.

A steamship could be made to ride more lightly and easily on the sea by making it "lighter", thus increasing its speed. If a steamer made 20 knots ordinarily, this speed might be increased to 25 knots by use of the condensing dynamo.

The speed of railroad trains could be increased by the contrivance by reducing the friction of the wheels on the tracks. In the same way, automobiles, street cars, in fact any mechanically propelled conveyance, could be made to go faster with the same amount of power as at present used, or the same rate of speed could be maintained with a very small fraction of the present effort employed.

While Mr Farrow by means of his invention has succeeded in reducing the weight of a body only one-sixth, he appears to have some reason to believe that he will be successful in reducing it still more. The invention is in its infancy, and the possibilities which it seems to open are almost unlimited.

farrow.asc ( 01-05-94 )
Source : "Tesla Coil Secrets; Construction Notes and Novel Uses" by R. A. Ford ( pages 69-71 )

Reduction of Weight Using a Hertzian Wave Generator

In 1911, New York engineer and inventor Edward S. Farrow publicly described his work with a "condensing dynamo". When this electrical device was placed on weight scales and power applied, the dynamo and any small weight attached to it, proceeded to lose 1/6th of its weight (3 ounces),



Test Setup before Farrow device is energized

In the photo the total weight was 18 ounces before the power was on and it dropped down to 15 ounces while in operation.

Weight loss when Farrow device is in operation

In Farrow's explanation, he said that the dynamo acted to "intensify the vertical component" of the Hertzian waves which it generated. This intensification produced buoyancy in any object to which the unit was attached. The unusual pattern of Hertzian waves fanned out in a thin horizontal plane of electromagnetic stress over a broad area. The condensing dynamo employed either a horizontal row or a ring consisting of a series of interrupters or breaks (gaps) for producing this field. The ring of electrical breaks extended in a horizontal line around the perimeter of the device. Power and frequency of the oscillators were not given. The buoyant effect is similar to that produced by floating a sewing needle on water. Although the steel has a much higher density than the water below it, the surface tension permits the linkup of many surrounding water molecules in a thin film or sheet. Similarly, the dynamo lifts against the strong gravitational field by REACTION against the weak geomagnetic field. The interaction over a very wide area between this field and the Hertzian waves produces electrical buoyancy. No U.S. patent was received on the invention. Norm Wootan tells us another version of this story from another book yet with additional information, essentially the same except for mentioning that Mr. Farrow had demonstrated his device at the 1926 World's Fair. We will pursue this angle and create another FARROW or append to this one when we get any new information. There are MANY correlations for this phenomenon, most of which use different types of force, geometry or motion. They include sonic (voice, tuning forks/bars, oscillators), spinning masses, gyroscopic precession, high voltage, etc.. 

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