Cold Fusion

New Energy News ( Vol. 2, No. 11, April 1995 )

Soviet scientists against illuminati
Fukushima (Sovjetski naučnici protiv iluminata)

(* Google translation) Independent analyst Sergei Albertovich Sallj, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor, secretary of the St. Peterburg part "of the Russian Physical Society," and assistant to the president of "the Russian Physical Society" shared unique information about the achievements of Soviet science and global monopoly over knowledge.

Why was science in the USSR actively developing for only 15 years? Why cold nuclear fusion, finding physicians Ivana Filimonenko, wasn't allowed for use by Korolev, Kurchatov and Gluškov? What's behind mysterious deaths of these great scientists? Why is the program of cold nuclear fusion in the Soviet Union declared pseudo-scientific? Why are being killed an associate scientist all over the world, including the United States? What happened to the chief designer of St.Peters-burg company that was involved in the manufacture engines based on cold nuclear fusion? Which actually deals with the "Commission combating pseudoscience"? Why the Japanese are not able to implement in their industry alternative technology? What is the truth discovered by the former Minister of Economy of Japan - Heizi Takenaka? What is behind the tragedy of Fukushima? Is there such a thing as a geo-physical weapon?

Cold fusion start

I saw this information in Russian magazine for inventors "Izobretatel i Razionalizator" numer 1, 1995, page 8-9, "The fusion is coming but where is Kurtchatov?" by N.E.Zaev, Moscow. It seems to be true and at that case the cold fusion was started in Russia, in 1960.

The inventor Ivan Stepanovitch Filimonenko has 71 y. old now. In 1960 well- known people Igor Kurtchatov, Sergey Koroliov and Georgiy Jukov strived for including of Filimonenko's work in official state programm for scientific-technical progress in Soviet Union. The Decision of Council of Ministres and Communist Party Central Committee number 715/296 of 23.07.1960 order to develop the next strategic important principles for Filimonenko's technology:
- to produce energy;
- to produce motive force without reactive mass flow;
- to use it as protection from nuclear reaction radiation.

In 1962 Filimonenko got the patent paper number 717239/38 of 27 Jule 1962 "The Process and System for Thermo-emission". Main idea of Filimonenko's process is the electrolysis of heavy water. The absorption of deuterium take place in hard cathode ( palladium ) and it is the place for fusion reaction. This fusion is not "cold" but it is "warm" fusion because of it take place for 1000'C degrees. There are no neutron emission for this case. Filimonenko discovered new effect: when the system is in operation mode, the strange emission from this system change the time period of half-decay and it can supress any kind inducted radioactivity.

Let's note, small input electric power produce big thermo-power for this case and it is over-unity system. Instead of energy dispersion that is entropy process there is the energy concentration (syntropy) process. It is possible only if the curvature of space-time was changed, according to my Time Rate Control (TRC) theory. By this way, syntropy process produce antigravity effect and influence to inducted radioactivity.

All Filimonenko's works was stoped in 1968. Inventor got 6 years of prison to stop his activity against the nuclear programms. In 1989 and 1990 in Moscow area plant "Lutch" there were created two Filimonenko's reactors: the tubes of 0.7 m length and 0.041 m diameter. The palladium part is 9 gramm mass. Power is 12,5 Kwtts for one reactor.

What about 1989 "cold fusion news"... Really, there is nothing new in the world. But when it will be applied for industry needs?


Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko
Иван Степанович Филимоненко

Transcription of Russian Cold Fusion Video

Igor has transcribed and translated a two-part video documenting the role that Russian, Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich played in developing and patenting a cold fusion technology that pre-dates by over two times the 23 years since Pons and Fleishman made their announcement.

On July 17, we published a story by Hank Mills called Cold Fusion during the Cold War featuring the work of Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich of the Soviet Union, who as early as 1957 proposed a method of producing energy via the electrolysis of heavy water (deuterium enriched water) with a palladium cathode. The reaction could take place at low temperatures around 1000 degrees Celsius, produce large amounts of energy, and would not produce radiation.  That's over twice as long ago as the initial cold fusion announcement of Pons and Fleishmann.

We linked to a couple of YouTube videos of a Russian documentary, and asked: "If anyone that can understand Russian could provide a transcript or captions for the following video, it would be appreciated tremendously."

Today I received such a transcription from Igor <symbolic {at}>.  [July 22 update: Igor has also uploaded the two videos with subtitles to make it easier to follow along.]

A Russian website give the following description of the video:

"Telecast on how a Russian scientist who worked with Filimonko and invented cold fusion (getting energy without the side effects - radiation). Allows to make anti-gravity engine. Filimonenko developed a theory of the Elixir of Immortality, which explains why people do not live 1,000 years and how to achieve such longevity."

Here are the two video links, embedded, along with the transcription Igor provided.  To see the subtitles, be sure to click on the "CC" icon at the bottom of the video screen.  Unfortunately, the CC option is not included with the embedded video, so you need to go to YouTube to see that (click on Part I).
Part I (original)

Cold Fusion Part 1

"The ability to wonder is not a luxury, but a way of life." - Unknown Author

Good Evening.
You are watching "The Black Cat".
At the beginning of the 70' one of our compatriots, seeking to entertain his public, pronounced the following, apparently funny sentence: "Talented people have to be helped, while talentless ones should get by on their own."

20 years later it's hard to find a person who would at least smile, after hearing this.

The fates of today's protagonists are a clear illustration of this concept.

Shot down at Takeoff -- or A Chance to Survive -- A Wonderful Discovery

At the Soviet Academy of Science two scientists- Flyorov and Petroshak are at work. These daring bringers of scientific innovation have unveiled one of the secrets of the composition of matter. They discovered the spontaneous decay of uranium. Uranium contains fabulous amounts of energy. A pinch of uranium would be enough to power a train steam engine for 10 days. This wonderful discovery of these young soviet scientists is a new step towards finding the solution to one of the most interesting problems of physics: the exploitation of nuclear energy.

So, the whole world began a pursuit for this mysterious energy. This discovery is followed by another one, and another, and so on. This is just the beginning of a mass hysteria, that will cause humanity to release a terrible demon upon itself. A feat achieved through global effort.

The event occurs in August 1945. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. These sacrifices were necessary to the United States not to put an end to World War II, but to send a message- that the United States are the only country in possession of nuclear weapons. A weapon, capable of bringing not only Japan, but the whole world to its knees.

Only 4 years later, and the Soviet Union will have the same weapon at it's disposal. This marks the beginning of the Cold War, but it will be played out at a later date. However, in 1939, when nuclear fusion was discovered, the scientists were full of optimistic hopes. They were convinced, that nuclear energy was a greater good, their gift to humanity. Kurchatov, Kapitza, Landau- were young, and our protagonist, Ivan Filimonenko, was only 15 years old. He was not aware yet, that in two years he would voluntarily go to war. And he certainly wasn't aware, that only 6 years after the war, he, too, would take part in this nuclear madness.

- My job was the research and development of nuclear energy technology for use in space. Starting from the very foundations, since no knowledge was available on the subject, I developed massive pieces of machinery. In the beginning the goal was to maximize range, so we used hydroboric fuels- Penta-Boran and Deca-Boran.

- Rocket range?

- Yes, rockets. However, at that time, we could only achieve a maximum range of 12.000 kilometers. So, I started developing nuclear power plants, carrying out experiments in the mean time. This brought about the creation of devices, that could orbit the earth 40 times.

After graduating from the faculty of Rocket Technology, and after going through a special course on nuclear physics, in 1951 Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko was directed to a top secret research and development organization- the "Red Star". He did non participate in the creation of nuclear, hydrogen and neutron bombs, working, instead, on reactors for space crafts. While working on his projects, he realized, that the usage of uranium in reactors would ultimately be disastrous for humanity. Hence, he proposed a different approach: the use of cold fusion, without the use of uranium. The fact, that this was possible, Filimonenko proved back in 1957, by developing a device, the emissions of which were able to absorb radiation. At the same time the device produced energy, oxygen and hydrogen, as well as high pressure steam, that could power a turbine. The device did not require uranium to function, so it did non produce neutron radiation and radioactive waste, being, thus, ecologically clean. Only one power source was required- heavy water. What made the device even more unique, was the fact, that it's employment for industrial needs would yearly save the Soviet Union over 300 billion US dollars, by replacing the burning of natural gas, petroleum and coal. A unique opportunity presented itself: to save the planet from contamination by nuclear waste. Also, in the same year 1957, during the creation of his device, Filimonenko realized the possibility of developing space craft engines, that could function without dropping mass, by using the earth's magnetic field for repulsion. He developed a device with a lifting power of 5 metric tons. This was the world's first flying saucer.

- It uses charged disks to interact with the earth's magnetic field, creating Lorentz force, that propels the flying craft.
- Silently?
- Yes, silently.
- At what velocity?

- The velocity can be enough to maintain orbit, break orbit, or leave the confines of the solar system.

[loose translation of Russian space speed nomenclature "первая космическая скорость", "вторая космическая скорость", "третья космическая скорость" that mark ~7,9 km/s, ~11,2 km/s and ~16,6 km/s respectively]

The far reaching repercussions of Filimonenko's discoveries were first realized by Korolev and Kurchatov, who, supported by Marshall Zhukov, petitioned the government. The result was the resolution number 715295, ratified by the ministers of the Soviet Union, and signed by Khrushev and Kosygin on July 23 1960. It contained a request from Marshall Zhukov: "Being concerned with the future of Russia, I ask you to sign this resolution.".

- The resolution contained three directives: to perform research on generation of energy, generation of non-repulsive thrust, and new approaches to protection from nuclear radiation.

Ivan Filimonenko, without even being a PhD, was granted authority beyond that of any academician in the Soviet Union. About 80 of the country's largest national defense establishments were following the directives of the Lead Engineer- Ivan Filimonenko. But the death of Kurchatov and, subsequently, Korolev brings about the resignation of Zhukov and Filimonenko is discharged, first as Lead Engineer and later, under the guise of a downsizing, entirely from the company. This happens in the year 1968.

- Those who organized your discharge, your dismissal prom the project, decided that you completed your part of the work, and they could finish the rest without you?

- Yes, it went down like this. All the experimental data for the further development of the devices has already been collected, hence they decided, that the job was done, and all that remained was to charge the collective with production.

However, three more years were required to complete the work on the flying saucer. To complete the unparalleled radiation absorption device mere months would be sufficient. But he didn't make it. They didn't let him. He was vilely shot down at takeoff. For some time, he did non believe what happened, tried to petition the Central Committee, but those who discharged him knew, what they were doing. Filimonenko's discoveries were too attractive and many would be able to use them for personal gain. Each stolen bit would bring PhD's, academic degrees, even medals. But the incredible happened: without Filimonenko's oversight nobody was able to complete work on the flying saucer or the radiation absorption device. As a result the country, and the whole world, failed to choose a cheaper and safer development strategy. Instead of cold fusion, the deadly nuclear reactor was chosen.

- If things would have turned out differently, and Kurchatov, Korolev and Zhukov would have lived, we would have finished everything.
- And the country would now be different.
- Completely.
- And the world would be different.
- Completely different.

There was another reason for the discharge of Ivan Filimonenko, even several. Starting with year 1955 he was conducting research on the dangers of radiation in nuclear and thermal power plants and nuclear weapon tests, as well as the use of nuclear power on space vessels. Thanks to a detailed report over 46 pages, which he presented to the Central Committee, launches of crafts to Jupiter and Mars were prevented. The crafts were powered by nuclear reactors and carried large payloads of uranium. In the event of a crash during launch or return of the craft to earth, radiation poisoning would be equivalent to 600 atomic explosions, such as the one in Hiroshima. This has been confirmed by the crash of three returning satellites with nuclear reactors on board.

The canceling of the Jupiter and Mars programs caused discontent in the ranks of scientists, who worked on the reactors for these crafts. A hounding was organized for Filimonenko, which resulted in his dismissal from the project. However, he was able to submit his report to the Central Committee in time, detailing the magnitude of pollution from the nuclear and thermal power plants, as well as the inevitable demise of humanity in case of continued unlimited testing of nuclear weapons. However, no precautions to protect the population from radiation were taken, neither in the Soviet Union, nor in any other nation with nuclear power. Despite the fact, that several years after the atmospheric nuclear tests, the levels of contamination of air, soil, food and the bodies of people were tested. It was determined, that on the territory of the Soviet Union the atmosphere and food supplies were poisoned by radioisotopes, and the concentration of which, particularly in the bones of children, was four times greater, than that of children in other countries. In one kilogram of bread there where twice as many radionuclides, than in a liter of milk. However, this data was classified.

Filimonenko himself calculated, that every block of every power plant, even if working incident-free produces each year about 100.000.000 Curie worth of radioactive material for instance, the radioactive gas Krypton-85 that is vented into the atmosphere. For this, he was deemed insane and hidden away in a psychiatric hospital. Thanks to the efforts of other scientists, a month later Filimonenko was released, but the damage had already been done. From that moment, everything Filimonenko said, could be easily denied- "What do you expect, he is just a madman". In the circumstances of the cold war, when each side at all costs seeks to get ahead of the competitor in terms of nuclear armaments, any public statement about the dangers to mankind was perceived almost as treason to the interests of the country. Neither had our leaders particular trust in the scientists. Not only the leaders, but common folk refused to believe- proof was required.

And so it was provided.

Cold Fusion Part 2

April 26 1986. Ukraine and Belorussia. Provinces of Voronezh and Bryansk. Parts of Poland and the Baltics. Radioactive fallout in England and near Kingisepp. This is just an incomplete list of locations contaminated by the Chernobyl accident. By the beginning of 1996 the registered total number of people affected by radiation poisoning reached about half a million. And how many went unregistered? As of today, each day in the republics of the ex USSR there are 3000 more deaths than 30 years ago. Yearly, over a million more dead. All this is due to Chernobyl. Also, the fact that in Russia in only 5 years the number of cancer patients grew by 7%, in Ukraine by 10%, in Belorussia by 23%, can also be attributed to Chernobyl. And who, if anyone, will ever count the dead children, born by these parents? As well as the children afflicted by lip cleft, with legs of different length and stumps instead of hands. It may sound sacrilegious, but thanks to Chernobyl, Filimonenko was remembered once again. This happened in April 1989, 4 days after the American scientists Fleishman and Pons reported successful testing of cold nuclear fusion.

- Chernobyl's reactor over two years has accumulated 2000 kilograms of nuclear waste. This is equivalent to 2000 bombs such as the ones used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our total number of these reactors is 432. There you have it- multiply 2000 by 432 and you will understand, how much radiation we have in these reactors. Can we not think of a way to produce energy without radioactivity?

After finding out about the research of the Americans, which, by the way, was soon discarded by the American government as erroneous, our government restored Filimonenko to his position as Lead Engineer, to resume work on the projects he had been expelled from 30 years ago. From April 2 1989 to January 1 1991 under the supervision of Filimonenko, were produced three prototype power plants that exploited the principles of cold fusion, and newly developed schematics for radiation absorption devices. The tests were supposed to be conducted in the same "Red Star" organization, but they did not take place. January 1 1991 Filimonenko was once again discharged and his pass to access the organization's territory was revoked. Only one explanation was given: the funding ran out. Yet another attempt to give humanity safe energy resulted in failure.

A Chance to Survive

- Attention everyone, this morning, in one of the medical labs a substance was produced, that finally allowed humanity to triumph over old age. This substance was called by it's maker the Elixir of Immortality.

Possibly this is how one day, all over the world, the evening news would start. And it would not matter, what date the calendars would show, for they would have already been discarded, as no longer necessary. Ravings of a madman, you would say? Well, then you would have to call mad hundreds of thousands of scientists all over the world, who work daily on massively complicated calculations and experiments to bring closer the victory over old age even by one hour.

Doctors claim, that genetically man is programmed to live over a hundred years, and if only 50-70 years after his birth he ends up at the cemetery or leaves this world though the chimney of a crematory, it is his own fault. Because, as the same doctors claim, to completely follow through the program given to us at birth, man has to steer clear of smoking, alcohol, follow a strict diet, exercise, and lead a healthy lifestyle in general. Alright, this may be so, but regardless of how hard one fights for his life, the ultimate result is already known. As once cleverly observed by a satirist- do what you may with a man, he will always stubbornly crawl towards the cemetery. The assertive French recently calculated, how many people actually lived on earth since the time of Adam and Eve. The result was about 80 billion. And how many ways were discovered to stop this lamentable transition to the netherworld? None. And what, but a desperate act, can you call the widely believed, beautiful, comforting tale about the afterlife and the immortality of the soul? If death cannot be defeated in this lifetime, it can be defied by conserving the dead body as a mummy. The modern mausoleums of popular politicians- aren't they a legacy of that ancient tale?

- We do have a lot of data. We know of people who lived up to 3000 years, and data from the era of Peter the Great tells of people who lived up to 400 years.

Back at the beginning of the 60' Filimonenko theoretically proved, that once men used to live long lives. Fantastically long. His calculations, that I will cover later, found confirmation a few years ago, when archeologists uncovered a document composed in 2000 BC by Sumerian scribes. The document contained the complete list of 8 kings who reigned over a period of 200.000 years. The public immediately became aware of this data, and it was also studied by man is St. Petersburg named Vladimir Konev, who came to the conclusion, that if the Sumerians lived that long, the same must be possible in our days. So, he decided to prove it by his own example, by developing his law of longevity. By this law, man can, and even must, live to be 140 to 280 years old. So he set out to prove the law himself, but as he himself stated, he had started too late, at the age of 65 and so he set for himself a goal of 120 years. Exactly that much Konev decided to live, to prove that his theory was completely correct.

- In the morning I exercise for about an hour, including strength exercises. I take cold showers daily, walk for 1-2 hours. Also, every week for 36 hours I practice abstinence from food, of those, 24 hours I go without water, and 12 more hours with water. I take steam baths weekly. Every 1-2 weeks I perform body purification based on methods by Semenova and Malahov, and other arrangements. I practice the Dr. Hay diet, drink only melt water, eat little salt, little sugar, for three years now. Also, I'm a vegetarian. In short, all these arrangements are part of my notion about healthy living.

As disappointing as this may sound for Konev and other enthusiasts, who expect to live upwards from 120 years, it is doubtful, that he will be able to put his theory into practice. Not because, as he himself stated, he started too late. It is for a different reason, which has been discovered and scientifically justified by the same Filimonenko. As it turns out, to live over a hundred years, the body must be cleansed of radiation, in particular from radioactive substances, such as Potassium-40, which to this day is used to fertilize our fields, is gathered with the crops and enters our bodies with the food

- The radioactive particle, for instance, of Potassium-40 travels in the body a distance of 6,1 tenths of a millimeter, and on it's path ionizes over 200.000 atoms, and as a result 1125 cells die.

In the Soviet Union alone the ground was yearly infused with 6 million metric tons of fertilizer, that contained 4,5 million Curie of radioactive Potassium- the main source of radiation on earth. It wouldn't have been so bad, were it an isotope with a short half-life, but for Potassium-40 it is equal to 1,3 billion years. Because of such a fertilizer the radioactivity in the soil almost does not dissipate, like that of short-lived isotopes. Every year, fields that are imbued with Calcium Chloride, the radiation level doubles. Today, hundreds of nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants burn yearly 10 billion tons of hydrocarbon fuel. Their smoke contains sulfur, uranium-235, radium-226 and most importantly, potassium. Carried by rain, these substances enter the ground, increasing it's radioactivity even further. As Filimonenko calculated, if the human body contained 0,7 grams of Potassium-40, it's lifetime would be- just don't faint- 25.310 years. At 7 grams- 2.531 years, and at 245 grams the life expectancy would be 61 years and 7 months, which we can currently observe. Filimonenko's calculations were confirmed when the Sumerian texts were discovered, and the concentration of Potassium-40 was measured in the layer of soil, that contains the remains of this ancient civilization. The concentration was 175 times less, than is today dispersed over the earth's surface. It is this substance, that decaying in the human body, emanates the lion's share of the high-energy particles that kill living cells. The body restores them, but they die again. However, the human genetic program is set to replace cells not more than 100 times, and the sooner this limit is exhausted, the shorter the life span will be, and vice versa. It follows then, that the ancient Sumerians were 175 times less irradiated by Potassium-40 and could live at least 175 times longer than modern humans. However, in the same documents left by the Sumerians it is said, that such a fantastical life span was only present till the great flood. After the flood, the life expectancy began to drop drastically. Why? Filimonenko assumes, that this is due to the radiation, that poisoned the soil. The radiation could appear only in one eventuality- a nuclear war, that humankind survived many centuries ago. Proof of his theory Filimonenko found in the Tales of Thousand and One Nights, that mention the Bottle of Suleiman.

- When a Bottle of Suleiman explodes, blue smoke raises beyond the clouds and thunder sounds, that makes people loose their mind.
- The bottles, what do they remind you of?
- The bottle is a common reactor, like those we have, except the peculiar mention, that they were opened.

By the way, after the nuclear war, God created Adam and Eve. That is Filimonenko's next theory. He created them, to give the earth a new civilization of immortal humans, that would not be poisoned by radiation, like the previous civilization. And so he settled Adam and Eve on a patch of earth, which he himself cleansed from radiation. God forbade them to eat from the apple trees in the garden of Eden, which, supposedly, were radioactive. They broke the prohibition, and so became mortals. Having received a great dose of radiation, Adam and Eve became sick, and their children received hereditary diseases. This was the beginning of the demise of humanity. However, humankind does have a hope for survival. This chance can be given by Moscow's citizen Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko, and only if he will be allowed to complete his work on the radiation absorbing energy plants.

The Black Cat program asks, that this issue be considered an official petition to the government of the Russian Federation. Give Filimonenko a chance, and, thus, a chance to every one, who lives on this planet. And may the probability of success be 1 percent out of 1000, we believe, that it has to be done either way. To not do it would be a crime. The decision has to be made and as soon, as possible.

- If all the groups are restored, they can manage this task.
- How many years are required for this?
- As I already said, about 10 years.

As of now, Filimonenko is 73 years old. If in the nearest future we don't make the saving decision, all will be left for us is to pray. God is merciful, may be he will save us.
Ivan Filimonenko - Cold fusion, Part 2

A soviet documentary about the work of Ivan Filimonenko, a Russian scientist, who invented ways of producing energy through cold fusion, neutralize radiation, achieve reactionless thrust for propulsion system and discovered a way to significantly slow the aging process of the human body.

Excerpt from the book "Mysteries and Paradoxes of Time" by Vadim Chernobrov
Why human being does not live 1,000 years any more

..According to scholar Ivan Filimonenko from Moscow, human life duration has been reduced by radioactive potassium. In ancient times, foodstuff contained 179 times less of radioactive potassium than now. This trend can be seen by researching trees – birch lives up to 250 years (it contains 13.8 percent of potassium oxide), pine-tree – 600 years (6.9 percent), fur-tree – 1200 years (3.2 percent). Using the ratio, one can calculate that human’s life lasted for 12,250 years before the Flood.
Film Top secret - Ivan Filimonenko to look online
[Top secret - Ivan Filimonenko]

Cancer younger. Increases the concentration of carcinogenic substances in the atmosphere, becoming more radioactive soil and the foods we eat. When using fertilizer containing potassium soil radioactivity doubled every year since the half-life of the isotope "potassium 40" several billion years.Proschelkali our physics when choosing the path to nuclear power. In 1957, the talented physicist and inventor Ivan Filimonenko proposed environmentally friendly method of producing energy through cold fusion and a unique method of protection from radiation.After the death of the Queen and Kurchatov, in 1968 Filimonenko fired from the NGO Red Star. There was a struggle of physical ideas, in which no one was interested in ecology. Now we have what we have. The level of radioactive isotope "potassium 40" in the body of the Russian or Kazakh student is 4 times higher than the French or American.An interesting method to fight cancer has been proposed psychologist from Ufa Alexander Arbuzov. With the help of specially developed Arbuzov, autogenic training achieved an excellent result. The site's unique method you can find the stories of illness and recovery, there is all the contact information.Arbuzov method - an innovative method in the treatment of cancer. In the future, I think he will get recognition and development not only in the treatment of cancer. Arbuzov site -
1957: Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko et al.

Discovered large excess heat during high-temperature electrolysis of heavy water with ceramic electrolytes and palladium cathode
Claimed the reaction would nullify radioactivity in the vicinity of the device due to some sort of unknown emissions coming from the reactor
Filed for a Russian patent titled, “The Process and System for Thermo-Emission.”
Found nuclear byproducts such as tritium, helium 3 and 4, and isotopes of oxygen
Worked secretly until 1968 and again from 1989 on LENR power generators reportedly generating up to 12 kW of heat with support from the Russian government and a group of companies

7. Example of joint demonstration of "gravity/chronal/over-unit power" effect is invention of Ivan Stepanovitch Filimonenko of 1960. His version of cold fusion system produced: 1. Heat power 2. Motive force without fling back of mass 3. Influence on time-period of half-decay. Article of N.E.Zaev published  in "Izobretatel i Razionalizator", Russia, No.1 1995, p.8-9.
Cold Fusion during the Cold War
by Hank Mills

During the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich developed and patented a cold fusion technology. Although it never reached commercialization, it is a reminder that cold fusion has a history that predates by more than 2x the 23 years since Pons and Fleishman.

With Steven E. Jones breathing down their necks, in 1989, Pons and Fleishman announced to the world they were able to produce nuclear reactions at low temperatures. This phenomenon became known as cold fusion. The discovery was naysayed by pathological skeptics, and ridiculed by scientists with a vested interest in keeping hot fusion research alive. Only recently has cold fusion been developed into a practical technology by Andrea Rossi, and will be launched this October by Defkalion Green Technologies Inc., among others.

However, cold fusion experiments similar to those performed by Pons and Fleishman and Jones were performed decades before their research ever began. One individual who performed such research and even obtained a patent on his technology, was Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich of the Soviet Union.

Filimonenko was born in the Irkutsk region of the Soviet Union in 1924. As a teenager, he joined the military and served for many years. Later, he became a student at Moscow Higher Technical School. He graduated from the School of Missile Technology. Afterwards, he joined the aviation industry, and worked as an engineer. In 1954, he enrolled in the "Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences", and obtained an education in nuclear physics.

By 1957, Filimonenko proposed a method of producing energy via the electrolysis of heavy water (deuterium enriched water) with a palladium cathode. The reaction could take place at low temperatures around 1000 degrees Celsius, produce large amounts of energy, and would not produce radiation. In fact he also claimed the reaction would nullify or cancel out radioactivity in the vicinity of the device due to some sort of unknown emissions coming from the reactor. Additionally, there are reports that he was working on a propulsion technology that would allow for reactionless thrust.

A few years later, several influential individuals convinced the Russian government to fund his research. The Council of Ministers and the Communist Party Central Committee directed him to focus on developing three key aspects of his research -- the production of energy, the production of motive force without expelling mass, and human protection from nuclear radiation.

Only two years later, he filed for a Russian patent titled, "The Process and System for Thermo-emission." At first it was rejected, because the patent examiner stated that everyone knew that fusion at low temperatures was impossible. Documents on the web seem to indicate that later on it may have been granted. A search of the internet has not yielded the actual patent, but there are many references to it. In fact, the following video is a Russian documentary about his research that may reference it.

(If anyone that can understand Russian could provide a transcript or captions for the following video, it would be appreciated tremendously.)

A Russian website give the following description of the video:

"Telecast on how a Russian scientist who worked with Filimonko and invented cold fusion (getting energy without the side effects - radiation). Allows to make anti-gravity engine. Filimonenko developed a theory of the Elixir of Immortality, which explains why people do not live 1,000 years and how to achieve such longevity."

After filing for a patent on the technology, Filimonko worked on the technology for several years, but the work was secretive and classified. It is claimed multiple companies (actually the claim is eighty companies) started working on cold fusion on the order of the government. Some of these companies were said to include, Ray, Krasnaya Zvezda, Institute of Thermal Processes, NPO Energy, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and companies in the Ukraine and Belarus.

The result of the research during this time period is claimed to be the production of several small scale "hydrolysis thermionic power plants" (TEGEU) that produced 200 watts of output each. Also, they were claimed to produce nuclear by products such as tritium, helium 3 and 4, and isotopes of oxygen that proved beyond any doubt that nuclear fusion was taking place.

He continued working on the technology until 1968, when he signed a petition demanding the abolishment of nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union arrested him for being disloyal, and put him in either a prison or mental institution for six years.

The technology sat stagnant for many years, until 1989 when a Russian company decided to build two or three new TEGEU reactors. They invited Filimonko to work with them (without pay), and he did so until 1992 when he retired. The results obtained from these reactors are unknown. One source on the web claims that they produced an output of 12.5 kilowatts each (without mentioning how much input energy was used), and another source simply claims the reactors did not work as expected.

It is difficult to piece together the full story of Filimonko and his research. Most of the information available on the internet is in Russian, and the translations available are not always clear. What is clear is that a cold fusion technology was developed in Russia (even if not to a commercial ready state) in the 1960s. The technology seems to have produced excess energy in the form of heat, potentially excess energy in the form of electricity, and created nuclear byproducts that proved fusion was taking place…*/

Филимоненко, тарелки, синтез
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Летающая тарелка – СДЕЛАНО В СССР (Филимоненко)

В СССР создавали летающие тарелки –

The creator of technology "warm" nuclear fusion energy program conducted a national scale. Born in 1924 Filimonenko "In 1957, proposed a new method for producing energy by nuclear fusion reactions of helium from deuterium." [1.8] "Filimonenko created a clean installation of thermionic (TEGEU)." [1.8] ", used in TEGEU fuel elements" are not nuclear reactors (with nuclear fission) and nuclear installations "warm" fusion with an average temperature of 1150 c. Ts "[1.8] In 1957 the reactor has been created under his leadership that produce energy in the form of high pressure steam, yielding a hydrogen and oxygen, and suppresses radiation. By decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers № 715/296 of 23.07.1960 was supposed to use the proposed Filimonenko concept for energy production, the driving force, protection against nuclear radiation. In 07.27.1962, he received a patent 717239/38 "termoemmisii Processes and Systems" which describes the t. N. "Warm" fusion at 1000 m. Celsius tezhelo by electrolysis of water. Filimonenko technology also had biological and gravitational connotations.

Kurchatov, Korolev and Zhukov made Filimonenko inclusion of works in the state program of scientific and technological progress in the USSR." [1,8] In a secret decree of the USSR Council of Ministers and the CPSU Central Committee number 715/296 from 23.07.1960, the "80 enterprises have been mobilized and ogranizatsii "to perform work on the" heat of the synthesis. " [1.8] After the death of Kurchatov began to develop "squeezed", and after the death of Korolev - shut down altogether. All work Filimonenko were stopped in 1968. Filimonenko was jailed for six years for his work against nuclear programs. Not impossible to eliminate Filimonenko had put the country on the oil needle. "Physical and Chemical C. Pons still being a citizen of the USSR, was an expert on the latest Soviet thermionic nuclear installations" [1.8] and on duty should have known Filimonenko works. "In 1989-1990, the NGO" Luch "in Podolsk, Moscow region under the leadership of Filimonenko recreated three TEGEU capacity of 12.5 kW each." [1.9] in 1989 and 1990. enterprise "Ray" were created two reactors Filimonenko:. pipe length of 0.7 m diameter 0.041 m Weight palladievvoy of the 9 grams. Power 12.5 kW reactor. [1] Already nearing synthesis, Kurchatov Well is not. N.Zaev Ph.D. "Inventor» № 1, 1995, pp. 8-9
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A Russian website give the following description of the video:

"Telecast on how a Russian scientist who worked with Filimonenko and invented cold fusion (getting energy without the side effects - radiation). Allows to make anti-gravity engine. Filimonenko developed a theory of the Elixir of Immortality, which explains why people do not live 1,000 years and how to achieve such longevity."
N.Zaev Ph.D. "Inventor» № 1, 1995, pp. 8-9

Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko and cold fusion

In 1957, Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko proposed a new method for producing energy by nuclear fusion reactions of helium from deuterium. 27.07.1962 of them received a patent 717239/38 "termoemmisii Processes and Systems" which describes the "warm" fusion temperature 1000˚ With tezhelo by electrolysis of water. In a secret decree of the USSR Council of Ministers and the CPSU Central Committee number 715/296 from 23.07.1960, the "it mobilized 80 companies and ogranizatsii" to perform work on the "heat of the synthesis." After the death of Kurchatov began to develop "squeezed", and after the death of Korolev - shut down altogether. All work Filimonenko were stopped in 1968. The fact is that since 1958 he has led the scientific research on the assessment of the radiation danger of nuclear and thermal power plants and nuclear tests, as well as the use of nuclear power plants on the spacecraft. The report submitted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party on 46 pages, he managed to stop the program launch spacecraft with a nuclear installation on Jupiter and Mars. In the event of a crash at startup or during their return to Earth, radioactive contamination would be equivalent to 600 nuclear explosions in Hiroshima, which, incidentally, was confirmed accidental fall three satellites with nuclear facilities on board.

Stop flight to Jupiter and Mars angered academics who developed the projects of nuclear power plants for these programs. Baiting Filimonenko was organized, which was a complete removal from his job. But he had to report to the Central Committee and the government on the extent of radioactive contamination of the environment due to the operation of nuclear and thermal power plants and the dangers for mankind if they continue to test nuclear weapons. But no action on radiation protection was not accepted, nor in the Soviet Union or in other nuclear powers. Although only a few years after the nuclear explosions in the atmosphere of the content of radioactive substances in the air has been tested in the USSR, land, food and humans. And the data were as follows: it turned out that the territory of the Soviet Union, atmosfea and food contaminated with radioisotopes that are in the bones of children in the USSR accumulate four times faster than that of children in other countries. In kilograms of bread appeared in two radionuclides greater than a liter of milk, but this information was classified. And he Filimonenko, after he calculated that each block of each nuclear power plant, even when working in a trouble-free operation year vyrabatyaet about 10 million Curie of radioactive substances, eg radioactive gas krypton-85, which is released into the atmosphere, was charged with subversion against nuclear programs and was jailed for 6 years.

In 1989-1990, the NGO "Luch" in Podolsk, Moscow region have been recreated three thermionic installation with a capacity of 12.5 kW each. It was built and kosmichesaya plant "Topaz", easy and powerful nuclear reactor thermionic type - the heart of the future for the spacecraft with electro-reactive engines. Alas, the first "Topaz" took off into space in 1988, at the very collapse of the country. And then with the consent of the Yeltsin first went to the United States "Topaz", and then were dismantled and sold for a penny and two pilot plants Filimonenko.

Alchemy and cold nuclear synthesis the story does not end there. In 1989, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons (which is still a citizen of the USSR, was an expert on the latest Soviet thermionic nuclear installations and on duty should have known Filimonenko works) announced that they were able to force deuterium turn into helium at room temperature apparatus for the electrolysis of heavy water. As Filimonenko, Fleischmann and Pons used electrodes made of palladium. Palladium features a remarkable ability to "absorb" a large amount of hydrogen and deuterium. The number of atoms of deuterium in palladium plate can be compared with the number of palladium atoms. In his experiment, physicists used electrodes previously "saturated" with deuterium. With the passage of electric current through the heavy water formed positively charged ions of deuterium, which under the action of electrostatic attractive forces rushed to the negatively charged electrode and penetrated into it. At the same time, as they were confident experimenters, they are approached with the electrodes already in the atoms of deuterium at a distance sufficient for the occurrence of nuclear fusion reactions. Proof of the reaction flow would be a release of energy - in this case it would have resulted in an increase in temperature of the water - and the registration of the neutron flux. Fleischmann and Pons announced that observed both in their installation. Post physicists led to extremely violent reaction of the scientific community and the press. Media painted the pleasures of life after the widespread introduction of cold fusion, and physicists and chemists around the world began to recheck their results.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was one of the research institutes involved Department of Energy to test the theory. Program Director of hot nuclear fusion reaction MIT Professor Ronald Parker was one of the first critics of cold fusion. On the first page of the newspaper Hoston Herald on May 1, 1989 Gerold Fleischmann and Pons accused of fraud and charlatanism okolonauchnom. This was an appeal to the scientific community about the war against cold fusion. But what, in fact, these chemists have got a penny results, while physicists provide billions function for the duration these forty years in the hot nuclear fusion research and the results in the foreseeable future is not expected.

But numerous experiments in various laboratories said to the contrary, when the reaction was allocated not only an abnormally large amount of heat (a million times greater than the thermal effect of any of the chemical reactions) and helium and tritium (get buyout chemically impossible). At first, in several laboratories seem to be able to repeat the experiment of Fleischmann and Pons, as gleefully reported by the newspaper, but gradually became clear that the same initial conditions, different scientists get quite dissimilar results. From the very beginning on this topic sword of Damocles hung one of the most serious charges in the science - repeatability of the experiment. Sometimes a fixed effect sensors, but no one to present, because in the next experiment, there is no effect. And even if there is, it is in another laboratory, exactly repeated, will not play. For decades cold fusion showed a striking moodiness and persisted in tormenting their researchers repeatability of experiments. Many tired and went to take their place came a few - no money, no glory, and in return - the prospect of being rejected, of being labeled "marginal scientist." Raising funds for research for many scientists to become even more important than the studies themselves. Center for the study of hot nuclear fusion at MIT funded from the state budget, was one of the loudest voices against cold fusion. Ironically, when re-examining results MIT has discovered a strange inconsistency, and intermediate recording of the experiment, as it turned out, contained information on the allocation of abnormal amount of heat. But in the final version of the report submitted by the Institute, the effect has been corrected to hide this fact. Detect fraud engineer Eugene Mallove, chief scientist at MIT journalist resigned in protest.

After this story, most serious students stopped work on finding ways to implement the cold fusion. However, in 2002 this subject again surfaced in the scientific discussions and press. This time with a claim to the discovery made by physicists from the US Ruzi Taleyarhan (Rusi Taleyarkhan) Leahy and Richard (Richard T. Lahey, Jr.). They stated that they were able to achieve the desired reaction between the nuclei, using no palladium (one of his samples were given effect, others do not), and the effect of cavitation.

Cavitation is called education in the fluid cavities, or bubbles filled with gas. bubble formation can be, in particular, provoked by the passage of fluid through the sound waves. Under certain conditions, the bubbles burst, releasing large amounts of energy. As the bubbles can help in nuclear fusion? It's very simple: when the "explosion" inside the bubble reaches a temperature of ten million degrees Celsius - which is comparable to the temperature of the Sun, where fusion takes place freely. Taleyarhan and Leahy sound waves passed through acetone, wherein the light isotope of hydrogen (protium) has been replaced with deuterium. They were able to register the flow of high-energy neutrons, as well as the formation of helium and tritium - another product of nuclear fusion.

Despite the beauty and logic of the pilot scheme, the scientific community has accepted the application of physicists more than cool. For scientists struck a huge amount of criticism regarding the experiment and of the neutron flux registration. Taleyarhan and Leahy moved the experience, taking into account the comments received - and again got the same result. However, the authoritative scientific journal Nature in 2006 published an article that expressed doubts about the veracity of the results. In fact, scientists have accused of fraud. At Purdue University, where went to work Taleyarhan and Leahy was conducted an independent investigation. As the result was a verdict: the experiment is put right, errors or falsifications were detected. Despite this, until Nature has not appeared refute article, and the question of recognition of cavitation nuclear fusion scientific fact hung in the air.

The following message on the successful public demonstration of the installation comes from Osaka University in May 2008. A group of Japanese physicists led by Professor Yoshiaki Arata (Yoshiaki Arata) has created a special structure, nanoparticles specially prepared clusters consisting of hundreds of palladium atoms. The main feature of these nanoclusters is that they are inside the cavities into which deuterium atoms may be pumped to a very high concentration. And when this concentration exceeds a certain limit, Dayton approach each other so that they can coalesce and begin nuclear fusion reaction. This reaction comes from multiple channels, the main of them - the fusion of two deuterons in atom-4 with lithium heat. In their work they used the familiar palladium. More specifically, a mixture of palladium oxide with zirconia. "Deuterium capacity" of this mixture allegedly Japanese even higher than that of palladium. Researchers deuterium passed through the cell containing the mixture. After addition of deuterium within the cell temperature rose to 70 degrees Celsius. According to the researchers, at this point in the cell there were nuclear and chemical reactions. After entering the cell deuterium stopped remained elevated temperature for a further 50 hours therein. Okay, but it's all physics, perhaps even chemistry, and in what is alchemy? The fact that in addition to the predicted theory tritium and helium-4, were detected in the reactor ions of copper, silver, chromium, zinc, platinum, and other metals, which should be not just there. And all of these metals were presented by their stable, not radioactive isotopes!

There is another effect that was seen even Filimonenko. On rassstoyanie tens of meters around a running installation dramatically reduces the amount of radioactive isotopes at all! Even the addition of potassium-40, which we have tons of why it is so love to fertilize the fields, and then accumulate it in your body. The potential benefit of this technology for the environment is enormous, as this technology provides a key to utizatsii spent nuclear fuel elements, transforming them into harmless metal. In 1999, the US Department of Energy study has provided a grant to George Miley, a professor at the University of Illinois. A few days after the allocation of the grant announcements, cold fusion critics attacked the work of Miley and deprived it of funding. At a meeting of the secret committee, which was created to revoke the grant, he attended an outspoken opponent of cold fusion Heyzin doctor.

The creator of technology "warm" nuclear fusion energy program conducted a national scale. Born in 1924 Filimonenko "In 1957, proposed a new method for producing energy by nuclear fusion reactions of helium from deuterium." [1.8] "Filimonenko created a clean installation of thermionic (TEGEU)." [1.8] ", used in TEGEU fuel elements" are not nuclear reactors (with nuclear fission) and nuclear installations "warm" fusion with an average temperature of 1150 c. Ts "[1.8] In 1957 the reactor has been created under his leadership that produce energy in the form of high pressure steam, yielding a hydrogen and oxygen, and suppresses radiation. By decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers № 715/296 of 23.07.1960 was supposed to use the proposed Filimonenko concept for energy production, the driving force, protection against nuclear radiation. In 07.27.1962, he received a patent 717239/38 "termoemmisii Processes and Systems" which describes the t. N. "Warm" fusion at 1000 m. Celsius tezhelo by electrolysis of water. Filimonenko technology also had biological and gravitational connotations. "Kurchatov, Korolev and Zhukov made Filimonenko inclusion of works in the state program of scientific and technological progress in the USSR." [1,8] In a secret decree of the USSR Council of Ministers and the CPSU Central Committee number 715/296 from 23.07.1960, the "80 enterprises have been mobilized and ogranizatsii "to perform work on the" heat of the synthesis. " [1.8] After the death of Kurchatov began to develop "squeezed", and after the death of Korolev - shut down altogether. All work Filimonenko were stopped in 1968. Filimonenko was jailed for six years for his work against nuclear programs. Not impossible to eliminate Filimonenko had put the country on the oil needle. "Physical and Chemical C. Pons still being a citizen of the USSR, was an expert on the latest Soviet thermionic nuclear installations" [1.8] and on duty should have known Filimonenko works. "In 1989-1990, the NGO" Luch "in Podolsk, Moscow region under the leadership of Filimonenko recreated three TEGEU capacity of 12.5 kW each." [1.9] in 1989 and 1990. enterprise "Ray" were created two reactors Filimonenko:. pipe length of 0.7 m diameter 0.041 m Weight palladievvoy of the 9 grams. Power 12.5 kW reactor. [1] Already nearing synthesis, Kurchatov Well is not. N.Zaev Ph.D. "Inventor» № 1, 1995, pp. 8-9

Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko - Nobody does not say the name of Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko?

This man almost created a source of inexhaustible Inergen and antigravity did not pass, so for example an excerpt: There is evidence that Filimonenko still managed to create a device, flying due to the repulsive apparatus of the Earth's magnetic field to lift 5 tons ... And from the 100-million green refused patriot and American principle of its installation (which they Gide Yeltsin sold) and did not understand the Internet a lot about him, but that's just all casual. More in the journal Russian Thought, 1994 Room 1-6 ...

Held in Moscow next Siegel read, named after the famous Soviet astronomer Siegel, one of the first domestic ufologists. Siegel readings are held twice a year and at first glance, most of all resemble the visiting session of the Academy of Sciences in a mental hospital named Gannushkina. On the one hand, reading - an event Scientific-wing people (in most - scientists with degrees and titles) come here to report on his findings, hypotheses and razrabotkah.S other hand, since everyone in one way or another connected with ufology and are fans of the unknown, the hypothesis of many may seem crazy, but ideas - delirious (especially if the speaker honestly admits that it dawned on him in the course of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence). Yes plus readings as obilechennyh students (pay thirty-five rubles and tested who wants to) is always full of people, the notion of norm is infinitely distant, - murmuring of the dead or not existing languages ​​contactees, nervous man in a tin foil hat (to reflect вредные лучи), девушки, изнасилованные пришельцами с Ганимеда, потомственные колдуны, ясновидящие, поэты, творящие в соавторстве с другими сущностями (“Орионский” – это ваш псевдоним? Нет, это мой соавтор, носитель моего “эйдоса”-смысла, человек, живущий в другом времени).

However, there are public and quite another kind. Military (in civilian clothes), the staff of intelligence and counterintelligence, feesbeshniki - people by occupation faced with the unknown in the face of UFOs and therefore have a broader view of things than is necessary for the charter. They listen attentively to the speakers, and then, aching for the triumph of progress and greatness of the country, trying to explain to his superiors that's so-and-so can be very interesting for defense, for example, so let's write to the Security Council, let considered. Studies which at Siegel readings tell, there are not just interesting. They are stunning. In his time here, for example, we heard the first reports on torsionike and mikroleptonike (both directions of study not previously known to science fields and radiation, the existence of which many still doubt). Father mikroleptoniki we considered the International Academy of Energy Information Sciences Anatoly Okhatrin. It was he who opened microleptons - ultralight elementary particles of a new type, with properties contrary to everything he knows and studies modern science. Not being bound by theory, say, for clarity, that microlepton images, for example, you can see what some have called "astral double." It looks like a mirror image of the (human subject), only less clear. I do not know how and who can be useful to memorable images of astral bodies. But the practical development Okhatrin and instruments created in his laboratory is certainly needed. For example, a sensor that warns in a few days of the earthquake anywhere in the world (it captures radiation microlepton fraught shifts and stress fractures in the earth's crust). Or take the research methodology of minerals, based on the same principles mikroleptoniki. In the laboratory Okhatrin mobile complex has been created, which fits on a helicopter. After appropriate treatment of torsion on top made ​​the picture area are displayed in situ minerals (all, from gold to oil) with an accuracy of almost one hundred percent (despite the fact that traditional methods of search give a maximum of 50% hit). Exploration method developed Okhatrin allows, however, does not only determine where lies the oil (gas, coal, quartz, etc.), but also to get information about their chemical composition. Moreover, this is the composition to change. For example, in one of Surgut old oil wells the following experiment. At a depth of three kilometers lowered vibration generator radiation that excites a very powerful microlepton field of the Earth. Minutes sufficed to oil taken from the well for analysis before and after the experiment, a halved bitumen and a paraffin content, the viscosity decreased by twenty percent. That is, the quality has improved dramatically (output of light fractions increased from 6 percent to 18 percent). As far as I know, the invention Okhatrin extremely interested in our foreign comrades, and some of them he even performed exploration work on his technique. There is, of course, a reasonable question: and we have a reason geologists still roam the forest in search of minerals? After all, where would be better equipped complex Okhatrin four squadrons of helicopters that day and night would be circling over the expanses of the motherland in search of oil, coal, gold and other things, contributing to the prosperity of nation. They fly, find, and there really know yourself storm so rich. So why not fly over the vast vast country the squadron? Alas, the answer is no. Yes, at the time of development Okhatrin was reported to the government. Yes, the government has taken note of this.

But only just. Why?Maybe because the bones lay down against the introduction of new technologies Judeo-scientists and Judeo-officials who are responsible for our quest of natural resources. It's breaking all the decades of the current system works, it's not only the field geologists will not need anyone, but (scary thought!) People with a much higher position. As a result, Okhatrin rumored, still from time to time to work on abroad. They say, however, that in recent years he's further away from the former direction of the works and sinking deeper into the re-ligoyu. His recent research has linked to the study and the favorable impact of the domes on the person. From the viewpoint mikroleptoniki course. Familiar Okhatrin claim that in his Moscow apartment kept UFO fragment that fell in the 77th in Latvia (Riga phenomenon). Quite a large piece of amorphous aluminum streaked with gold. In particular, the study of this fragment and pushed Okhatrin to create his theory. In the press it periodically accused of that work, he says, on psychotronic weapon (like a scientist mentioned that people, as well as inanimate objects have an aura of microlepton membranes and it is possible to influence the generators microlepton fields, causing the restructuring . aura and as a consequence of the profound changes in the structure of solid and away we go: zombie, destruction of consciousness) ... Some say he was crazy but .... Apprentice Okhatrin, Akimova, believe, on the contrary, healthy. but at the same time - speculator. Anatoly E. Akimov, head of the Intersectoral Research and Technology Center (ISTC) "Vent" and the International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, izuchaettorsionnye field (some believe torsioniku particular manifestation mikroleptoniki, some - on the contrary, but in any case it is quite related areas). Akimova developments are no less interesting than the Okhatrin. But, being a more energetic, he tried to attract the attention of the government and had made ​​a bunch of enemies in the scientific community. In the fight against Akimov and other representatives of the "junk science" was launched a whole campaign, generally resembling the persecution of Mendel. At the presidium ZHIDORAN created a Commission to Combat Pseudoscience and Falsification of Scientific Research, whose chairman - ZhIDOakademik RAS EP Kruglyakov. Here are some excerpts from his website: "Theory" Akimov there bullshit. But Mr. Akimov continues to advertise their crazy little book, selling it on the Internet for more than 100 dollars. On the Internet, he threw Toll Ivan broadcasts on their achievements in the English language. And he powders brains third-scientists from various countries, telling them about his great achievements in the field of cutting-edge technologies ... torsion Chairman of the Security Committee (State Duma II convocation -. KK) presented the draft law "On the Protection of Human psychosphere". It is surprising that among the State Duma deputies still go information about sinister generators, with which you can influence the human psyche. " But it can be the same - that's the whole point ... did not stick with us and the opening of the Russian scientist Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko. He is best known as the inventor of quite earthly flying saucer on a magnetic rod. There is evidence that Filimonenko still managed to create a device, the flying machine by repulsion from the earth's magnetic field to lift 5 tons. There are other details: all this is a myth and a plate does not fly. But we are not of the plates that either fly, or not. We are talking about very real things. Filimonenko, for example, has created a tool to reduce the degree of radioactivity of certain objects, as well as environmentally friendly power plants, not consuming fossil fuels. Its installation, operating on cold nuclear fusion energy, deactivate the radioactive radiation and simultaneously produce energy and waste as - hydrogen and oxygen as well as high pressure steam, which can rotate the turbine. If you place it on the bank of the infected lake, for example, the installation is not enough that is the lake and the surrounding area to clean, but also to produce that energy, not consuming no coal, no gas, no oil, - small poselochek close this energy can provide. Thanks to the intervention, and the personal support of Kurchatov and Queen in the early 60s under the direction of intensive development were Filimonenko, design and research on such a promising subject. But after the death of Kurchatov and Queen of all the works were stopped (by 30 leading enterprises and organizations of the USSR), and Filimonenko fired. Meanwhile, if only to bring the work to its logical conclusion, at facilities Filimonenko upon receipt of heat and electricity without the use of coal, oil and gas annually in the Soviet Union could save about 200 billion rubles (it is in the 60s!). Filimonenko reopened only in the late 80's. From 1989 to 1991 is suitable pilot plant NPO "Luch" under his leadership had made ​​three prototypes of power plants and re-designed installations drawings for radiation suppression. As far as I know, some of these plants were laid in the Chelyabinsk region. But they, like us usual, for some reason to the mind and not brought. Mobile unit for stripping Chernobyl zone also did not apply. A Filimonenko again fired. In principle, the most logical decision on his part would probably sell its remarkable development over the hill and even thrive. Especially in the 70s someone brought to the West still full set of documentation for its installation. But the attempts of American scientists to reproduce them were unsuccessful because Filimonenko deliberately placed in the reports the most important parameters and operating modes of their offspring. They say he tried to make a very attractive offer in this regard. But Filimonenko - people are extremely impractical, also a patriot. He prefers to live in poverty, but in the homeland. It feeds mainly learned from the garden, which takes a year for four harvests due based on his own designs created wonderful film that lets the heat, but it is not strictly produces and stores almost indefinitely. Just do not ask me, where is this film, why no one will adjust its output in an amount sufficient to provide all the truckers so they can grow in the area pineapple and remove the three crops. And do not ask why our agriculture does not want to make some greenhouses, cover them with this film and finally displace the domestic market with imported tomatoes. You've already know me, that the answer to these questions is no. Another character with a dramatic destiny -. Rimily F. Avramenko also ufologist His main works related to the plasma study (as we know, UFOs often appear exactly in the plasma membrane) . Avramenko tried to create plasma generators, which could revolutionize the field of alternative energy sources. One of its instruments Avramenko demonstrated in the 91-m in the laboratory of formation of ball lightning, plasma and "shoot" out of it either in the form of a plait or, on request, in the form of clots - artificial ball lightning. The most interesting was that the plasmoid energy expended to order more than was spent on the preparation of the "shot". According Rimiliya Avramenko, it's like "you poured into a beaker of 200 grams, and drank a liter." Avramenko suggested to use a plasmoid, controlled by laser or microwave radiation, to missile defense. Plasmoid virtually invulnerable - it is impossible to bring down. The rocket or aircraft when they met him coming with the flight path and destroyed by overloading (arising from a sharp pressure difference inside and outside the flying body). According to some sources, one of our landfills even carried out the test, during which the projectile flying through the plasma discharge, deviated from the normal trajectory and destroyed. It should be noted that the plasma gun worth several orders less weapons used in the SDI, and much easier to control. By the way, the plasmoid could prove to be very effective in the fight against global catastrophe threatening to us asteroids, which are now so much talk in the West. Again the question: where is this system? Military silent. It is engaged someone in it now?

No answer.Avramenko And we can not ask. He died in February this year, after working for many years with human suicidal for frequencies of living matter. There were only his students but BCF blaster - the one on display at the 91st amusing hack, which he called Avramenko working model of the sword of the Archangel Gabriel. The beam of a blaster easily pierces steel doors and thick walls. Such is the sequestration ... I am, in fact, that's what. All of the above - only a small part of the ideas, hypotheses and development, referred to Siegel readings. Yes, I do not rule out that half, even nine-tenths of what is discussed here, is "anti-scientific bullshit" (to use the vocabulary of Mr. Kruglyakova). But if at least one-tenth being implemented, can facilitate our arduous life and save native state millions, if not for the billions of dollars (at the cost of the study is much smaller), it is possible that the authorities should think about it. And to create, for example, an independent commission (which has no relation either to the Academy of Sciences of Russia, on the one hand, nor to ufologists - on the other), to determine how crazy ideas are insane, as far as promising. Life - fight immortality with radiation unit with called on the secret to the company "Red Star" more than forty years ago, led by Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko. Under his leadership, designed power units and life support systems to fly to Mars. Under this program, the scientist developed the installation of "cold fusion", which were to serve as engines for space ships, and an inexhaustible source of clean energy for manned stations on the surface of the Red Planet. However, it soon became clear, "cold fusion" and will find application in the world. It turned out, the speed can be controlled nuclear fission and radioactive material to convert into neutral. Within hours manages to defuse the most long-lived isotopes, while avoiding a nuclear explosion. It was this discovery convinced the leadership of the country in 1960 to take goduzakrytoe ruling party and the government on the number 715 269 creation of new sources of energy and radiation suppression methods. And they were really created - but that's bad luck: Ivan Stepanovich refused to replace its nuclear reactors units in the underground city of refuge for the highest Soviet party nomenclature. Cuban missile crisis showed that the USSR and the United States is ready to unleash termoyadernuyuvoynu. The only thing that hampered the Judeo world elite - is the lack of bins for the powerful environmentally friendly istochnikovenergii. In just a few months the nuclear reactor could poison any underground city. Especially since he was filled with radioactive radon coming from building materials. If a scientist gave his installation, which not only provides clean energy, but also suppresses radiation, the ZhIDOelita would feel unpunished and would unleash a nuclear war to wipe out the extra people who are overpopulated planet. The result of this failure to Filimonenko were numerous party reprimands, loss of all positions and ranks, finally, dismissal with blacklisted. Since thirty years, Ivan Stepanovich feed himself and his family, growing to sell vegetables, fruits and chickens to Politic kommunist country, which he once gave zavydayuschiesya achievements in science. I met with physicist decade ago. He became the hero of several of my articles, which tells about the wonderful prospects of its plants "cold fusion." I even managed to visit the "Red Star", where the guide showed Filimonenko developments that require immediate implementation. After all, they were given real hope for a way out of the energy and environmental crises ... But, as often happens in Russia, the invention Filimonenko been forgotten, and the scientist has disappeared from my horizon for a few years. Ivan Stepanovich reappeared just as suddenly as it disappeared. Netak ago in my office phone rang suddenly, in trubkeznakomy voice - you bezpokoit Filimonenko. I have to tell you is very important for all the people. And here he was again at me. Over the years, the physicist has not changed. Dressed all in the same old suit, glove hides mutilated palm and fingers of the left hand. Getting bezedovat. It turns out that in recent years, Ivan Stepanovich seriously engaged in the problems of ecology and decided to share with me their thoughts on the issue of future global environmental catastrophe. Despite the World Congress in Rio de Janeiro and Kyoto began Filimonenko, and performing most of the countries involved in their work, commitments to reduce emissions to the environment, humanity is still heading for an ecological disaster. I tell you this with full responsibility, as a security expert committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Ivan Stepanovich says, the main cause of the continued deterioration of the ecological environment has become an unprecedented atmosphere of smoke in large cities. And the greatest harm to human health is applied to car exhausts. The completeness of combustion of any engine does not exceed 95 percent. 5 percent released into air as fine droplets. A gasoline and diesel fuel perfectly dissolved heavy radioactive gas radon and krypton. We breathe the radioactive mixture, and it dramatically shortens our lives. Let me remind you, radon is released naturally from the ground and building materials as a result of the collapse of the trace uranium and other heavy metals. A krypton (and radon as well) is formed in nuclear reactors, including radioactive gas into the atmosphere. But scientists still have not created a technology for recycling the inert gas krypton, which easily overcomes all obstacles and runs through any wall. Judeo-nuclear conceal this terrible secret. Half a century ago, at the dawn of nuclear power, they hoped that eventually will be able to develop technologies for the utilization of krypton. But then it turned out that it is fundamentally impossible. As a result, we are held hostage to the so-called clean nuclear energy. Even if nuclear power plants operate with no accidents, they still poison the environment. Smoke cars absorbed the natural and man-made krypton, radon (only in Moscow works forty nuclear reactors), produces a mere mayhem in our bodies. Moreover, many foods are contaminated with heavy metals, reinforcing the destructive effects of radioactive gases.
Re: Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko and cold fusion 3 years 9 months. ago # 68232

Crafty advertising extols potash fertilizers and because they contain traces of the radioactive isotope potassium-40, which is through the food gets into our bodies. The core of potassium-40 in the decay emits a beta particle, killing cells in 1125. And just in the environment is now contained about six thousand species of radioactive isotopes which penetrate one way or another within us. As a result, in each cubic centimeter of the body takes place about 15 nuclear disintegrations per second. Destruction, which cause in it high-energy particles, repeatedly cut the average duration of human life. There is no doubt that we will live longer - says Filimonenko - if we consume a smaller amount of radioactive substances, because today we are all in varying degrees, suffer from radiation sickness . High Energy Particles immune kill the body, thereby reducing the resistance to disease. And most importantly - these particles damage the chromosomes, which, according to geneticists, is the main cause of aging. But if we reduce the volume of radioactive elements in the environment, and hence - within us, that aging will slow down, and then come rejuvenation of the body. At zero background radiation we can become physically immortal. This raises a lot of questions. Why a few centuries ago, people lived an average of nearly thirty years, even though the environment was contaminated with disproportionately less than now. According Filimonenko, it was because a lot of people die in wars, during the plague epidemics, cholera, smallpox ... At a time when the majority of infectious diseases defeated medicine, there is an increase in life expectancy. But the ancient people who were protected from war and disease, lived several times longer than us. Ivan Stepanovich convinced: the biblical patriarchs really died almost in the millennial age. A Sumerian kings, as it is written in cuneiform, lived up to forty thousand years. Today, geneticists are scratching their heads, how to prevent the shortening of chromosomes, leading to aging and death. According to the inventor, to make it "very simple": it is necessary to stop the bombardment of high-energy particles of chromosomes. Moreover, a person can become immortal if it is to live in an artificial environment with zero background radiation. Such living conditions were not the ancient patriarchs and kings, because the radioactive substances into the air, land and water as a result of volcanic eruptions, because somehow they do not live forever. The only way to create these conditions - says Filimonenko - is the widespread use of plants "cold fusion", because only they will be able to clean up the environment from radioactive contamination. Of course, yet humanity does not have the strength to save the entire planet from radioactive contamination. Therefore, the inventor proposes another way - a very real: to grow agricultural products - in greenhouses vacuum. Unlike ordinary in them will be double glazing and between - the vacuum. Such a package - perfect thermal insulator. According to the calculations, for such greenhouses do not need heating. Moreover, they will be able to produce energy by converting excess sunlight into electricity and heat in installations such as those previously used on space stations. In the USSR was 217 million hectares of farmland. If in this area to build greenhouses with vacuum insulation, it is possible to provide food and electricity to the whole of humanity. These greenhouses will produce several harvests per year. First you need - says Filimonenko, planted Jerusalem artichokes, process it received 6.5 billion tons of industrial alcohol, and to transfer to the fuel all the vehicles and all the energy in the world. For the second harvest should be to sow grain. With yields of 70 tonnes per hectare (as in the Kuban) get 258 kilograms of grain for each inhabitant of the planet. The third harvest - vegetables and herbs: it will give 4.8 tons per person per year. Of course, part of the farmland will have to be devoted solely to the orchards and pastures for livestock. Thus, the vacuum can be a greenhouse is very cheap suppliers of agricultural products, to provide environmentally friendly fuel all the vehicles and all the energy in the world. And over time, they can be replaced and power that otsluzhat his term. With the help of space technology sunlight is converted directly into electricity and heat. But most importantly - it is necessary to equip the greenhouse plants "cold fusion", which will become a source of "living light" - the so-called radiation scientist, the vast radiation. They will clean it from the air, water, soil and greenhouses make the best hospital for people suffering from radiation sickness. Over time, all the inhabitants of the earth will move under the man-made protective dome in the gardens of paradise, where humanity finally will gain immortality. At first glance, the idea Filimonenko - Utopia. However, calculations show that vacuum greenhouses in Russia would be able to accommodate and feed all of humanity. And the money they would have taken no more than was thrown to the wind only in our country in trying to master the high-energy fusion. According to Ivan Stepanovich, all the necessary technology to create paradise gardens today already. So, even forty years ago, he received a single crystals of boron - unsurpassed thermal insulator that transmits sunlight. It is the inventor of it is going to do for the vacuum panels of greenhouses. Their design has also developed Filimonenko. Another four years ago, he proudly showed me the "Red Star" first such panel. No radiation in the gardens of paradise promises to make people absolutely healthy and virtually immortal. But the world's population will grow so fast that it soon will not be enough space on the entire world, not to mention the greenhouse. What to do then?

Like what?- Surprised Filimonenko. To carry out the will of Tsiolkovsky: get out of the cradle and into space to settle on other planets. So go ahead - to the moon and to Mars Fortunately, back in the 60s, Ivan Stepanovich has developed a frisbee for such travel. After all, among other things, the energy of "cold fusion" can create and antigravity. But first it is necessary to clean our planet from the radiation, and then take up the other. Only then did the Terrans can survive and prepare for emigration space. I'm sorry - said Ivan Stepanovich. My "cold fusion" could have been more widely introduced thirty years ago, including - in vacuum greenhouses. If that happened, we would now be living in paradise gardens, would not know the disease and death. Alas, it was all headlines with delusional plans of a handful of senior government officials, who decided to escape in the event of a nuclear disaster alone, leaving the rest of the population to destruction of the planet. As a result, in the world have died from radiation (so-called "natural death") by millions of people. And over the survivors threatened by man-made apocalypse, which, as is already clear, will spare no one, including the powerful. Only the joint efforts of the six billion people we will be able to solve the daunting task - to clear the planet from all the dirt and turn it into a paradise.

12-16 30.06.2012 ХЯС Филимоненко И.С. от Шестопалова А.В. Globalwave - Глобальная Волна

August 25, 2013 -- Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko passed away.

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