Guido FRANCH :

Mota / Dam-a-Gas

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The National Exchange (  Vol. 2, # 8, March 1978 )
"Gas Into Water" 
by Tom Valentine

No story on the invention front has stirred more response than the tale of Guido Franch, the man who turns water into gasoline.

Franch demonstrated for nearly 40 years that he indeed had a "magic powder' that literally transmuted tap water into a gasoline-type fuel he called "mota", which is atom spelled backward.

Nothing productive has ever come from the Franch demonstrations, and it is apparent he cannot produce the powder economically, or else he simply cannot duplicate the powder that he had in his possession for so long a period of time.

Whatever the reason, the Franch process seems to be dying with the retired laborer -- but Guido does not give up easily.

Recently the imperturbable huckster from the Chicago area put on another demonstration for this reporter -- a demonstration that proves the "law of reversibility". That's right -- he turned gas into water!

"I call it dam-a-gas", he said as he struck a mactch to some newspaper and built a small fire on his backyard lawn. "It can be used as a safety device to prevent explosions", he claimed.

His demonstration went like this : He used a half-gallon of gasoline, built a fire and poured a pint of gasoline on the flames to naturally cause them to flare violently.He then poured about 3 ounces of a black liquid into the remaining 7 pints of gasoline, then poured that mixture on the flames.

The result was intriguing ! The gas flames were doused by the new mixture.

"See, I take the fire out of the gasoline. This could be used by airplane pilots who are going to crash -- they could push a button that injects this chemical into the tanks and prevents explosions".

Whatever the source of these chemical or elemental changes, it seems a shame to report that there isn't much of a chance of utilizing them in the near future -- at least not if Guido is the source.

Several months ago Franch promised to take this reporter to a town in Southern Illinois where the remainder of the "water-into-gas" team is allegedly located. The trip did not occur, and Franch has failed to produce an ounce of workable material in the past 43 years while claiming to be working in concert with others.

"People always get too greedy", he explained.

"He's crazy", say others.

Franch claims that a German scientist named Kraft taught him the secret of converting coal to a charged powder that literally transmuted the elements in water to hydrocarbon fuel.

There is no doubt that such a curious phenomenon has been demonstrated. However, demonstrations are all that has ever come of the fantastic alchemy.

Franch claims that he has cohorts in Southern Illinois who must "run the powder through a machine" as the final step in the process and he claims that the machine has now been destroyed.

This is merely the latest in tales to rationalize the failure to cooperate with anyone for the sake of credibility and production.

The Guido Franch story remains fascinating -- useless -- but fascinating.