Theta Amplifier

Theta Amplifier

Applicant(s):     GUASCO ROGER
Classification: - international: A61N5/00; A61N5/00; (IPC1-7): H01T20/02; A61N1/30;- European: A61N5/00

The present invention relates to the instruments of the emitter type of negative waves, allowing utilisation of those at maximum output and by direct contact in order to cure.

In the known devices of this kind, the negative current was used directly, set in direct contact by two electrodes; the result very modest, was limited and the effect was cancelled by opposition.

The device of this invention allows one to avoid these disadvantages, while using very desirable "green waves":

In this device, indeed, it is possible to use the emitted waves without anodes. The antenna 5 is fed by a condensor, metal masses 3, which stored the waves modified by the shape of the pyramid 4.

The waves are then emitted with maximum of their intensity to leave the antenna in form phi (Fig. 5), a recognized beneficial form ).

By means of the probe 7, A uses these same green waves by forced flow, come by means of a gun: the human body being used as receiving capacitance, which eliminates the need for application of a second electrode (the anode).

This device, object of invention, comprises a box 1, containing the transmitting source of negative current, being used as support with a pyramid 4 entirely of plastic with the ratios:

The pyramid must be oriented precisely following a North-South axis “square base”.

At the base of the pyramid, in the interior, an apparatus in form of Fig. 2, with points 1 will serve spark-gap 2 and, at the same time, of channeling, isolating the transmitter of the receiver Fig. 3 sphere 1, which does not have any direct contact with the source.

The current then is modified, polarized, channeled by the pyramidal form and is projected on the metal masses Fig. 3, in the shape of hemispheres.

The waves, by electrostatic effect, channel by the pyramidal form and projected towards the antenna Fig. 5 which serves as a transmitter of waves which are formed by the large phi shape will radiate beneficial green waves in the ether.

The object of invention can between used without disadvantage, nor danger, alone, or collectively in a room.

Its application is also beneficial to accelerate the growth of the plants and the object can be used in greenhouses. Its effects on the animals are also beneficial and the use of this apparatus can have interesting results on them, its main reason remaining essentially medicine.

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