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Semi-magnetic engine assembly for e.g. recharging batteries of electrical automobile, has magnets fixed on periphery of magnetic disks to produce electrical energy, and generator mounted at end of axle of each magnet to draw maximum energy   

Abstract -- The assembly has a series of magnetic disks comprising magnets of different diameters, fixed on periphery of the disks for producing considerable electrical energy. The magnetic disks are successively placed under various configurations, in open/closed circle or in square. A power generator is mounted at an end of axle of each magnet for drawing maximum electrical energy. The magnets are rotated at a speed of 3500 turns per minute.

This application of Certificate of Utility relates to a particular case which is not envisaged in the statutes of the INPI, if not for systematic refusal, because it is about a method of on-unitary creation of Kinetic energy, based on the Mechanical atomic one and planetary Universal not yet recognized by the Physical one, and of which I have exposed the Principle in MAY 1955. This Principle is governed only by the attractive and repellent Magnetic energies, as by the “Gravitation” which into rises, just as the “Degravitation” object main of the deposit of Patent, and Key of the Perpetual Movement in Mechanical Atomic and Planetary one. So that the readers is not shocked by this revelation, it is necessary to reassure it by specifying that this Perpetual Movement is exclusively that of the Universe, and that it will be clarified although briefly. It must expect at the very least extraordinary revelations which he will not regret to know on the Mechanical Universal one, currently still been unaware of scientific world. It is a question of explaining in the most negligible detail, which is the Universe, why and how he is a Perpetual Movement maintained in the state by a process self-accelerator, since the most absolute rest, and producing his own Energie Kinetic, its own speeds and its own movements for Eternity, without discontinuity… Until the perfect and constant Equilibrium which makes our Universe and whose NEWTON has exposed the summary mathematical resulting of Mechanical the hatémienne TERNARY, and for which he has established a BINARY “principle” in 1687. N.B. It is necessary to insist on the fact that this Certificate of Utility does not constitute the deposit of a scientific Theory which, in good time, was offered to gracious title with the Academy of Science with WAGERINGS, (1955), rejected for nonconformity with the conventional theories by “prohibition” of immediate revelation by nona physicist, of some theory that it is, contradictory in the recognized Laws and conventional Principes. This Unitary, Integral Theory Atomic and Cosmogonic A thus deposited with the Academy of Science under envelopes sealed for fifty years the presumedly legal duration. This period being now exceeded since 2005, and after as many years of not justified deprivation of deposit of Patent. The INPI thus sees me authorized to use of this scientific formula as for very other officially recognized. I in application also the straight one, for the Good of Humanity and Planet. “And it is not because I created the most beautiful Encyclopaedia, that it is necessary me to disavow small Dictionnaires ''' makes some, “the Physical one is the Shaft which cache the Metaphysical Forest” which it single, can all explain in the detail since it includes all Knowledge… AND KNOWLEDGE CAN ALL BRING. It is obvious then, that the INPI must accept my inventive proposals which can bring until the Planet waits to solve one of the problèmescruciaux one which is posed today for the nonpolluting power generation, allowing moreover many applications of which the producing of ELECTRICITY, producing of vehicles using the Principle of Mechanical Universal to reload in waiting of better, the batteries in the course of use and to protect Io planet from the pollution; magnetic motor bicycles making it possible to save the muscular energy of the cyclist, by producing two or three times more energy than it do not provide any. ; and other applications like gears magnetic of safety, everlasting, effective, silent, as well as apparatuses to be put at the point for more powerful various electric motors, vehicles of handicapped people, caddies and other machines easier use. It is enough to know what is the Universe, and how it functions, to discreetly use of them what he us offer liberally, but, so much so that null it never had exposed. What was utterance in the wording of the initial Patent should have been enough; how is it possible that the Engineers of the INPI included/understood nothing there? But is: To know that the Universe, in each point of Infinite is precisely This Perpetual Movement governed by Magnetic Dualité and that it product permanently its own Kinetic energy, independently of very other, and in symbiosis with all the unit, is so complicated? Gold, there is an Universe, and it is perpetual. It is thus enough to know the mechanical process by which the universe creates its clean Energy, to copy it and produce also this so much coveted Energy, without for as much having to carry out an atom or an artificial planetary system. But it is not in conformity with the Physical one, and one should not anything change there. All the elements constituting the Universe, particles, stars and planets and others, imperatively consisting of Magnetic Dualities, can in fact, to attract and to remotely push back without any other “physical” bond objective, which gives for result that the “material” attracts the “material”, and by the “revolving” effect apparently which must thus consequently be clarified attractive and repellent Dualité. A gigantic gift for the Physical one! Can it refuse it? Without the Magnetic Duality, there would be no possible communication between the Beings or the objects which thus would not exist, since same the negligible atomic particles could not communicate between them if they were not Magnétiques. This Energy explains to it single, all the other “energies”, and which, without its Duality, could neither “be”, nor same to exist.

INDISPENSABLE Magnetic energy. Since 1985, thanks to my son Frank who had taken knowledge of my book “AND the UNIVERSE” was appeared in 1973, us soaps now exactly from which this Attractive and Repellent Dualistic Energy comes which becomes Universe. The Physical one can the knowledge on simple request if it wishes it. It is essential that this curious Dualité is single “the Thing” which can be, and without which, nothing could not exist; neither atom, neither “material”, neither electricity, neither direction, and thus not of possible life, nor nothing which can be conceived. Delight we to be able to discuss it in the purpose accounting for Creation and serving Planet. This Energy has in itself the counterpart of its own existence, at the same time itself and its opposite, which enables him to appear since the INFINITE one, without any need to make call with an objective or physical entity which one could wonder from where it could leave, but with this unthinkable faculty TO ATTRACT and PUSH BACK remotely without any tangible bond. It is more than gigantic. It is it which generates all things of which Universe, and nothing other. METAPHYSICS, SCIENCE OF THE CAUSE FIRST. The Universe has thus had a Cause the First METAPHYSICS perfectly known for fifty years, and after twenty five years of searches on the magnetic energies This Cause First with it single, gives an account of all the others wrongly regarded as such, as well as all things. Just as there can be one Creative Principle, and than only one universe including the whole, it is the Metaphysics which single, makes Knowledge, guarantor of the existence of the Universe since its primitive Cause farthest: INFINITE the, NULL one, ETERNAL, IMPOSSIBLE and NECESSARY, and whose these five properties are those of the so mysterious Universe for those which hopelessly seek the fine word of the History, however perfectly known since 1955. And it is thanks to Knowledge that we will produce a colossal Energy, with the image of the galaxies comprising of the hundreds of billion stars and planets, who function since billion billion millenia occupant each point the Infinite one, per Perpetual Mouvement maintained with average constant speed, thanks to a process self-accelerator, without discontinuity since “last” Eternity and for “future” Eternity. It is that the Metaphysical Universe, most marvellous Mécanique which can be. How the Physical one can also reject exposed sublimates? not to undoubtedly disavow an acquired millenium which however still poses so many problems; and however, nothing would be changed with the Life, to offer to the world the most marvellous gift, KNOWLEDGE.


Dégraviter, it is “to remove the effect of brake” between two poles, NORTH and SOUTH which attract each other, but which moves away simultaneously one from the other with speeds inversely proportional with the respective value of their mass, by “défreinage” of the one and other, removing “the attractive effect” without removing the attraction. In a magnet system in symmetrical synchronized rotations whose two poles are dégravitent in mutually move away one from the other, that makes it possible the two other poles which them, on the other hand, approach simultaneously, TO MUTUALLY ACCELERATE one and the other in precipitating one towards the other, and to produce energy. Is it necessary to make a long speech to show the reality of this principle, which is somewhat accessible to the Physicist, without him making the reproach of it; because it is effectively what arrived to the Engineers of the INPI which did not include/understand my Invention yet, undoubtedly by reprobation of the Perpetual Movement, wrongly prohibited without the lesser objective reason?. Whereas it is enough to observe the Universe. And thus my Tractor prototype functions which transmutes simply ' Magnetic energy into USABLE KINETIC ENERGY.

It is all the secret one of Mechanical Universal, and which allows the accelerated automatically Perpetual Movement of the rotations, since planetary masses, as the atomic particles are dipoles, contrary to the conventional designs. Not in it to believe, it is to alienate any possibility of Knowledge of the Universe. 3C We thus have magnets which two poles approach while accelerating mutually, and on the other hand, the two other poles which “are dégravitent” without being slowed down while moving away, allowing the two first “to accelerate”. It is now easy to understand that the poles which approached until the moment when they are on line, will be able to their tower dégraviter while moving away L " one from the other, and to allow both on the other hand others and which now approach, to accelerate PRODUCING ENERGY in addition to that existing already. But if, it is possible!! My apparatuses are there to show it.


It is the Magnetic Duality which becomes “material” while becoming atom by the Creative Principle hatéinien that we will know further. It is this Duality which controls all in all the fields, and null there so much so that it pass for does not realize single groove-nails. Which derision. Also, without critical devaluing towards the Theories, Principles, Lois and other Constant which make the Physical one, it is at the very least necessary to explain in this certificate of utility or balance of information, Mechanical the Universal established one on three components which all are indispensable to link masses between them, in a stable TERNARY equilibrium for Eternity, producing moreover, its Kinetic energy permanently by Perpetual Mouvement, and becoming: “The Preserving, Evolutive Creative Principle and Adapter which governs all the Mechanical Universal one by Perpetual Movement Self Accelerated without any discontinuity, and which gives an account of all the physical phenomena same the most strange ". It is thus a question of specifying the very clear mechanism for which wants, which is proposed in the Patent 01 08712 deposited June 2001, based on Mechanical Universal the hatémienne, and refused for nonconformity with the Physical one, although producing Kinetic energy permanently, almost at will. Is it possible to deprive  Humanity of such a revelation? Should it be waited until the Earth is dispossessed of all its Energy to understand that it is necessary to leave something to those which will come after us? Following three rejections of my “initial” Patent only deposited in 2001 after several others which could not be proposed by prohibition during these fifty years of foolish braking of scientific progress, a lawsuit took place in Court of Call of May 18, 2006 against the INPI, and did not allow yet the change which had been required of me before by the INPI itself, in 2001 for explanation, and nonretained owing to the fact that a deposit should not be modified. But this Patent was not rejected by the Court recognizing the validity of the Invention, and was recognized reliable same by the Lawyer of the Defense of the INPI, and was returned in Cassation. It is now necessary to give these precisions in this new deposit that this time, Engineers INPI should accept and include/understand, thanks to the details justified by this Certificate of Utility, in order to make my Invention clear and accessible to comprehension for any intelligence.

Let us note that the apparatuses and prototypes presented at said Tribunal, were very appreciated, recognized scientific and in state of correct operation, following what, in the sustained waiting of the decision of this Court, the INPI accepted the fifth annual instalment of the aforesaid Patent which he wanted to refuse, without any explanation on the outcome of the received Lawsuit only on August 28, 2006 this document is thus a prologue with the Patent deposited, by a more complete formulation of the apparently vague wording at the point not to be included/understood in spite of its evidence, and in order to bring the essential elements which were prohibited during fifty years, in this first request, is necessary it to repeat? It is a question of knowing that the Mechanical Universal one is established on a process Perpétuel self-accelerator which has had to be and will be offered to the World, will be prohibited as soon as possible by a way of dictat against the Perpetual Movement since generations and also for these fifty years, and which product a considerable Energy with the image of the galaxy of which it is obvious that current Science is unaware of still operation, without him to make the reproach of it. Ignorance is not a crime. What is a crime is to dissimulate Knowledge when it is revealed, to account for the reality of the Invention stated in the original Patent, we will discover the Creative Principle hatémien which includes also, the Principle of Conservation, the Principle of Evolution and the Principle of Adaptation, which do only ONE, governed by a process perpetual self-accelerator, which permanently creates its own Kinetic energy for Eternity, and answers of all the physical phenomena. It is thus about a perfectly scientific revelation necessary to the deposit of the initial Patent, and which can only bring in more to the Physical one if it accepts it, the responses with the large problems which were never solved nor clarified, and which would be likely never to be it. It is not a reproach, but that is allowed thanks to the Metaphysics of which all other Sciences are the consequences, and without making call with a divine Creator necessarily, that of which each one will decide according to its proper conscience. Some pages summarized on more than two hundred necessary with the single knowledge of the atom and the planetary system in the most negligible detail, it is the least which one can realize. These features on the Mechanical Universal one were developed in literary works that I write thus that my Frank son, since 1955-56 following twenty years of searches on the Perpetual Movement started in 1935, then thirteen years old in the purpose creating electricity; and because precisely prohibited by the Physical one, which however is obvious within sight of what makes our existence as of all that surrounds us. It is enough to observe and reflect. A cherry tree gives always only cherries, and not of the oranges which push only on one orange tree which itself does not give bananas which push only on one banana tree. Aren't they governed by Perpetual Movements? Of course, it is not a question of mechanical of laboratory; it is necessary to have the intelligence of the difference.


The Principle-Creator, Conservative, Evolutive and Adapter are composed of three combinations exclusively Magnétiques, and which becomes atom and planetary system, therefore Univers, on a TERNARY equilibrium which is explained by these three indispensable components, all connecting the masses between them. 1) The MAGNETIC DUALITY which joins together the masses by their attraction and their mutual repulsion, 2) ROTATION SYNCHRONISEE and SYMMETRICAL of the magnetic poles by spontaneous movement due to their attractive and repellent Duality becoming apparent “gravitation”, but whose repulsion become inoperative, 3) the Orbital motion by Magnétique drive and effect of centrifugal sling of each mass by the other, and of each one around the other, according to mass values', in an inversely proportional way, until the orbital speed and the distance which separate them find in perfect equilibrium with their attraction which results from this distance, (Attraction which takes form “unipolar gravitation” apparently universal). Indeed, all the masses in all the universe function by couples of two elements at least since they must act one on the other, justifying the Perpetual Movement, and without limitation of amount of elements, with the manner of our galaxy which can comprise hundred billion them. It is interesting of knowing that all these couples are independent from/to each other, organizing and living in an autonomous way without direct ratio with any, although sensitized all and sundry by their entourage, (like the human beings). But the destruction of the one, does not involve the destruction of the others as in of other theories, and as the Physical one believes it. With single attraction, it would be enough to burn a match to cause the destruction in chain of all the universe. This system is perfectly stable because TERNARY and irreducible. Its three functions are feasible in laboratory and are available with public in the Seine and Marne with the Scientific Academy of Rozeille. All these indications on the Mechanical Universal one are necessary to accredit the Inventions presented, because it is substantial to have tangible proofs of their functional reality and their means of performings. The system hatémien allows and justifies moreover, the HARDNESS of the “material”, the atoms making block by solidarity between the particles, becoming all resistant to the deformation, either by crushing, or by extension, owing to the fact that it is “almost” impossible to bring closer the electrons the cores, and that in the same way, it is “almost” impossible to move away them, thanks to the Magnetic REPULSION which here, plays a dominating role. On the other hand, they are modulatable according to their own needs; for example in the physical one of fluid, fire, the solders, and others.


It is in fact indispensable to know that the Universe is governed by PERPETUAL MOVEMENTS of the atom to the galaxy since “last” Eternity and for Eternity “to come”, producing its own movements in an autonomous way without discontinuity. But it is true also as the Physical one thinks it, than such a made system of various heteroclite objects: Gears, springs, weight, levers and other accessory of kitchen, must be maintained by an OUTER auxiliary energy with the system; energy which is spent, which is consumed, which wears. It is not a question of that; but is to be unaware of that in the universe, from the most negligible atoms to most gigantic planetary systems, the ruasses are magnets, and all are OUTER the ones with the others, acting by their single Magnetic Dualité remotely, and thus by mutual attraction and repulsion, although constituting autonomous sets, without any physical contact the ones on the others. Thus the Mechanical Seule Universal one can answer of Movement Perpétuel maintained constant average speed by self-acceleration, and for Eternity; it was enough to discover Dégravitation which governs all, in Perpétuelle way in the Mechanical Universal one. Forgiveness, Sir Isaac Newton. It as should be known as it is the Magnetic energy which is the base of all bodies without the lesser exception, and of which they are integrally made up, since more  negligible parcel of atomic particle to the most gigantic galaxy comprising of the hundreds of billion elements: UNIVERSE. And it is indispensable in the wording of this deposit, to specify the many details of this marvellous and sublimates Mécanique which could not be in conformity with conventional sciences which do not know all, and whose Engineers of the INPI did not have steps included/understood the nature, for a system capable to produce Energy, copied from Mechanical Perpetual atomic and planetary one. It is not the different one. Gold, it seems normal that Science must teach only the actual one, in spite of the upheavals that that can produce; and it is the case in this new millenium. It is the object of my Patent and this Certificate of Utility, by Knowledge that I offer with Humanity. Stars located in ends of arm of galaxy-spirals slip by in Space at the speed of the light, and much more still according to certain Physicist-Astronomers, to the million kilometers a second. From which would come from such speeds if not progressively, starting from the absolute rest, until the limit noted in Mechanical atomic and planetary one, not on a progressively attenuated initial impetus, and thus contrary to the Big-bang which expanding continual, and would be rejected by very many Physiciens, but on Mechanical intelligent. Also, it is what proposes the Universe, hatémien which accounts for the creative process, in perpetual self-acceleration, subtly limited by orbital movement , with the manner of slings, and thus by Force Centrifuged for Eternity.


In addition, peuton to think that the universe is without Cause first, whereas any object has a prior reason with its existence. It is not because it is universe, that it can excluded or be exempted of it, the more so as any object which constitutes it, is him same subjected to this requirement, forming this Universe, since the most negligible apparently physical atomic particle, and whose single existence poses already an enormous problem. From which would this leave particle? Who would have created it? Why? How? In which purpose? It is necessary to answer these questions. It is what we will do. Metaphysics, with or without intervention of which or anything, is thus the Cause first of which very other is a “physical” effect. To reject Metaphysics is thus an error of judgment; one does not separate the Cause from his effect, nor the effect of his Cause. Not more than one does not separate the positive one from negative in Energy. Knowledge is precisely the response with this problem of the origins first of the Universe and its actual operation. Science makes Metaphysics while seeking to explain the Universe which according to any evidence, should not exist. The Chemistry makes Metaphysics by peeling the Atom; and it is necessary to determine of them the exact circumstances thanks to the Knowledge which is not a single belief. It is a certainty, without ambiguity, absolute, indisputable; each one must be able to judge some by its lightness and its logic. Those which know it in are dazzled and filled with wonder. Thus, to include/understand the free producing of energy, it as should be known as the universe is created permanently since last Eternity and for Eternity to come; what makes it possible to include/understand all that results from this, but from the Infinite one; whereas to leave the existing object and to retrogress to include/understand the true nature of it, is a notorious impossibility. It is perhaps more with the span of all, but that only results in being posed the same question unceasingly: Or, WHY, HOW, IN WHICH PURPOSE. Gold, any investigation scientific must start from NOTHING; if not it cannot answer of true Knowledge. It will miss seed always there first; the Blow of Inch of God, as say certain physicists. One could not reproach Physical for seeking the scientific Truth where it thinks of discovering it; but it is erroneous to refute any new solution capable to bring a response to the problem. Gold, this problem is now resolved in its whole, and it is logical now, after the fifty years of “gestation” of Knowledge, period prohibiting any scientific revelation not yet recognized officially and by non a Physicist, to accept the omen of it.


By this Infinite and mental or spiritual Duality, becoming Creative Principe the Universe are created. Is it necessary to be astonished some? Yes of course; but also, to know this Creative Principle which becomes ATOM, That is absolutely marvellous, because nothing should neither Be, nor to exist; and yet, the universe “EXISTS” same if it “IS NOT”, and we let us feel only the appearance of it, in the form of SENSATIONS. Which difference with the “material” which could have been, but which cannot it? None? IF! The physical “material” would be unperceivable without direct contact, with the object; whereas single, the Magnetic Duality allows it by attraction and repulsion with outdistances. It is what we will do simulating with magnets the atomic particles or the planetary worlds which produce considerable Energies of which it is absolutely impossible to define the nature without making call with Mechanical Universal the hatémienne which reveals us the secret one. By which miracle, the “material” could attract remotely or push back, if it were not made only this original single Duality since it results “” from Infinite whose clean Nature is to be DUALITY? … At the same time, NOTHING and the WHOLE, Null, + 5 - 5, + 10 - 10, or ZERO; and INFINITE since unbounded. The Physical one should be aware of it; one does not make the “material” attractive if  it is not already made up in itself of this curious faculty to attract without bond itself “hardware”, but also to push back. Could one invent a similar thing? If thus it were possible that single gravity was “unipolar”, it should in the same way produce the EFFECT of material; but that is perfectly impossible, if not by miracle; because for the Physical one, it would be only attractive by GRAVI'Y, and TO BE ONLY THAT. By which miracle could it be consequently Répulsive occasion? And being one, it is imperatively to be the different one. One does not separate the two ends from a string and to have two pieces having each one only one end, which would be the atom of the Physical one. Forgiveness Mr Niels BOHR. And then, to create, it is necessary to be TWO. Single Gravity can nothing generate that the fall of the bodies the ones on the others in the short term; it is enough to play with magnets to realize quela single attraction would be a true calamity. Because in fact, if the planetary systems, as besides the atoms were all in attraction by single gravity, they would be joined together since good a long time in a single mass, informs, like would be BIG CRUNCH before réexploser to reform a new universe. Curious perpetual movement which makes the Physical one nowadays. And then, without intention of critical towards NEWTON, all the systems would count the ones on the others to be maintained in permanent equilibrium; single comparison with the Universe hatémien where the systems are created independently of all the others, an autonomous way, separately, without launching of all the “mass” in the space of some thousandths of second, and under the terms of what?


Why the Earth and the Moon attract themselves•they by simulation of “gravitation”, if they attract each other and are pushed back mutually by magnetic duality? Small problem? When one puts in rotations synchronized AND symmetrical the poles of two magnets which normally attract each other and push back, one obtains two magnets face to face which attract each other exclusively without being pushed back, with sixteen times more attraction whatever their relative positions, their distance, their mass and their common rotational speed since synchronized. (HATEM) (2r) 2 /1 While with a single pole in movement, attraction is only four times larger for twice less distance or of approach. (COULOMB) r2/1 It is that which the world still believes to be the gravitation or Universal Attraction according to NEWTON, whereas it is about Magnetic Duality. WHAT BECOMES THE REPIJLSIONS? They should well be placed some hand, these repulsions between the poles NR, NR and S, S; because they are always there, and quite living; or then, to ask them why they appear indifferent to the point not to intervene in this synchronized rotation. Because it is not so obvious to think only these same pole… When they go one towards the other in attraction, act with frenzy, with sixteen times more power instead of four times only according to COULOMB, And lorsqu " they in rotation are synchronized but similar, they are not pushed back and remain indifferent although they did not lose their repellent faculty, Eh well, try to include/understand. It is enough to think of what pass in these synchronized rotations where one realizes that if the poles in attraction move away and bring alternately one closer to the other, the poles in repulsion on the contrary, are held always with the same distance from one pole to another, as if they were joined together by rigid ranging, sometimes going in a direction, sometimes returning in the opposite direction. Gold, with a little reflectance, one can understand that under these conditions, the actions are cancelled completely between the poles which are pushed back, sometimes moving both in a direction, and both ghost in the other direction with each half-turn, as if it were bonded by rigid ranging. Any action then is cancelled completely as if the repulsion were neutral, but it is always well there, and discrete. This is why when one puts the magnets in synchronized rotation, single the attractive functions remain as we saw, while the repulsions do not play any more any apparent role.

It is the GRAVITATION, thanks to the synchronized polar movements. It should be known that during these synchronized rotations, two of the four poles in attraction, only one North and only one South approach simultaneously and symmetrically one the other, attracting oneself with the same energy as if the four poles were face to face in rest state, and parallel, in “closed” circuit. Twice more way by each pole, sixteen times more attraction. To the same instant the two other poles move away symmetrically and simultaneously one from the other while “being dégravitant”, without slowing down itself until the four poles are on a straight same line or a same plane. Thus, two poles which attract each other are facilitated in their movement with each half tower, by the two others which are in degravitation and which does not slow down paso ermettant the acceleration of two récédents him go back to their tower as soon in degravitation to each half-turn, while the two others which were in degravitation go back to their tower in attraction, alternately. It IS THAT MOVEMENT PERPETUAL AUTOACCELERE According to Law of COULOMB which is exact and that I confirm by my clean experiment, when two poles in attraction are face to face, of which one is fixed, and of which the other is in movement, attraction is four times stronger for twice less distance which separates them. r2/1 = 4 BUT, if the two poles approach simultaneously one the other, the distance which separates them finds spontaneously reduced twice rapidly like front a mirror, and attraction is then multiplied by SIXTEEN instead of being multiplied by four. According to Hatem: (2 R) 2/1 = 16 Sixteen times more attraction. And that answers exactly the fact that the two magnets also attract each other them with sixteen 2nd times more attraction when the four poles are face to face “in closed circuit” and immobile. It is subtlety in simplicity. It is complicated? But without a little working, there is not point of pleasure. That they are two poles attracting with sixteen times more force, or four poles attracting each one with four times more de_force, the result is same the 3 A each half rotation, the poles reverse their functions. Those which approached start to move away and are dégravitent, while those which moved away start to approach while accelerating with their tower.


Thanks to the Lawsuit in Call which took place on May 18, 2006, it are to be hoped that the INPI had the confirmation by their young Lawyer, of the reliability of my performings which it had not included/understood or had not accepted on the wording of my Patent of 2001, and which he is good to specify for magnets in synchronized rotations which were not supposed to produce energy according to a anti-perpetual pseudo-scientific dictat. All those which read our works, included/understood them by their evidence and their simplicity; but was necessary it to attach some importance to it and not to be Physicien. It should be known that Physical the, same one if it is a honourable profession, is not “the Knowledge” which is Métaphysique, bases first of any Creation. In the magnet system utterance in the Patent with two synchronized magnets, the motor of the primary magnet cannot accelerate indefinitely, it is satisfied to be used as tutor for a limited rotation. And in fact, the two magnets turn to the same speed of 3500 revolutions per minute, according to the regime of the motor at empty, making that the DOUBLE system the energetic power of the unit, providing with only one secondary magnet, TWO of the same motors useful power. With two secondary magnets, THREE of the same motors useful power. With three secondary magnets, FOUR of the same motors useful power… In theory, without limitation of amount as in a galaxy. D'ailleurs, it is not there question of Perpetual Movement as in the empty spatial one where the masses are in suspension, free their mutual functions, the difference being also that the planetary masses as in the atoms, are at very large distance, and are put in mutual orbit controlling the rotational speeds, which is very different our magnets which work to very short distance, and without orbital motion. But new technology allows the largest hopes. It is the orbital motion which limits the self-acceleration of the rotations in the universe, if not until where the speeds would go if they were delivered to themselves without any means allowing the automatic limitation of the accelerations. In that, we can be in admiration in front of this superb Mécanique endowed with curious Intelligence. It is astonishing that the Physical one sees only one incidental impetus there or the masses would be put in stable orbit by unexpected meeting which would be very natural, without intelligence. Gold, whatever this Intelligence, and from where that it comes, it EAST. As what the Physical one cannot be allowed to reject arbitrarily what is capable to help it to include/understand Ajoutons that this Certificate of Utility does not constitute a deposit for a Perpetual Movement, but for a complementary contribution with the Patent 01 08712, and for a new technology.


Thus, when the magnets are in symmetrical synchronized rotations, the poles which are in attraction precipitate simultaneously one towards the other, while with the return, they move away in the same way while being dégravitant, and in other words, WITHOUT SLOWING DOWN. From where they produce twice more energy than they do not consume any, although they are attracted with four times more force on the one hand, and are slowed down with four times less force on the other hand; but they work at double distance one of the other. That is impossible into physical because of the ignorance of the Universe which product its own Kinetic energy in each atomic or planetary couple, in permanence, and which would be rebuilt starting from the absolute rest if it were stopped.


 It is necessary moreover consider that the rotations in space, can reach colossal speeds without any embarrassment, parasitic vibrations or disturbances, considering especially that the masses can be very different and are organized by mutually putting in orbit the ones by the others and the ones around the others without any constrained thanks to their magnetic relationships, and in a way inversely proportional with their respective mass, which confirms the conventional theory by the universe hatémien, and what spontaneously limits the acceleration of the rotations to constant average speed for eternity. But also, that tends to confirm the Newtonian universe who is supported on the same mathematical ones. Here we are; metaphysics hatémienne and the Physical Newtonian one meet, which is quite normal. Without any initial impetus, the masses are placed thus at the good distance, progressively sent in space by their mutual magnetic field, to the manner of slings, in TERNARY equilibrium according to Mechanical the hatémienne, following the Plane of the Ecliptic, for eternity, from where NEWTON could establish a perfectly mathematical BINARY “principle”. The opposite one had been astonishing. It is substantial to consider by the term “creation”, the permanent producing of the Universe in a PRESENT eternal, which, by corollary, makes that the Universe is eternal because CREATES without discontinuity, since the night of times, and for eternity to come, by a Cause which single, is eternal: The Magnetic energy whose true nature is to be the Infinite one. That is explained clearly, but it is enough here to admit the fact, remaining of it at the disposal of any person interested by thorough knowledge of Mechanical Universal.

This precision, for curious that it is, is perfectly intelligible and justifies the Perpetual Movement in the built Universe of Magnetic Duality, without what nothing “would exist”. That does not mean that it is possible to carry out an atom or a planetary system artificial, which one should not confuse with the artificial satellites which are aircrafts which turn around the Earth, and which are provided with powerful computers and gyroscopes, and resting on their speed orbital instead of resting on the atmosphere. They do not have absolutely anything to see with the Moon which counts only on its Magnetic Field, and not on the Earth which itself does not rest on nothing other but on its Magnetic energy in connection with that of Moon. It is somewhat; and it is where the HARMONY of the rotations plays an indispensable role to avoid their mutual fall since billion billion years or millenia. But, let us see what it is: PROOFS IMPOSSIBLE TO CIRCUMVENT: SYSTEM TERRE-LUNE FOR EXAMPLE Without entering the menu detail, the system Earth-Moon is a formal proof of the symmetrical synchronism of the magnetic polarities. Because it is enough conclusive that the Moon which watch always the same face with the Earth, and in the same position, is led in its tour, by the magnetic poles which play with those of the Earth by synchronized functions which are found permanently every twelve hours for the Earth, with those of Moon in 12 hours 50 since it takes delay on the terrestrial rotation, involved in orbit by the single magnetic field. It would be absolutely impossible with an attraction of the “revolved” kind which would not prohibit Moon from modifying its position on its orbit under various angles while falling on the Earth or moving overall in any direction. The proof of the double polarity of the Earth and Moon in constant relationships, is that the Moon balance in exposed movement LIBRATOIRE by GALILEO without knowing the reason of it, with the poles of the Earth, sometimes attracted by a pole, then attracted by the other pole every twelve hours, whereas it did not have time to make a complete half-turn, because of the lever arms on the poles which are very close to its axis of rotation. But also, when the Moon leaves its orbit to move away or approach twenty thousand kilometers the Earth, it always joined its position on its orbit systematically and in the same position, seeking the “plane of the ecliptic”, this which peremptorily proves that the Moon and the Earth are in magnetic relationships and not only gravific, which would not answer of such an enthusiasm to find their position without derogating about it, function of their double mutual polarity, in spite of some variants due to the influences of other planets. And let us not forget that the Earth turns also in orbit around Moon, which can occur only by one intelligent and nonincidental and unexpected link which would make following an abrupt and uncontrolled impetus. Moreover, if it were possible to send the Earth and Moon on a same impetus, they could not in no case to turn one around the others but only to continue their launching with the same speed, by conservation of the energy according to the Physical one, remaining constantly in the same position, except namely that they would be in gravific attraction and that they would fall one on the other without remission. For information, it should in addition be known that the Moon is not only in attraction with the Earth, because when it tent to move away, it is attracted with MORE “attractive” force, and pushed back with LESS “repellent” force, which watch which the repulsion is always active in the orbital motion. And when it tent to approach the Earth, it is pushed back with MORE force repellent, and attracted with LESS attractive force, going up on its orbit. That allows the mechanical stability of the Earth with Moon, each one around the other, and to maintain it “perpetually” constant, why not eternal. This curious phenomenon of Mechanical stability of the systems as well atomic as planetary, and which can surprise, comes owing to the fact that the poles from the masses which normally must be synchronized symmetrically, are periodically into slight “desynchronism” by “angular deviations” of the polar movements coming from the positions of the stars compared to the PLANE OF the ECLIPTIC, explaining the LAWS OF KEPLER. To meditate closely, as I did myself and included/understood. With the requirement, to make the graphic ones or on application. Extraordinary INTELLIGENCE of the Creation which gives rise to think that the “Material” is endowed with CONSCIENCE. Let there be no misunderstanding; there is Conscience in the Material; and it is Métaphysique, nonconscious of its state. And yet it acts as if it were endowed with reflectance, which contributes to the Evolution and the Adaptation; and that, thanks to the Magnetic Duality by the Principle-Creator. Us it soaps since fifty years, proofs with the support; and us soaps also that it is the material which is born from the Conscience, and not the Conscience which is born from the “material”. But of course, the “material” is not physical; it would be impossible; it is Métaphysique; and the Conscience is already “inclusive” in the Magnetic energy.


The Sun is a vortex of magma, far from being a self-checking nuclear reaction, like are also the other stars. Fortunately, because that gives him an almost infinite existence and risk not to explode. Its rotation is 25 days at the equator, 27 days with 45 of lattitude, and 35 days with the poles; formal proof of the rotation of the solar core which turns much rapidly to the center of the magma, which justifies that the Sun is a world bubbling and swirling without there not being the lesser fear which it does not destroy by carelessness or forgetting. Its core which is a magnet must necessarily turn in 24 hours or same in 48 hours, if not it would not be in state of gravity with the Earth and other planets, by their polar synchronism, or very approximately, taking into account the orbital motions which produce apparent variations of the rotations with the magnetic poles of the ones and others, as the taken Earth for base of frequency of our galaxy, because its core turns like the bark, of 24 hours. Thus, all the masses are SYNCHRONISED by their magnetic poles of 24 hours, and of this fact in gravific “appearance”. . With variants by multiple or submultiples of TWO according to the importance of the relative masses. The essential one being that the poles are found constantly in phase, if not, not of cohesion in the system, which explains why the polar relationships are indispensable and build themselves besides spontaneously without being able to derogate from it. A mass which turns on itself, involves the other masses automatically to be turned in synchronism, or simply, to be put in vibration, or only in magnetic relationships without actual connection, and until the infinite one. It is obvious that the central core of the Sun turns much more quickly than its magma. What could justify of it if it itself were not involved in its rotation by the rotation of the other elements of the galaxy, and by magnetic field, if there were not remote ACCELERATION by the rotation of the other masses of the galaxy since billion billion millenia if not more, since the night of times, and consequently, by revolving EFFECT? Thus, all the galaxy is in magnetic connection by each one of its elements which constitute it, although they are apparently independent and autonomous. In ours which perhaps contains hundred billion stars and planets, all the masses are in relationships of the magnetic poles, and rotation the ones towards the others, of which our solar system. Think there when you contemplate the celestial arch; you will discover the UNIVERSAL HARMONY. And it is superb!! the GALAXIES All our galaxy must thus have the same frequency which our solar system, of 24 hours with the level of the planetary and stellar cores, normally like the Earth, taking into account the stellar and planetary positions in orbital rotations and which can be somewhat different, function of the relative positions of each mass on its orbit, as the Moon of 24. 50 compared to the Earth, and as MARCH which turns in 24 hours 37 on itself, considering that it spends two years to make its tour around the Sun. Each galaxy has its own frequency, like each individual or each atom. Could Io Comment a SINGLE initial impetus answer of all these frequencies which amount of incalculable numbers of billion specimens both for the atoms the planetary worlds? This is why it should be become aware that the “material” builds place in place progressively, independently of the entourage, and living in autarky without requiring anything of its adjacent, and by Perpetual Mouvement. How can one only imagine that it is otherwise? If not all the systems would count the ones on the others to be maintained in equilibrium, and the most negligible atom would be responsible equilibrium of all the universe. But fortunately, the Principle-Creator hatémien is there to reassure us.


It is indispensable to specify all that to justify these deposits of present Patents and to come which use this exposed phenomenon in MAY 1955, and which allows the free producing of Energy by the synchronized and symmetrical polar rotations, thanks to the attractive poles only, in our apparatuses. The poles in repulsion can nothing “overproduce”, because they act contrary to the poles in attraction which single can create on-unitary Energy. The repulsions remain however indispensable to ensure the equilibrium in the system stabiliser of the atoms and the planetary sets which function on same Creative Principe. It would not know to have two Mechanical also sublimes the repulsion can also be used for in our apparatuses producers of on-Unitary Energy to maintain là-aussi this equilibrium in the polar synchronism, by obliging the poles which are pushed back, to preserve the same distances like compressed springs, and in order to facilitate the symmetrical synchronism of the rotations as if they were bonded by “rigid” stems.

That shows that when two poles are in symmetrical synchronized rotations, the poles which go one towards other accelerate, while the poles which move away one of the other are released mutually by Dégravitation. Thus, the Principle deposited in the Patent 01 08712 consists of semi whole a “magnetic” provided of an unspecified motor which makes turn a dipole provided with soft iron flasks, rotary in symmetrical synchronism with another of the same dipole invoices. When the motor turns, it involves only one of the magnets in rotation using one average unspecified, and the secondary magnet starts to turn in symmetrical synchronism with the magnet motor in progressive acceleration to 3500 revolutions per minute for each one, the rotary secondary magnet by single magnetic induction with the primary magnet, being coupled with the wheels colouring a tractor weighing 25 kg, and being able to carry an additional load of 25 kg out of post a coast with 5% or supposedly 100 kg approximate on flat by coupling the primary magnet with the wheels. Because the primary magnet-motor turns to empty. At all events, the Tractor product an opposite on-unitary Energy with the Physical one. It is possible to add as many secondary magnets according to requirements', with the unit, and all these magnets are put normally in rotation at the same speed, and produce each one the same energy as the magnet motor, as in a galaxy, and being added to the whole without consuming additional energy, since each one becomes the motor of following and double the power of this one, which is the same one as that of the primary magnet, thus multiplying the energy of system. It will be necessary well that that is however accepted, and the Court in Call of May 18, 2006 the based good of my Invention recognized to have noted the fact with my tractor and my galaxy which comprises fifteen magnets in rotations synchronized which turn in spite of various brakings, without any additional expenditure of supplied energy by the magnet-motor. That is to say 43 milliamperes at the beginning (small motor of clock industry) with only one magnet; and 43 milliamperes unchanged with the fifteen magnets in rotation, each one resistant with voluntarily caused braking and preserving its energy without stopping, now the synchronism and the rotational speed. But I am returned in Cassation by vice of form to have omitted to specify my date and my place of rise. Then, to follow.


This Certificat of Utility is not limited to supplement the Patent 01 08712 in order to make it more intelligible; the purpose of it is also presenting a balance of extremely effective inventions allowing inter alia compensating for the mechanical gears by magnets in order to make them everlasting and of high safety. For example for the startup of certain systems, and while creating a more powerful energy necessary with the drive of various machines. It is necessary for that to preferably use nonmagnetic discs of material but without exclusive, on the circumference of which are attached powerful magnets and enough brought closer from/to each other, in order to produce various gears whose “teeth” are replaced by these magnets. These discs form uninterrupted continuations of attractions in relationship .avec of the discs of different polarities which face them,

Semi-magnetic motor for producing supplementary energy, comprises two adjacent magnets which rotate in synchronism in opposing senses such that one magnet is driven and the other produces energy


Two magnets (A,B) are able to rotate about parallel axes and rotate in synchronism and opposite senses. The synchronism may be ensured by the engagement of wide gap toothed wheels on the magnet shafts. One pair of North and South poles gets closer as the corresponding pair become further apart and this causes supplementary energy to be available from one magnet when the other is driven


The purpose of the present invention is particularly, by a combination of couples of more or less powerful magnets according to the use wished, of which one only is pulled by a motor, to allow all the other magnets then actuated chains of them by magnetism the ones by the others, to provide a " free " energy additional to consumption of the aforesaid primary motor unspecified, and functioning according to Mechanical Universal " the hatémienne " established on a TERNARY equilibrium. Mechanical universal the product thus its own Energy Kinetic in the atom as in the planetary system; because it is obvious that the universe could not be perennialized following an abrupt and accidental impetus, but only by one " intelligence " either divine, or purely mechanical, but fundamentally intelligent.


To admit the reality and the cogency of this apparently debatable method of the viewpoint of Physical conventional, and yet feasible in laboratory, it is thus indispensable to specify that it is established on a PRINCIPE-CREATEUR, CONSERVATIVE, EVOLUTIVE and ADAPTER which governs the universe by this TERNARY system with three components, which single allows an irreversible stable equilibrium. But, that this phenomenon is copied or not from the Mechanical Universal one, it is less exact than it product an additional kinetic energy, object of the present application of Patent. And, of course, it is not 1 comparable technical viewpoint, with the Newtonian universe which apparent with an equilibrium BINARY since reduced with two components only, that is to say: 1) GRAVITATION or UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION, 2) The Orbital motion, fruit of an accidental initial impetus.

But this system is according to any likelihood, the consequence of the foregoing Principle-Creator utterance whose three components are:

1) ATTRACTIVE AND REPULSIVE MAGNETIC DUALITY, synthesized in the magnet as in any other mass, including the atomic particle or star,

2) the HARMONY or SYNCHRONISM of the polar rotations by couples or with several masses, synthesizing the GRAVITATION or universal ATTRACTION in all relative positions,

3) The Orbital motion by magnetic drive of each mass around the other, and around the center of gravity of the unit, by centrifugal force.

The orbital motion is necessary to ensure the stability, the cohesion and the autonomy of the systems forming the universe. It is wise to specify here, that the Mechanical Newtonian one is in fact a mathematically exact summary of this Principle-Creator into fine of formation of the atom like planetary system, where the gravitation results from the synchronized polar movements, and of which centrifugal orbital speed pulled by magnetism equilibrium exactly the aforementioned attraction.

It is the single possible equilibrium for free magnetic masses in suspension in space and allowing an irreversible mechanical stability. It thus should well be considered that viewpoint of physical conventional, to produce Energy, that " seems " still impossible; but it should also be known that science in is always to seek secret atom and planetary system of which the enormous speeds relatively with the masses considered, remain to him unexplained in spite of three hundred years since NEWTON on the Mechanical Universal one, and with the more recent theory of BOHR on the atom, although Nobel Prize. Also, whatever the creative process of the universe, ignored academic science, us prions I. NR. P. I. to agree to regard as perfectly justified, the present proposal proven experimentally using scientific but new apparatuses and as of now consultable with the Palate of Knowledge with PRESLES IN BRIE.


The process accelerator is of course, exclusively magnetic. It is necessary thus to use magnets and anything other, single power source acting remotely without another bond hardware, and thus without detrimental mechanical strength, others that the ball bearings and the ambient air, and functioning by couples, as well as a motor which can involve one only magnets in rotation with a constant mean speed, manipulated the frequency of the unit.

Thus, in our proposal (simplified couple), the primary motor maintained by a current energy which feed it, product with normal speed a certain working like usually, and involves remotely, another magnet dipole and thus provided its double attractive and repulsive polarity, with a certain rotational speed, and which him, will produce this additional kinetic energy. :


Let us suppose two bar magnets: One of them, A is stationary, the other, B is in rotation on its central axis. : 2 Such as present this model, the magnet B turns virtually at average constant speed in the direction of the arrow, in average equilibrium equivalent of brakings and the accelerations respectively by the two north poles and SOUTH of A.

But let us suppose that as of the indicated position on the drawing, magnet A is put also and spontaneously to turn on its axis, symmetrically with B. : (à). We see whereas the NORTH one of A decreases the distance compared to SOUTH of B which thus accelerates its speed of approach towards NR of A by increase of the attraction. (NEWTON) But also, we see the SOUTH one of A and the NORTH one of B which move away simultaneously one from the other, spontaneously doubling the movement which separates them and decreasing attraction between these two poles. Thus, the NORTH one of B is released by the SOUTH one of A and reciprocally by increase of the distance and reduction from the attractive force, decreasing thus braking, and each one releasing the other pole.

Gold, Si each bar magnet turns thus in polar synchronism with the other by its inertia, we note that if a pole is released, it is the same for the other; and whatever this release, the acceleration is produced by the poles which them, approach simultaneously. This is perfectly expérimentable.

In our system: 1 the second permanent magnet, relatively comparable without exclusive, is laid out with some distance of the first, but from which the poles are only distant from some millimeters so that they do not put in contact the ones with the others; and also in order to draw maximum energy of it, because the magnets must work at low distance preferably. With large distance, they become less effective, whereas in an atomic or planetary system, the very large distance is indispensable so that as of the whole first movements the rotating inertia of the masses is larger than the force by which they attract each other, and which these masses can continue their rotation without retrogressing by “magnetic” braking. : 3 Moreover, the most effective acceleration can occur only if the secondary magnet remains in polar rotation best synchronized with the magnet-motor. In this connection, it is sometimes necessary to maintain this gears magnetic by addition of mechanical gears to very spaced teeth, but which can bring back the poles opposed in position face to face most precise possible during unexpected shifts or strong resistances. : 4 a flywheel can also be adapt with the magnets so that they are not disturbed by parasitic resistances, and especially so that their rotating inertia is upper with the attraction of the poles, which is of primary importance to produce the excess energy; (useful restoring); because in the opposite case, they could be desynchronized, eliminating any possibility of profit from energy, and from where the advantage of the already quoted gears.

The flywheel can be possibly eliminated, compensated by a very large rotational speed which makes some, plays the same role, using the inert mass then of the aforesaid magnet like flywheel. It is also useful to specify that in the principle, the magnet-motor itself is pulled by this secondary magnet thanks to the polar synchronism; but that does not allow pacs for all that to remove the energy of maintenance, the primary motor being the base of average frequency indispensable to the harmony of the system.

In addition, It can be useful to envisage a possibility of adjustment of the distance of the magnets in order to avoid too abrupt functions of attraction per too much approach. But it is as necessary to consider as the more isolated the magnets are, the less the energy collected is large. That can be necessary for certain applications: Motor vehicles for example with spacing of the magnets at the moment of braking, by a disengaging, or other.

This distance is besides indispensable to allow the mounting of the magnets in the course of manufacture of the various couples of large powers.

NR. B.

The number of the secondary magnets can vary considerably, (as in a galaxy), because they all are pulled by magnetic synchronism exclusively the ones by the others. They thus do not consume any energy, but they produce some, each one of them also actuating the magnet-motor which does not make exception, and each one facilitating the rotation of all the others. However, such a mechanical system could not be compared totally with that which governs the universe, because in an atom as in a planetary system, the masses are at very large distances from/to each other; while in our system, it is necessary to be satisfied to use the process accelerator which is the synchronism of the rotations, working at low distance from the poles, with addition of motor-primary which single can maintain the average frequency and the synchronism in order to create the additional energy. : 1. Prototypes are at disposal. See further.

To note also: A method makes it possible to lay out the magnets so that the four poles are in " closed circuit ", with low distance, 4, which allows a power much higher than when two opposite poles are single on line. 1. The magnet used is then annular with a polarity on each face; but it is not imperative according to the desired use for low powers: Plays, animated showcases, etc, and working at larger distance (a few centimetres or more according to the desired power of the magnets).


When the primary motor starts, the magnet-motor puts him-also to turn on its axis which can be the axis of the motor itself. Consequently, the very near second magnet, is involved in synchronized rotation of the poles, just as in the atom or the planetary system: (masses at very large distances). The synchronism is inescapable and spontaneous; but the starting of the primary motor must be if possible, relatively slow so that this secondary magnet can acquire the same speed without clash and overcome its own inertia which could prevent it from starting with its turn. Also, it is necessary let us recall it, to furnish each magnet with gears with very spaced teeth as it is said higher, and which prohibits the desynchronism by starting violate of the aforesaid primary motor. : 4 very spaced teeth allow a larger freedom the rotational motions, by avoiding the contacts between the teeth of the gears of the two magnets; its advantages are to avoid the unexpected desynchronism of the polar movements in the course of operation, like ensuring the safety of the spontaneous resuming of the rotations synchronized after braking, particularly for the motor vehicles; but they can also be used for to transmit another rotational movement for additional use. It is also possible to assemble them on springs enabling them to turn partially on their axis and to take again their initial position after launching.

It is the second magnet who constitutes itself particularly a " motor " which works in agreement with the first by magnetic functions, and which product an additional free energy. It is the same for all the magnets used in one coherent same set, each one accelerating all the others, also by magnetic functions.

But single the mechanical capable one to produce its own kinetic energy in each point of infinite by the single magnetism is that of the atom and the planetary system, except the artificial satellites. Also into physical, it is not question producing nor to reproduce such mechanical artificially which would be dépouvue of a conventional energy of maintenance; and let us recall that in our system, it is not absolutely necessary to use the process accelerator which is the HARMONY of the rotations by magnetic fields, and a primary motor which maintains the frequency indispensable.

NB: In a planetary or atomic system, this motor does not have any reason dêtre, because the polar harmony product spontaneously because of the conjugate rotations of the orbital motions, and which adapt mutually according to the acquired speeds by each member, the opposite poles finding itself spontaneously vis-a-vis vis-a-vis each demitour, and in all relative positions, to note that they are the cores of the masses which are synchronized. (Mechanical Intelligence of the Principle-Creator).

The TECHNICAL one thus Let us suppose two magnets in rotations synchronized of the magnetic poles: See 1. We see that two of the four poles approach simultaneously one the other, while the two others on the other hand, move away in the same time.

The two first, NORTH the 1 of A and the SOUTH 2 of B, attract each other without possible discussion.

But we suppose according to NEWTON, that if one of them is stationary, and that the other approaches single making the half of the distance which separates them, attraction is then four times larger.

Gold, they approach simultaneously one the other, which watch that for a simultaneous movement of approach of these two poles NR 1 and S 2, the way traversed by each pole is spontaneously doubled. Thus, attraction is either four times, but sixteen times larger between these poles in the same time.

It IS the FORCE ACCELERATOR OF the ROTATION now See the two other south poles 1 and NORTH 2 on the other hand, which simultaneously move away one from the other. Gold, for a single N2 distance, traversing the half of the distance, the attraction is four times lower (NEWTON); but also, its speed of distance is slowed down by the presence of the stationary pole S 1 which retains it, the more so as the pole N2 must traverse progressively sailed round regions length where attraction by S 1 is nearly constant, this speed being thus reduced of four times its value. : 5 On the other hand, if the pole S 1 moves away also in the opposed direction, and simultaneously with the pole N2, the distance is spontaneously Twice larger for the same way traversed by each one, and in this case, attraction is being reduced either of four times only, but of SIXTEEN times on each pole.

Way, while being reduced by four by always persistent attraction, the speed of distance of S 1 and N2 is spontaneously and simultaneously four times larger for each pole since braked with SIXTEEN times less attraction enters the poles.

Thus, the speed on the one hand being divided by four by the presence of the opposed pole, and on the other hand remultpliée by four by the simultaneous distance of this same pole, each one of them is spontaneously released by a distance twice larger thanks to the symmetrical synchronism of the rotations. BRAKING is removed. It IS the DEGRAVITATION In short, that results in a conjunction of two laws which combine, one slowing down the speed of the pole which moves away, the other restoring it spontaneously.


These various demonstrations are indispensable, which justify that two poles in attraction can be released from their attractive effect by their mutual distance and simultaneous It is in fact a phenomenon which product when two opposed magnetic poles, NORTH and SOUTH which are normally in attraction, move away simultaneously one from the other by their inertia, with speeds inversely proportional with their respective “mass”; actually with their magnetic “load”.

Thus, between two poles of relatively different values which move away simultaneously one from the other, lowest must move away with a speed relatively faster than most powerful. Twice lower, twice rapidly.

The " degravitation " is thus not the suppression of the attraction; it is the suppression of magnetic braking between two opposite poles which move away one from the other in the same time.

We note that this curious function is a compromise between the Law of NEWTON and the law of braking which combine mutually on the basis of twice simultaneously the reverse one of square, one producing braking, the other eliminating it spontaneously One can add that the DEGRAVITATION product thus contrary TO the CROSS-SECTION of Twice the clean movement of each pole.

These observations make it possible to include/understand the cogency of the present application for a magnet system in rotations synchronized of the magnetic poles, whose two poles accelerate one towards the other, while the two other poles on the other hand, allow this acceleration, and without it not being necessary to enter the mathematical subtle ones.

Two poles precipitate one towards the other; the two others move away, facilitating the movement of the two first; the rotations accelerate. And, whatever the called upon “laws”, that they are of NEWTON, MAXWELL or others, it is indubitable that the rotations go more quickly, producing an unexpected but actual energy, object of the present application of Patent.

FOR INFORMATION: The semi-magnetic motor is thus established on the process accelerator, conservative and thus of permanent maintenance of the universe in which each COUPLE of masses, whatever are dimensions, of the particle to star, product its own Kinetic energy, its own movement by the single magnetic field, without another intervention. : 3 Gold, it is enough to place at large distance in space, two or several provided masses of their double attractive and repulsive polarity, so that these masses are put spontaneously in rotations on themselves by mutual magnetic drive, and the ones around the others, without the lesser initial impetus, to form one or more coherent sets, and moreover in stable dynamic equilibria because " ternary " and for eternity.

That prohibits by no means that Mechanical NEWTON and the atom of BOHR, apparently stable BINARY equilibria, is exclusively mathematical viewpoint, relatively valid because corresponding ones with the reality of the Principle-Creator where the masses are in synchronized polar rotations.

It is unnecessary to establish the mathematical complicated ones to discover and include/understand the direction of them; but it is obvious that when two poles simultaneously approach or move away one the other, the established laws for the single distances which separate the poles can be to be very different viewpoint of the results according to circumstances'.

The purpose of these long demonstrations are accounting for the various points of details of the system autoaccelerator which allows the together-motor producer of kinetic energy of which it is question in this patent application.

The present invention rises thus from Mechanical Universal the hatémienne in which the atom as the planetary system produce their own kinetic energy with all the levels, as well as the universe in its entirety. Gold, and in addition, it is demonstrable in an irrefutable way which it is nothing in all the universe, which is not magnetic dualistic, including what pass to be the ETHER grain which is not other than a magnetic duality OF the DOCUMENTS IN PROOF As an indication, an apparatus colouring a formed galaxy only of sixteen magnetic members distant from six centimetres makes it possible to note that all the magnets are put in travelling rotation with the poles of only one magnet pulled by a small motor.

This last rotating with uniform constant speed constitutes the BASE of FREQUENCY of the system, just as in an atom or a planetary system whatever it is, where each one appears by its base of frequency. Besides that constitutes the HARMONY in the universe; but each system substantially has its own frequency for eternity.

A PLANETARIUM also accounts for the rotational motion of planets around the Sun and their orbital motion per magnetic drive exclusively.

Another magnet system in rotations watch that there is power generation when the magnets are in spontaneous polar synchronism, which they cannot avoid. And better still, the magnets in synchronized rotations are in gravific attraction whatever are their relative positions, whereas however they all are provided with their double attractive and repulsive polarity, and produce a free energy.


It should be known that when a magnet turns on itself, or if it vibrates for an unspecified reason, ALL the magnets which are with vicinity, but also those which are at very large distance and “until” the infinite one, put themselves in rotation or vibration SYNCHRONISEE with the polar movements of the first, without consuming and same being able to produce energy, SOME POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS Also, is it possible to extract the single process accelerator of such magnetic systems for the practical use for all industries, and particularly for the transport vehicles of all natures, and thus, to carry out saving on the various fuel and other power sources: electrical batteries inter alia, gas, etc, as well as the muscular energy with the bicycles for example, although the complementary magnetic system of energy input is still very heavy in the current state of the mass of the magnets and the support. More than ten to fifteen kilogrammes for a bicycle. A prototype is at disposal for automobile. The semi-magnetic motor also makes it possible to consider a strong reduction in the pollution due to hydrocarbons, as well as the harmful effects by the noises. Factories, highways, railway tracks, etc At the hour of the electric vehicles, it is interesting to design the automatic recharging of the batteries without additional expenditure of current in the course of use, while placing on the axis of each secondary magnet a dynamo suitable of six or twelve volts, and connected into parallel in order to reaching the useful power of recharging, thus allowing the prolongation of the autonomy of the vehicle. It is also possible to use batteries directly supplying the vehicle engine with the supplied current by the dynamos, in complement of that of the batteries, without however removing them, would be this only for the lighting in parking, and especially for always indispensable startings or serving of driving energy.

Without supposing possibilities of the system, it is certainly possible to couple each vehicle wheel with one of the secondary magnets, since as it is said higher, each one of these magnets product an additional energy, in so far as he remains synchronized with the whole of the other magnets, from where the preference to use gears especially nonferrous, with teeth very to spaced apart which bring back necessarily the synchronism of the polar rotations following the braking of the vehicle.

The first searches on the subject, which go back to 1935, were intended to provide light to the inhabitants of the desert, using magnetic apparatuses producing of the electricity,

Clarification on Source of Hatem Magnetic Cogging Device Plans

Yannick Van Doorne brings to our attention his role in launching  the plans that we featured last week. He said that some replicators even claim to be running their homes on these devices. Yannick thinks he has devised a way to enable the motor to be removed from the system in self-running mode. (PESWiki; Oct. 14, 2010)

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Clarification on Source of Hatem Magnetic Cogging Device Plans

Yannick Van Doorne brings to our attention his role in launching  the plans that we featured last week. He said that some replicators even claim to be running their homes on these devices. Yannick thinks he has devised a way to enable the motor to be removed from the system in self-running mode. (PESWiki; Oct. 14, 2010)
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OS: Hatem Magnetic Cogging Device

From PESWiki
An open source project
Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Oct. 5, 2010

This system was developed and patented in France by Raoul Hatem in 2006.

On May 6, 2010, YouTube user, "MindFreer" posted a video that appeared to show one motor powering an alternator, producing twice as much energy as was required to run it, via a magnetic cogging coupling, which apparently harnesses free energy from the environment somehow. It involves magnetic drive coupling, which is not unique to this system. The particular arrangement of magnets seems to be the key.

Then, on Sept. 25, "MindFreer" posted another video, this one providing instructions on how to build this free energy device. The video says: "I am giving away the plans for the Hatem Free Energy device to the world for free." [2] (September 25, 2010)

It also says that they have not been able to self-loop the device yet, but that it can act to magnify energy from another source, whether it be solar, wind, or power from the grid.

The magnets mesh magnetically, not physically, as the drive motor turns. Allegedly, adding additional alternator cogs in series increases the output in relation to the input. [3] The magnets are placed so that the poles on adjacent rotors are opposed and thereby are always attracting the magnets they magnetically mesh with.

On Oct. 4, 2010, an associate said that it is likely that this is not actually an overunity system, and that it is a function of measurement errors. "Watt meters are not accurate outside of their 60 Hz specs; and they say nothing about reactive power or phase difference." A more accurate measurement would need to be conducted to convincingly show that this system is somehow harnessing energy from the environment to thereby produce more energy than it takes to run it.

Below, we have posted as much information as we have found pertaining to the replication of this effect. We offer this page as the home for this open source project. Feel free to log in and edit to keep things current, accurate, and clear.

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Re: yannicksonic's youtube magnetic gears overunity.
June 10, 2009

The guy [ Yannick v. Doorne ] is a relentless con man. He's the one with the key ring 'proof of concept' nonsense. The batcap obviously bumps up the output on a short term basis. It's funny how he took the magnets from the other scam video and used them as a linkage, as if it somehow facilitates overunity. Watch out for this guy, he's selling plans on a scam website and will likely keep trying.

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Re: yannicksonic's youtube magnetic gears overunity.
June 10, 2009

Yannick is supposed to be (Belgian) French.

The man speaking on this video is definitly not French. Not even Canadian French.

I agree that yannicksonic is a con man because he is selling plans via PayPal and he is using videos from various sources to attract the unsuspicious YouTube visitor to his site which he mentions in the description of those videos.

Yannick has not made this particular video, he is only using it to attract visitors to his site where he sells bogus plans.

Can we now actually discuss this video?

First off, any setup with battery banks or caps is suspicious and should be shown to run without draining.

If we need more info I would suggest tracking the maker of this video down.

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Re: yannicksonic's youtube magnetic gears overunity.
June 11, 2009

I speak of this man Hatem a few years ago see here

this scam does not work !!
1 Déc 2007

Prototype Hatem Motor

I experienced following the principle of Mr Hatem. I made two rotors ø27 cm

Rotors are each composed of 30 magnets spaced 2.83 cm.
A vacuum that runs very well without resistance, finding it as a magnetic gear.

To realize the so-called gravitational effect, I install a coreless coil to the output of the 2 rotors ordered with a Hall sensor itself by controlling the rotor magnets (This arrangement consumes only 9 watts) .

If the gravitation existed!! The rotors would rise quickly, but the opposite is happening speed stationed at 600 rpm = 10tr / s equivalent to the passage of 300 magnets / s.
It is obvious that if each magnet took less force output q'en entered the result would be an increase in speed that do not have that happening, so I have that the air resistance and bearings.

Then the gravitational unlikely!!

Another thing if I run my rotors at 2000 rpm with a drill in contact on a rotor, when I remove the power source, the rotor stops in a few minutes, so if there was no gravitation rotors should not stop seeing increasing their speed.

On the assembly of Mr Hatem I do not see the difference in torque that can have on one or more secondary rotors, it is clear that if we have more torque on the first rotor and the rotors after we could take power on the motor shaft without risk of dropping out of secondary disk. Example: If the secondary rotors gives only a couple additional 20% automatically on this strength and the motor shaft

I know very well the couple needed to provide power for. I am a water turbine which provided 2 kW / h when there is water. I'm running an old dynamo 110 Volt j ' 2 radiators have to modify them to work at 110 volts without a thermostat, I heat my house when it is not too cold for my real power is 48 kw / day. I made many experiments on free energy I think we will soon have free energy.

Hatem Motor Replication Tests

Set up this weekend of new weights on the 3 machines to increase the kinetic force recommended in the patent of Mr. Hatem.


Engine No. 1 with a voltage of 60 volts DC (speed 3750 rpm)
leading to the generators 2 & 3. Gap 2.5 Mm the generators 2 and 3 are not supported.

Consumption: 3.323 Amp / h X 60 Volts = Watts 199.38
Output = 0

The ammeter left corespond has consolidated the drive motor. Right, ammeter load.

Engine No. 1 with a voltage of 60 volts DC (speed 3750 rpm)
leading to the generators 2 & 3. Gap 2.5 Mm the generators 2 and 3 are supported.

Consumption: 5.48 Amp / h X 60 volts = 328.8 watts
Production: 1.85 Amp / h X 60 volts = 111 watts

Balance: 328 - 111 = 217 watts of lost output for the least poor ......., .........., I see miserable shame ......... ...

Next test. remove two rows of magnets to further increase the relative attraction force> force kinetics.

Much effort has provide insufficient magnetic torque, even by running the three machines in motor mode and then shutting off the supply of engines 2 & 3, the magnetic torque is to cause insufficient 2 and 3 without charge.

The test is pathetic .......

Well, if someone has another idea, I'm prenneur .....

I do not give up, the next test I'll increase the diameter of the No. 1 engine to speed on the aumenter 2.

Thank you for your comments ....

Ps, a video test here



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