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Rhysmonic Cosmology

Speculation on the Possible Nature of the Rhysmon

( 11-10-01 )

A. Background ~

Rhysmonic Cosmology is based largely on the promise that Planck’s Natural Units (PNU) determine the measure of our Universe. Planck originally chose the fundamental constants of G, C, and h in his determination of the Natural Units. Notes that all these constants involve mass, length, and time (MLT), which are the measurement units of mechanics! Planck chose natural units which made each of these constants equal to unity. However, since Planck’s original work, it was determined that Planck’s Reduced Constant, h / 2 pi, or h, rather than h was more in agreement was more in agreement with many experimental relations. Rhysmonics concurs with that since h defines the unit directed-energy vector in rhysmonic structure! Using the CGS measurement system (as Planck did) we now have the Natural Units:

L* = ( h G / C3 ) 1/2 ~ 1.616 x 10-33 cm.

T* = ( h G / C5 ) 1/2 ~ 5.391 x 10-44 sec.

M* = ( h C / G ) 1/2 ~ 2.177 x 10-5 gm.

B. Speculations ~

Using M*L*T* implies a mechanical Universe since M* (mass) would involve a particle, L*, a spatial dimension, and T*, a temporal dimension, i.e., matter and motion! Rhysmonic Cosmology has developed these concepts into a logical description of our Universe and also the many relations involving in describing it. However, when some of these units were used with estimates made of the physical size of the rhysmon, mind-boggling results were seen! For example, an early estimate of the radius of a spherical rhysmon was about 1.62 x 10-66 cm. Therefore, the volume (V*) of this particular rhysmon would be about:

Density = M* / V* ~ 2.188 x 10-5 gm / 1.78 x 10-197 cm3 ~ 1.22 x 10192 gm/cm3 !!

C. Concluding Remarks ~

1. A density value of 1.22 x 10192 gm/cm3 would place the rhysmon into the category of a sub-mini black hole!

2. However, such a black hole must be made up of some sort of a sub-mini structure which is located were we now call a void!

3. If sub-mini black holes are the fundamental mass particles (rhysmons) of our Universe, then is our Universe but a super Black Hole in a super-maxi ‘other’ Universe? Where would such constructions end?? Mind-boggling indeed!!

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